State Sues Florist for Refusing to Decorate Gay Wedding

The State of Washington is suing a small flower shop after the owner declined to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding – based on her religious beliefs.

Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Wash., is facing thousands of dollars in fines and penalties for allegedly violating the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

“If a business provides a product or service to opposite-sex couples for their weddings, then it must provide same-sex couples the same product or service,” Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement.

On March 1, a longtime customer asked Stutzman to provide flowers for his upcoming same-sex wedding. According to court documents, she told him that she would not be able to do so “because of her relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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  • ag bob ferguson must be a peter puffer…

  • Susan

    Sodomites are fascist and do not believe in the freedom of thought or religion. Sodomy should be a felony, like it was for thousands of years. There is no “Right” to sodomize others–It is a Vice and Just Laws can not be about “Justice” (a Virtue) if it promotes vile behaviors which defy our Natural Rights from God—and rejects God and God’s Design–since our “Rights” are Natural and supersede the Constitution!!!!! They are unalienable and this AG is destroying those Natural Rights and the Freedom of Religion and Thought that is protected by the Supreme Law of the Land—that this businessman has a Right to teach his sons that sodomy is vile and dysfunctional and unnatural and evil (which it is).

    To force that vile, sick, Satanic idea—that “Sodomy is a “Right”” is forcing Satanic/pagan occultist ideology of pagan Greeks who sodomized little boys. Homosexual cultures are immature, sexist, and vile and always use little boys—like the Samurai and the Afghanis—where pretty little boys are in harems. Just like the Brownshirts (homosexuals) who forced sodomy on the Hitler Youth, these fascists are forcing their sick ideas into the heads of children to force a worldview that ejects God’s Laws and the basis of our Constitution—our Rights come from God—not man and sodomites. They don’t get to determine what is Good and Evil in the USA.

    • I would prefer just to either treat them or stone them. They are much to whiney and self righteous for any one to stand for very long.

    • jerome h.

      where is your proof of this god who hates gay people?

      • Susan

        God doesn’t hate “gay” people, He hates sin. Sodomy is particularly vile–a mortal sin–because it mocks God’s Design of the human body (Natural Law Theory) and it causes destruction to the body and reduces man to a “means to an end”. Sodomy is always a Satanic act—used in Rites of worshipping Lucifer, since it reduces the life-giving organ to excrement. The debasement of man is particularly important to Satan—since he wants man to be an animal ruled by base instincts.

        No one can “prove” that God exists—nor can they “prove” he doesn’t. It has been argued for thousands of years and we are no closer to “knowing”. That is why “Faith” is always needed. All people have Faith in something……but I find faith in the Judeo-Christian God leads to a much more fun, flourishing, free society than any other. All Atheist, occult, pagan societies became hell-holes and killed hundreds of millions of human beings. There is a reason that for hundreds of years, people flocked to the USA from all corners of the world…..it was the freest by far—because we were a God-Fearing nation. No other country was founded with Rights from God.

        • Alex M

          “No other country was founded with Rights from God.”

          Since you cannot know whether God exists or does not exist, how can you know that any country was founded “with rights from God”?

          • Susan

            Just go read the Declaration, Constitution and Federalist Papers and count how many times “our Lord’ is mentioned…..or “unalienable Rights from the Creator” etc. Get educated. “Rule of Law” (which is our system of jurisprudence) means that there is a “Higher Law” than man-made law—(hint: “nature’s God” )

            But then, you are probably a product of the Marxist public schools “group think” factory, which promotes “Pride” in anal sex and “Rights” from Satan and other irrational “thinking”. You probably have no concept of the Wisdom of the Bible—the most profound book and influential in the history of the world…….but Marx’s Manifesto has thrown God out and reduced you to a worthless animal–a slave for the state—a useful idiot–who will be eliminated when you become a useless eater.

          • Alex M

            “Just go read the Declaration, Constitution and Federalist Papers and count how many times “our Lord’ is mentioned”

            It does not matter, that’s not the issue. The issue is that, since there is not the slightest shred of evidence for the existence of God, and that you cannot know one way or the other whether God exists or not, you cannot logically assert that any country at all was founded “with rights from God”. This is an epistemic point, not a theological one.

            “you are probably a product of the Marxist public schools “group think” factory, which promotes “Pride” in anal sex”

            What an absurd ad hominem, from nowhere!

          • billygeturgun

            Science proves every day the existence of a higher power in creation. Well at least for those with minds open enough to learn.

          • Alex M

            “Science proves every day the existence of a higher power in creation”

            I’d like to see some examples you can offer, for what science proves about a higher power.

  • agbjr

    A private business owner has the right to do commerce with whomever they please and no law can force them to violate their conscience and religious beliefs.

