The Argument Against Banning High Capacity Mags

S.H. Blannelberry writing in Guns.com argues against banning high capacity magazines by saying that it’s all about timing:

Timing. It’s all about timing. The longer it takes a deranged gunman to fire off rounds at a crowd of innocents, the better. The more potential there are for delays, the more potential there is for someone to interdict, the more potential there is for children to escape. The bottom line: large capacity magazines make it easier for deranged gunmen to kill.

I don’t disagree with that logic. In fact, I think it is spot on.

But as every gun owner knows, there’s another side to this equation. That is to say, by the same logic one employs to argue for a ban, one can use to argue against the ban — with equal, if not greater, efficacy.

Again, it’s a matter of timing. For example, the longer it takes for a single mother of two to fire off rounds at several home intruders, the worse it is for that mother.

Let’s think about this for a moment. It’s late at night. It’s dark. Three career criminals are breaking into the home of a single mother. She has a full size 9mm handgun with a 10 round magazine (or if she lives in New York, with a 10 round magazine that only contains seven rounds, as it’s against the law to put 10 rounds in a 10 round magazine in the Empire State under the NY SAFE Act) instead of what would be the standard 19-round magazine.

She fires off a few rounds to scare off the intruders. They don’t back down. They continue their pursuit inside her home. She fires in their general direction until the magazine is empty. She hits one, but misses the others. She goes to reload, but her hands are shaking. She’s panicking. She fumbles the other magazine and loses it on the dark floor.

What happens now?

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  • This is exactly why they want the ban. They don’t care if criminals can obtain high magazine guns. They want us to depend on the government to protect us. But guess what the less people there are the better for these liberal asinine elitists.This is all about population control. Think about it!

  • John Frey (pictured above on right with hands clasped) has asked to meet with members of my Facebook group “CT Conservatives.” He wants to explain why he voted in favor of the gun control bill. I have to give him credit because he will hear an EARFUL from us!

  • Another ban that will not matter….the alleged firearm used in the Sandy Hook shootings was already banned it is named in the Penal code the AR 15 was illegal already…did not save those lives but is costing others their liberties at the very least….Sec. 53-202b. Sale or transfer of assault weapon prohibited. Class C felony.
    Sec. 53-202c. Possession of assault weapon prohibited. Class D felony.
    Sec. 53-202j. Commission of a class A, B or C felony with an assault weapon: Eight-year nonsuspendable sentence.
    Sec. 53-202k. Commission of a class A, B or C felony with a firearm: Five-year nonsuspendable sentence.
    Sec. 53a-217b. Possession of a weapon on school grounds: Class D felony

  • David Terpening

    Don’t worry, the police will be there to save you….Oh wait, they laid them off!

  • Wes

    This all boils down to the democrat progressive communist mindset and their incestuous vicarious love affair with all elements of the criminal community. They can’t deal with their genetic defect self loathing cowardice, so they pick an inanimate object to hate like the gun and high capacity magazines.

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    Only problem is you idiots is that most criminals don’t use those kinds of guns!!! Not even the ones hired by the government to attack our children!!!

  • Phaenius

    The REAL question about having one or two or even three perps with high capacity magazines is where WERE the potential victims ALSO with their high capacity magazines…TEACHERS covering their charges with sprays from their own weapons? In other words if nearly every other one of fifteen victims, of course adults, had their own high capacity magazines even in their own handguns hidden because of concealed carry, there would be opportunity for less casualties. Hiding and shooting potential victims popping up and down beats huddled disarmed masses in these so called no gun zones with absolutely NO chance to even take advantage of some so called two second opportunity. What grieves me to anger are the sobby stories of “brave” weaponless teachers trying to protect their charges, basically cannon fodder, and so gung ho in trying to disarm the people, they don’t seem to get it….”what if these folk were armed?”

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    You don’t fire warning shots. You shoot to kill!

  • Charlie

    So the legislators that are our servants ban mags that hold over ten bullets,what is next the criminals using a cannon with one shot but it takes out all of the criminals intended target. Weapon restictions are just a political power game, the servants of our government trying to remove our power over them. Criminals will always have weapons it’s in their nature.

  • This Hokemeyer guy seems to think this law is about anything other than civilian disarmament. If he were a real psychologist he would be all over the mental health part and oppose the anti-gun aspects of the law.