The Disgraceful Way We Treat Our Veterans Speaks Volumes About the Reprehensible Character of Our Nation

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]


98 percent of Americans wake up and enjoy freedom…. 2 percent will wake up and defend it.

I thank God for that 2%…. Those brave men and women are the true heroes…. and should be treated as such…. always.

Lets compare how we treat our Veterans versus our Legislators

Our elected officials sit on their A–es and accomplish NOTHING, yet draw large salaries, get exclusive healthcare and benefits, get rich off of special interest money and face a lifetime of retirement income that allows them an opulent life style,

Meanwhile, our Veterans who put their lives on the line and often return home with blown off limbs, (if they make it home alive ) are treated like 2nd class citizens with substandard healthcare, little or no monetary compensation/retirement benefits and now, the government even wants to take away their rights to own guns, using the stressful environent of war as an excuse.

I am ashamed of the way America treats its finest…
I apologize to all Veterans and pray that one day, we will have enough people in Congress with integrity to reverse decades of this disgraceful treatment. – ©2013 JAN MORGAN

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  • Jan, your welcome. As a ten year veteran with three deployments to the middle east I think I can speak for many others when I say that it is for people like you that we serve. To protect a nation of people who know and appreciate the liberties that a soldiers sacrifice has bought is all we ever asked for.

  • Big Daddy

    Thank you Jan for sticking up for our Veterans.

  • Kevin S.

    Jan, isn’t it possible this article below, on this very site, contradicts the one on this page about Veterans.
    Did the Military in fact, Classify the Southern Baptist Convention as a Terrorist Threat?
    Read more:

    If Veterans are Ex-Military or Retired Military and the Military are responsible for “Classifying the Southern Baptist Convention as a Terrorist Threat” and also being the muscle helping FEMA with all those FEMA prison camps designed to imprison and perhaps kill Americans, exactly how are we suppose to know which Veterans upheld their oath to the Constitutional and which ones were oath breakers, that Violated law abiding Americans Citizens Constitutional Rights?

    if; Ex-Military are now Veterans, what number of them are the same ones that operated those unconstitutional Drones over America, not to mention all those Drones in other Countries that have killed dozens and perhaps hundreds of innocent Men, Woman and Children that were considered acceptable collateral damage?
    Or, those Ex-Military, now Veterans that unconstitutionally and unlawfully obeyed orders (just as Hitlers Nazis did) after Hurricane Katrina and went door to door Confiscating Law Abiding American Citizens Guns at Gunpoint?
    The list goes on and on of Veterans that; while actively in the Military, doing their duty, obeying orders while Violating American Citizens Constitutional Rights.

    Not to mention “ALL THOSE Military Personnel doing their duty, obeying orders, helping to or directly involved with Spraying Poisonous Chemicals in those Chemtrails all over the entire United States, all over us, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. How many of “Those” Military Personnel now Veterans do you recognize?

    This is just a small percentage of the unconstitutional and illegal acts of the Military.
    Imagine all that we don’t know about.
    Sure there are without a doubt thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Current Military and Veterans that were never involved in unconstitutional acts against humanity and Americans Citizens.
    I’m only speaking of the ones that are or did.

    If you met a Veteran and treated that person with great respect and later found out, that person was one of the people operating Drones over seas that has killed innocent Men, Woman and Children that were considered acceptable collateral damage, how would you feel about that Veteran then, would you still respect that person simply because, he/she was a Veteran?

    Are we just suppose to treat all Veterans with great respect, without knowing which ones are good people and which ones are bad? Unlike our Government and many police, “We the People” including Veterans, are innocent until proven guilty as it should be.

    I have great respect for the Military and Veterans, I have Veterans in my family and I have great respect for them but, I know they didn’t commit any unconstitutional acts or, atrocities towards humanity because, I asked them and they told me they didn’t and their word is all I have and until I know otherwise, it’s all I need.
    The Veterans I don’t really know personally, I still give respect to because, I believe it’s the right thing to do until I know otherwise.

    Respect is not a given because of a persons profession or duty.
    Respect is something people earn rather than deserve.

