Armstrong Williams on White House Gun Control Response and Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral


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Imagine a nation where the people have come to feel so victimized by gun violence that they give up trying to stop criminals. Imagine the President of the United States hauling in victims of gun violence on Air force One, using them as props for his misguided agenda. The already devastated family members from New town and across the country are the most easily identifiable emotional symbol of this administration, to pass gun legislation that will have no impact on the violence in the short or long run. To these frightened souls, it feels good to yell ad hominem attacks at Members of Congress after yesterday’s vote . It feels good to vent their fears. Mainstream media, both TV and print, tell sad and compelling stories about how innocents are gunned down across our nation, to convince we the people that the solution is more gun control legislation.

Other people empathize with their stories. They too have seen the destruction that these weapons can wreak, and they’re fed up with the gun problem. The media manipulate them into blaming gun manufacturers and the NRA for funneling handguns into poor, urban and Suburban areas where they often end up in the hands of criminals. According to the liberal school of thought, negligent marketing by gun manufacturers is turning minority and now suburban communities into “war zones.”

These people feel as if they’re empowering themselves. In reality, they are merely embracing a sort of all-encompassing narrative that places the onus of responsibility for gun violence solely on gun manufacturers — as opposed to the criminals who are actually pulling the triggers.
That is not to say gun violence is not a serious problem. Plainly it is. But a bigger problem lies in an implicit message that the NRA, Republicans and gun manufacturers are responsible for gun violence, a message that we are all victims.

We should congratulate and commend the US Senator’s last night, who had the courage to defy the President and political correctness to make a principle and courageous vote.

On the Absence of America’s Leadership at Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

It is absolutely disgraceful that the United States government was not represented by a high level official at Margaret Thatcher funeral. Especially when you consider the high level delegation that represented our Country at Hugo Chavez funeral last month. Mrs. Thatcher whom I was fortunate to spend an entire evening with in dialogue many years ago, loved this nation and was a strong proponent of ending apartheid in South Africa. No matter how the media portrayed her position as Prime Minister, I know first hand her respect and honor for South Africans during their quest for liberation.

Mrs. Thatcher was America’s strongest supporter during the late and critical phases of the cold war. Regardless of her ideology on economic and social issues, America and the Western world owes Lady Thatcher for standing up with former President Reagan against “evil empire” of the Soviet Union. It is a slap in the face of Great Britain and Lady Thatcher’s legacy that America was not represented by a high level official at her funeral.

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  • My sister was getting out of her car in a grocery store parking lot. Just then some guy shoved a gun in her face and said “I am a drug addict and I want all your money”. He then shoved the gun into her side. At that time she did not own a gun and was very lucky he didn’t shoot her on accident. She now has a permit to carry a loaded weapon.

  • This just goes to show everyone what our Goverment has come to.. Or should I say the People in it..

    • Our government is being run by a bunch of mind knumbed, socialist thinking liberals, and the biggest one is sitting in the whitehouse, while his administrative personnel, along with a complicit, equally mind knumbed, socialist thinking congress covers his every move…

  • sha49tn

    It’s no surprise that we had no high ranking official at her funeral. This president has done everything he can to alienate our allies, & praise & reward our enemies. When the trouble finally hits this country, & it WILL hit, those of us who are still patriotic will be the only thing that might be able to stop the utter destruction. And, liberals are so dumb, they don’t realize that Obama detests them just as much as he does the rest of us.

    • carlcasino

      And his lap dogs in the media will be the first to feel the boot on thier necks, Then crissy mathews will have reason to feel a tingle down his leg, its a natural reaction to losing your life by strangulation.

  • Crescent City Tom

    Obama is going to hunt down and punish the Boston bombers with the same zeal as he did the murderers at Benghazi. He made the same promises in the same speech.

    • carlcasino

      I am getting tired of hitting the mute button when the mutt comes on. Will some brilliant youngster develope an automatic mute for my TV ? Become the next Bill Gates and you can be a libtard if it suits you as long as it shuts off the BS.

    • Alex M

      “Obama is going to hunt down and punish the Boston bombers”

      What is your view on the capture and arrest of the surviving bomber suspect?

