My Latest Documentary Goes Viral… Rampant INjustice Exposes Federal Abuse of Power

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

My latest investigative documentary now has over 320 thousand hits on youtube.
This report exposes the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

This documentary is not about the guilt or innocence of the citizens involved. It is about the increasing number of unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raid tactics involving two agencies of the federal government.

These are white collar crime investigations where heavily armed, hostile government raids by 40 to 50 agents are being utilized as opposed to a few agents entering the businesses with proper search warrants to acquire the financial records sought.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, the constitutional rights of citizens who work in these businesses, yet have nothing to do with the financial transactions of the owners, have been undeserved victims of these frightening raids … unlawfully detained for hours, intimidated, interrogated without the presence of a lawyer and their personal property confiscated.

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  • Jan google has a ridiculous democrat add popping up on ur site saying republicans

    are stealing votes in ohio

    • Cas.. I look at it this way… the dems are financing the conservative message I put out on this site… none of the conservatives who come here pay any attention to their ads..

  • J McClellan

    Simply amazing that Our Government seems intent on abuse and Illegal actions against its Citizens. America is falling. States should show their sovereignty FOR the Citizens and against Federal intrusion of our Businesses and our Private Lives. The Laws of our Country should be upheld by all Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Personnel. This is NOT NAZI Germany as of YET!

    • agree..

    • AMEN TO THAT……….

    • terry1956

      states, elected county sheriffs, elected county district constiples and most of all the fourth branch of government the fourth box or the second box by Fredrick Douglas’s quote, juries both grand and trial which by American common law standards has the authority and as John Adams said the right and duty to judge the law as well as the facts in the case.

  • ….and we wonder why this administration has increased the IRS by the thousands…this is just a drop in the bucket of what one can expect given four more years of this administration. I sincerely believe he is bent on destruction of small business and the middle class, and his minions in the justice (sic) department are certainly complicit. If the masses re-elect this man, realizing that Holder and his minions will continue their reign of destruction, this country will be lost…God help us…

    • We are going to fight back… hang in there.

    • daves

      Why do you say this administration? This has been going on for at least a decade.

      • Jean

        At least since the 70’s,

      • Yes much of this has been going on, however, the puppet-masters have found the right puppet to complete the total destruction of this Great Nation…..The blame game is really getting old…..
        This administration has taken the word DESTRUCTION to whole new level…God Bless Our Wonderful Troops and God Bless the Great United States of America..

  • thank You Jan. i am so ashamed of the evil my country is doing. GOD help us.

    • Cas.. thanks for your response… It is not too late to turn things around.. we just have to get busy..

  • DHouk

    Jan, “this video is currently unavailable”

    • dHouk… try again.. it is probably because too many people were trying to watch it at one time.. It had over a thousand hits in half an hour..

  • Tyr65

    Every federal agent and their superiors involved in this raid needs to be fired and prosecuted!

    • I agree Tyr65

      • They have no limits anymore. Obama and his Legion have thrown out OUR rights…

      • I really don’t recognize my country anymore. The constitution is being so ripped up, what stops Obama from saying, “I’m not leaving” even if Romney wins? I mean, he has his DOJ/IRS/DHS private army to keep him there.

    • Mike

      No raid dude, they owe money check the court suits.

      • Your a moron. Even if a business owes money you don’t send in 50 armed thugs to harrass innocent employees and detain them. Read the constitution you fool.

    • I AGREE

  • ….and remember that IRS agents were also hired to go after Americans who do not purchase Obamacare ! ….No proof of health insurance and the IRS can seize our belongings and even our homes, and / or fine us, as well ! And in case you have not seen the video (The Truth About The Health Care Bill ) , you can find it on Utube. GOD Help Us to restore liberty , and to take back our Republic !

    • thanks for your input Diane…

    • Very true and remember the IRS czar didn’t pay his taxes for four or five years and said “It was a mistake” Whatever…..A bunch of criminals…….

    • terry1956

      well they claim it is in the bill not to prosecute those who individuals who refuse to buy health insurance and refuses to pay the fine or tax but they can take the money out of your refund.
      I heard they can also granshee your wages to collect the fine.
      I don’t know the bill is what over 2,000 pages who knows everything in it.
      Now a firm that does not provide healthinsurance to employees and refuses to pay the fine they will likely try to throw the book at them.

