White House Correspondent’s Dinner: Parade of the Assclowns Laughing Over Issues that are Destroying America

Jan Morgan

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While a majority of Americans are struggling to put food on the table, suffocating under an extreme tax burden, sacrificing comforts for necessities and fighting for our rights that the federal government is stripping right and left…. political elites, the Washington press corps, hollywood celebrities, and the Obamas dress up, party hearty and poke fun over republican/democrat battles that are not funny to the rest of America. We know those battles are the reason the political idiots in DC get nothing done toward dealing with the real issues that are destroying this country.

Last night’s dinner showcased what many of us have complained about for years: Crony capitalism and the permanent political class are destructive forces…. people who are completely out of touch with real world America.. the America the rest of us live and work in.

I love what Sarah Palin said about last night’s event in a tweet: “The Dinner was pathetic and DC assclowns were throwing themselves a nerd prom while the rest of America is out there working our asses off.”

In her Facebook note, Palin wrote:
Yuk it up media and pols. While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke.

Thank you Sarah Palin! I couldn’t have said it better. © 2013 JAN MORGAN

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  • Yes, I agree it’s time to make capitalism more equitable for those who actually supply the labor. Somehow, though, Sarah “I Got The Rack” Palin doesn’t really seem to symbolize that percentile.

    • billy jack

      So right, Jim. Sarah has never worked a day in her life. Actually-I bet you were one of the clowns who was deriding her for being a product of blue-collar, hardworking, hicksville when she appeared on the national scene. That’s one reason people love her–she speaks truth to power and isn’t one of the Ruling Elite-that you salivate over.

      • Flippy

        “…one of the clowns”

        I think you meant one of the assclowns…

    • Thomas Gill

      Most likely she had loving parents who worked hard,so that she wouldn’t have to.Unlike most liberals who born into it.

    • siquijorisland

      You seem to be living in libral fantasy land where fact and fiction are one and the same. You are aware i am sure that, intellectual honesty is not a requirement, but a choice. Looks like you made the wrong choice.
      From your comment you never had people working for you.

    • Flippy

      “more equitable for those who actually supply the labor”

      What is equitable is that you actually have a chance to have a job. When you differentiate yourself from the competition by gaining more skills and experience, you experience the “equity” of the labor market by actually getting a better job. what part dont you get, or what part am i missing.

  • billy jack

    I thought we were in sequester and the White House can’t even afford volunteer-led tours for school children. How can they then afford this? It’s nauseating in the extreme.

  • tod

    Wormwood (Nibiru or Planet X) from the bible is heading towards us around November this year ,and is the real reason the government is buying all the ammunition so the can safely hid in their underground cities while we die .Revelation Then the third angel sounded; And a Great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water.

    • astrojohn

      Actually it’s Comet ISON and it won’t come anywhere near us – sorry…

      • tod

        That’s what they want you to think !!! astrojohn

  • They are all assclowns. Let’s make 2014 look like 2010 times 10

  • Thomas Gill

    King of France,Louie 14 the,and his wife Marie Antoinette,also gave lavish parties,while the people suffered,look how they ended up.We don’t chop off politicians heads here,yet.So we go the ballot box.The time to prepare starts now.Get involved,get vocal,get busy.If you don’t speak,if you don’t stand up,then sit down and be quiet.But,do not become pawns for rhinos,or other false conservatives like rubio.

    • Flippy

      dont forget the more recent example of the Ceaucescus in Romania… he and his wife were dragged out and shot after years of repression of the people, nepotism , leadership by personality cult, and firing on antigovernment protesters.

  • Robert Moulds

    I never though much of Sarah Palin hiring big game hunters to shooting seeming unconcerned caribou or giving a real mother bear and her cubs the runs. But you know what else gives gods creatures the runs indifferent politicians telling corny jokes dressed as penguins. Where’s a leopard seal when you need one to remind them their is a sequester.

  • CHinOhio

    I do believe the headline pretty much said it all.