  • jenniewalsh

    The state has no authority or right to dictate to any business what they can and cannot do. The state officials are obviously secret members of the Illuminati’s globalist organized crime syndicate, also known as the Kingdom of Satan. As the Illuminati gains more and more power, control and wealth, they are becoming more and more obvious and bold. The Consumer Protection Act is an Illuminati creation to stuff evil down the throats of the American people.

  • pointman49

    And the ACLU is where?????

  • This is BS

  • The limp state of Washington can not violate Constitutional law very simple and I am sure there are many more. They have violated the florists freedom of Religion.

  • rhblommel

    The business owner should sue the state for violating the first amendment of the constitution! This is a clear cut demonstration of bullying.

  • Terry C

    The last time I looked, in spite of Obama and his cronies, this is still a free country and businesses are still free to do or not do, business with whomever they choose. I, and by extension my business, still have the right to my religious beliefs and any and all rights guaranteed to me by the U.S. Constitution.

  • sean murry

    I have a friend who is in business he has a sign that says we have the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • Randy131

    This is a 1st Amendment violation, simple and straightforward. Where is the ACLU now, when the state of Washington makes a law that violates one’s religious beliefs and tries to force people to violate their religious beliefs? The ACLU made up the phrase of ‘Seperation of Church and State’, and has used it to keep people from practicing their religion in public funded agendas. Is not the government forcing one to violate their religion doing the same? The basis of our unalienable rights, as described in the ‘Declaration of Independence’, comes from the fact they are given to us by the Creator, not man, and man cannot take then from us. This we use to keep our freedoms and rights, but if we do, can we also ignore what the Creator says and demands about homosexuality, to name just a few places in the Bible, Leviticus: Ch.18 Vs.22 & Ch.20 Vs.13, among many others in the Bible which agree with these two readings. Christians are taught to love the sinner but hate the sin. Gay marriage is a function of that sin today, which no Christian should participate in, but now the state of Washington wants to force Christians to participate in gay marriages, which is a sin and against the religion of Christianity, as well as Islam. Which is worse, the government telling you which religion you have to belong to, or telling you that you can’t belong to the religion of your choice, by denying you the right to follow the precepts of your chosen religion? Obama’s promised ‘CHANGE’ for the USA is now very apparent, he’s making sure that we are no longer a Christian nation, and what as Christians are we doing about it, capitulating through complacency and compromise. We see this but fail to stand up for our GOD, who gave us unalienable rights that we cherish, but ignore the rest of his precepts and allow the conversion of our country to a pagan society, pushed on us all by Obama and the Democrats. Can Democrats, or anybody, be true Christians if they go against GOD’s precepts and teachings that are given to us in His Holy Bible? You may not want to decide and take a side on this last question, but be assured GOD will. As for me and all true Christians, we stand with Joshua in his faithfulness to GOD as does the florist in this article, and will not be forced to violate our Christian religion and the precepts and teachings of GOD in His Holy Bible. What about you?

  • So…does this put a clergy in the same boat….forcing religion to violate their own church doctrines. Most True Christian churches DO NOT recognize same sex marriages. The devil is certainly working hard in his last days!

  • hornman 2

    The only way a lawsuit can be heard is if there has been a tort committed. There has been no tort here. The State of Washington has no standing in this case. Since no one has been “injured” I see no reason for this suit to stand.

  • jerome h.

    so your god is a vengeful, hating being? nice!

  • Alex M

    A business is also a contract with the state, since it is set up under the civil law of the state, with legal protections (such as against fraud), and in the same way, legal obligations. You don’t get the one without the other. And if consumer law requires you to deal with all customers with equanimity, that’s what you do. If you don’t want to run a business under the law, find something else to do.

  • Jim Lytle

    > Susan: What you posted 5 days ago is confusing and mixes truth with error and misconceptions. What you posted today is more lucid and direct to the point and I am in agreement with what you wrote today. In the gay community there is a difference between the radically, politically active gays and those who are simply just gay. They didn’t choose to be gay. To be sure, homosexual sex is a sin, a mortal sin. It is precisely the sex that the Church says is sinful. The Church (the Catholic Church) has said that it is not a sin to be gay. I am in full agreement which the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. However, while I appreciate the florist’s concern with her religious beliefs, flowers are morally neutral. If I owned a florist shop I would not have had any problem selling flowers for a gay wedding. I doesn’t imply that I am in agreement with the wedding.

    My 2 cents worth.

  • billygeturgun

    Someone please explain to me why the state thinks it has any business telling a business owner what they can do or not do. If the florists does not want to sell flowers to the freaks, that is their choice. After all, they are the ones who own the business, at least for now anyway! You go flower lady!

  • Jim28thReg

    Well why not agree to furnish flowers?? Just arrange to deliver on the great day and show up 1/2 hour till with all dead and wilted blooms.

    Kind a fitting don’t ya think—dead flowers for dead brains?