The Right Welcome Sign for All Pro Gun States

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.06.36 PM

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  • dfyingravity

    Isn’t Chicago in Illinois?

    • Craig

      Yes, Chicago is in Illinois. But, there is 49 miles of Indiana along the southern edge of Lake Michigan between Michigan and Illinois, and just outside Chicago is a “Welcome to Indiana” sign. I would like to see this one, personally.

      • I think dfyinggravity’s point was that if Illinois had been disarmed, then by default so had Chicago, therefore, the second half of the statement is redundant. The sign is funny, notheless.

    • CmmnSnse1

      Guess what? IL has a gun law, but so does Chicago, and it is even stricter that the state law, so the statement is correct.

    • Bill1966


      shitcago is a state in and of itself, just ask his majesty king bam bam. They have the most voters in the country too, 26 million strong and growing! Remember, just because you are in a pine box does not mean you can not VOTE!

    • JDH

      I live in downstate Illinois and we don’t claim Chicago(aka Obamaland) If You want it we will let you have it cheap, but you have to take the Chicago politicians, drug dealers, unions, and gang bangers with it

  • As a resident I am ashamed of the leadership in this socialist utopia called Illinois. I served for 26 years, I move back here and can’t carry a sidearm for my own protection. We should have a concealed carry law by June 8 as per the 7th Circuit Court order, but I think Comrade Quinn and the Madigan twins will come up with some dirty, underhanded, last minute ploy to get out of it or prolong it. Why did I move back here???

  • I wonder if anyone would do a survey of GUNOWNERSHIP in Gary, Indiana as compared to Chicago. Then compare the gun violence of the two. Gary is BAD. But I bet it isn’t as bad as Chicago.


  • D.A. Megan Moran

    Im in Indiana where is this?

  • If you save this pic, and enlarge it, you can see a blue hue around the sign. AKA: Photoshoped Photo.

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    Im in Indiana and the gun infringements are pretty limited, but waiting for the carry permit is stressful and dangerous regardless of the peacefulness here. I lived in other states that did not have a requirement for carrying, so this is a real problem for me …

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    You people realize these signs are photoshopped. Most of them have the same background too … I wish states would take this public stand …

  • billygeturgun

    Even if this is photoshopped, it does make an excellent point. Too bad it won’t matter because your liberal and conservative politicians are giving away the store house and we won’t be able to legally have guns for much longer. Velcum to Amerika!