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  • K

    The wording is also part of the deception with the liberals.
    “They” keep using the word “need”, as in; we don’t need an AR-15 or, we don’t need a 30 round rifle magazine and, “IT’S NOT ABOUT NEED”! It’s about what “WE” have the GOD given RIGHT to HAVE! And, the Constitutional RIGHT to HAVE!

    Example of someone I know that said; “people don’t need a military style rifle” and I said, since your husband doesn’t hunt anymore then, he doesn’t NEED his rifle(s).
    And, the immediate response was; NO, he has a right to have his rifles, they’re his and I said, there you go, you answered your own statement. It’s NOT about NEED, it’s about rights!
    It’s NOT what “I NEED” it’s my my GOD given right and my Constitutional Right and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

    Perhaps this was an awakening for this person that voiced their opinion about what others should or shouldn’t have, without first thinking that it directly relates right back to them.

    “We the People” have GOD given “AND” Constitutional Rights and “ANYONE or ANY GOVERNMENT” that attempts to remove our RIGHTS, our means of self defense, are waging war against us.