  • Shutter

    The fact that the media and liberals are all declaring foul on the Senate gun vote is no surprise. The lack of US representation at Mrs. Thatcher’s funeral is is disgraceful, rude, shameful, and insulting. It also shows the elitist mindset of the Liar in Chief and his administration. For the Liar in Chief to give as much attention to a murderous thug and socialist like Hugo Chavez and then to totally diss Mrs. Thatcher just raises my disgust for this sorry excuse of a president and all his disgusting pawns.

  • More and more obama is showing his socialist/communistic and islamic agenda and snubbing Lady Thatchers funeral is a sure kick in the teeth of the British. I wonder how ole piers morgan will react to that, probably doesn’t give a hoot anyhow, it might interfere with his anti-gun rants. This obama is by FAR THE MOST TERRIBLE AND IDIOTIC AND STUPID PERSON EVER TO INFEST our White House. Why is he still there? Why aren’t there articles of Impeachment against this idiot? Why hasn’t he been arrested for his oath of office violations, his treasonous actions by sending money and weapons to our enemies or should I say frenemies? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    • carlcasino

      Because America is in line to become the next banana republic.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Just today talked with a friend of mine in Illinois, he has not seen a police car on his street where he lives in over ten full years; and now, with financial problems the city told him and other members of his community police services and response are going to be curtailed. Now with that news crimes has been coming into his immediate community.

  • RonS

    What does one expect from this very classless administration—,actually nothing– we can expect nothing and that’s exactly what we have ended up with.What a pile of garbage.

  • RonS

    What a great piece by Mr.Williams

  • John A

    Barack Obama and his cronies are nothing more than lying thugs who will stop at nothing to ram their agenda through congress. Thankfully, Obama and all the others in his minions took it on the chin when the U.S. Senate voted down gun control legislation. Obama expended a lot of political capital trying to get this legislation passed. It’s no wonder why he was so angry about his failure to ram gun control down our throats.

    In regards to Margaret Thatcher, it does not surprise me that he failed to send a representative to attend her funeral. Instead, he would rather send a U.S. delegation to attend the funeral of Hugo Chavez; a tin horn dictator that hated the U.S.

    Let’s face it folks, Obama is an arrogant piece of excrement who is totally in over his head being president of this nation. He is bringing the country down into a state of mediocrity. He denounces exceptionalism of this nation and feels we are no better than some third world dictatorship. He apologizes for this nation’s arrogance. Yet we are the first to come to the aid of those nations who need help. We provide tremendous financial and military help to others all over the world. Does that sound like arrogance? NO!!

    Then to top things off in Boston today, he decides to show up to give a speech at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Just when the city is beginning to get to its feet after a horrific bombing, he places more strain on the Boston Police Department by having to provide security for this arrogant jerk so he can do his political thing. If he’d been sensitive, he would have held off and let things settle down before making his grandstand appearance. He did the very same thing at New Town, CT after the school shooting massacre; he politicized the victims for his own agenda.

    Everything this man does has a political agenda behind it to make himself look good, kind and sensitive; things that none of us seem to buy into these days.

    • George

      John, I was about to write a long note on this. However, you beat me to the punch. You even said id better than I would have. Thanks

  • Robert S Moulds

    Shame on Barack Obama for not going or sending a representative to Margaret Thatcher funeral that is no to treat a lady nor a faithful ally. Barack should stop blaming the NRA which are only a lobby group formed in 1871 and blame himself. Barack could have better enforced the existing 20000 gun laws instead of creating new ones. Eric Holder should not have done operation fast and furious worsen Mexico’s drug war. The liberal media should have researched English common law 1690 and it’s role in both English gun control and the second amendment. How the second amendment and 1903 national guard act evolved to gun control today. Instead they interviewed movie and TV being rude to congress men who had differing opinions. They were pompous when they would have had success if they were low keyed.

    • Alex M

      “Shame on Barack Obama for not going or sending a representative to Margaret Thatcher funeral”

      He did send representatives, both the then US Secretaries of State during the time of Margaret Thatcher’s term of office as British Prime Minister.

