The Lies That Bind Us


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

The Obama administration is very fond of telling us how we feel about what they are doing. For instance, Obama recently made the claim that 90% of Americans agree with him about gun control. It would stand to reason, then, that at least 50% of my friends, many of who own guns, would stand by Obama and his gun grabbing push. Yet no one I know actually thinks it’s a good idea to take any part of the second amendment away from law abiding citizens. So where does he get his 90% claim? He made it up.

Progressive liberals are very good at setting the tone of the conversation. Conservatives, unfortunately, are not. Instead, we tend to chase after the tall tales proffered by the lie mongers. We all know the sheeple who follow the lead of the liberal machine. They stand in front of their televisions drooling over the latest grotesquely misstated sound bites spewed by the likes of Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow. Without research or thought they latch onto the ideology and defend it with much conviction and not a single fact. And what do we do? We waste our time arguing facts with people who are convinced that the truth is determined by their socialist leaders. Why let little things like facts and history stand in the way of a good movement? Sure socialism has been tried before. Just not the right way. Liberals are so enlightened now they know how to do it right. And if they have to lie and cheat, manipulate and intimidate to get the chance to show us, just remember that the ends will justify the means.

Policeone.com recently did an extensive survey of some 15,000 active and retired police officers regarding gun control. The vast majority of them support the rights of everyday law abiding citizens to own and bear arms. They understand, from standing on the front lines, what the Obama administration and the liberal left want to deny; that we are safer when we are left to our God given rights to defend ourselves and our rights are not infringed. But make no mistake, folks. It isn’t that these progressives are oblivious to the statistics. It isn’t as if they have not seen the data from around the world or that they never cracked open a history book. They know what we know. They lie to us daily and tell us what is best for us, in their opinion, and that they will achieve these goals by hook or by crook. But it isn’t to make any of us safer. It is to make all of us defenseless. We know it. They know it. They just don’t want the sheeple who support their agenda to know it. It’s easy to keep those votes coming in if they think they are truly working towards the greater good. Every cause needs an army to succeed. PT Barnum knew, there’s a sucker born every minute. The liberal left has a whole army of them. Useful idiots. They don’t even know they’re being used. It’s kind of sad, really, but you can’t fix stupid.

So why are we wasting our time trying to convince this army of degenerates of the error of their ways? They have been indoctrinated into the belief that government is their god and morality is dictated only by their individual desires. They swim at the shallow end of the intelligence pool. We cannot change that. The only thing we can do is dig our heels in and fight to preserve our great nation, in spite of their worst efforts.

Only a liberal can believe that he is part of the party of compassion as he fights to save the worst of the worst from death row while murdering millions of babies at abortion mills every year.
Only a liberal can believe that morality is dictated by a person’s individual desires except when God or the bible are part of your desire.

Only a liberal can believe that no one has a right to tell them what to do with their bodies but that they have every right to expect us to pay for their birth control and abortions.
Only a liberal can believe that your children belong to the whole community, and so does everything else you own.

Only a liberal can believe in saving the animals at any cost but that reducing and controlling the world’s population is the only way to save the planet.

Only a liberal can believe that you can call yourself a Christian while supporting the liberal agenda of communist, anti God rhetoric.

Only a liberal can believe that equal opportunity must result in equal results, and that all people can be perfectly equal.

I have spent countless, useless hours trying to understand how liberals can buy into the lies they are spoon fed every day. I have marveled at how the honored profession of journalism has evolved into reality television that proffers the proliferation of progressive propaganda. The web of lies and deceit is vast, starting with the White House and its current administration, weaving its way around the liberal leadership and media hacks, and cocooning the pests who don’t have the sense to recognize the black widow in their midst. I confess, I am still bewildered. I am also finished with trying.

I no longer hold the hope of educating liberals. Instead, I will push just as hard as they do to get the right people elected, hold them accountable, and promote conservative ideology. I will protect my rights at all costs. And I will keep a big can of bug spray close by.

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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    This lying antichrist needs to be evicted.

  • HongryHawg

    Funny how liberals scream about their Constitutional rights when they want to move one of their perversions into the mainstream but God forbid the Conservatives try to hang on to their Constitutional rights for whatever, no matter how clearly that whatever is imbedded in the Bill of Rights and Amendments. Satan probably never had such help with his agenda.

    • Clint

      Liberals have no real Constitutional rights. For one to have Constitutional rights, one must believe that the Constitution applies to themselves and be governed by those rights and responsibilities. Liberals do not believe this. They believe the Constitution is a living document and can be changed at a whim to fit any scenario they choose. Correct me if I am wrong, but jello don’t stick to a wall in it’s entirety, some of it falls to the floor. In the same sense, a Constitution that can mean anything someone wants it to mean, means nothing. If the Constitution is like the proverbial jello, it has no lasting meaning or substance.

  • Come on people you know in your heart, he only lie’s when his lips are moving and he never stops telling us how great he is. the liar-in-chief does what his father wants and satan was the first liar from the beginning.

