Straining on Gnats While Swallowing Camels

Jan Morgan

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It seems an article on my website written by Lori Wallach Boxer, has generated a bit of rage among Native Americans…. some of them angry with me for publishing it.
Here is a link to the article: Reservations, Plantations, Bailouts, Handouts

The angry folks, unfortunately, resorted to pulling the RACE CARD, calling her a racist for picking on the Natives. This growing rage reminds me of the Biblical phrase “straining on gnats while swallowing camels” It seems some Native Americans are straining on gnats (becoming enraged over parts of one authors article) while swallowing camels (not facing the huge poverty and government dependency/slavery within their own culture) which the article points out, is destroying their lives.

Here is my response to Native Americans who are angry about this:

First, I am Cherokee Indian…..but… more importantly, I AM AN AMERICAN!
I am proud of my heritage, but ashamed of what many of my people have become.
I was raised to be proud and independent….not a victim and dependent…

Though I am entitled to government handouts because of my bloodline, I WOULD NEVER, EVER, TAKE a dime from my government from any program that is based on race.

I believe RACISIM revolves around any program that divides, takes from or gives to a group of people based on their race.

Lori Boxer uses strong language and some phrases I would not chose to use in her article, but, the basis of her article, the meat of what she has to say, I agree with completely. I am against any government programs that assist any group of people based on race. Period.

I want the Indian people to be strong, proud, and independent,… rather than victims….I do not believe any group of people deserve to be coddled generation after generation, after generation for the sins of the past. Continuous dependency like this destroys the pride and independence of people… American Indians have the highest poverty rate and lowest life expectancy rate of any group of people in the country.. What does that say about our race? Who is responsible for that? NATIVE AMERICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Every human adult is a living testimony of his or her choices in life.. If you want to blame someone for your state in life, you should look no further than your self. I expect NO ONE to hand me the American Dream on a silver platter. If I want it, I will work for it and achieve it.

John Stossel did an exceptional job in this report, showing what government dependency by Indians has done to my people…
It is embarrassing and sad to me.

I am also sick and tired of groups of people who jump on the “racism’ bandwagon…. quick to call people “racists” rather than address the real issues being brought up.

I think, rather than ranting “racist” at authors who point out issues within our culture, we should take a close hard look at what our culture has become and ask ourselves honestly, is there truth in some of their statements? Have we become slaves to the government, professional victims for generations?

Lori’s article is an opinion piece, her opinion/analysis of an article on Breitbart.com. She has a 1st Amendment right to verbalize her opinion, and this website is anything BUT POLITICALLY CORRECT.

By the way… here is Lori’s response (in her own words) to the anger her article has generated:

LORI BOXER: I don’t have a racist or bigoted bone in my body. #2, I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks. I speak the truth … and as Jack Nicholson once famously said, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.” And the truth is, just like many other ethnic groups, I’m not going backwards to address what we (the US) did or did not to TO the American Indian, just like I’m not going back to the days of slavery. NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE AMERICAN LIVING TODAY was alive and involved in those episodes of our history. And I’m sick and tired of listening that bull about what ‘we,’ the American taxpayer OWES anyone.

The Indians were given a golden goose with every casino they opened and it is THEY who screwed it up, AND shafted their own people. Just as all the Arab states (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on and on, in addition to the United States, has given BILLIONS—BILLIONS–of dollars to the Palestinians and they STILL live in shit holes and blame everything on the Jews.

Of the tens of millions–more even–that the Indians have made: Where are the good schools, both scholastic and trade? Where are the businesses that the leaders could have helped young entrepreneurs begin? Where is the assimilation into the more contemporary American way of life? Sorry, my friend … I don’t take back one word of what I wrote. It is ALL the truth.”