  • liliq

    The current government of the United States is equally disgraceful

  • In Commie America we didn’t send anyone to the funeral of a great women, this president and his cabinet are a bunch of Nazi idiots. All need to catch a slow raft to hell.

  • George

    Great article Mr. Williams

  • Joe Lettieri

    Im sick and tired of having my nose rubbed in it by that cockroach of a president!This excuse constantly insults our allies while he kisses every socialist,muslim enemys a$$.He doesnt speak for me,or most of America.He, his czars and his traitorous appointments should leave,and take their corrupt ideas with them.

  • Joe Lettieri

    M thatcher has so much more class than that rabid excuse for a first lady in the whitehouse.This whole administration is like a very bad nightmare.

  • I would say that the delegation at the Chavez funeral and the willful ignoring of the Thatcher funeral speaks volumes to the political ideology admired by this administration.Too bad most Regressives have their fingers in their ears and the alphabet networks have their heads up Obama’s a**.

  • Obama will go down in history as the worst president in American history! As most Americans continue looking for jobs and ways for our government to fix the economy, our POTUS continues ignoring these important issues so he can concentrate on his agenda. like sending money and tanks and jets to Americas enemies while using millions of tax payers money to disarm America while sending guns to mexican drug cartels. The last count I seen of Obamas treasonist acts was back in Janruary which was at 42 then. Somehow he has brainwashed tons of people into reelecting him into office again and he’s been able to keep them on his side with all the free stuff he’s been sending out. While running in 08′ he said his administration would be the most open administration ever but it’s been exactly the oppisite! There’s so many things he’s hidden and chose to remain silent about that it’s hard to not believe in a conspiracy about him and his position. Last week his supposed wife said on national T V that it’s hard being a single mother. She quickly caught her slip up and tryed to come up with a snappy come back but the thing that bothers me is with him and her, stuff like this happens all the time. There’s tons of evidence that’s he’s a practicing muslim and if it ever comes out that he truly is then “Mrs. Obama’s” statement about being a single parent would make perfect sense! Does anyone else know of a muslim that would allow their wife to dress and speak out like she does? I don’t! Even the most peaceful muslim men I’ve seen still requires their wife to be totally covered and silent in public. There’s just too many cirumstances and antics from the POTUS and the first lady to not believe, at least in some small way, that there is a conspiracy surrounding Obama’s presidency! Americas government has failed at many, many things and at times seemed to be totally ignorant to the fact that we live in a republic democracy, but through all this, the American people have still remained positive about our country. Now, with Obama in office, and all the problems that our country is facing, and the American people watching the POTUS on national T V pitch a temper tantrum because the vote surrounding back ground checks and high capacity magazines didn’t goes his way and saying that for him it’s just round 1 which makes people feel that he’s about to try to get ignore our constitutional rights, I fully understand what most of Americans I’ve talked to or seen in their writings when they say, I love my country, I hate my government. The thing that bothers me most is all the factual evidence about guns and gun control being ignored just to advance his agenda! As with most Americans, I to am scared for my family and countrymen because of what his agenda may hold for the population! Everything the POTUS has done has appeared to be geared towards destroying America as we know it. The best thing we can do as Americans is continue writing our senators and congressmen telling them our concerns and hope they will have enough back bone to stand up to this corrupt administration. If they fail then it falls to “We The People” and for all our sakes lets hope it never comes to that! America, stick together and pray that god will see us through our time of disspare, God bless you all and God bless America again!!! MOLON LABE

    • Larry

      Unfortunately he won’t go down as the worse in history in the eyes of the 90% on his side of the aisle. I take it he was talking about 90% of his voters that he claims as America when said they supported the the universal background checks, because only a fool would believe almost the whole country supported that crock. For someone to call others a Liar he should think twice before doing it himself. Oh he could have got some new gun legislation through if he knew how to work with others, unfortunately he has no leadership skills and can only use and blame others.

  • Cyranodd

    Mr Williams ; Well said, Sir!

    There are so many very good points made in all the other posts in here….

    Is there no one who can put an end to this terrible nightmare? Anyone,…..anyone?

  • We get what we vote for. The electorate in this country is illiterate, dumbed down, and ignorant.