  • Liberals have an ineducable and degenerate preoccupation with
    irrationality the manifestation of which is humanitarianism, democratic
    process and corporate parliamentarism, the combination of which is a
    socioeconomic Barbie Doll dictatorship.

    The correction for this is the 2nd Amendment. Here’s the reason we’re trapped:

    AMERICANA: giggling and laughter.

  • Guest

    Good write Becky. Thanks for your service to the common perseverance of the 2nd Society.

    Hopefully, we will all see the end to the workings of Bob Mugabe’s playbook running full throttle in our USofA.

    • Clint


  • well written!

  • MrLogical

    As the Nazis and the Soviets before them would repeatedly boast,

    “A lie, told often, soon becomes the truth.”

    • And it has to be a big one the bigger the better.

    • Not in my book!

  • Politicians on both sides of the aisle, on occasion, lie to us. This is a given fact of politics.

    Apparently Obama has found it necessary to lie everythime he opens his mouth to speak.

    • True enough, but the scope and magnitude are miles apart. Conservatives lie occasionally, though usually to protect themselves (not that it is okay either way) but liberals lie to get what they want done, done. They lie to trick people. They lie to change what they want changed, irrespective of the rights of others. And they lie to do harm, even when they absolutely know it is a lie. There seems to be little by way of moral barriers for liberals.

  • Good write Becky. Thanks for your service to the common perseverance of the 2nd Society.

    Hopefully, we will all see soon the end to the workings of Bob Mugabe’s playbook running full throttle amok in our USofA. Question, in four years, what will be salvageable?

    • Depends on what the progressives get away with and how much it hurts us. Where is the bottom of the barrel? But we are starting to see cracks. Prime example – the recent stories that have been telling of Obama’s tax hikes that did and will affect the middle class after all. Honestly, though, while some formerly ardent Obama supporters are beginning to regret that decision, he still has too much support. And I believe that our progressive trends will continue until we start to resemble Greece. At some point people in America will realize what has been taken from us. Let us hope that there more who bemoan the loss than there are those who celebrate it.

  • verncba

    Funny, I watched Jay Carney or whatever the White House’s puppet’s name is today.

    Each question asked about the gun control measures being taken he kept repeating about the “90% of Americans who agree with background checks… blah blah”

    I wondered to myself, did they really poll people? Was it fair sided? Did those polled get asked questions like:

    “do you support background checks that are already in place?”

    Or what was it? Just a flat out lie?

    Not one of the reporters asking questions mentioned background checks that are ALREADY DONE when he spewed his 90% lie.

    • vernabc

      That is funny, because when I was watching Mr. Carney I kept thinking, I wonder if there are still idiots out there that are posting comments on the internet saying that
      the shootings at Sandy Hook was a government conspiracy? You know, the people
      that first said it never happened, and then changed their story saying that
      actors were hired by the government to make it look like a shooting. Then they
      changed their story again, saying that there really was a shooting but the
      government shot all those kids. And as those parents/actors walked off Air
      Force One today, I could not help but wonder how far this conspiracy ran
      through our government. Because now, all the right wing nut job/tea bagger
      sites are saying that the parents of the kids that were killed are media
      whores…? But how can that be? I thought they were actors…? So what is it?
      Was there really a school shooting? I thought the shooter/actors/government
      agents ran off into the woods..? And they never sent you pictures of the
      murdered children or showed you video tapes, so it must have been rigged,
      right? So who am I to believe??? Oh, I know!!! I will just go to YouTube and I
      bet I can find the real truth there.

      • you may want to try MSNBC, they are probably the only idiotic bunch you would believe for anything.

      • With or without a conspiracy, do you support your second amendment rights? You seem pretty pleased with yourself so I can only assume you believe you are smart enough to care for yourself without Uncle Sam telling you how to live or that they need to keep you from potentially becoming a criminal. Fact is, people who commit these heinous crimes are going to do so because they are heinous people, not because they were adhering to their rights.

        • vernabc

          My argument with verncba has nothing to do with 2nd amendment rights. It has to do with him posting statements that the Sandy Hook tragedy never took place. He has no proof of this of course, nor does he have any empathy for the families involved. He is a special kind of crazy.

          • verncba

            When Sandy Hook is being used to push the anti-gun agenda & infringe 2A rights…

            Then yes, it has everything to do with it. Wake up liberal tool troll.

            You still say I have no proof but you still refuse to watch any videos, listen to the police scanner recording where they were looking for up to 7 suspects seen fleeing the school area, or you refuse to see the actors at the firehouse walk, walk, and walk in circles doing NOTHING but walk around.

            Glad to see you are still following me, it tells me how sad your life must really be.

          • vernabc

            So how many times are you going to change your story? You first said that it never took place. Then you said it was all done by actors (boy, those were some good actors on 60 minutes the other night!!!). Now you are saying that the children were actually killed, but that it was not by a lone killer… But the best part is, the proof you site comes from YouTube videos…

          • verncba

            Story never changed you POS. I still DOUBT it happened… no pictures have been seen. No reports or evidence other than WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD has been released.

