America- The Islamic Grand Jihad

Jan Morgan

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Although the government and mainstream news outlets are slow to put the Islam label on acts of Islamic terror, I am convinced, many Americans are no longer fooled by this politically correct attempt to hide truth..
In the 14 hundred year history if Islam, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people. The Islamic stamp on these crimes has become all too familiar.

While preventing physical acts of Islamic terror in America should be a priority, there is another threat from Islam that is receiving little attention. It is truly one of America’s greatest threats.

It is CIVILIZATION JIHAD… the methodical, carefully planned Islamization of the West.

“The Islamic threats to our security and our freedom are not separate. For years, statists and Islamists have made common cause in a civilizational war. Their target is our Constitution and the culture of individual liberty that makes America, America.” – Mark Levin

The unholy alliance between Islamists and the progressives in this country is no accident.
“Islamist enemies join with our internal Alinskyite enemies to destroy all that we hold dear. Every American must understand how the Grand Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Western civilization-undermining agenda of the Revolutionary Left operate in deadly sync.” – Michelle Malkin

Civilization Jihad is part of the documented plan by the Muslim Brotherhood for the destruction of America from within…. all happening under the blind eyes and politically correct noses of Americans who allow this to take place in the name of “religious tolerance”…
Sharia Law is their law of choice. Already, in America, there are dozens of cases where American judges have allowed Sharia Law to trump Constitutional Law in cases involving Muslims. This is unconscionable.

Under Sharia law:
* There is no freedom of religion
* There is no freedom of speech
* There is no freedom of the press
* There is no equality of people (a non-muslim is never equal to a muslim
* There are no equal rights for women
* Women can be beaten
* Non-muslims can not bear arms
* There is no democracy and all governments must ruled by Sharia
* There is no equal protection for different classes of people..Justice is dualistic… one set of laws for muslims males and a different set of laws for muslim females and non muslims.

It is the responsibility of all Americans to learn about Sharia law and political islam… Religious Islam and Political Islam do not exist separately. Where one takes root, the other follows.. Turning a blind eye in the name of religious tolerance is part of the plan.

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  • Lowell

    This administration is doing everything possible to help them accomplish their mission. Loading up top government jobs and military with them. Putting Christians at the top of the terrorist list while refusing to call Muslim terrorists, terrorist. Brainwashing students into thinking Muslim is good and they only do good things.Using tax dollars to build Mosque world wide.

    • Yes… Lowell… you are correct… Thanks for staying on top of this and for sharing truth!

  • mark

    Wake up America. This is really happening.

  • MrTuscadero

    Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Reform Act was the beginning of this influx of jihadists. No sooner than JFK was buried, his own brother hurried to start undermining the U.S.

    • Joe1938

      And who killed both of them. Was it muslims maybe?!

      • MrTuscadero

        Uh, chronologically speaking, JFK was murdered BEFORE 1965, and Ted Kennedy recently died of cancer.
        Oh, i’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were making an ignorant remark for laughs. Stand up is a tough field.

  • Robert McDonald

    Jan, speaking as a veteran and after much personal reflection, I have come to believe that we veterans are at a disadvantage and are hesitant to get involved. We are good at griping, which is something we veterans seem to think solves all problems. Military veterans have been trained to not question our superiors, but always follow orders. We were taught, very briefly, that we should only question orders that we were sure were unlawful, however, we were immediately instructed that should we question an order that proved to be lawful, we would likely be brought up on charges. For this reason most veterans gripe, a lot, but never really do anything constructive about the problem. Personal courage would dictate that we question what we believe to be unlawful in spite of possible charges and or punishment we might receive. Unfortunately, military conditioning plays a very big part in this reluctance to question authority, even as an American citizen voter.
    That said, I believe that someone needs to help all veterans understand one thing. As an American citizen we have a responsibility to question everything our elected politicians say and do. Collectively, as patriotic citizens, we must remember to whom the politicians answer and serve and that is the people of these United States. Only we can hold them accountable. May God bless America.

    • Robert, thank you for your service to our country!

  • Two books i have read,WHY WE LEFT ISLAM and MUSLIM MAFIA- Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America, tell me all i need to know about the dangers and the threat to America from radical Islamist extremist. Yet, i see even more immediate threats to our freedom and liberty coming out of Washington, D.C. In Obama’s book, Audacity of Hope, he said,” I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” We have a President who received endorsements from The Socialist Party of America, Communist Party USA, Democratic Party of America, CAIR and the Muslim-brotherhood.

    • YellowJacket2

      And none dare call it treason!

  • afanaglenn

    A jihad is coming what there being so many terrorist training camps in America. They are just waiting until the right time. Their numbers keep increasing. Already they have taken over the city of Deerborn, Michigan.

  • jenniewalsh

    Divide and conquer tactics are very effective in turning nation against nation, religion against religion, culture against culture, neighbor against neighbor. We are all being duped by the Illuminati and their divide and conquer tactics. They love war, their method of getting the world to depopulate itself so they can rule supreme in their dictatorship.

  • Molon F’n Lobe!

  • jenniewalsh

    SEE: nkusa.org and nkuk.org to get a MUCH broader perspective.

  • jenniewalsh

    Our real enemy, common enemy, is the Illuminati. The globalist organized crime cartel who get nations to kill each other off. MUST SEE! youtube.com/watch?v=WzytGJh9cBY —– David Icke Almost 7 hours VERY EDUCATIONAL!

  • Mischa

    The first step would be to deny them entrance into our country.

  • Robert Moulds

    The framers of the American constitution will roll in their graves if their was Sharia in the United States instead of separation of church and state as they framed. It would be sad to see a document created with great sacrifice was loss to religious zealots.


    We have a muslim president, so what would any thinking person think? he said it him self “my muslim Faith.” spoken to george stuffhisassalot who corrected him saying “you mean your Christian faith?” and the presidents reply “oh yeah my Christian faith.” How on God’s green earth would anyone not know what their faith is; and have to be corrected, even atheists now what they are. No; he spoke what his faith truly is, on national television. It was a slip of the truth… so to speak. By the way; I don’t capitalize things I don’t respect.

  • The ‘Statists’ will ultimately find out, that while the old Islamic saying; “He who is my Enemy’s enemy, is my friend.” Only is true, until their ‘mutual enemy’ is vanquished. Afterwards, the Statists will feel the full wrath of the Islamofascists ! Mark my Word!

    • totally frustrated Patriot

      let’s all hope it don’t get that far…

  • catnip24

    islam is a cult, not a religion. it should be treated as such. america is based on freedom of religion, not freedom of cults. congress should pass a bill stating islam and sharia law is unlawful and shall not be tolerated in the united states. even though the obama, who is americas muslim president, would veto it, congress should have the guts to do this.

  • totally frustrated Patriot

    All I EVER needed to know about Islam I learned on

  • HongryHawg

    Everything islamic is unconstituional. For that reason, it should be banned and prosecutable as treason. Those that push otherwise are complicit.

  • Wake up the World!!!!