Bloomberg Tells Lawmakers “If you go with the NRA, you are against the lives of our children.”

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that lawmakers who are “going with the NRA” are “going against the lives of our children.”

“And we have an obligation to tell each other and to try to convince people that if they’re going with the NRA they’re going against the lives of our children and of you and me,” Bloomberg said during a press conference last week to announce a city-wide recycling program.

Bloomberg was asked about whether his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns will target Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat, who opposed gun control legislation in the Senate.

“What I have said is that we are going to support those people who want to stop the killing 12,000 of our citizens every year or the 19,000 that commit suicide with handguns every year,” Bloomberg said. “And I think you and I both have an obligation to do that.

“And the ways you do that is to make sure that the elected officials understand that you’re gonna vote for somebody else,” he said.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, of which Bloomberg is a co-chair, has vowed to target members of Congress who would not support stricter gun control in the wake of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“And we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that somebody else gets elected who wants to see that we stop this carnage,” Bloomberg said.

According to the National Journal, the group is “seriously considering” a vast television, radio and direct-mail campaign against Pryor, who opposed universal background checks for firearms, including those online and at gun shows.


1) Guns were used 2.5 million times last year to save lives…
2) In most of those cases, the trigger was never pulled.
3) Simply brandishing a firearm STOPPED the attacker.
4) In the 20th Century, 170 million people were annihilated by their own governments AFTER being disarmed. History proves Gun Control has never been about guns… It’s about CONTROL.

No…. Mr. Bloomberg…. GUNS save the lives of defenseless children.
The NRA is right and lawmakers who stand with the NRA are standing by 90 million gun owners with over 300 million guns who killed no one last year.

The only people who stand by YOU Mr. Bloomberg, are the criminals, thugs, and marxists who want law abiding Americans disarmed.
An armed America is a Free America.
Most true Americans with the passion of our Founders would rather DIE free than LIVE a slave.
Handing over our guns is not an option.
Contemplate THAT, Mr. Bloomberg. © 2013 JAN MORGAN

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  • Bill Montagne

    It was illegal to kill people and still is, no matter what weapon is used. Anyone determined to commit a crime is intent on breaking the law. They broke the law. So how does taking guns away from those dumb enough to turn them in make anyone any safer? You are a fool if you believe that one more law will stop any of this. A ship of fools votes in other fools to run their lives. That is where we’re at today. Bloomberg is just a fool with a big loud speaker and the media ties to get his foolish words out.

    • sagoodlife

      AND, you’d have to believe that Bloominidiotburg has the safety of the people at heart. He has been, and will continue to be, all about CONTROL. Not control of HIM, of course-just control of “the peons.”

      • USMCret

        If bloomhead wants to protect the children then he should allow the teachers and admin staff to have the oppurtunity to carry a weapon on school grounds to defend OUR Children and attend a weapons safety course approved for and by peace officiers.

        • granny_for USA

          Maybe teachers should get a background check first. Some of the teachers nowadays are scary.

          • Conservativesniper

            Great observation. There needs to be some immovable standards inorder to be a teacher.

          • What are your thoughts on registering your weapon for concealed carry? I have just purchased a 9MM and want to conceal carry on my person and in the truck while I travel and to have it in the house to protect my family and my property. If I register the pistol with the state law enforcement agency, they will have a record of the weapon then and can take the weapon I registered and the other ones I have at home…

          • Conservativesniper

            I see registration to be able to carry concealed as an infringement upon my 2nd Amendment right to keep and BEAR arms.

    • Darius the Mede

      AMEN to that Criminals, by definition, are law-breakers and won’t obey the law anyway. There are so many laws on the books now that there would be no problem if the current laws were ENFORCED.

  • and several members of Bloombergs flunkies are law breakers that can’t have a weapon anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hotrod

    I wonder how many of the murderers in this country are in the NRA? Do we have a number?

    • Hannity spoke with the FBI. Apparently none in the last 20 years.

  • B_Sentinel

    Bloomberg, you are one the biggest communist a-holes to every sit in a public office. You want to run everyone’s life and have them be in lock-step with how YOU view the world. Your state and the sad one I live in, California, are going down the crapper faster than any other states in the nation. The blind liberal agenda is nothing but control and oversight of anything and everything people say or do. I look forward to the day that you and those like are taken down from on high by force if necessary to get this country right again. Keep lining the pockets of those who keep you in office……its your only hope

    • Sentinel, we in the peoples republic of kalafornication have to do something to recall the Libtard Demorats that are destroying this once great state. Now they want to ban all simi-autos, make us pay for a background check each year just to buy bullets and other stupid laws that only effect the law abiding while the criminals stand back and laugh.

