The Logic of Progressivism…..


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  • Robert Moulds

    In Canada where I live they tried a gun registry it was to cost $100 million but cost $ billion and the cities had just as much gun crime as before hand. My advice don’t do it unless you are living on an island the policy won’t work and even on an island some will try to buck the system.

  • Ralph Blommel

    Ask the people in Australia how gun laws work, OOPS how gun laws DON’T
    work. Sorry about the slip.

  • This cartoon would be really funny if it were not so true! Voting is one of the most important things an American can do, yet Democrats and liberals don’t seem to see that it’s important that AMERICANS only vote in our elections. It’s been well proven as witnessed by Chicago on a daily basis that gun control laws do NOT work, but it’s also bee proven that Voter Registration laws DO work!