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Interesting thought.

Does working actively to understand, communicate, and act upon what is eroding American exceptionalism…

…what is eroding America’s economic standing…

…what is eroding America’s business and entrepreneurial exceptionalism… and thus opportunity for all…

…what is eroding our savings and retirements…

…what is eroding our leadership…

…what is eroding our overall sense of well-being and confidence in America…

Does working actively to fix what is ailing us… make me an activist? A radical?

I guess I’ve come full-circle. America has come full circle.

What was once hated by the radicals of my youth… they have now embraced… the totalitarian State, man.

Me, while others were self-identified radicals protesting the establishment, I was working hard… training my mind and body… a first extreme sports runner… a Jobs and Gates era entrepreneur… no time to rest or protest…

I’ve always worked very hard, since my first business at 19, to achieve a vision…

…to make a difference in as many lives as possible…

…to uphold our founding principles, values, and of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness…

…and, most importantly, to be able to hand this legacy on to my children.

Yet, I cannot rest. My fight seems endless. I am weary in America’s defense.

So many are asleep. My voice is tired.

Who else will pick up this torch grown weary in my arms?

I have become the modern radical.

I have become the present day hippie.

My protest is now. My anger at the State, cronyism, and complacent Americans, is vocal.

My protests are to restore individual liberty, free-market economics, and our founding principles — which are the only truly proven sustainable pillars of our freedom and happiness into the future.

All else is a mirage…

…and I am afraid too many have bought into it.

My colleagues. My friends. My clients. All, bought in.

I am now the outsider. The radical. The modern day hippie.

Where do I go to have my grievances heard? Woodstock? Kent State? Birmingham?

What anxious journalists will cover my story? What media will rush to film my protest?

What magazine will feature my suit and tie, my worn out daily planner and my worn keyboard, on their cover?

It is just me. I am just one voice. I don’t like what America has become.

I have fought hard… for many years to build businesses and leaders… and now to save businesses and restore leaders… and I am in need of rest.

But, where will I find it?

It will not be from dropping acid. It will not be from toking a doobie. It will not be from paper wrapped bottles.

It will not be from hitch-hiking Highway 1 and free-loading.

It will not be by dropping out of society and hoping it will all get better, man.

I am just the modern-day hippie, the radical, who wants to save yours and my liberty, futures, businesses, homes, savings, and possibilities.

I am just the graying hippie who seeks love, peace, and prosperity for all.

Where is my peace, man? Where is my freedom, man? Where is my groove?

It is not in resignation. It is not in fear.

It is not in going silently into the night.

It is simply in the fight.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 (“Thoughts on Liberty”)

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  • billygeturgun

    Color me guilty!

  • Now why did it take me this long to figure this out?

  • gsreagan

    AMEN !!! Bro. I returned from a non war in a far away land to a radical reception in the late 60s. Now I am a radical veteran fighting for the rights that I once fought for the Vietnamese in that far away land. US Navy vet, 1966-1969; Hospitalman, Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacist Mate; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CV-16); God Bless America, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

  • Mike1378

    I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing for quite some time. I’d like to use this as my anthem. Well said.

  • Robert S Moulds

    I guess I’ll have say what Richard Nixon said once “Get off the lawn you damm hippies” Nixon use to admire the Soviet Union and China for how they dealt with liberal hippy protesters and homosexuals. This is some what understand with their protest against the Vietnam which was necessary to prevent the spend of communism just to avoid service like Ted Nugent he soiled his pants. While Soviet peasants had such dangerous ideas drummed out them and fought the necessary war against barbarism in Afghanistan. Still the tea party are not smelly stupid hippies and it is not the 1960s thankfully. Since they really want less government and or addressing the big issue the debt which if not managed better will ruin America. They are a hopeful sign unlike the hippies wallowing in mud like Woodstock smoking drugs and calling helicopters fascist pigs.