    • Robert McDonald

      Kevin, had you ever served on active duty in any of our military services, you would know first hand that veterans do not serve to be respected. We serve because we respect our family and self, our fellow service members, and the people of the United States of America for whom we serve. We love our nation and the people of that nation. We veterans, for the most part, love God and our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins, gave us His Word, the Holy Bible, upon which this nation is founded, no matter what the revisionists would like you to believe. We veterans believe that God’s will is involved in each of us being born in this great country, a country that He gave us to protect and defend. Defend and keep secure so that it’s people could live in peace and safety and share the Word of God with the rest of the world. Long before there was a Veterans Administration, patriots served our nation and became veterans for the reasons already stated, and I might add, with no thought of compensation beyond returning to a free nation with a knowledge that, no matter the position in which we served, we served with honor as a citizen of the greatest nation that God has ever given mankind. Remember, freedom is never free. Many bled and died of our freedom.

    • You, Sir are a complete idiot, and I fought for your right to be an idiot and to speak your mind in a free nation, and I could give a $hit less whether you classify me as a “good veteran” that honored my commitment to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.
      That respect you speak of..try earning some of your own.

      • Kevin S.

        You and Robert just proved you didn’t read all of my post.

        Calling me names doesn’t change the fact that many of the current
        Military will be Veterans and were those people the ones that violated Americans Constitutional Rights or committed atrocities that they will never speak of after they are out. Were those Ex-Miltitary, ones that went door to door Confiscating Law abiding Citizens Guns at gun point which -orders those Military personnel did Not have to obey (since it violates the oath those Military Personnel took) but still did.
        Before being so quick to call me names as if I don’t care about the Military or Veterans, Go Back and read my post all the way through.
        Again, I wasn’t speaking of all the Military and Veterans that were Honorable, I was only speaking of the ones that weren’t.

        If you don’t like that I speak poorly of Military that commit atrocities on humanity then, too damn bad!
        Respect is not a given because of a persons profession or duty.
        Respect is something people earn rather than deserve.

        • Bill1966

          You should then look at a number of factors before opening your mouth Kevin. First off, many of the orders we have to follow are issued by civilian personnel that YOU have voted into office. Second is that they are slowly building up a force of military personnel that have no honor. My cousin was discharged from the USMC early for refusing to sign the new training non disclosure agreement. What happened in Boston is just the beginning, soon you will see armed personnel on the streets of American cities and no one but those of us with Honor and Integrity will be willing to stand up and cry foul. Ever think there is a REASON they want the veterans to be un-armed? They trained us well you know. People like you make me sick, you have no honor and do not respect those of us that had the courage and integrity to stand up and offer our lives to defend you.

          OH, and one last thing. Many of those drones are being operated by NON MILITARY organizations.

          • Robert McDonald

            Thank you for your service Bill1966. I don’t know why we bother with people like Kevin S.

        • Robert McDonald

          Kevin I read every word of your post. For every single example of bad conduct by military personnel that you point out, you are in effect disrespecting hundreds of thousands of other veterans who served honorably even to the point of ruining their, otherwise, promising careers. It is always the bad apple that critics want to point to as proof that the whole bunch is rotten. I can state with utmost certainty that none of us “honorably” serving veterans, past and present, give a RIP what you think of us. Respect is nice and certainly appreciated, but whether you or anyone else ever respects any of us does not change what we did for our beloved country. I and many of my fellow vets served during the days of Viet Nam and remember very vividly that we were ordered to never leave the base while wearing our uniforms, uniforms that bore the words, symbols and insignia of the United States of America. Why were we given such orders? There were American citizens outside the bases waiting to spit on us, throw body waste on us and otherwise let us know that they did not respect us at all. They called us baby killers, rapists and other vile names. The next day we would report for duty to serve the very people who did not respect us. Are there people who have served who don’t deserve respect? Yes, and with only a few exceptions, those people are awarded discharge from the service with some type discharge that is less than an honorable one which says to all who read it, this person does not deserve your respect. I sir have already spent more time and patience trying to explain to you that veterans who have served honorably deserve respect from all U.S. citizens. At the same time I have tried to convey to you in a respectful manner that we veterans who served honorably did not serve so you would like us and respect us. Fortunately I was not spat upon and other than vile words thrown my way, I escaped unharmed. In all honesty I conducted myself with honor because I was a representative of this U.S. of America. Deep inside me I personally wanted to kick some A double scribble. Not a very respectful desire, huh?

