Compromise on Gun Legislation Could Allow Doctors to Block Your Gun Rights

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 6.06.57 PMI think we can all agree that people with mental health problems need treatment…. and they can’t get that treatment without being honest about their problems with their doctors.
Now, there is more reason than ever before to avoid a doctors visit and certainly hide any issues or positions of a political or religious nature that might give a doctor an excuse to check the “mentally compromised” box on your medical records.
Red State News is reporting that the Toomey-Manchin proposal is raising serious concerns in this area.

The proposal will allow a doctor to add a patient to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) without ever telling the patient he or she has been added. So much for doctor patient privileges and patient privacy.

There would be no due process requirement. Not all doctors will be able to do it with the same ease, but many will. Knowing a doctor could add him to a federal database as mentally ill without his knowledge could potentially dissuade a patient from going to the doctor in the first place to get help.

Worse, if the doctor does so and makes a mistake, the patient would have to actively work through the system to get himself removed — guilty before being proven innocent. In some states, should a doctor flag you as having mental illness without your knowledge, you may very well see the state come collect your previously purchased guns.

Activist mental health providers will probably be overly aggressive in adding people to the list. Give it five years in liberal areas and people who believe in the physical resurrection of Christ will probably get automatic entry onto the list.

Read more at Red State News

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  • George

    To start with, this is a bunch of bullshit. I have seen some of these question on A doctors forms you have to fill out. If I don’t like the question, I just leave them blank or don’t even check off any boxes. This is not a health question and should not be asked in any form. There would be a major Mal-practice suit in order along with a few other items thrown in.

  • Lowell

    Do not let children see any doctor alone. Some Doctors are asking questions about family guns and family habbits. I am told all your medical records go to the federal government. Anything you say can and will be held aginst you.

  • Seems to me that we are now requiring medical personal to be an investigative branch of law enforcement. Another Pandora’s Box is opened IMHO.

  • Jack

    That is how Obama works. He has other chains or branches do hi dirty work for him. While has plays golf and continues to attack our Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. every week.

  • I always carry when I go to the doctor. Now that He can put me on a shouldn’t carry list, I may just change doctors every time I need to go to the doctor. This takes away my right to privacy and allows liberal doctors o infringe upon my liberties as an American. Now the phrase :”what’s up doc” has more meaning than ever before.

  • vet4freedom

    i cant wait for the day anybody trys to take my guns