Another Gun Manufacturer Leaving Conneticut

Connecticut is the seventh-largest producer of firearms in the country, with gun manufacturers currently accounting for just under 3,000 direct jobs as well as the thousands of jobs supported through related industries — but thanks to the state’s recent outlawing of ‘high-capacity magazines’ and an ‘assault weapons’-ban expansion, that might be set to change. Last month, we already learned of PTR Industries’ announcement of their pending relocation from Connecticut after the state banned many of their products, and the NYT reported this week that they’re not the only ones:

In a state desperate to maintain and revive its industrial base, Mark Malkowski thinks he should be getting gold stars.

He started a manufacturing company at age 25, and in 10 years built it into an industry leader, with 200 employees, that sells 6,000 of its products every month at roughly $1,000 each. The company, Stag Arms, is currently almost a year behind in fulfilling orders. …

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  • TexRancher

    Typical democommunists; We love your money, but not your products so we’ll make it impossible for you to do business and punish you for not producing tax money for us to steal!
    Obama and his AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS want to prevent citizens being able to protect themselves while they continue to bring in more ILLEGAL INVADERS AND GRANT THEM IMMEDIATE BENEFITS that we pay for unlike the treatment honest immigrants get: Must have support, job, etc. so they won’t be a burden on the taxpayer, bit it’s OK for ILLEGAL INVADERS to be……….
    Gun makers, come to Texas and enjoy the Texas love of country, Constitutional Rights and OUR MILITARY!
    All things despised by Obama and his socialist TRAITORS!
    But then, what can we expect from a Kenyan Born, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-CONSTITUTION, muslim who hates this country and the principles on which it was founded. (This opinion formed by watching his own words and actions)

  • Robert S Moulds

    Connecticut loss of stag arms and 200 jobs is some other state’s gain think about that when election 2014 and 2016 come up.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Stag is a great company – greater still for standing up to the “grabbers”.

  • Dan L.

    “Stag Arms”, Don’t leave, defy! These “so called” laws are unConstitutional, which makes them automatically Null, void and illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the hell is it going to take to wake EVERYONE UP that none of these “so called” laws are Constitutional and therefore Illegal!

    LISTEN: “The Constitution is only as strong as the people willing to defend it”!!!!!!!!!
    What the Hell is the point of Having Constitutional Rights if people are NOT going to Defend them?!
    Tell the people making unconstitutional laws to go straight to hell and if they even think about trying to enforce even one of these unConstitutional laws, they will be SHOT!