            Matter of fact, records and witnesses are STILL under a gag order? Why?

            And what was up with your King’s slip up about “automatic weapons like those used in Sandy Hook” ???

            Slip up or does he know something we don’t?

          • vernabc

            There it is!!! It’s only a matter of time before the crazy comes out…
            So do you wear your tinfoil hat under or over the hood?

          • vernabc
          • If we are all on the same page where the second amendment is concerned then it does no good for us to fight among ourselves. The reason he can believe in the conspiracies is because they are rampant and because so many of us do not know what to believe. On one hand we don’t want to believe our government is capable of such things. On the other hand we feel like we have to believe it because of all the craziness that is going on. He is not the only one, by far, to believe in this theory. Whatever the case, we must all realize that there are horrible things our government and others with nefarious intent can and will do. It’s just difficult for people like us to wrap our heads around that kind of evil. But we do have to ask ourselves, what lengths will people like the CPUSA go to in order to achieve their goals? It isn’t as if there stated goals are honorable. And by definition communism eliminates God and His morality from the equation. This allows them to justify the means by the end.

          • vernabc

            First of all, we are not “all on the same page” where the second amendment is concerned. Second, “gun safety” does not mean “gun control”. And lastly, verncba is not a stable person, and don’t ever think for one second that I agree with anything that he says. It is one thing to be crazy and harmless, but when your craziness begins to hurt others, then you have crossed the line. I know people for Newtown. I know one of the first responders and I know a number of people that have worked with these families in helping them live with their grief. Verncba knows this because I have told him, and yet he continues to post pictures of the families and post lies that were very hurtful to these families. Freedom of speech brings responsibility and consequences, and his will be that I will continue to follow him and point out to others his hateful and harmful messages. His lies are there to see if you question my motives, but you might be better served just to ignore him. That is what most people do.

          • My goal is to protect the second amendment. I do not believe for one second that taking it away from us would stop this kind of thing. Sandy Hook was a horrendous act by a mentally unstable person. I mourned with the rest of America for the loss of innocent life. Gun free zones are playgrounds for these lunatics. One of us, trained and armed, could have stopped him in his tracks. These crazies seek places where they know they will face no opposition. Why is it that our government, who claims to want to make us safer, is not looking for ways to better address our abysmal mental health problem? We have millions of dollars to send to Egypt, Russia, Syria…nations around the world who actively work to undermine us, but we cannot invest in our own? Regardless of the rampant theories that plague the issue, and in spite of those who offend with their promotion of those theories, I stand firmly on the protection of our fundamental rights. If that isn’t the page you are on then we must agree to disagree.

          • vernabc

            I know of no legislation that threatens your right to own a gun or to do away with the 2nd amendment.

          • One step at a time. That’s what will do it. Right now our own Senator Kirk is working with other senators to expand background checks. If that was really the end goal I could support it. But there is only one way for them to achieve universal background checks, and only one end. This will lead to registration, and I cannot get behind that. They are addressing the wrong issue. Feinstein’s push to ban “assault weapons” will not pass right now but they will keep seeking it. And she thinks an AR 15 is an assault weapon because of how it looks. They are not asking for more powerful guns to be banned. They are seeking to ban the most widely owned and used guns. If you cannot see the problem with this then you are right, we are not on the same page at all.

          • vernabc

            I repeat, I know of no legislation that threatens your right to own a gun or do away with the 2nd amendment. Not sure how much more clear I can be. But if you are still concerned, just go out and buy another gun. I am sure that will make you feel safer.

          • vernabc

            This just in from verncba:

            “Story never changed you POS. I still DOUBT it happened… no pictures have been seen. No reports or evidence other than WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD has been released.
            Matter of fact, records and witnesses are STILL under a gag order? Why?
            And what was up with your King’s slip up about “automatic weapons like those used in Sandy Hook” ???
            Slip up or does he know something we don’t?”

            So this is who you say you are on the “same page” with??? So basically what you are saying to me is, “I don’t care how crazy, insane, hateful, ignorant, intellectually challenged, delusional, paranoid a person is, as long as they can repeat the 2nd amendment, we are on the same page”…?

            Just a word of advice. If you ever want to be taken seriously (i.e., to be considered credible), you might want to be a little more selective of who you claim to be on the same page with.

          • The page I’m on is the page that says, As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson,Secretary of State:
            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

            That is the only page that concerns me. I don’t have anything to do with the conspiracy theories that are floating around, and my articles have consistently been supportive of 2A.

            If you do not find me credible you certainly have the right, as an American citizen, to avoid reading what I write. As for the gentleman you seem to constantly argue with, he has every right to believe as he believes. As long as he does not commit a crime as a result of his thoughts why should you care? It’s like telling people they are not allowed to be racists. Why not? At least we all know who they are and where they stand. The vast majority of us would avoid custom at any establishment that hung a “whites only” sign and those people would not last long in the business world. People have a right to think as they want to think and you have a right to think they are the terrible people they are and to avoid them. You cannot regulate everything. What people do NOT have a right to do is cause harm to other people or to their property and those are the things that should be punishable, and severely so.

