We Can’t Watch Them All


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I’ve read numerous accounts over the last several days featuring interviews with the friends and families of the Boston Massacre Muslims. The younger of the two brothers over and over was described as “quiet, friendly, charming, one of us, a normal kid, etc.”

Friends and family members repeatedly expressed disbelief and shock that he was capable of such a monstrous act.

These folks don’t seem to be aware of the disturbing picture they are painting of potential Islamic jihadists: there is simply no way to tell.

There is no way to distinguish the Muslims we have to worry about from the ones we don’t. Muslim leaders are of no help whatsoever, for they loudly accuse the West of Islamophobia anytime questions are raised.

Rep. Peter King said over the weekend that we must increase surveillance in the Muslim community. Of course he’s right. But increased surveillance wouldn’t have fingered the Boston Massacre Muslims. Not even their friends knew anything was amiss, even the ones who partied with the younger brother two days after the bombs went off. One of the brothers had even been investigated by authorities in 2011 and given a clean bill of health.

Rep. King’s recommendation raises a profound question. If we have to surveil and closely monitor every Muslim who enters the United States, why are we allowing them to immigrate at all? Dzokhar Tsarnaev demonstrates that every single Muslim male of a certain age who reaches these shores is a potential jihadist. We have no way of identifying the ones who might develop sudden jihad syndrome, which means we must watch them all. That cannot be done and wouldn’t work if it could.

I have advocated for some time that we suspend the practice of allowing Muslims to serve in our military simply because they, as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan illustrates, have a sacred obligation to kill their fellow soldiers as their first order of business.

I interviewed a prominent Fox News war-on-terror analyst, a former military man, about this on my radio program in the wake of the Hasan incident. I asked him point blank if Muslims should be prohibited from serving in the military. “No,” he said, “but we’ve got to watch them.” This is frankly absurd, that we would enlist soldiers we have to spy on from day one. If it’s a recruit whose ultimate loyalty is suspect from the moment he takes the oath, why are we enlisting him at all?

Speaking just for myself, it seems that sensible immigration policy would be to suspend Muslim immigration altogether on the basis of national security. Or as Andy McCarthy has recommended, at a minimum suspending immigration from Muslim majority nations (like Chechnya, for example).

Is this to accuse all Muslims? Of course not. We can be grateful to God every day that most Muslims in America have no intention of obeying the holy Qur’an’s command to “slay the idolaters wherever you find them.” The problem is we don’t know who those Muslims are.

This in the end is not about people, it is about ideology. It’s not about race, because the jihadists were both white, as genuinely “Caucasian” as it is possible to be. It is about Islam and its repeated directives to use violence in the name of Allah against infidel Christians and Jews.

Every Muslim believes the Koran is a holy book whose every word was dictated by Allah himself. This means that every Muslim has been told by his prophet and his god that he has a sacred duty to advance Islam at the point of the sword.

America’s greatest national security threat right now is that more and more Muslims might start taking those commands seriously. Two Muslims in Boston did, and three Americans are dead, 25 are missing arms and legs, and 176 are injured. It’s time to stop the lethal political correctness that blinds us to the true nature of Islam and to begin basing immigration policy on national security and sober truth.

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  • Konnie Summers

    Good report! Excellent!

  • This is how they keep getting new jihadist . They make them so they dont have to kill themselvies They ARE ALL COWARDS . COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS… They rise thier kids to do what they are to Coward to do themselvies . Thats why they HIDE thier faces they are COWARDS.PERIOD

    • yeah, like the white christian americans are any less cowardly for being willing to trade their rights for a false sense of safety. If you want to talk about chikenshit behaviour, look at the US. We are some of the most fear driven, spineless cowards I have ever met. Muslim children I met in afghanistan have more courage than you do. I assure you, if you had to brave a minefield and a crossfire just to get water every morning…you would soon die of thirst.

  • bobfox321

    Islam is 100% incompatible with the U.S. Constitution.

    All mosques and Imams must be investigated by the House Committee on UN-American Activities.

    • RedMeatState

      it’s wholly incompatible with western civilization, period!!

  • ahhh, fatuous racism and cowardice in prose. I love this country.

  • Bill1966

    For those that have never been to a middle east country, Islam is a VERY hate oriented religion. If it was so open and loving then why do they still not allow women to enter the mosque for prayers? For one who has seen, we need to ban together and say enough is enough. This country was founded by GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS! Our money does not say in Allah we trust now does it? We swear an oath on a HOLY BIBLE, not the Koran. The dumocratic party needs to be removed, and all this political correctness needs to go. We find these truths to be self evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! Why then do people of none caucasian skin color get preferential treatment still? I also want to know why foreigners are able to draw on Social Security that they have never payed into?