  • Correction …I meant to say …”go after Americans who do not purchase Health Care.” Obama did say we could keep our own health care. (As long as they remain in business, of course) Right ??

  • Admin Istrator

    This documentary is not about the guilt of innocence of the citizens involved

    Read more: http://janmorganmedia.com/2012/10/rampant-injustice-exposes-federal-abuse-of-power/#ixzz2AwSae9qA
    Guilt OR innocence. Just Sayin’

    • looks like thats what it says.. Guilt OR innocence.. 🙂

  • me

    One thing everyone can do to peacefully combat the ever oppressive police state is to get more involved with local and state government. And, insist of yourself that you will not accept imposing your morals and beliefs on others so that you do not end up saying there needs to be a law against that. We need to be working on repealing and nullifying with legislation and not writing more law. Without the persistent involvement of concerned citizens we will all get first hand experience of the strong arm of the police state. Think about it. Were any of these upstanding, Made in the USA, business people convicted of any dangerous crimes? If this is how our justice department deals with reputable business people how do you think they are going to deal with us loathly citizens/bottom feeders? I have preached against the ever enlarging and oppressive government for decades to no avail. I hate to say it, but I am glade that this administration is tipping its hand by speeding up and amplifying it march to dictatorial socialism. The more people who get beat down by a street cop/thug the more people are going to wake up. Hopefully it won’t be too late. Romney will not change the course, he will just adjust the speed to a more acceptable pace. Jan, I’m sure you know that your personal audio is out of sync.

    • yes.. it is not out of sync on the original.. It must have something to do with the streaming..

  • Anthony Rose

    This Is What,Obamar Is Doing To Our Country!! Using Scare Tactics,Bulling and Intimidation. To Come Us In Line!!

    Are You Scared!! America!! You Should Be!! This Could Happen,Anywhere You Work!! And Can Happen,To Any Company!! Who Doesn’t Agree With Obamar!!

    • People should be scared and outraged. .,,, ready to fight back

      • Michael Snider

        Revolution to restore our Constitution. After the last bill that just passed about it now being a Felony to protest near a government offical, all but 4 or 5 of our elected reps in DC are now flat out guilty of treason. What is it going to take?

      • K

        I’m with you Jan.

        If these agents come to your home and attempt this, they are automatically Criminals!!!!!!! It does NOT matter if they have fancy uniforms on or not. Once they break-in unannounced or attempt to without a legitimate reason along with a legal search warrant, they are Criminals and should be treated as such! no exceptions and you should never assume, just because they have uniforms on, that they are Real Police Officers or Real Federal Agents just doing their job.

        They STOPPED just doing their job the moment they violate the peoples Constitutional Rights! The moment they are; “just doing their job” or, Just following their orders” includes breaking the law and/or breaking the American Citizens Constitutional Rights then, at that moment; they are Criminals! Just doing their job” or, Just following their orders is exactly what NAZIS did for Hitler.

        Here in America, people Must Stop acting like; “Well, that won’t happen here” attitude because it already is and “We the People” Must stop letting them get away with it or, they will keep taking and taking until we have nothing left (and the Constitution is gone) for them to take except our lives, as did Hitler with the use of his DHS oh, I mean his NAZIS.

    • Q Tsii

      I side with your post but so that I may forward to more skeptical friends… can you point me to additional and supporting stories as I find none via Google?

    • Seewcrazy

      Yes, and of all the businesses raided in the last 4 years,none of them was minority.

  • What has America come to is this a communist, state are we to hide in our houses and not do thing, or do we stand up to these bullying tactics, this country was predicted on freedom and justice for all of it’s citizens not for just a handful. get out and vote on election day, vote for a clean fair government, vote from your heart.

    • I hope this will encourage conservative voters to get out and vote.

    • TheRaghead

      We are fighting Stupid. You cannot fix Stupid. Stupid feeds off of NBC, ABC, MSNBC and such plus the lib press; free Obama Phone; Free Obama Bucks; Yo Mama; Welfare; black farmer bribery; CPUSA unions; and undereducated idiots. I find it hard to believe that one thought Texas was a foreign country and Egypt was in South America! They cannot do simple math and multiply like rabbits. We are doomed.