      • John Whitehorse

        It is the morons that live in N.Y. Cal. Mi, ILL Col. and all the other states that voted dumbocraps back into office that are killing this Country.

    • No! Boomberg: Repent! Save what remains of any decency in your petty tyrant legacy. You will lose because you favor a small cabal over the whole of good humanity. Tyranny is an abomination of natural law. Freedom is the stuff the universe is made of:


  • Bloomberg never read history or he would shut his pie hole, a real nazi idiot without a brain one, he would have loved Hitler.

    • billconner

      You have to remember history alludes them heck they can’t even understand the simple words of the Constitution you expect them to understand history? you expect more then what there education taught them

  • LittleMoose

    The NRA has done more for child safety then Bloomberg has ever done.

    • Centurian2010


    • Precisely. This man must be stripped of his duties. They belong to a public “servant” not a tyrant. These mafiosos are controlling guns for a reason:

  • Patriot Constitution Defender

    Bill Montagne,

    I agree with you. Why don’t we make murder and crime illegal??? Oh, thats right, it already is. So what makes them think more laws are going to change the murder rate? He is Obama’s puppet. He wants to dis-arm the entire country and install his socialist values. Harry Reid wants to propose a bill to make building a bomb in your house illegal without having a permit. Really???? It’s not about the children, it’s about control, the one thing they need to convert this country to ” Peoples Republic of the Untied States ”
    Not on my watch …….. I will defend God and Country

    • billconner

      He’s New York’s puppet after all they did vote him in

      • People voted Hitler in not so many years ago. You’d think Bloomberg would think about the details around all that since he is a Jew. He must not have had any relatives killed in Hitler’s holocaust. Stupid can’t be fixed.

        • billconner

          Hitler first befriend the Jews in a sense of security and most ignored Hitler’s speaking and blaming them ( the Jews) for Germany’s woes, He thought German’s were the master race and done some genetic engineer. Now days it the democratic party who is trying to befriend different groups to get there rise in power and keep it. Even Bill Maher said something about the Boston bombing afterward said something about looking like a police state which I thought was fun coming from a guy who supported BHO honestly Liberals can’t see a train wreak coming until its here and then they think they can just blame someone else which that’s what they are good for no responsibility for there own action’s and yes your right you can’t fix stupid but most know exactly what there doing they think they can control it if they break it down but I believe its going to run over them more so. but order doesn’t came out of chaos if your the one who started it to begin with

          • Merle Dickey

            Remember 2014 is coming up fast ,Vote as many of them out as you can. Don’t sit at home thinking everyone else will. Every vote counts.

  • John Stanley

    I grew up, (and learned to shoot military weapons), in a home protected by an NRA Life Member. Day after day, in households throughout this country, people defend themselves, and their children, and, in some cases, the CHILDREN themselves defend THEMSELVES, with firearms.

    Recently, in Houston and in Albuquerque, a boy and a young girl, respectively, managed to thwart burglaries with firearms which they’d been trained to use, for just such an occasion. In Israel, teachers and childcare providers are required to carry, and they carry high-capacity autos. Remember the Georgia homemaker who recently foiled a home invasion with her own handgun, while her twin children hid from the bad guy? Sure, the cops would’ve arrived, EVENTUALLY.

    Bloomberg goes about, snugly surrounded by his overgrown security team, but, “for the sake of the children,” YOU are supposed to relinquish the only means that YOU have, near-at-hand, to be able to defend your own children, when seconds count, and the police are only minutes, not seconds, away. I’ll also note that the NRA has done more to see to it that large numbers of children are properly trained in firearms safety, and in accident avoidance, every year, than all of the liberal hot air and hand-wringing has EVER accomplished. Have another Big Gulp, Mr. Mayor.

    • PatriotAmerican fortheUSA

      Thank you for pointing this out. I was brought up the same way as well. Why doesn’t the media report on so many of the other issues. They only focus on the agenda of the lousy Big O and his cronies and their “Control” issues. Fox News is the only ones that keep showing what the hell they are doing.

      Any true American or Politician would have said to the families that went through the horrors such as Sandy Hook, that we need to arm and train our teachers or some type of school(s) SAFE programs where honest, trained American’s that where capable to Carry Concealed weapons (2nd Amendment rights) and Bear Arm’s, could have saved lives.