    • funny, I spent a lot of time in Muslim countries, (Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgystan, Indonesia, and Morocco. I never really saw this hate orientation you speak of. Mainly what I encountered was people who wanted to be left alone to raise their children and their goats. As for your thinly veiled assertations of biblical superiority, just remember that it is YOUR holy book that endorses genital mutilation (which, I might add, is absent in the Koran,) genocide, fratricide, infanticide, scapegoating, misogyny, vicarious salvation, posthumous punishment for minor offenses, thought crimes and torture for those who think differently. Lastly, I would like to point out that less than half of the founders of this nation were Christian. Most were actually deist (unless they are lying in their personal correspondence, which, if that is the case you would be foolish for giving any amount of credibility or respect to.) Did you know that Thomas Jefferson rewrote your bible? did you know that his rewrite removed all the supernatural and implausible (there is no resurrection in the Jeffersonian Bible.) So tell me again how your comment is a) christian (especially considering that Jesus was brown skinned jew,) b) non-racist, and c) not cowardly. Face it Bill, I am calling you out for being afraid of anything that isn’t white and Christian to the point that you will deny objective facts about the foundations of the nation you live in. Bigot.

  • Hey Jan, just thought you should know: charging people on facebook to read their emails does two things: it removes any ability you have to claim any shred of journalistic integrity and it shows you for the corporate (nothing sexist, just a lack of adequate terms for a person who sells their dignity,) whore you are.

  • just a couple questions Jan (as a journalist who knows what the definition of the words ‘ethics’ and ‘objectivity’ are,) how do you sleep at night? Are you so cowardly as to spend sleepless nights worrying about the non-white extremists? Do you realize that, somewhere down the line, you have immigrants in your family tree? Based on your last name, did you realize that your immigrant ancestors were quite possibly as reviled as muslim extremists, both in the country they left and in their new country? Did you know that the constitution of the united states provides not only for a freedom OF religion, but also assures us of a freedom from religion in our governance? Do you realize that, in being a corporate mouthpiece, you are, in fact and by definition, the same type of fascist which my grandfathers fought against in the second world war? Your opinion is so patently against the foundational concepts of this nation (which I learned in my Catholic elementary school,) that I would recommend you find another country to live in. You may not be aware of this, but European nations have state religions that everyone gets taxed to pay for regardless of their own personal religious beliefs. I would heavily recommend that, instead of humiliating the rest of America, you go try Italy or Britain and see how they fit you.

    • Pete, The Journalist: the comma goes outside of the parenthesis. I thought you might like to know so that you can retrain yourself. A rookie mistake like that, repeated over and over, only mars the illusion of your journalistic prowess.

      • Fivos S.

        He wasnt saying HE is a journalist…read it again…
        And is that the best retort you could come up with?? “The comma goes outside the parenthesis” Wow…you really showed him…

  • George Bush

    Consider this. There is a country, infinitely more powerful than yours in terms of economy and military. Consider that this country is doing everything in its power to change your country, to make it like ‘them’. Consider the aggressor bombing your schools and your children and your airports and your communications and your fathers and mothers. Consider them getting involved in your politics to the extent that they pick your leaders, they decide what happens in YOUR country. What would you do? Would you sit back with your pants down your ankles and let them shove rockets up your arse? Would you attack their unbeatable military so that they wipe you off the face of the Earth? Or would you bomb their children, and their mothers and their fathers like they did to yours just to spite them, just to make them feel even for a second how you feel every day. To make them understand even for a few hours the fear of dying, the fear that you have been living for your whole life. I am not saying that I agree or that I understand suicide bombings and the killing of innocents. But I think that if you were to walk a mile in the shoes of those people every American would point their fingers to their own government if they truly wanted the killings to stop. But no. You want American killings to stop and the rest of the world can just suck on it. That is not going to happen I m afraid… Tell your government to stop supporting corrupt leaders just to pass their foreign policies, tell your government to stop getting involved with countries across the other side of the world if its not for mutual benefit and you will see how quickly the killing will stop…

  • Bradley Manning

    The most damaging person to the US military of the 21st century has been without a doubt Private Bradley Manning. An American. A white Christian American. He is locked up behind bars probably for the rest of his life because he thought it was his duty to expose the crimes against humanity that the US army and US foreign policy has carried out. So my question is why are you discussing about loyalty oaths and not allowing Muslims in the US army? Surely the problem is not religion but justifying the Army’s actions to its own people?

  • whisperatnight45


  • Robert Moulds

    To the blogger who made the anti America speech if they were Afgani or Iraqi the statement would make sense. But they are Chechnyans and were attacked by Russian not American armies. They do so because the United States is a more open society than Russia that is why they bombed the Boston marathon. In other words stop blaming the military and naval forces of the United States and realize there are no quick solution to terrorism.