    • I agree, and what the government cannot get is…..”We The People” are their employers……They work for us……

  • Tony Cain

    Thank You Jan…I have brothers that are law enforcement and 1 brother was a 5 term sheriff…I have never heard of anything like this…I sit here stunned that this is taking place in the country I Love so much!!! This the very same actions that i see in the footage of Germany in the late 1930’s I will spread the word so I can get as many people as possible to watch this…

  • we have to rmember what the President wants, a civilian force, armed as well as the military, outside control of Congress and the DoD; sounds as if he has them.

    • yes.. Jim.. it does seem that way.

    • terry1956

      well a civilian force was what we use to have as a back up in the form of state miltia’s where the governor was the commander in chief and in at least Tennessee by state constitution order the units elected their commanding officers from the local company level to every level up except those who reported directly to the governor.
      This is what we still should have as far as a organized miltia which although constitutional the National Guard and the US Miltary constitutionally can not replace.
      Obama of course did not have this in mind of course because one of the reasons for state control of the organized miltia ( except when called out directly by congress in case of attack, congressional declared war or to protect a state from violence and to enforce laws of the union at the request of the state legislator) was to help prevent a coup by the president who might bring in foreign forces if he can not get enough of the US troops to obey his orders to take over the government .

  • IRS agents as well as game wardens don’t have to get search warrants to enter your home or business. How many rounds of ammo were requested by either of these agencies for so-called target practice I wonder?

    • No local, state, or federal law can trump the Bill of Rights. I am guessing the rationalization to support these illegal searches is that they are searching businesses and not people or homes.

      Amendment IV – Search and arrest –
      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,
      papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall
      not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
      supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place
      to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      I believe all those in the federal law enforcement agencies participating in such raids have violated their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution and should resign or be prosecuted.

    • hollow point ammo Michael…

  • Just a curious question, how many of the companies who have been involved in these federal raids, are donators to either GOP or Mitt Romney campaigns. Maybe have gone so far as to condemn the Obama administration. I ask this because I remember back during the bailout of the auto industry w/ Chrysler and GMC, with the ”re-organization” a large majority of the car dealerships were large donators to the McCain campaign and ended up losing their dealerships in the process. An inconvience coincidence to be sure. Just curious, I hope my curiosity won’t be to my determent

    • I think I understand what you are asking, however, your post also seem like the blame is being put on someone other than this administration….The injustices, the crimes, the shredding of our Wonderful Constitution, and the list goes on….What I want to know is…..Why is this fraud on our Presidental Ballots?
      I don’t think anyone made those car dealerships give their money to anyone…..And by the way…The Government still owns the dealerships that were bailed out…The commericals say that GM has paid back the money….Research it….The government now owns our cars dealerships, our banking institutions, our healthcare, and that list goes on……..Bottom line this administration is poision………

      • Andrea

        Raynette, I don’t think you understand what he was saying…he is definitely not blaming anyone but the 0bama adminstration. I remember when many dealerships who chose to donate to the GOP or McCain campaigns, lost their dealerships. The Jeep dealership where I live supported Republican candidates…and surprise! they were closed. When the bailouts occurred and part of the terms for the bailouts was to close a number of dealerships, it just so happens that many of those that were closed had been in support of Republican candidates…something the Obama regime couldn’t stand.

        • terry1956

          same thing happen to a GM dealership in Chattanooga yet it had a high sales volume and won a big sales award from a dealership association.
          Oh by the way just a few days ago the FBI and IRS had a big commando style raid on Pilot headquarters in Knoxville and one of the owners of the family run company is the Republican governor of Tennessee.
          The company may be guilty of defrauding some of their trucking company customers on fuel rebates I don’t know but the show of force was very much over kill.

  • Greaser

    What bothers me most is, where did these people come from? It seems to me these Government officials have been there all the time, just waiting for tyranny to raise it’s head.

  • Cheesy

    I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re more interested in killing potential “troublemakers” and making an example of them in than justice. We have a rogue government full of wannabe tyrants who have neither been vetted or elected by the People.
    Bow down or fight, they’re not going to leave you any other choice.

    • WE are fighting… Those of us involved in this documentary have put it all on the line to expose this.. We knew going into this that we were taking on someo of the most evil yet powerful forces in our government… Retaliation is expected…
      It’s been nice knowing you folks.. lol

  • Katy DePriest, Mtn Pure

    I’m proud of the final production, you hit it all as it occurred. Thank-you for your efforts.

  • It is amazing how far the Republic has fallen over the last 100 years. People are too ignorant of the Constitution and have accepted the Totalitarian legacy of FDR.

