Questions With No Answers

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Okay, so …
Saudi “student” and “person of interest” in the Boston bombings, Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi, may or may not have had anything to do with the bombings.
But given that the First Lady visited him in the hospital after he was detained following the bombing, and given that we now know that he had previously visited the White House “several times,” doesn’t the administration owe us an explanation as to exactly who this guy is and what he was doing in our country?

After all, his student visa has him going to school in Ohio, though it appears he has been in Boston and not in Ohio. Many questions, no answers.- © 2013 KEVIN STONE

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  • I’m in Ohio. What school was he supposed to be going to???

  • Imagine if we find out he’s actually Obama’s son, from before he was married.

    (hey if I post that enough, how long before it becomes the next big internet rumor?)

  • JPT

    Well, what inferences do want us to draw? That conspiracy mongers are attempting to damage the GOP even more?

  • These articles in Jan Morgan’s blog is getting
    more untruthful as time goes on. This Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-HarbiAbdul
    Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi fellow was in the hospital from injuries
    from the Boston bombing and Michelle Obama was visiting several of the injured

    • Toroboy917

      I think you’re mistaken, Walt. Isn’t this the kid who was spotted by another bystander near the bombing site, purportedly acting suspiciously just prior to the explosions, and who was chased and tackled by said bystander as he tried to run from the scene? He was initially described by the police as a person of interest, not as a suspect, and it was his apartment that was searched and several items of interest removed from it shortly thereafter. (I haven’t read anywhere that that status has changed.)

      • ya, he has been found dead, there are no connections to the Boston bombings, he was probably lynched by people who jump to conclusions about every foreigner they see – and believe these unfounded innuendos

  • Robert Moulds

    Think we saved his country from Saddam Hussian armies in 1991 the Kuwaiti babies could have been propaganda but the damage his retreating armies did was not. Furthermore Osama Bin Ladin was a Saudi I think the Saudi really milk the 1944 treaty with America too hard for America’s good. We should ween our selves from their oil the sooner the better.

  • catnip24

    maybe obama will come out and say if i had a son it would look like abdul rahman ali lssa al-salimi al-harbi.

  • Randy131

    I’ve seen copies of the White House records, and he’s visited there seven times. This may be the reason Michelle Obama visited him in the hospital, but why hasn’t she visited any of the other victims of those bombings, for many of them are in that same hospital, but none of them are Muslim, which apparently she only visits the Muslims, as this bombing incident’s statistics now show.