Watch Stossels report and you tell me…… How are Native Americans in general doing with all the government hand outs and control…

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  • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

    I’m not a label, a thing, a race, or anything other than a human being. Skin
    “color” and “race” are visible exteriors – not by any means descriptive of the
    interior – unless “race” and “color” are what an individual chooses as the
    all-encompassing description of themselves. Let it go – we have less time than
    we did yesterday to figure this out. You know, the truth is when we get to
    Heaven there will be no color or code language. We shall all be the same and we
    will all be happy about it.. Have pride in your ancestry, but don’t use it as a
    crutch for your present and future. This is a free country and, as such, you are
    free to educate yourself..

    • Blueburb- I agree….. and am even frustrated that many job applications today ask you for “race” info…
      You should not be hired for a job based on your race.

      There was a time for affirmative action… that time is past.

      • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

        I have been married to a black man for close to 46 years, met in HS and married in 67. Had three wonderful children. Never asked anybody for anything, always were conservatives. Now in our early 60’s we were able to take early retirement, because we saved and invested. We taught our children if they were ever asked to put their race on anything or were asked, just say proudly that you are human. Now, If we as a racially mixed couple can become wealthy, have a wonderful family and a healthy outlook on life, anybody can do it. Bless you and yours.

  • northerner

    Wow, for years I’ve believed that the Native Americans got a horrendously raw deal from our ancestors who broke every promise they made. But this underscores the belief that I was raised on that if you want something, don’t depend on someone else to get it for you. Work for it. Sacrifice for it. It will come. John Stossel brought the truth to light of the disaster of welfare and “guvmint” help. Each American, native or transplant, is responsible for his or her success or failure. Yes, stuff happens. That’s reality. But sooner or later, you have to find your own “boot straps” and yank them hard upward.

    • northerner

      To clarify, yes, our ancestors committed horrible atrocities against Native Americans. That is the ugly part of our American History. It’s unbelievable how little the words of our ancestors meant, how worthless our promises were. But we and our Native American brothers and sisters have to move beyond that. According to Stossel’s report, at least one group has, and has done remarkably well. More power to them. May they be an example to other Native Americans. And all of US.

      • There are many movements to better the lives of all our People. We are not defeated as a People and unlike Jan Morgan, we stand behind our own, We do not judge, we do not put ourselves above, below, in front or nor behind any of our people. No one is superior from another. It appears Jan Morgan has forgotten this very important teaching of our ways. There is disgust in her words, and that is not our way either. She does not walk in a good way, she ha obviously forgotten how to do so.

        • I have forgotten nothing. It seems you are the one who has forgotten the brave, independent spirit of the Native American. You do your people a disservice when you are not honest with them about their current state in life. Bill Cosby did the same thing with black people that I have done with Indians. Sometimes the truth hurts and I have never been one to run from truth. I speak it, face it, and deal with it if it involves me.
          My walk is just fine, thank you. I stand strong, independent, and free…
          You my friend, are the one who has forgotten the true spirit of the Native American.

      • John Douglas

        Some – not all “ancestors”. Just like some members of every group are the ones that make a bad name for their respective group. And, it’s not because of the color of our ancestors, but rather because of the culture of the time, and for any time – for all time. In fact, the Natives weren’t free from this problem even before the “ancestors”, as there were battles and conflicts between many tribes – which is why there isn’t one tribal name for all American Natives. If they got along and were all in peace, they would have had one name to represent them all. But like the rest of humanity throughout all time, people divide on differences, and many times those divisions collide on disagreement. That’s not exclusive to our “ancestors” if to imply a single color – which again is not a single “race” – every color has many differing groups. Even our ancestors had their own different ancestors, of different ancestors, etc, etc, etc.

