U.N. Arms Treaty: Unloading a Pack of Wolves in the Sheep Meadow

Jan Morgan

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Ratifying the UN Arms Treaty is worse that allowing the fox to guard the hens. It is like unloading a pack of hungry wolves on a herd of fenced in sheep. The outcome is predictable… or at least that’s what some in the U.N. might think, however these sheep are in America, which just might put a kink in their plan.

Passage of the U.N. Arms Treaty by a bunch of nations that are hostile to the liberties enjoyed by Americans, is not a surprise. What is most repulsive, however, is the fact that the President of the United States would even consider giving this Treaty a second glance.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that the White House was pleased with Tuesday’s overwhelming vote by the U.N. General Assembly to pass the treaty, but “as is the case with all treaties of this nature, we will follow normal procedures to conduct a thorough review of the treaty text to determine whether to sign the treaty.”

I ask, what is there to review?

The U.N. claims that the purpose of this Treaty is to “combat illegal arms trafficking around the world.” That notion is as ridiculous as the idea that more gun control laws reduce crimes. What the U.N. and all gun grabbers either do not comprehend or refuse to acknowledge is the fact that statistics have proven that gun control DOES NOT WORK. In fact, cities with the most strict gun control laws in this country continue to have the highest gun related crime rates and areas of the country with the least restrictive gun laws have the lowest crime rates. This is because CRIMINALS DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE OR ABIDE BY THE LAW. It is almost laughable that the U.N. expects the world to believe that the piece of paper this Treaty is written on is going to curtail or combat illegal arms trafficking and related crimes.

So…. lets examine from the perspective of the United States what we have to gain from this Treaty if ratified versus what we have to lose.

Gains…… NONE..

Losses… (How much time do you have? This could take awhile.)
Here is the short version of Losses right off the top:

* the U.N. “cannot be trusted” with the United States’ Bill of Rights

* The Treaty includes “foreign governments that have shown hostility to the kinds of constitutional liberties guaranteed to Americans.

* All Americans are harmed when unaccountable international bodies like the UN are empowered to interfere with our protected freedoms.

* the treaty could draw law-abiding gun owners and gun operators “into a complex web of bureaucratic red tape created by a new department at the UN devoted to overseeing the treaty.

* Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott says the draft treaty is not written using the precise, unambiguous language required of a good legal document. Instead, Abbott says the treaty employs “sweeping rhetoric and imprecise terminology that could be used by those who seek to undermine our liberties to impose any number of restrictions on the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.”

Abbott has written a letter to President Obama threatening to take on the federal government in court if Obama signs this Treaty and the Senate ratifies it. Abbot’s letter made the following promise: “If the UN Arms Trade Treaty is not stopped at the federal level, I and my fellow state attorneys general will take up the fight to preserve the Constitution. Ratification of this treaty would compel immediate legal action to enforce the Constitution’s guarantee that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The Senate recently approved a nonbonding amendment opposing the Treaty. I hope they will continue to stand by that position.

In the meantime, there is one minor technicality I thing the President and his dictator buddies in the U.N. have overlooked that could stop this ravenous attack on our Bill of Rights before it even gets started….LIBERTY versus Democracy.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting the vote.
While America may be full of defenseless, clueless, liberal sheep, there are approximately 90 million armed sheep with over 300 million guns, prepared to contest the vote… Those sheep are surrounded by sheepdogs that do not know fear, are fiercely protective of the flock, and willing to die to defend it.

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  • All the more interesting is that the governments of the world are the chief gun runners.

  • GridRider

    It would take 66 votes in the Senate to pass this Treaty. No treaty can infringe upon the Constitution, so even if by some miracle the left were to get 66 votes the treaty would not stand any test in the courts. There are plenty of things to worry about right now… this isn’t one of them.


      IF WE HAD legitimate Federal Courts …..we would NOT have Obama in the White House!!!!!!!

