There Will Be Justice


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  • Be careful today my friend. All is surely not as it seems here.

  • Wayne Rose

    The dumb-masses still believe Oba.m.a. is creating HIS PRIVATE ARMY to protect them… “HA”….. They’re too stupid to realize the reason he works feverou.s.ly to take away citizen’s firearms is to make U.S. defenseless and to give our weapons to his Army to use against U.S. ALL. I recall THE WASHINGTON SNIPERS and all the Terror, Fear, Chaos and Death they created while it took law enforcement “FOREVER” to finally catch them. This was just two men and should have been water-boarded or other means of extracting the full scope of the plan. NOW multiply that times millions to get a good look at what Oba.m.a.’s Private Army can do.
    I felt at the time and still do THE WASHINGTON SNIPERS were a testing of America’s vulnerability, but even if it wasn’t we can bet the enemies of our Nation will use it as a blueprint to destroy U.S. where IED’s and Snipers will do their dirty work.

  • Randy131

    I guess we’re talking about the same justice Obama promised the Benghazi attackers. Good thing he didn’t throw that Benghazi speech out, for he got to reuse it for the Boston Bombing tragedy as well, just by deleting Benghazi Atteckers and inserting Boston Bombers. In doing this, those Boston bombers know they have at least 7 months of comfort, as the Benghazi attackers have had, and maybe even more, if Obama fails to complete his promise for the Benghazi attackers. Deja Vu all you terrorists, and their victims!