          • vernabc

            Well, I happen to think, as an American citizen, I need to point out when there is a wrong. I believe we are all in this together, and we are a community. We have rights, but those rights do have limits. Verncba (which has again changed his name in a childish way in an attempt to mock me) certainly has a right to say what he wants, but those statements have consequences. Even though we live in a free country, that does not give a person the right to be a bully and to harm others, and as a community, we should not just stand back and allow bullies to harm others. When you visit these kinds of websites, and you post your opinions, and you read other peoples responses, do you not have a responsibility (or are you complacent in allowing others to say hurtful things?) to tell others when they are being racist, when they make lies, or are hurting others? When someone makes a racial comment towards are President, or calls him names, or makes up stories about the families of Newtown, do you not have a responsibility to confront these people? And by not doing so, are you agreeing with them, or adding legitimacy to their actions/words? You may feel the need to speak out on the 2nd amendment, but in doing so, are you also willing to support/defend someone that may agree with you on your position regarding the 2nd amendment, but this person also is asking for the overthrow of our government, or calls the President a Muslim, or posts statements that there were no children killed at Sandy Hook and he knows this because one of the mothers did not cry enough? Again, I feel it is my duty (and privilege), to stand up to bullies. Free Speech is never free.

          • No, I do not have a responsibility to stop people from saying what they want to say. I don’t have to agree with them. I don’t care what they say. It matters to me only when they act to cause physical harm to a person or their property. Ignorance or stupidity are not against the law, nor should they be. You have every right to say what you believe as well, and you have used that right quite freely here, but you want to take that from others. As long as he does not cause physical harm to anyone why should you concern yourself with what he thinks or says? You’re afraid someone’s feelings will be hurt? Happens daily my friend. You’re far too concerned with political correctness. Many people get angry at what other people say, usually because it is the opposite of what they believe. They are still free to say it. And you are free to not like it.

          • vernabc

            So what you are saying is, a person is free (i.e., no consequences) to say anything they want, as long as they are not physical. You have never heard of verbal or emotional abuse? So as long as a bully does not touch another person, they can continue to be a bully and you are ok with that? Sorry, but if I see or hear someone bullying someone else, I am going to do something about it. That is how I was raised. And by not doing so you are complacent
            (if not enabling) in their actions.

            But you did not answer my question/s. So you are ok with someone being a bully and/or telling lies, as long as they support your views on the 2nd amendment?

          • I think you see what you want to see. My point to you is that the guy who is saying things you don’t like has every right to say them. And you have every right to dispute them. No, I do not like bullies, but I also don’t like the government thinking it can and should step into that problem. If you see someone bullying someone else verbally do you step in and defend the person being bullied? Certainly. You cannot legislate stupidity but as private citizens we can call them out on it. But that is not the issue here. My primary issue is 2A. And I do not support the expansion of government control so I do not support restrictive laws that try to solve our problems. Are you able to defend someone being bullied without a law telling you to do so or regulating what and how?

          • vernabc

            When did I ever state that the government needs to legislate against bullying? My

          • I have stated my case as clearly as I can to you. I do not need credibility with you.You will believe what you want to believe. Have you read any of my other articles? No, I do not agree with everything the other guy said. But I do agree with some things. For instance, I do believe there is a communist in the White House. That isn’t credible to you? That’s okay. There are many like you in this nation who see nothing wrong with the socialist leanings of our ever entitled nation, or at least the roughly half of them who adhere to that ideal. Now. I am going to follow my own advice and stop trying to convince a liberal. I’ve had enough of these conversations to know that it will go nowhere except in a frustrating circle. If you have enough faith in the current administration to believe nothing is wrong in American and that our liberties are secure, then you and I have little in common. I hope you did not vote for Obama but I am guessing you did. And no, they are not trying to eliminate the second amendment. They are just trying to severely cripple it, and the law abiding citizens who have an inherent right to bear arms. But I guess you can’t see that either. Keep defending Obama. America is already divided and the people who voted for him are not all still enamored of him. Not that it matters. He controls the White House. For now.

          • vernabc

            If you don’t care about your credibility, why bother posting anything on the internet? And regardless if you agree with any, all, or none of the current Presidents positions, to call him a “communist” either means you do not know what that word means, or you just like to make things up. In any case, you certainly lose credibility. One thing you might keep in mind. The people that post on this particular website, including yourself, represent a VERY small percentage of our population. Now does that make you insignificant? I hope not. But it does make your views outside the majority (i.e., mainstream) of the population. And I think that is true of most, if not all of the people that visit this site and post on it. There are very few people in our country that think the President is a communist, or a socialist, or that anyone in our government is trying to do away with the 2nd amendment. And while I do not know who you voted for in the last election, I am guessing it was not Obama. And yet, I can tell you right now that there was a time Romney voted in favor of further gun restrictions, was pro-choice, sponsored the ACA, and spoke out against the NRA. I would also point out, that the biggest infringements on our personal liberty starting under a Republican President (i.e., Homeland Security and GWOT).
            I find it interesting how quickly and often you feel the need to put labels (i.e., liberal) on others (or in this case, myself), which then seems to allow you to discount anything I say, when in reality, a person may have different views on different issues (i.e., economy, social issues, religion, world views, etc.). And whether or not you think I am “defending” Obama, as my President, I am certainly going to support him. Do I agree with everything he says and does? No, but regardless of my “politics”, I am an American and Obama won the election. It is time we now all came together as Americans, and put politics aside (i.e., learn to compromise). It is the extreme fringes, on both the right and the left, that are pulling the country apart.