    • Robert McDonald

      A little thing like legality doesn’t seem to change the imposter’s mind. Our problem is not just the WH, it is also the grandiose cowards in congress. No doubt about it, these are interesting times for we the people. There is a world of difference in the world view of D.C. and the world view of the folks in flyover country.

    • Really & by the time any of this get to our courts it will be over & we the people will be over.. Do you or anyone really beleive Obama or the goverment is worried about going to court anywhere.. That is so funny.. If we had any kind of a court they would have taken up Obama’s citizenship.. But it really doesn’t matter to them either.. When that became an isue they should have heard that case first of all.. So all I can say is be as ready as you can & do not trust any offical of the goverment.. A lot of us talk big here but when they come for you & your wepons we will see who is left standing.. Remember the Alamo!!!!!!

  • HDMania

    Yes you’re right V Christine..some of the UN countries are the worse criminals that slaughter their own people..and they want to try that crap here?..aint gonna happen..

  • The UN can only be in authority over us because of our protection of them. They need to move to someplace else and leave our rights alone. Maybe Russia.

    • Kent2012

      or better still Kenya, yes or Tripoli, or how about that Island of joy, Syria

  • HDMania

    Yes GridRider this is one of them..once you are disarmed you can hang up any life you have enjoyed all these yrs..after disarmament it wont matter about gay rights,lack of jobs,the economy or the poisoning of our food and water..we will be doomed to the FEMA concentration camps and the little plastic coffins they want to stuff us in..

  • We gotta organize. If they have a ONE million man Army, and we have TEN million people we are are out numbered

  • BigUgly666

    ” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that the White House
    was pleased with Tuesday’s overwhelming vote by the U.N. General
    Assembly to pass the treaty, but “as is the case with all treaties of
    this nature, we will follow normal procedures to conduct a thorough
    review of the treaty text to determine whether to sign the treaty.” ”

    Like they really have any choice but to follow “normal procedures”? Without precipitating all out war, of course.

  • BigUgly666

    I find it kind of hilarious that with most of the world’s countries being party to the UN Arms Restrictions there is still a problem with ILLEGAL ARMS TRAFFICKING.
    Maybe that’s why there IS so much illegal trafficking in guns, and teenage girls, and illegal drugs, and …….

  • fuelofire

    The problem with this story is the assertion that their is 1) 90 million well armed sheep and 2) sheep dogs whilling todefend to the death. First of all, their may be 90 million gun owners,but owning a pee shooter or non range ready family heirloom doesn’t qualify as well armed. Second, how many of these so called gun owners are agents of our government who wouldn’t be avearse to attempting to sieze control of our 2nd amendment property? Third, how many of these so called “well armed sheep” voted for obama, and who cares for what reason; if they’re whilling to vote for such a man I would have to surmise that they would readily lay down their arms if commanded to do so by lord obama and his court of government power. Forth, having weapons and no whillingness to use them to subvert a tyranical government nulifies what ever benefit being well armed would reap. Fifth, I’m calling into question the so called guardians. Are these the same guardians who fought against obamacare and have lost all the battles that matter? The same governors who capitulate under pressure from the DC occupiers of free america? What about the local law enforcement? When DHS comes to raid houses with out warrents, do you really believe they’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you to fight them off? The numbers do not look good to me, at best maybe 10 million overarmed and underprepared souls scattered accross the fruited plane verses all of the ignorant and appethetic people of america. It seems to me that resistance will be suicide so I guess I will echo, “I regret I have but one life to give.”

    • K

      American Revolution

      American armies and militias:
      When the war began, the 13 colonies lacked a professional
      army or navy. Each colony sponsored local militia. Militiamen were lightly
      armed, had little training, and usually did not have uniforms. Their units
      served for only a few weeks or months at a time, were reluctant to travel far
      from home and thus were unavailable for extended operations, and lacked the
      training and discipline of soldiers with more experience.

