Redistributing the Wealth…. Obama Style


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  • 12grace

    The only way that America can be saved is through G-d.

    • MrM

      It’s gonna’ be Hell to pay!!!

  • I don’t understand why the liberal would they insist upon redistributing recollecting and revitalizing the the wealth system of us Hard working republicans

    • rosie46

      To buy votes, of course. The same reason they want to grant 11 milliion illegals amnesty.

  • Here’s a thought: Feinstein is worth $69 million dollars, Obama $12.2 million, $21.5 millon, Nancy Pelosi $101 million, Issa $441 million, John Kerry $231 million and you get the jest of this. 57 members of Congress are among the 1% wealthy. Maybe they should redistribute their wealth instead of trying to take the food off my table.


  • Entitlement cuts will pay fo vacations and supporting and arming the muslin brotherhood let the ones who do Not count pay they cannot ftght back.

  • You need to work harder! Millions of layabouts are depending on you!

  • Trouble is he wants more than half!

  • Who gave the money, weapons, etc… to the muslim brotherhood? That person, and the lawmakers who voted for this…. should be tried for treason….

  • Robert Moulds

    I read some where they found three times the oil that was expected in Montana, Wyoming North and South Dakota. One can only hope the United States takes advantage of the wind fall and pays of it’s national and trade debts and become a petro state like Venezuela.