          • vernabc
          • This has nothing to do with my argument about the government trying to limit our second amendment rights – you know, the ones that shall not be infringed? But tell me honestly, do you really think that the 99.9% of us who are law abiding gun owners would do this or sanction these acts? We are STILL dealing with those who are mentally unstable and we are STILL not addressing that issue. I’m not sure what page you’re on except that you really seem to think that more government, and more government control of the good guys, is the way to solve the problems that plague us.

          • vernabc

            Then you assume too much. As stated, I am a gun owner, and as a gun owner I do not have a problem with any current proposed legislation, nor do I have a problem with what the Newtown parents are asking for.

      • verncba

        “as those parents/actors walked off Airforce One”…

        Exactly… Let me ask you, when has anyone been flown in to DC on Airforce One to assist in pushing unconstitutional laws? Hint: never.

        I already told you, and of course as a liberal troll you refuse to acknowledge it but do choose to twist my words around …

        I don’t wish to see dead kids or gaping bullet wounds or medical examiner photos…if they exist. I never said that.

        I DID however request to see the surveillance video of the “lone gunman” named Adam Lanza breaking into the school.

        This has YET to be produced. It shouldn’t show kids getting shot or the aftermath, but it SHOULD show the so called lone gunman approaching and breaking in as they say.

        It hasn’t been release because… IT DOESN’T EXIST.

        • vernabc

          You have the nerve to accuse me of twisting your words..? If you were not so sad, this would be commical. How can I twist your words any more than you have? So now you admit that children were actually killed at Sandy Hook. Yet, intitially, you claimed no one was killed and that they were all actors (remember the girl in the picture that was wearing her sisters dress??? You pathetic POS). Now you are changing your story. How could anyone possible twist your lies?

    • NPR, one of the most liberal media outlets, did a story that gave the text of the questions in the poll that keeps getting quoted. One question was’, “Do you believe expanded background checks might have prevented the Sandy Hook shootings?” Note the words “might have.” Of course many people said background checks might have prevented the shootings.
      The question did not ask, “Do you support expanded background checks?” The follow up questions asked, “Do you believe expanded background checks will lead to mandatory gun registration?” Again, the vast majority said yes.
      The next question asked, “Will gun registration lead to confiscation?” One more time the majority said , “Yes.”

      This is the overwhelming support cited by the President.

      • I am familiar with polling and I understand that the phrasing of the question can often lead to exactly the results you seek. The pool of people they chose to poll makes a difference as well. I don’t rely too much on polls, especially when I cannot see what the questions were or who the targets were. Karl Rove relied on them and look how wrong he was. Was the polling wrong or did the polsters ask the wrong questions? Who knows.

  • Jim

    thats great becky, maybe you can lead the effort to start impeaching these morons since no one has contrary to all the talk. I’ll be the first to sign it.

    • Impeachment is a process initiated by the House and tried by the Senate. Even assuming you could get the House to call for the impeachment, which I doubt since Obama has gotten away with so much for so long, how do you propose we get Reid to try it?

      Obama will never be impeached. And I fear that America is in for a lot more pain before things start to heal. Unfortunate but true, in my opinion.

      • TexasOlTimer

        Becky, you are exactly right on this. I wish I could convince others why Obama will never be impeached. It was tried with Clinton and the Senate Democrats just stood out on the lawn and had their picture taken with Clinton. As long as Harry Reid sits in the seat of the Senate Majority leader, nothing is going to happen in the Senate that Obama doesn’t want. If we could take the Senate in ’14, we might have a chance, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        • After watching Republican party leaders continually capitulate to the left I wouldn’t bet on it either. Unless we can get enough real conservatives to understand that their votes do count, as do their voices, if enough of us are willing to stand together, we will lose this battle. We will see America deteriorate to the point of breaking. Will the America we love emerge from that, or will it become something else again? God only knows.

  • MrLogical

    Study the history of the Cultural Marxists that came out of the Frankfurt School in the 1920s and you will find many of the roots of the propaganda techniques used by progressives everywhere to advance their agendas – including the concept of political correctness and other so-called “semantic deceptions” that are used in the media, academia, government and even the church.

    Regrettably, these tools and techniques have proven very effective as evidenced by the cultural decay that has been wrought upon the United States since the 1930s when the first cultural Marxists invaded our institutions of higher education (e.g., initially Columbia U.). A further pity is that many Conservatives don’t recognize these dangers for what they are, nor have they managed any sort of effective (cohesive) counter strategy to combat them.

