What Makes People Do This?


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What makes people commit horrific acts such as today’s murderous attack on the Boston marathon runners and spectators?

Do you want the straight answer or pop psych, politically correct mumbo-jumbo?

The answer is very simple — evil. Pure and simple. Sick, depraved human beings committing evil acts.

Sure, we try to quickly label the perpetrators — “Well, they were this, that or the other”, so we can escape the reality and somehow divorce ourselves from this association… the common denominator, the real profile. No, we can’t escape it. It’s not about the box they fit in. It is about the evil that consumes them.

They are simply evil human beings. Period.

It is also important to note that this evil is no different from the evil that compels those depraved by political and economic power lust to create false flag events to cause war.

Nor is it different from the evil that steals from others through collectivist income redistribution who have worked hard to produce and survive.

It is the same exact evil that is willing to, seeks to, plans to, deceive others to receive ill gotten gain. To steal — from corporate theft, to the local petty thief.

It is the very same evil that attempts to take away unalienable, natural rights from each human being necessary to pursue liberty and to defend themselves from this very kind of evil.

It is the exact, carbon copy evil that walks into a school and with bloodthirsty coldness murders innocent children.

It is, in fact, the same evil that is willing to deceive to steal, murder, rape, or hurt innocent people.

This same evil is perpetrated by politicians, zealots, criminals — the arrogant, the depraved, the sick.

The form and weapon of evil may be unique. Yet, the heart of the evil perpetrator is exactly the same. It is devoid of good, devoid of God, devoid of humanity.

It is when we recognize this clear fact that life is simplified.

It is when we recognize this fact that we are able to understand when these horrific events occur, it is evil at the core — the absence of God.

I wrote this, below, earlier upon learning of this most recent sad evil event:

“As a former collegiate and AAU runner I am especially saddened by today’s events. The training required to run competitively is tremendous — and to target these runners is the height of evil. My heart and prayers go out to the families of those lost and to those injured in today’s evil attack on innocent lives. This is the worst of mankind’s evil attacking the best of mankind’s good. God will prevail in this battle between evil and good. He will prevail. All of our love that goes out to all impacted by this evil is infinitely much greater than the evil itself. Love and good will always prevail.”

Let’s remember those lost and those suffering today by sending our prayers and love to those impacted and by praying for our nation and people that we will return to good and away from evil.

In sadness, D.M. Chaney – April 15th, 2013

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  • David15

    Revenge/retribution, greed, or passion.

  • edc

    The laws of nature work in the spiritual world also: it is easier to go downhill than to climb to a higher position. Nature, left to itself, will become worse than it was to start with. That is why we are told to “fight the good fight of faith”. The Holy Spirit of God is the only one that can “improve us” to where we NEED to be.

  • Think about this, Mass. Has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S.

    Those restrictive gun laws did not prevent those bombs going off yesterday in Boston.

    And only sick evil people could have the kind of cruelty to do what was done yesterday in Boston.

  • Pray for those who are hurting, and point your friends and family to the true Comforter of souls. If you’ve got time for more of His comfort tonight, check out Psalm 27 or read through the first 3 and last 3 chapters of Job.

    I will fear no evil….

    for you are with me,

  • Guy Stephenson

    Well said…you are right on the mark here Jan!

    A few days ago I wrote the following message below describing where we are today as a nation and why, and where we are headed. It may have seemed a bit negative or doomsdayish, but it is the reality as I see it. Today, Foxnews posted the attached article confirming much of what I said. Read the article and prepare yourselves for a fight… against tyranny, persecution, and for your own survival. Darker days are coming. To those of you who were so thoughtful and compassionate that you voted for Obama’s Hope and Change rhetoric, this is going to be a painful lesson in standing on Principle
    rather than Politics, Party, Politician or Political Correctness.
    April 10th~
    There’s not a big enough shovel to manage the dirt that would come to light if we knew all about Obama. Nor is there enough soap to wash away the stench that he has left on our Society. He is evil. He is corrupt. He is a servant of sin. And he is exactly what America has come to deserve after decades immorality, indecency, dishonor, massacring the innocent unborn children by the millions, pushing God out of our schools, our government, our businesses and our homes, teaching false principles and mocking those that stand for all that is good, decent,
    honorable, righteous and true!