    • James… it has happened so gradually I think people did not notice and became desensitized to the stripping of liberty.

  • Thank you, Jan. Very powerful, informative film. Every American needs to see this. btw… The symbolism of the dome of the Capitol Building at a slant was quite appropriate.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement David… it means more than you will ever know..

  • RightStuff

    We are dealing with a rogue government run by wannabe tyrant. Our
    president is a master manipulator, and sadly, almost 50% of the people
    in this country are easily duped by such immoral behavior. We need to
    rid ourselves of this simian man-child president.

  • Lowell

    Sadly we have no one in Washington on the peoples side and we have many people that don’t care about our Constitution or welfare so long as they get their free stuff. If you care about this country and people please help by voting and getting rid of those responsible for our destruction.

  • bull57

    This is scary! Is this the country that so many have died for to protect? Obama each day he is in office takes just a little bit more of our rights away. It’s time Obama and all that believes this is the new America must be removed from office. Only we the voters can do this. Each day we lose just a little more of that right and soon it will be impossible to retake our country back!

    • yes… I am hoping this documentary will shake some folks to the reality that the federal government is out of control.

  • RightStuff

    Just a little knowledge about the rise of the Third Reich will show that small business people were targeted by the fuhrer. Many of the businesses were owned by Jewish people, and the harassment they received was twofold: 1. to run the Jews out of the country, and 2. to consolidate power over production into the central government. Sound familiar to anything that is happening today? The small business owners today are not primarily Jewish, but they are primarily politically conservative, and this fact goes against the desire for a tyrannical government to totally take charge of everything.

    • the greatest influences in Obama’s life were marxists… that is evident in his views on strong federal power over the states and citizens.

  • Some say the this has been going on for years, well it has been ramped up since Obama took office. With the NDAA in place our rights have been watered down. It’s time we changed things in Washington and get a new captain at the the wheel of this ship. This ship is headed for an ICEBERG. What PFD are we to use to save our lives in the future. Four more years of this C-N-C and the DOJ & IRS and we will surely hit that ICEBERG. Vote for a Conservative! Jan, thanks for making this important documentary to let everone know what is going on in the country we used to know.

  • Tyrannical Government striking the fear in the hearts of the innocent. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Yes, it’s time for America to stand for what is right and just. The corrupt must be held accountable.

    • Chris.. thanks for your servicce to our country

  • Randy Gaiser

    Any Son of a Bi**h that would work for the government and do this, deserves to be shot on sight.
    If this happened to me, they would have to kill me to keep me from hunting them down and killing him and his entire family.

    Anytime our government has the power to do this, it is time for revolt, PERIOD.

  • The warning flag was raised years and years ago, but nobody heeded the warning. Read a very good book titled: “TYRANNY OF GOOD INTENTIONS”

  • Basil

    Folks don’t realize the IRS can be his army just like the other dictators have, and have had. If he gets enough people on his payroll he can turn them into his own private military and unless the US Military turns on him nobody can stop them from doing whatever the hell they want. This country had better wake up fast, we have 5 days to get our country back.

    • Basil… thats what we are trying to do with this documentary… Wake Americans up!

  • another good book is:
    Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System: The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and the Police – by Peter B. Kraska

  • skipfoss

    This sorry ass mualim communist half breed thinks he and his czars can do as they damn well please ,but this suckers may get abig surprise when they bust in on some place that thinks it is a bunch of gang members and get their ass’s shot off by people that are prepared for this shit . I look for this type of crap when Obama looses he is going to have his supporyters will start riots so that King Onothing can declare marshal law. What should be done is Obummer and his whole administration taken out of office the minute that they are defeated and the new admin sworn in and arrest all of Obama’s buch for treason and sidition and if they refuse then they should be shot on the spot

  • Randy Beard

    Folks, this all started under Bill Clinton, i know, he is from my home state. This man is for a one world government, he is the Devil in disguise, this man and his wife are super liberal and are out to destroy the America that you and i Love.
    Please read on youtube about Clinton’s life and road to the White House, titled–documentaryheaven.com/bill-clinton-his-life This might wake some of you liberal thinkers up from your coma??? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • Randy, it may have started under clinton but the 32 percent increase since Obama put Holder in charge of the Justice Department is a pretty clear indication that we have a problem with the current administration. In addition, obama has announced plans to hire thousands of additional agents to enforce obamacare… Wonder what kind of tactics those folks will be using on Americans who refuse to participate in the socialst healthcare program and refuse to pay a fine…

  • BobM001

    Jan, Why is there NO OTHER mention of this raid on the internet? I did find this about John Stacks. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Litigation+flows+like+water%3a+mountain+Pure+fights+vendors%2c+bank%2c…-a0110474562

    • Q Tsii

      I also would like for sources to be cited… I want to believe the story but can’t find any supporting articles… I can’t forward this until I can be sure… please help provide supporting documentation.