    Awareness and education is a start, but it is not an effective counter-strategy in and of itself. Similar deceptions could be an effective antidote, but many Conservatives find that option distasteful.


    • I would also add Karl Marx during the during roughly the 1860’s in that is when the Iron FIsted Monarachies were a bit to lienent and allowed some of this to run away with them. And fighting fire with fire is always an option especially when it comes directly from the enemies hand book. Just make sure you do not look to long into the mirror.

    • The Communist Party USA put down roots here in 1919 and have been working towards fulfilling their 10 point agenda ever since. They have been wildly successful. Even so, there are still far too many Americans who either don’t believe it or don’t care – or both. And there are definitely far too many Americans who support the socialist/communist agenda.

      • MrLogical

        That’s true, but the CPUSA’s earliest efforts were sub-optimized and largely ineffective (their movement was confined mainly to Marxist zealots who didn’t need convincing….) as they were too ‘blatant’ and visible; a much more covert and subtle effort was required aimed at the heart of the power stuctures of America rather than the “man on the street.” (The social scientists in the Frankfurt School recognized the failings of ‘traditional’ Marxist movements when the 1917 revolution failed to ignite a wider revolution in Western Europe – especially in post-WWI Germany.)

        The Cultural Marxists that sprang forth from the Frankfurt School used different, much subtler and effective techniques of subversion by ‘vaccinating’ our culture with the Communist bacillus.

        People should study the Frankfurt School movement and the way in which Communists have insinuated themselves into positions of power and influence in our institutions over a period of 80+ years: e.g., media, government, education (colleges and universities as well as our K-12 public school systems), our judicial system – all levels, political parties (esp. Democrat and CPUSA, but also in the Independent and Republican parties as well), industrial trade groups, public service organizations, religious institutions and of course government itself – especially in government agencies filled with non-elected (and almost un-fireable) bureaucrats who create rules and regulations out of whole cloth due a lack of political oversight or accountability.

        Just Google “Frankfurt School” and/or “Cultural Marxism” and begin your eye-opening education – and pass the word.

        The more people who are aware of this movement and the techniques they use, as well as the pervasiveness of their insinuations into our culture and institutions, the better able we will be to help combat it.

        Becky: You may want to consider this as a topic for one of your future articles. You have a talent for doing this.

        • I agree with everything you said. I wrote an article earlier, touching on the subject lightly given the length of any given article. But you are correct and we have been infiltrated at every level of society.

    • TexasOlTimer

      When our children for several generations now have been indoctrinated rather than educated, they grow up believing what those in authority at school have told them. Thus as adults, they believe what they hear the liberals say, disbelieving those stupid (they’ve been told) conservatives. When their children come home from school spouting what their teachers have told them, parents applaud – after all it’s what they too were taught.

      We’re fortunate that not all our children were in these schools or they had parents that raised them with conservative views so they were immune (so to speak) to the rhetoric or fought back, or home schooled them, or were able to send them to good private schools.

      Obama would like nothing more than to get rid of the older generation – those of us that were educated in the ol’ days, know what the Constitution says and means and are determined to educate our young ‘uns to the wrong things they are taught at school.

      When you look at Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and throw in Cloward and Pivans, you have the complete playbook for this administration (or as one comment said on another blog – this infestation). Change the language, indoctrinate the children, remove weapons to leave the citizens defenseless, etc.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Hurray for you Becky,you are a heroine,a rare thing in this day.Well written!

  • Would somebody in the White House tell obama that I said he is a liar, a murderer and an anti-American.

  • The police chiefs that are appointed by mayors of large liberal cities are about the only law officiers that will stand up with King Barry . Much like the JCS they are worthless with out even the honor to tell the truth loving their cushy jobs more than their honor.

  • sha49tn

    Amen! Good article. When people have their minds blinded by satan, only God can undo that. All we can do is stand for what’s right, & defend it. America is pretty much done for, as we knew her. But, phoenixes rise from the ashes, so that gives me hope that all is not lost, as long as we allow God to be in control.

  • marcdepiolenc

    Mrs. Kress has it right. We can’t convince “liberals” (I bristle at their appropriation of that word, which means the opposite of what they are) that they are wrong. Fortunately, we don’t have to. It took less than 10% of the population of North America to separate the thirteen colonies from their former mother empire, despite the disproportionate power of that empire. Despite the best efforts of statists working for generations to make us stupid, uncritical and compliant we are more than 10% in knowing what is wrong with our country. In other words, even if the lies were right and 90% of us were dumb enough to believe Obama the rest of us would STILL have the power to turn things around. But here Mrs. Beck and I diverge: political action alone won’t do it. Like it or not, we live in a de facto democracy in which every mechanism of government has been perverted to give us the appearance of being heard while frustrating every legitimate initiative to restore constitutional government. The first thing that has to happen at every level is to say NO. NO, we don’t care what unconstitutional measure you sneaked into the statute books; NO, we don’t care how many treasonous legislators and oath-breaking judges have approved it; NO we don’t recognize the power of appointed bureaucrats and militarized police to trample our rights. If government isn’t specifically authorized to do it by the federal constitution or the constitution of the respective state, then doing it is a crime, and it must be repressed and punished like any other crime. Once we refuse to obey unlawful demands, the political side will almost take care of itself.