      Historians have estimated that approximately 40 to 45
      percent of the colonists supported the rebellion, while 15 to 20 percent
      remained loyal to the Crown. The rest attempted to remain neutral and kept a
      low profile.
      At least 25,000 Loyalists fought on the side of the British.
      Thousands served in the Royal Navy. On land, Loyalist forces fought alongside
      the British in most battles in North America. Many Loyalists fought in partisan units, especially in the Southern theater

      And in fact, the American Colonists WON.
      Why, I believe it’s because, the Colonists had far more to lose then the Loyalists had to gain.

      Don’t count us Patriots to the Constitution out.
      We either win against this Tyranny or we are Serfs or Dead.
      No Middle Ground (for Liberty and Freedom) as History has proven.
      Die on our feet or live on our knees. I choose Not to live on my knees!

  • Obama and the UN should know that these “US SHEEP” have a lot of very sharp teeth. And anything that in any way comes into conflict with any part of the US Constitution LOOSES! No If’s, No And’s, No But’s, and NO EXCEPTIONS!
    What you have now is a bunch of so called world leaders all trying to jockey themselves into position to be the leader of the NWO. But they know this can not happen so long as the United States remains free and individually armed to insure those freedoms. Obama not only sees himself as the future dictator of America but then of the NWO. This nightmare dream of his will NEVER come into being as it won’t survive its contact and conflict with a Free America.


  • coastx

    The problem is Americans have to be spoon fed their daily dose of state and national security issues, and even then they balk. There is little to no authentic commitment to well regulated militia in the US, so they are, in reality, acting like a herd of sheep.

    Americans process sensory input from TV, McDonald’s, Facebook; you name it. If it’s got marketing trough stamped all over it, they are sucking up to it like some kind of sub-species of pond crud.

    People in the US know the difference between right and wrong, but that’s their intelligence ceiling, and if they can put it out of mind by looking the other way, well then there’s always the ethical midnight candlelight prayer vigil to cleanse their conscience, then a little midnight snack. Baa baa… You hear any reason in bleating? I don’t

    Good god, let’s don’t expect any solutions here, either. Critical thinking hasn’t been state of the art in the US since 1963, but Aleister Crowley and LeVay have found a way to acculturate, what presentation appears to have morphed gremlin neopolitical remix, and people are lovin’ it. Why?

    Liberal performance ALWAYS= hijinks. The reason this works is it naturally appeals to human preoccupation with mystification. People don’t have to take responsibility for a lie, albeit the risk is huge in the long run, and they get to party in he interim.

    What stupid Americans don’t realize is predators like to party too.

  • “Just Sayin”

    this President is “PROFGRESSIVE SOCIALIST” a plant. Our countries “Trojan Horse” and he is here to dismantle America and our Constituttion as we understand and know it! If we continue to let this man use executive frder everytime our governing representitives in copngress tell him he cannot do something…..their job descriptions and why they were elected to pull the reighn in on the PRESIDENT WHEN NECESSARY! We are being attacked nby our own president everyday. I looked at this man and when this last shooting occured it was like letting a kid loose in a cndy store. it was like he had this grin and saying
    I’m going to get their guns …..next their Bibles! “Just Sayin”

    • TexasOlTimer

      “A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it can not survive TREASON FROM WITHIN… An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and he carries his banners openly, but the traitor moves among those within the gate freely. His sly whispers rustling thru all the galleries, heard in every hall of government itself. For the traitor appears, not as a traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments. He appeals to the BASENESS that lies in the heart of all men. He rots the soul of a Nation. He works secretly and unknown in the night, to undermine the pillars of the city. He INFECTS THE BODY POLITIC, so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. ” – Cicero 42 B.C.

  • doug63

    odumbofurher gave the UN control of our national parks about a year ago. Now I read that there are russian and afgani troops training in national parks. What are they training for? DHS is buying billions of ammo rounds, thousands of M16’s, thousands of armored vehicles, FEMA (camps?), body boxes, etc… they are even buying 7.62×39 (russian A K47) rounds. I hate it when a plan comes together.

    • K

      What are they training for?