  • Michael Snider

    UNREAL!!! And even if we do get Obama out of office and Mitt Romney in, this type of action is NOT going to change. Maybe with Ron Paul it would have? Sadly I honestly see a full blown Revolution to restore our Constitution as our only way remaining to save our Country and Constitution.
    Thank you Jan for showing the people what is really going on in our once great country.

    • Larry

      This is coming from someone from up higher, so it would not make much of a difference if Ron Paul won…These people have the man they want in office which will do as they say, any other person in his place would be a delay for the’re purpose…Google Obama deception, it is pretty interesting what all they do behind america’s back in private meetings…

  • RD

    So Jan, when did Muslim Singles begin advertising on your site?

  • Mike Travis

    Tyr: The question is who has promoted an atmosphere where this type of Hitler tactic would even be used at all? I think anyone with a brain knows it is because Ovomit wants to become dictator for life. Firing some underling would do nothing without prosecuting the ring leader who IMHO, is Ovomit. Who else would do it? How could anyone get away with it if Ovomit did not approve and authorize it, just like he did with F&F?

  • That Guy

    Were they yelling Gatorade as they entered the building? I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it sounded like Gatorade.

  • These federal agents are a bunch of cowards hiding behind a badge and gun, the first thing Romney needs to do is fire Holder and try him for treason.

    • Michael… it is interesting to note that one federal agent from New York was so outraged by the behavior of some of the other agents on one of the raids, she threatened several times to leave and report them. I don’t know her name but a number of employees overheard her reprimanding other agents.

  • If that man can’t answer anything about Benghazi, nobody else will have to. That’s why they want to keep him in office. So they can do whatever they want. They have media cover up and idiots to take the fall. This is becoming a corrupt 3rd world country.

  • Don’t give up, Mr. Duncan. There are more of us who know that YOUR integrity is intact than you know.

  • Randy Beard

    The reason that they are strong-arming the business’s in America is because they can not do it in China. If something doesn’t change soon all American Company’s will be located there. We must try to vote out all who support NAFTA, the Bill that the “Liberal Bill Clinton” signed into existence. Get involved people or the America that our forefathers fought for will only be a History Lesson…

  • Joanne13

    It this kind of thing doesn’t stop soon it will be past the point of ‘no return’. I fear it’s close to that point already and IF Obama isn’t defeated next Tues. it IS truly all over. I believe with all of my heart that Tues. is our best… LAST CHANCE to (hopefully!) get our nation back, or at LEAST start to turn it around. I continue to pray and ask God for MERCY. I can’t see them loosing with OUT His mercy, with out HIM moving HIS hand against their evil. They are so powerful now… can cheat with near impunity and have rigged the system to such an extent that EXCEPT for God… it’s truly over for the country I grew up in… which breaks my heart. Yet I hold out hope because for as much power they have taken they still are NO match for God Almighty! And that is where my hope lies!

  • The head of the snake must be separated from the body. I don’t recall any other President taking over to crush existing laws in place to prevent anarchy. Obama knew it would be a good power move for him to take over the Treasury Dept. and dictate which laws to enforce and which [more importantly] to leave alone. [a footnote here: If you ask the WhiteHouse switchboard to be connected to the office of any Cabinet member, they say “Yes, I will connect you now” .. Unless you ask for the Treasury Dept and they suddenly can’t help you !!!] During Obama’s first term he learned he can launder money using non-profit organizations. They have helped many issues near and dear to him like Agenda 21. He has allowed NGO’s to divert income to be used to benefit “the People” instead to be used for supplies to fence off the National Forests. I know because I submitted a complaint to the IRS. They researched my complaint with four IRS Attorneys who told me the activity I referred to IS definitely illegal. The Treasury Dept via Obama ended that investigation. The snake has to go.

  • Great report Jan!