    • @ northerner ~ Please do your own research… there is so much that is NOT being told about this issue! On Jan Morgan’s Media site, I asked if she condoned this racist, demeaning, etc, article. She (obviously) was not happy that I questioned her. Her attempts at a scathing reply is below and aimed straight for me. I spoke of truths in my reply to her and now see that she has removed my comment…… If she were acting in a good way, she would not have done that. But, she did, so what does that tell you?
      A truth neither she or the author of this article mentioned is the face that issues on the Reservations are countless and deal with everything from women being raped and beaten, to kidnapped women and children, not to be forgotten are the contaminated water and food supplies. What you have to truly understand is what I said before, this goes much deeper and far beyond both the article and the video. The People have lived through horrors, They have watched both hope and dream die, children die, etc. They have been so very oppressed at each turn, that they no longer know which way TO turn. People like Jan Morgan and the author of this totally negative and limited information are not being totally honest with their viewers. Jan Morgan herself is (supposed to be) of Native Blood so she should know better than to do this. She should know that when we tell a story, a history, it’s our responsibility to tell ALL TRUTH’S, if we do not do this, we turn it into less than the actual truth and that is not acceptable…. Writers should be held responsible for what they write and she, nor the other author, are apparently, not. Am I mad? You bet I am! I was an avid reader until this article turned the tables around. I no longer have respect for a Native American who has no heart for her people. And in my opinion, she has no heart, nor compassion. She is without the deeper understanding she needs. < Again, my opinion.
      Please do your own research and not reply on resources provided by Morgans authors or other sources she may suggest. Go further back into our history for a better understanding why many of us are outraged over this article.

      • As I said…. I have studied the history of Native Americans thoroughly. I am Cherokee… There is not one statement in my article that is not true. I stand behind it 100 percent.
        You say many are outraged over the article, however, I have received thousands of responses on my three facebook pages from Indians across the country who agree with me 100 percent and said so publicly on all three of my pages.. I challenge you to go to my facebook pages and see for yourself.
        Sometimes the truth hurts…
        You are hurting your people more by not helping them face the truth and deal with it.

  • Very well written. Too long people have used the race card to claim what is owed them while they are the ones that have placed themselves in the postions they find themselves in. Like you said any program based off of race is wrong.

  • No such thing as a Native American, American Indian yes but, was from Turkey to begin with from the ark of Noah, so not something that sprung up here.

  • Ted Crawford

    ” To Tax the Community for the advantage of a class is not protection, it’s Plunder” Benjamin Disraeli

  • SFS444

    They are allowed to submit for disability through the Social Security Office and get without ever having paid into it. I am tired of every race wanting a distinct allowance or recognition. This is mostly pushed by demosocialists and their minion groups like the muslim brotherhood, black panthers, national socialist movement, la raza and the warrior society. You are either American or not. Native Americans lost their land like every one else lost or won their land in the days by gone. They’ve actually had it the best out of every conquered people. But they want more and they don’t want to pay taxes, they feel entitled. What are they? In a zoo? Reservations? Are ##@@!!! Kidding? Heck no, you have casinos, pay tax or work your land like everyone else. No more freeloading off the Fed Gov that in turn takes it from me or others who really can’t help themselves.

  • Mark

    I too am part Cherokee, but I am unable to prove that point due to lack of records. If I would have been able to prove it, I may have taken advantage of government money for gaining my higher education. That said, I am not sure that it would have been the right thing to do.

  • jenniewalsh

    If anyone out there believes in reincarnation, you might be open to the concept that many persecutors in past lives are now the persecuted in present lives. What goes around, comes around…the Law of the Harvest…the as you sow, you reap law.

  • jenniewalsh

    I thank God for John Stossel and his education of the American people to know the difference between right and wrong, truth from lies, wisdom from foolishness, good from evil.

  • jenniewalsh

    Dependence is slavery. Independence is freedom.

  • John Smithson

    Thanks Jan: 1st my family is from England, thru my grandmothers geneology a requirement to become a DAR member & me a Son of the American Revolution. My family were surfs ( slaves ) for the king. My family is traced back to 1550 England. Then a revolt my family involved many of us got their heads cut of. We came to America for freedom, Religious freedom. My mothers brother my uncle married a native American, 2 kids, 4 grandkids, my cousins. I have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, youngest daughter married to black man, one kid,one on the way. Oldest daughter married polynesian, 3 kids. Oldest son, 4 kids, middledaughter i kid one on the way, youngest son not married. Whats all this race crap. I love all my kids & grandkids equally, I love my native american aunt & cousins. Elusive wolf grow up & man up, your the one thats wrong & all of us do understand, its you that has BS excuses. Im about to become a grandfather for the 11th time, None of my kids or grandkids are racist, none of my family or friends are racist & I have friends from coast to coast from Alaska to Mexico, Ive lived many places- no racism until people like you wolf play the race card, so stop your lies & stop crying. Love you Jan, God Bless

  • ThomNJ

    I would be ashamed to call myself a native American and begging from the government. I won’t do it as a Caucasian either. I won’t do it. Period.