  • Thank you, Jan!
    RVN 1967-68

  • Greg


  • marineh2ominer

    All democratic demonrats despise American military personnel because they despise America and anyone that contributes to her greatness . I desire nothing more than to see ALL military active duty troops and veterans as members of OATHKEEPERS .

  • Robert Moulds

    It’s the least we can do for defending our interest overseas by short sighted political and business leaders who send them to war that could have been avoided.


  • Bill1966

    Just remember Jan, when the crap hits the fans it will be those of us who have not forgotten our oath to the people that will stand up and defend. You should look into how many programs and benefits have been cut/reduced/eliminated since bam bam took office in 2004. Remember, he was on the VA commitee.

  • junkmailbin

    you go girl.
    We have minutely improved over when I served during Vietnam.
    Your right to free speech is protected by a man in uniform with a gun

    • Robert McDonald

      Thanks for your service.

  • VocalYokel

    I too find it deplorable how the men and women who have served our country are treated, both during and following their active service.

    But please do not confuse the character of this great country with the actions of those who seek to marginalize and demonize those who have the ultimate understanding of the cost of freedom.

    It is incumbent upon each of us who do not share the Libtard view of what our nation’s defense capabilities and actions should be to not just parrot “I support our military,” but to bring to bear any and all consequences upon those who seek to withdraw support for our troops, whether those actions are aimed at denying them the proper equipment to do their duty, or any attempt to withdraw or curtail the financial and medical resources they and their families so richly deserve in order to deal with the consequences of their sacrifice.

    There are a great many more of ‘us’ than ‘them’…it is about time they learned.

  • Real American

    the obama adminstration has and it doing more that anyone b4 him to provokd the military as well as,veterans who he belittles ,& treats them as 2nd class citizens, after they put their life on the line,ahd he has the freek gull to think he is doing a good job, he is not!!

  • Concerned Patriot

    Thank you Jan. Very well said, except for the last part. I also am embarassed by, and ashamed of the way our government treats all US citizens. As for the second amendment: why wasn’t anyone paying attention when the congress and senate abolished our constitution 16 years ago? Why don’t you publish the AEDPA and the “Anti-terrorist act” on your website so all the doubting thomas’ can see for themselves why they weren’t allowed to even know what these statutes are, much less vote against them. Americans need to know the truth about their government Jan. Show your subscribers the statutes they werent allowed to know about or vote against. Look at the bright side: When big brother intervenes we’ll all know that you don’t have a first amendment right to tell us the truth, because we don’t have a constitution to protect us from our totalitarian government anymore. The Americans you speak of in your article were willing to fight and die for our benefit, so please, show us that means something to you.

  • Ron Binnie

    I’m a 10 year vet with two tours in Vietnam. I left two cushy jobs to go with the hope of saving someone a trip over there. I didn’t have to go as a sole survivor, but I’m glad I went because it made me a better person.
    I joined the Army in 1960 because it is my duty to support my flag, country and God. I don’t want praise from anyone for doing what every American should do. I took an oath to support uphold and defend this Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and that oath still applies today. It will only expire when I do.
    For those of you that do not work to defend this country every single day to keep it free, I wish you true despair and the worst of times for the rest of your lives. You can not be a real American unless you work daily to protect all that was given to us by our forefathers. I pledge my life my fortune and my sacred honor to my country.

  • Doc

    Nice to hear it said but as a disabled vet with three full years in combat I know I will die, as have most Vietnam Nam vets, with but a fraction of the rewards granted our middle east vets; and they deserve every bit of it. Vietnam Was the hated war so we have remained the hated veterans. Yet we would serve again if called to. How dumb are we?