    • Gene Taber

      I agree-bad laws should be regularly broken by good people, enough good people that the jails can’t hold them all-and the good people that are law enforcement need to not enforce bad laws. I pray that is what will happen, or our only hope truly is the phoenix rising from the ashes, as sha49tn puts it. I also know God IS on our side.

    • I don’t believe I ever said political action alone was going to fix the problem. But to fix the problem a lot of things must happen. I don’t think America is ready for that. Yet.

  • Gene Taber

    A little off-topic, but I clearly remember watching CNN the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, live coverage, and many times through out the day, it was stated by police officers on the scene, and the local spokespeople for the police and other local government that an AR-15 was found in the trunk of the shooter’s vehicle, along with a shotgun, and that no long guns were brought into the school by the gunman. Since I am a gun enthusiast, and have an excellent memory, I caught on to these statements, thinking that well, they can’t blame it on “assault weapons”, the shooter only used two handguns. I also commented on it to the people around me that he probably had the rifle to deal with the cops in body armor when he tried to get away, because it would go right through the armor most cops wear. They even stated that they had video of the gunman entering the school, WITHOUT A LONG GUN” and I clearly remember seeing video of police officers removing an AR-15 from the trunk of his car.I clearly remember the spokespeople saying all the weapons belonged to the shooter’s mother, including the AR-15 found in the trunk of his car. I am into guns-I remember this kind of stuff, I am a very detail oriented person, I trouble shoot computer networks, I am also a mechanic on very complicated machinery, my head is all about the details, I understand how the internet works, I can root and jailbreak smartphones. I know what I saw and heard on CNN. So how did it turn into this a**hole shooting children with an AR-15 “assault weapon”, and how can the very same reporters who said they AR-15 was found in the trunk of his car now say he brought it into the school? WTF?!?!?!?! and why are we not hammering all the idiot progs and gun-grabbers with the facts and letting them get away with these lies-it’s an insult to me that not even the pro Second Amendment spokespeople like those here at this site are not making much more noise about this big lie, because so much of Obama’s gun control scheme is based on Sandy Hook children gunned down with “assault weapons”!?!?!? If you have the spotlight to point out this lie publicly THEN DO IT! The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. So conservative spokespeople, start raising hell about this one lie! It’s provable!

    PS. Google’s G+ server will not allow me to use my G+ account to identify myself on this comment. My name and email address posted here are my real ones.I don’t hide behind a screen name.

    • TexasOlTimer

      I agree with you. I don’t watch CNN but Fox and they had the same feed from Sandy Hook and I too saw the police removing the rifle from the trunk. Now the AR-15 that wasn’t used has evolved into a fully automatic weapon that WAS used if you saw the clip of a speech that Obama made recently.

      Since fully automatic weapons (like machine guns) have been banned since 1933, it was hardly likely that the shooter’s mother was able to purchase one. That was just an inconvenient fact though and with this administration facts are immaterial and just get in the way of a good story.

    • Gene, You must understand by now that truth has nothing to do with the evening news or the Liberal double think machine. I grew up with two brothers who became fiercely liberal. They made up their own facts and latched onto any lie that supported their beliefs. I was replying to a rant from one who said the Bush administration was paranoid and would enslave us all with his anti-terror rhetoric. The last line of my reply was, “Have to end this, just heard two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York.” Even this did not open their eyes. Facts are inconvenient barriers to their superior thoughts. It’s all about them, not at all about facts, or history. Perish the thought of allowing personal liberty to interfere with the new world order.

  • Clint

    Now you’re talking, Becky.

  • I hate to bust the Fearlss One’s bubble but he nor his cronies can speak for me just as all those folks who vote for me by proxy wherever they may be. They shouldn’t even be allowed to even “suspect” what I would do. Hell just come and get me and I’ll stand before you and tell your cronies. After all I’m one who believes in tellin you what I think and not what I think you wanna hear.

  • Concerned Patriot

    I really resent the e-mails I get from the DNC (Democrats) asking for my support, and they don’t get any from me, especially where further abolishment of civil rights is proposed. They try to play on sympathy with stuff like Sandy Hook, so please allow me to publicly respond to their argument: Where is Adam Lanza (the sandy hook shooter) now? Dead, right? How very convenient. Dead people don’t usually have much to say about who persuaded them to do what they did, the methods used, or the reason. I wonder what the Obama administration offered James Holmes to shoot up a theatre, then play the required role in the theatrical performance of “”due process” and “justice”? Obama wants our guns for the same reason Hitler wanted Germany’s guns. Obama is currently pursuing the same course of action (strategy) Hitler used on the Germans 72 years ago. FEMA’s concentration and extermination camps are already built and waiting for us, all that’s left is to persuade us to hand over our weapons and go peacefully like the Jews did. Americans don’t believe it will happen to them for all of the same reasons six million Jews didn’t believe it would happen to them. Anyone skeptical? Go to infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, or even teaparty.com and do some investigation. Everyone reading this post has the resource to find out what’s really going on right now, so all you really need is the ambition to save your own life, and it starts with collectively demanding the restoration of our constitutional civil rights.

