The Last Time I Checked.. It was the Bill of RIGHTS.. not a Bill of NEEDS


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  • Archie

    Yes ma’am I do believe you are correct.

  • Eaglestrike


  • No Commentary, Jan? Only the statement?
    It has become evident to me that the current administration (and past administration) hold the Bill of Rights on high esteem when applying to foreigners, terrorists, and criminals of all kinds. Those of us who are Citizens of this Nation, under God, do not receive the same consideration from OUR Government as the aformentioned.

    • Everything this enemy government does is against we American Citizens, every new law they pass, is against We American Citizens!!! Everything this government does, and every law they pass makes more and more of us American Citizens criminals!!!!

  • Bill1966

    Gotta respect a hot chick holdin a big gun……..

    • Wayne_1958

      Not just hot but intelligent !

  • Chained

    Hopefully it shall always remain the bill of rights, so long as we keep educating children on them and what brought them about.

    • Wayne_1958

      Then I would suggest you do the history lessons at home because the public schools are a changin if you know what I mean.

      • Chained

        I sure do and home schooling in that genre was intended

  • It is interesting to note that when recently having a discussion with a person in Conn. they have the firm belief that the American Civil War dismissed any rights we have to succeed form the union in that the Federal government won and we as states lost any rights to leave(middletown press) I responded much like Jan did that it is not the state or the federal government, It is the people.

  • marineh2ominer

    First I heard George Sorass was dead the I heard there were explosions in the White House and Obam ass was injured , none of it was true but someone is sure doing their best to ” make my day ” .

  • Bill

    As I posted on your FB page, the reason I NEED an AR style rifle, is simply because they’re trying to take it away.

    • I agree Bill. I never felt like I needed an AR or Bushmaster until the liberals started telling I couldn’t have one.

  • davidkachel

    I always say to lefties; “I need the deadliest, most fearsome weapons I can possibly own, in order to protect myself from people EXACTLY LIKE YOU!”

  • George Washington famously wrote about the Second Amendment in that Every Citizen shall have the right to the same arms as are in common use by any standing Army. it is indeed a Bill of Right’s. not want’s or needs, right’s endowed by our creator and in such no man shall ever take thee rights away

  • Without a doubt, tell those in DC to get there heads out of where the sun don’t shine or get out of DC.

    • This enemy government you talk about in DC, well, they no longer listen to we the people!! They almost all work for the elites now, and this enemy government does the bidding for them…

  • PatriotAmerican fortheUSA

    You’ve couldn’t have stated it any better. Continue the great work to you and all your associates.

  • Kioga

    If I read the”1902 Dick Law” correct and there have been no changes to it, Congress and Obama ( and NY, and Co + ) have no authority to do anything at all, because the Dick Law forbids it even coming up, which adds another kicker to the 2nd Amendment.

    • Just read the 1902 Efficiency of Militia Act. It appears you are correct. The state legislators that recently enacted strict gun control laws all appear to have broken Federal law!

      • Bill1966

        Where did you find the actual document at? I rarely trust a wiki to have accurate information.

  • I need my assault rifle because our government has theirs, when they give up theirs I will lay mine down with them

  • Robert Moulds

    First of all buying a gun is a choice and the second amendment was about a well regulated militia.Never the less if liberals want stricter gun control move to Canada or even stricter gun control Australia. Piers Morgan, Ali Velshi (who is from Canada and studied at Queens University) and other gun control liberals should move to Canada or Australia. Stop imposing their will on the American people who resent being bossed around.