    We get what we deserve as a nation for turning away from truth and goodness. When we push God out of our lives, out of our nation, a vacuum is left just waiting to draw in
    the evil and corruption and lies we are now reaping. In pushing God out of our lives we have unwittingly invited Satan in with open arms.

    Today we stand on the very edge of the precipice of self-destruction as a nation… and we’re too busy talking about what Michelle Obama wore to the Academy Awards, or that Barack was out on the golf course again. We’ve lost our way and are looking for someone to blame. Pres. Obama is the perfect scapegoat, but he’s just a puppet, and the product of our own corrupt society.

    I am convinced we have gone too far to turn away the tsunamis and earthquakes and hurricanes of national destruction rushing towards us. We are past the point of no return to fix our nation, put our government back on course, restore our liberties and enjoy the American Dream before they wipe us all out. Only wholesale repentance as a nation or civil war is going to correct our course. All we can do now is prepare ourselves for the nasty ride to come. Get working on building up a significant supply of food, water and other necessities to get you through the coming tribulation. All hell is about to break loose.

    Think I’m crazy? A doomsday lunatic? We thought the bubble of prosperity and growth couldn’t possibly burst in 1999…. and it did. We thought it couldn’t burst again in 2005 and it did. We couldn’t conceive that our government would become controlled by Communists and it has. We were in disbelief when Muslim Terrorists were installed into the highest levels of the Federal Government. We were in denial that a man with an unknown background with ties to Communists and Muslim Terrorists who was not legally eligible to become President did…twice!!! We scoffed at the idea anyone could ban and
    confiscate our guns, but they are. We can’t imagine that our nation is about to implode, our dollar collapse, inflation to skyrocket, farming and manufacturing and shipping grinding to a halt, chaos and anarchy and mob warfare in every town, city, county and state, and the very elements of earth and heaven in commotion and destruction… but they will indeed happen. I know they will happen. We have fallen too far to stop the freefall to our own demise.

    Don’t blame Obama… blame yourselves, and I include myself in this, for the mess we’re in. We’re about to reap the whirlwind my friends. Prepare the best you can now! Read this startling information from Foxnews…. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/04/15/ninety-days-destruction-from-obama-white-house/

    • Iconoclast2

      Guy: You are on the money!!! I would like to be your Facebook Friend, but several Guy Stephensons come up when I search for you. Which one is you? If you would like me as your Facebook Friend, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  • I think that Friedrich Nietzsche said it best that when fighting evil do not look to long into the mirror for the mirror looks back

  • jong is right about the evil part, guns don’t kill, evil people kill, bombs don’t set themselves off, evil people do, satan has his children and they are just as evil as he is. allah is satan, no more needs to be said.

    • Robert McDonald

      Sleep with your weapon my friend. BTW, my surgery was approved today so I’ll be having the left shoulder scoped Tuesday morning. Remember me in your prayers Marine. God Bless and Semper Fi.

  • Whackajig

    It was not the runners who were targeted, it was the spectators.

  • doug43

    According to Obama and his head right hand man in Washington…it was a person that feels he had to pay to much in TAXES!! Or has paid to much in Taxes….this person is actually running our great nation? If anything, this person or persons have seen how Obama has run this nation and see Americans as weak, we did nothing after Bengahzi but talk about what happened and not so much who did it and what are we going to do about it?? Weak! Blame our own people not the terrorist that actually killed 4 Americans…you kill any of our people we will take out your whole town or city! Then the people will stop those they know are doing this…and I’m sure many know exactly who is doing what!

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    People wake up … it was another government job!!! Just like all of them!

  • EnemyoftheState

    Sin, because the heart of man is utterly wicked.

  • Grtgrandpa

    WAR. War is what makes people do this. Whoever did this is a hero is his followers minds. Our country is at war from WITHIN (our own government/Obama), and from the outside too. I say bomb Mecca and Medina. WE ARE AT WAR!

  • Duane Hardy

    Attacks like this have no value except to label the people doing these crimes and the “Bad Guys”…A marathon has no political or military value so they are pointless acts of terror..

  • Robert S Moulds

    Those boys knew what they where doing, did they care that despite alienation they were at least safer and more comfortable than in post war Chechnya. They have shamed their family and the Chechnyan people. Their father’s idle threats are meaningless if he was so gung ho then he would have stayed behind and faced Russian tanks in Grozny. Sadly Dzhokar won’t go to camp x ray because he is a naturalized American and they don’t let in new prisoners.