  • This just blows my mind. I have known how corrupt our government was for a long time, but I dont understand how employee’s of the government can go along with this. Where is the backbone? Where are the oath keepers? I dont care how much I needed my job, or even loved my job, the first time my boss told me to do something I knew was wrong on so many levels I would be standing in front of the rest of them trying to follow the orders. Have Americans become such cowards? Or are they truely that brainwashed?

  • great job Jan!! keep up the good work!!

  • 1SG(R)

    Armed raids and weapons drawn against employees to “request” financial documents? The American people truly deserve better than this. I put my own 22 years of uniformed service behind these Americans and their legitimate outrage.

  • Sharon

    What will it take for Americans to say enough is enough?!?! We have the power to stop this. You don’t know this is happening because media just aren’t sharing in an effort to cover up the unconstitutional bullying of this administration. How can we stop this??? BOYCOTT all sponsors of mainstream media until they lose their sponsor or start reporting the news…how hard can this be to keep America safe!?!?!? How important is it to you that America remain a CONSTITUTIONAL governmental country?????

  • MMASeaDog

    Great story. In 1992 the IRS siezed my small business bank accounts without warning. My business has a similar name to another business about 20 miles away. They were not paying their payroll taxes. I had been paying mine. Someone at the IRS mistakenly associated my business tax ID with the business that was not paying their payroll taxes. The IRS was arrogant and condenscending on the phone while I was trying to understand why they siezed my money. It took me about 3 weeks with the help of a worker in a local State Reps office (she was a former IRS Special Investigator) that got me my money back. The IRS agent called me to let me know they were giving me my money back (grudgingy on behalf of the State Rep and his office) but if that he found out I was lying he woud come back after my business and me personally with a vengance.

  • MMASeaDog

    How come every time I try to post this to Facebook my this web page I get a Facebook error saying something is wrong….. Fortunately I have been able to share the posting you made in Facebook my my page and to other friends pages.

  • Bones

    Pretty scary stuff…to quote Bruce Springsteen, “Trusting in your government can get you killed.”

  • Jake

    First the phony documentary is just that Fake and phony never happened, they have been sued owe bank and vendors money see the many court orders of there problems, mold in water ! NO big scary government raid ever took place.

  • AntiLib

    It’s hard to boot this tyrant out when there are millions who would be voting their free govt checks out if they did. He’s bought the poor to maintain his job.

  • fed up patriot

    How about all the ammunition that the feds have bought! By the millions.

  • Rodeo

    Why is it not reported on WHY they have been raided to such extent ? I dont think the government would do this without reason…

  • Tim Flaherty

    Obama and Holder need to be investigated and prosecuted

  • Steve in Plano

    Very good piece

  • Hey Jan, maybe ask your husband this. I saw a report about how the NAACP is stampeding polling places, trying to force people to vote for obama (there’s a story on The Blaze about this happening in Houston, TX- YOUR STATE!), AND NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! Even the poll watchers are being told to “stand down” (LET IT HAPPEN!!!) WTF?!!?!?!!!!! So what is it, TOTAL SHOOTOUTS AT THE POLLING STATIONS NOW???? Is THAT what needs to happen????

  • I am a former Law Enforcement Officer and I can tell you that these men and women (Agents) were wrong and violated the rights of everyone that was there that day + their families. They should be ashamed of themselves. Obamabots?

  • Backgammon

    This is not even shocking! This is the Chicago Mob rule that Obama and Holder love.
    Just wait until we have 14,000 more agents to monitor your healthcare.

  • Seewcrazy

    Tyr, the dictator in chief and his minion Eric HOlder need to be taken away in chains. This is their doing.

  • RonA.

    The fact of the matter is that the NDAA has given our government the ability to work with impunity when it comes to ignoring our rights. This will just get worse as time goes on. It’s making sense now why the government purchased so much ammo for the supposed non militant departments such as the IRS over the past year.

    In addition, people have become way too passive and no one is willing to stand up and face these thugs head on. If this were fifty years ago there would have been protests and people marching on Washington. Where is the backbone of the American people? Where are the true patriots willing to stand up and lead those who are sick and tired of being stepped on? It is exactly these injustices perpetrated by the government that the second amendment was written in the first place; it is nothing but useless words unless it is backed up by action.

  • Hows about lol ,, Impeached until proven President .