    • BigUgly666

      No, we get what the “say” we voted for.
      There is way too much proof of abject voter fraud.
      And, no proof that Obama even exists – even though there is lots of proof that Barry Soetoro does.

      • Alex M

        Perhaps you could share this proof.

        • BigUgly666

          Did you sleep though the “vote”?
          It was widely publicized, even in the liberal rags, that there were precincts that had 100% of the vote for Obama – that there were many precincts that had as much as 140% of the “registered voters” voting – that the areas carried by Obama were the ones that required no identification to vote. Obama lost the majority of areas where voter ID was required.

          • Alex M

            “Did you sleep though the “vote”?”

            The question of over-voting fraud requires evidence, which has not been presented.

            However, in this instance, I was referring to the “proofs” concerning the identity of President Obama.

        • BigUgly666

          Or, perhaps you meant about the existence (or not) of Obama.
          1) His fraudulent BC, proven fraudulent by not less than two dozen “experts in their field”.
          2) Gov. Abercrombie – no wants to show the “physical” BC from Hawaii – because he can’t.
          3) Obama admits to being adopted – or don’t you understand the meaning of adoption?

          • Alex M

            “His fraudulent BC, proven fraudulent by not less than two dozen “experts in their field”.”

            Name the experts, and their findings.

            “Obama admits to being adopted – or don’t you understand the meaning of adoption?”

            He was adopted indeed, you are perfectly correct. In 2008, as a ceremonial gesture by a couple from the Crow Nation during his visit to the reservation at that time.

        • BigUgly666

          I really don’t know why I bother – you’ll just say that it’s all lies anyway, especially since you’ve likely never bothered to do any real research for yourself.

          • Alex M

            “I really don’t know why I bother”

            So far, you haven’t actually bothered anything. I’m inquisitive about claimed proofs, to see how they stand up to testing. So far, nothing has been offered but innuendo and unsupported allegations that go round in circles.

            “especially since you’ve likely never bothered to do any real research for yourself”

            That would be a very mistaken assumption.

          • BigUgly666

            His adoption at the age of 6 by Lolo Soetoro – Indonesian citizen.

            Thank you for proving that you’ve never bothered to do any research concerning the fraudulent “birth certificate”, otherwise, you’d have some knowledge concerning the investigations done at the request of Sheriff Arpaio.

            Again – why should I bother.
            You will simply continue to ignore facts.
            Best of luck.

          • Alex M

            “Thank you for proving that you’ve never bothered to do any research concerning the fraudulent “birth certificate””

            Thank you for the courtesy but I fear your thanks are premature and not yet merited.

            I’m aware of the Indonesia adoption hoax, and the stories about the “fraudulent birth certificate”, but none of these hoaxes and pieces of misinformation has ever been substantiated. There are only two adoption stories that have any evidence whatsoever, and that’s the story that Barack Obama’s father had considered putting his son up for adoption at an early age, but never went through with it, and the story of the ceremonial adoption by ‘parents’ of the Crow Nation. There is no evidence whatsoever that Lolo Soetoro adopted his stepson, not least since Indonesian law did not permit children of Barack Obama’s then age to be adopted, does not permit dual citizenship, and does not permit citizenship renunciation by proxy agents.

            Conspiracy stories are a dime a dozen.

            But research, as you rightly say, is an essential for resolving such questions.

  • Obama would dig up his mother and put her on display if he thought it would help him!

    • Alex M

      No he wouldn’t.

  • Obama wants to turn all of America’s friends against us,take our guns and then turn his private Army [ Home Land] and all his Czars,Appointees,Illegals and Homosexuals loose on America and install him as our Dictator!

  • ToniStimmel

    I don’t think this government was invited to M Thatcher’s funeral. The Queen doesn’t like or respect him and Moooshell, deservedly, Besides that he’s been using every situation he’s been in to campaign for one or more of his sabotaging schemes to destroy the USA and take it over as his kingdom.

    • Alex M

      “I don’t think this government was invited to M Thatcher’s funeral. The Queen doesn’t like or respect him”

      The Queen would not have invited anyone to Mrs Thatcher’s funeral ; it was not a State Funeral. (The last British Prime Minister with a State Funeral was Sir Winston Churchill.)