      They are training to overcome us. DHS is obama’s NAZI’s and a War is about to start! because, “they” – obama and his minions are not getting their way soon enough. IMO
      I don’t believe they are going to buy 1.6 (or whatever the current number is) rounds of Ammo plus military vehicles and weapons for use within the boundaries of the U.S. unless they are planning to subdue the American Citizens into surrendering to their Demands for their NWO. A war could very well be inevitable and “We the People” better get ready, train and stand OUR ground or we will either be a Serf to them or dead. There will be no middle ground when it comes to the UN and/or this NWO.

      “Know thy Enemy”! The United Nations “IS” OUR ENEMY!

      Now it can be told. The United Nations forces are not “peacekeepers” as they are claimed to be. Instead, the blue-helmeted troops of the UN are proven to be sinister, war-waging hellraisers. The evidence is accumulating that the UN and its subsidiary NATO soldiers rank with Hitler’s SS Gestapo, Stalin’s Red Army, Gorbachev’s Spetznatz (Special Forces), and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge as this century’s most brutal and bloody occupation forces.

      The UN forces are regrettably buttressed by American military units, money, and military high technology. With U.S. assistance, they are plundering, raping, and murdering people at an alarming pace. The goal of the UN overlords is not to bring forth peace out of chaos but to install Communist, pro-New World Order regimes in every nation on Earth. Any national leader who opposes this UN scheme is immediately targeted for destruction, and his country’s citizens are scheduled for genocidal massacre.

      Beasts in Blue Berets – The Reality Of The United Nations

      Those U.N. peacekeeping atrocities

      The Folly Of The United Nations (U.N.) Peacekeeping

      • K

        In addition to this;

        “Any national leader who opposes this UN scheme is immediately targeted
        for destruction, and his country’s citizens are scheduled for genocidal
        George Bush Sr. proved he gave-in to this tyrannical organization for the NWO