  • Good article, Becky, but maybe your title should have been “The Lies That Blind Us,” because that’s what Obama is always trying to do.

    • Only the left is blinded. We are simply bound by the insane decisions made against our will.

  • mhsnider

    Waste of time voting anymore, most elected reps are corrupt, owned by special interests. Even the Supreme Court has recently shown that it is also as corrupt as Congress. We have only one way to take back our country and that is a 2nd American Revolution to RESTORE our Constitution. Anything short of this a waste of time. Iceland just did it without any bloodshed and it can be done here too, if enough people ever wake up.

  • Ranchman

    I admire your drive, Becky, especially in trying to change things in my home state of Illinois. God bless and good luck! But (of course there’s a “but,” right?), I have long since given up on trying to “vote the bums out” or sign petitions, etc. I believe all we do falls on Washington’s deaf ears. I recently came across the most lucid reason why I believe this, on YouTube by Storm Clouds Gathering. This is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkAn3VIe1yQ

    • I have more to say on the points you make than I can say in one reply. “Vote the bums out” is not my answer. Yes, I will try to support the right people, and to get the right people elected, but the scope of my desire there is beyond my ability to lay out in an article. Meanwhile, I have seen this video and others from the same guy. I have read many articles and seen many videos. I am still trying to discern fact from fiction. And there is much to sift through. The progressive agenda has made more progress in the last ten years than in the last fifty years. We are seeing an acceleration of the agenda. But what are the origins of that agenda? And is there more than one agenda? My fear is that by the time we figure it out they will have achieved their goals.

      • MrLogical

        Marxists have long asserted that 3 generations are required for Communism to take deep root in a target society. Most importantly, it is essential that there can be (ideally) no generational residue from a pre-Communist society.

        If necessary, if these pre-Communst “lingerers” prove disruptive or obstructive to the the revolution, they can be eradicated by imprisonment (re-education camps) or “prejudicial neutralization.” After 80+ years of subversion, they are rapidly approaching that condition.

        • Clash Daily just posted a letter from an under sheriff who attended training that indicated that Homeland Security is teaching them that Christians and conservatives who adhere to the founding fathers’ ideal are to be watched. I believe we are at a point where those who are hell bent to achieve the communist ideal are actively seeking to isolate and demonize those who will not go along.

      • vernabc

        And what are “their goals”..?

  • Jim28thReg

    Just like his father Satan – there is no truth in him.

  • Zepp

    Maybe it’s because I don’t associate with liberals, but I haven’t met anyone who agrees with him on gun control.

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    As a father, as a provider, as a resident of California who’s family has resided in this area for 323 years and as a devout Conservative American, Obama is my greatest enemy and the greatest enemy to my Nation.
    I work hard to spread this word as I work hard to provide for my family in an ever shrinking economy artificially depressed by vindictive politicians and selfish leftist interests.
    I will retain my love of Country and fight tirelessly for Her survival against the internal scourge.

    Dave of Santa Barbara

  • TomG

    You say that Obama claims 90% agree with him and you say a “vast majority” of police officers apparently disagree. If you would have given a percentage number your statement would have been MORE effective.

  • Ratcrud

    well it is a fact that 90% of Americans do want gun control…But they only polled the democrats…. 90% of those that were against any kind of gun control …their opinion was not counted….

  • Yes Tell a big enough Lie often enough and many will come to believe it to be the truth. The real danger behind that is when the people in power start to become believers themselves. Particularly when they say “90% of the people are behind me ..” It isn’t long after that then that person sees themselves as a god who can do no wrong and anyone who opposes them is not only wrong but a traitor and even a heretic. And so on and so forth. It would seem the Mr. Obama and his Cult of followers are well on their way to that status. It will not be long and he will want total control without any form of control on him, the Constitution will have to be destroyed one way or another for Obama to continue. He and they must be stopped in any way possible, before our Society is destroyed.

  • The president is a serial liar and pathological Narcissist. This makes for a dangerous individual and weak leader.

  • Did anyone ever explain about percentages to that ignoramous. When it came time to get a brain…..he stood in the wrong line.

  • The commander-in-chief of LIES!!!!

  • Pardon the language, but that is a damn lie!!!

  • I’m thinking the 90% number is right. It was 90% against. bammy and crew just flip flopped the numbers

  • Jon

    The key here is that the liberal ideology is spoon fed continually and repeatedly, breaking down the weak minded and weak willed

  • Sagebrush6

    Obama is a habitual liar. I have a real hard time believing anything he says.