  • Most americans don’t care. they care only about certain things, who’s on american idol or about getting the latest smartphone. Don’t mess with my own self absorbed world, do what you want everywhere else. Alot of Americans are spineless. notice I said most not all. those of us who see the light know.

  • Keith D

    Hang onto your hats folks…it’s NOT gonna get any better…

  • JayelKelly

    In the video, it was mentioned that the search warrant was illegal. If that is the case, the Judge that signed it should be removed from the bench.

  • SJ

    Something needs to be done. These agents need to have their careers ruined and be made examples of. ALL OF THEM. Each of them swore an oath to defend the constitution, so there is no claim of them “just following orders”. They need to be ruined personally.

  • thomas ford House of McFadden

    Jan ……..the parties need to file a SF95 form which is a tort claim and bring an action in an action for the violations of the people rights…….also jam the statutes used for the warrant which falles under title 18 which has never been passed as positive law due to two major quorum violation associated with the passage of HR 3190 and Public Law 80-772 are all unconstitutional ……….thomas ford House of McFadden

  • Obama wants to destroy the 2nd amendment so that Americans cannot resist when this Government tries to take away your land, money, freedom. Its going to get worse. Donate to the NRA. The 2nd Amendment was implemented by our founders in order to protect citizens against evil Government. Our Government is disregarding the constitution.

  • bps

    I recommend this group that helps the people learn their rights and to fight such unconstitutional behavior. They have phone calls on Thursday eve 7pst and have seminars around the country (the year has just started and they will be posting their schedule this year. http://www.westudylaw.com There are basically 2 kinds of lawsuits to go against the government, one is a USC Title 42 section 1983 civil rights violations and USC Title 18 subsections 241, 242 “color of law” i.e. making up laws as they go which are criminal penalties.

  • Two words… Obama Gestapo. The attorney toward the end of the video is right. Until the states challenge the ursurpation by the fed gov of the powers the states were delegated by the Constitution, none of this will change. It will get worse. Obama doesn’t fear Congress as they are pushovers. Obama doesn’t fear the states, the federal courts neuter them. It is time Obama fears We The People.

  • Concerned Patriot

    Surprise! The IRS isn’t the only government agency that does this, and they get away with it because our constitution was formally abolished by the AEDPA, and the “Anti-terrorist act” that followed. You need to carefully read these laws that we weren’t ALLOWED to vote on, to see why we weren’t allowed to vote on them. The news media tells us what the government tells them to say, because they no longer have a 1st amendment right to tell us the truth. Government agencies confiscate your weapons and other property, and even arrest you without cause, because we no longer have any constitutional rights.
    I can produce official court records of Riverside County CA public pretender pleading an obviously innocent client guilty without the client’s prior knowledge or consent, and the AG’s official position that there was nothing improper about it. FEMA’s concentration/extermination camps are ready and waiting for us. All that is left is to persuade us to hand over our weapons and go peacefully. Like the Jews did 72 years ago.

  • Rodger DeRamus

    Hey, this has nothing to do with this subject except for the Obama administration, but if he doesn’t pull something that allows him to run for president again, if he endorses someone, don’t you think they’ll win the election and influence the office somehow.
    What do y’all think about this? Sorry Jan for taking over this story and comment line, but I’ve been thinking about this.

  • charlie

    so he donated to the republicans and not the dumbocrats



  • LOL; everyone acting like this is something new. Government been doing this for decades.

  • catnip24

    come on now. one has to understand why armed swat teams are needed to invade a milk dairy and a guitar business. the farmer could drown them in milk and the guitar business owner could strangle them with guitar strings. it’s the same with this raid. these poor swat guys could get hurt. (for clarify to the liberals who are to ignorant to understand i am being facetious.)

    but on an absolutely serious note, our liberties are being systematically taken away by a communist muslim president who is the initiator of all of these illegal and unconstitutional acts.

  • jp55

    boy-o-boy do I know what it’s like to have the cops charge into one’s home, confiscate things then charged with a bogus crime then convicted of said “crime”, sent to prison until an appellate court said this was wrong. meanwhile two plus years of my life were destroyed and I never received my property back. this was in ’95, it’s so much worse now. in fact, just the other day I found the appellate documents on line (by accident) and it makes my blood boil reading how my “rights” were totally ignored because of a politically correct agenda.

  • Robert Moulds

    The patriot act is being abused and these abuses must stop or business will move else where no one like to be robbed without just cause.