        George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

  • MarkEntry

    Wrong! The Marxists have already taken away our God given right, guaranteed by the US Constitution, to bear arms. In 1969 the Leftists in the US Congress had already laid the groundwork for this day. They created an Act that allowed UN Treaties to subjugate the US Constitution. An Act in itself that was unconstitiutonal, & Ron Paul bitterly protested it in 1969. Now, all that has to happen for this UN Treaty to become law is for the US President not to oppose it, which he won’t. Because, Obama is reveling in what he thinks is a victory for Islamo-Fascism. And, as long as the US Senate is not allowed to bring the ratification up for a vote, which Harry Reid will never let happen. The Un Treaty becomes US Law by default. Yes! the final spark of incendiary evil manipulation to turn the US into a total police state. Those redlight cameras are being linked, as we speak, to the DHS to watch for anyone they declare an enemy of the state. The 1.5 billion rounds of .40 man stopper ammunition, that aren’t even allowed by the Geneva Convention to be used on enemies during a war, are meant for use within our nation’s border, on us. 100,000 .40 caliber semi-auto pistols handed out to Obama’s private army circumvent the Posse Commitaus Act by not openly being called an army. thousands of military vehicles that are mine proof are now in the hand of the DHS and set to roll on US Streets. I’ve seen them on the road in Panama City, Fl. & they have no military markings, onm purpose. But, they have gunports for M16’s, & can have .50 machine guns mounted on them in minutes. Why would US employees working at the Dept of Education, or any non-militant agency, need to have .40 pistols strapped to their legs, when all they do is mail checks to schools? Why do the new US Navy ads say, “I will defend the constitution of the US, & obey the orders of those appointed over me? This is supossed to be self evident. But, this is a veiled threat that usurpers want you to know the US military will follow orders, even if those oredrs are to fire upon US Citizens fulfillinf the duty our forefathers commanded us to do in the Bill Of Rights. That any oppressive govt must be thrown out of office if it opposses the people. This US Govt has oppossed the US Contitution, a.k.a. “We The People” at every opportunity. To disarm The People is to overthrow the safeguard that our firearms guarantee as the last line of defense against a dictatorship, which this is. The US Govt has no right to impose Obamacare upon the people & the US Supreme Court has no right to support any dictatorial power. For the US President to declare they will make firearm laws by dictate is to subvert the US Congress’ clearly defined power to be the only lawmaking body, the Legislature. The Executive branch has the job of executing the laws Congress makes. Fast & Furious (FFO), War on Lybia without Congressional approval, Benghazi, endless False Flag Operations that are committed by leftist extremeists, & always blamed on rightwing radicals, without retraction by the co-opted Press. Looting the US treasury with so-called Stimulus Acts that send 80% of our tax money overseas to never be seen again, Corporate, & bank bailouts that are not allowed under the Constitution. Endless vacations intentionally of the greatest expense possible, while people are trying to live from paycheck to paycheck. Unless people are sitting home being paid not to work by the US Govt robbing from those who do. Small business people who already pay 55% of their income to the combined levels of Govt. Now being mandated to pay another 18% for Obamacare. Who can pay 73% of their income to the govt & survive? $17 trillion in debt, greater than 20 Fort Knox’s of gold. Each American owing so much to the national not even our grandchildren can ever repay it. Whenever a person owes more than 51% of their income to someone else it’s called slavery. Yet, we each owe thousands more times than that already, & the borrow/spend continues. To work each day while the US Govt prints worthless money to cover the tax revenue shortfall is hard to do under such depressing economic destruction. Useful tools ignorantly thinking of worldly gain, aiding in their destruction, & ours. Guilty until proven innocent, & double jeapordy laws. “Let them eat cake” eliteism is what lead to an evil revolution, that in turn lead to Napoleanic law. But, all this has already been surpassed in only 4 short years. The high crimes, & misdemeanors are so many & so serious as to be inumerable. Why have a private army if not to create an incident so unpalatable that it is guaranteed to incite revolt against dictatorship in order to justify using that army? Just in case the US military refuses to fire on their fellow citizens filled with righteous indignation to the point that they can no longer tolerate the destruction of their free nation? To be so distracted by a very uncivil 2nd Civil War is just what this nation’s enemies need to be able to walk in unopposed, in the name of restoring order, & execute the coup d’grace to our liberty. My firends & countrymen, we are on the horns of a dilemna never faced by any American generation. That domestic enemies are in control of our nations levers of power. This will require the US Senate to demand a vote on the US Arms Trade Treaty to defuse this situation. God forbid, if Harry Reid refuses, as patriotic Americans will have to make the most momentous decision about what to do with our nation. In the final decision there may no room for any of the 3 branches of the US Govt to have a say, as the outcome as has rest upon the American people what our nation will be. The power the US Govt has comes from us, & we may soon have an unthinkable solution to render up. I know this comment marks my family for retribution. But, King David knew, “It’s a fool who dies with his hands bound behind his back”. This is why we must never give up the defense of our nation, & families. God bless America. 

    • Mark, I agree with your views 1,000 %. Especially “It’s
      a fool who dies with his hands bound behind his back”.

      This take over of all that is good in this country has been
      coming for decades. Starting with social programs, reprogramming of our
      children in school and the latest about the UN treaty. I admire all the patriot
      post on this blog, but realization is we are past the point of no return. Those
      of us who would stand up to the Feds knocking on our doors to confiscate guns
      will be killed only be displayed by the media as a terrorist. I am not an
      extremely religious person, but since retirement and having too much time on my
      hands I have delved into a lot of books, including the Bible. If there is any
      hope at all, of turning our country around, we ALL must attempt to quell the
      hate that is exhibited on this and many other web sites, as social media has
      fed this open hatred. We got to learn and to express to love the sinner, but
      not the sin, i.e. all the foreign and domestic wrong doers and pursued them
      with kind words. Bashing other will only widen the gap. We all need to strive
      to pull this country back together

  • john goult

    Come and Take them! Blue Bonets, make easy spoting!