  • Str8up

    Jan, as a fellow minority, I just want to say that I just gained even more respect for you for your stance on not taking any government handouts based on race. I also take the same stance. I truly believe that if you want to breed success, you need to force people to work, and try harder than the next person. There have been many examples of immigrants coming to America for the opportunity that it affords, and many success stories to boot. God bless you abundantly!

  • Phaenius

    Many of us are
    Mixicans, Native American/European mixes, which, ironically puts us in the same
    mestizo category as the Hispanics…which in a way gives them no blood line
    advantage over any of us “gringos,” and ought to be a source of a
    shared heritage, though under different cultures. Like the “pretty
    people” which used to be the name of the Indian/European mixed people such
    as the Mexicans, we mixed have been prettier, smarter, stronger, and healthier
    than either side due to something called hybrid vigor, the pure of each side
    held us “half-breeds” which tend to be different, is suspicion, such as in “cunning”, in order to explain our increased native intelligence
    due to the hybrid vigor. We never had the real favor of either the Indian or
    the white/colored pure bred peoples. AS a melting Pot product, we Mixicans
    participated in the current advance of the United States, because while we did
    not have the favor of, we benefitted from the intellectual heritages of both
    our parentages, unless beat down by rascal governments (you know the Mexicans
    had a near mirror image constitution to that of the United States, till
    corrupted by Santa Anna and his Napoleon image ambitions and like ilk). Of course there are exceptions to what I have
    said due to the vastness of our experience in these several hundred years of
    existence, and we HAVE learned from pure bred English such as John Locke and
    his Second Treatise of Government, and all of the religious types who were kind
    to our native sides, such as the Baptist founders of the Baptist colony of
    Rhode Island (when the Baptists all went to Texas, Rhode Island went to
    hel….uh…the Catholics and the liberals).

  • Poppo

    Although independence can be a hard pill to swallow when so much is being offered ‘free’ to those will bend their will and be taken care of, those who chose independence and persevere will usually overcome. They forsake the golden goose and learn how to survive and prosper. Those who bend their will and accept the handout are systematically broken by the very system that is supposed to lift them up until they have nothing left but dependence. They are the losers. I applaud those who stand on their own and fight back!

  • Carl in SC

    Good article by Jan. I was born in Pembroke, NC in 1942 and was so glad to see the Lumbee people doing so well without government welfare. My great-uncle M.C. Lunsford ministered in Pembroke in the early 1900’s. While my dad said an ancestor had married a Indian woman in the 1700’s we have no record of it, but I would be proud to know we had a link to the Lumbee or Cherokee tribe. If the Lumbees can do so well on their own I say the government should leave them alone. They are much better off than the Souix and other tribes that seem totally dependent on government aid. BTW, why are they still on reservations since I thought they were free to go where they wanted to live. Come to SC to live near me and farm the land and raise cattle and poultry to be self-sufficient.

  • netandyawho

    The Washington crowd has kicked the American Indians around like dogs. When the Indians bit their hind ends, they captured them by “giving” them reservations. They enslaved them with welfare. Once they saw what they had accomplished with the Indians, they turned to the people in the ghetto reservations of the big cities. The Washington Communist Bureaucrats enslaved the ghetto minorities under Lyndon Baines Johnson’s leadership. Now the Communist Bureaucrats under Barack Hussein Obama are enslaving as many persons as possible in poverty so that they may gain complete control over the American people.