      No, they take the other angle about Gun Control and confiscation. Bloomberg is like the brainless Senator’s Feinstein and Boxer, and want nothing but Control. They will use Children as a manner to manipulate or brain wash American’s that were not brought up to respect our neighbor and fellow man. This young education included learning about gun’s and respecting them. Not to kill, but rather hunt and enjoy target shooting, but also respecting our 2nd Amendment Rights. It’s so sad that so many fellow Americans just don’t get this idea.

      The Big O and Bloomberg have nothing else other than control and lies, and situation like the recent Benghazi lies are coming to light. Hopefully America will open their eyes and minds to see what they are doing.

      PLEASE… Good bye Hillary, Big O, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Boxer and all of you politicians that really don’t care about children or the lives lost by our young men and women in the Military, and those that continue to give of themselves for our American Freedom.

      Bloomberg, go take another drink of your Big Gulp as Mr. Stanley says. Good riddance. .

      • Merle Dickey

        It is o.k. for him to have armed personal protection same for Feinstein or what ever her name is . Vote them out!!

  • Centurian2010

    Not like the abortion (infaniticide) you liberals keep pushing, eh Bloomberg.

  • Dave G

    There is so much talk about gun deaths but we never hear about the many abortion deaths and those deaths are even praised by Obama. We don’t hear much about all the other various implements of death. When the guns are gone,,then what?? There are already stories circulating about the ban of pressure cookers.
    It is disgusting that the anti-gun crowd will use children as the basis for new gun legislation, they don’t think stooping to that low level is wrong. When ever they want to bash home a point,,they say it is for the children. Is it really?

    It has gotten old to continually harp on enhanced gun control and the reasons they claim the control is for. We know the truth but they won’t stop until they have totally denuded us of ALL of our rights and freedoms through their corrupt means. A little here and a little there,,death by a thousand cuts, the incremental destruction of this country under the guise of safety. Their day is coming. Not to mention, Bloomberg is nuttier than a fruitcake.

    • HongryHawg

      And no mention of lives spared because of guns. And you know why. Because safety has absolutely nothing to do with gun control. It’s all about disarmament yet we allow them to continue to put us on defense. I’m all for offense and repealing all existent gun control laws.

    • It’s never “for the children”, it’s for themselves. Do you ever think why the blacks would like obama when most of the abortions are black babies? Muslims hate blacks & only want them as useful idiots and slaves until they are done with them, then they will kill them too.

  • Louman

    Bloomberg is an idiot. The NRA is the only Organization that gave good ways to protect

    the children. The little Nazi bloomberg just wants to take guns from law biding citizens

    just like they did in Germany.

  • HDMania

    With all due respect to the few kids who get killed by criminals why should millions of law abiding citizens give up there guns?..so its harder to protect our childern?..we all need to be protected from the likes of all the Blooming Idiots in this world..HitlerBloom

  • billconner

    Its the same old same old backwards thinking of liberals they focus on one thing and most of the stuff they focus on has to do with breaking down the moral’s of this country or breaking down the constitution. they give adults food stamps and welfare and the kids sex education and rubbers it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out oh that’s right a scientist could figure it out with the liberal education they tout, it amazes me they can tie there own shoes

    • Read the book “The Naked Communist” and see the list they have to destroy America. It was started with FDR or before, to bring America down. Gen. McArthur was right when he wanted to arrest all commies in America back sixty years ago. The commies crusified him politically for saying the truth.

  • popi

    bloombug go away

  • ronbos63

    how does gun control prevent suicides? Is that the only way to commit suicide?If someone doesn’t have a gun means he won’t do it?As I said before we should all be armed or as bloomingidiotberg thinks will deter crime and as we all know criminals always register their guns!

  • Bloomberg is a total fool! His ity has VERY strict gun laws. His city has one of the highest gun crime stats in the nation. He is too stupid to look in his own front yard.

  • Tell me why anyone still pays any attention to what this blathering idiot says.

  • Justin

    Will you PEOPLE in NYC please put this buffoon out of his misery!!!

  • Stealth

    Gee…I don’t think old ‘Bloomers’ realizes, that WITHOUT the NRA- HIS ‘company’ of armed bodyguards ALSO would not be armed- the damned fool!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This is, of course, the same Bloomberg who regards the Constitution as an impediment to his rule.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Isnt there any way to stop the malicious lies we keep getting from those sickos on the left?Bloomberg is a prime example.He doesnt care if his statements are correct or honest,as long as he agrees with the PARTY.Sounds like the COMMUNIST party doesnt it,the party above all else.I had no idea there were so many dummies in our government,even the republicans do it,what a mess !!!!!

  • junkmailbin

    by definition a criminal will posses a gun and use it on a law biding citizen these schmucks disarmed

  • Gary

    If you go with Bloomberg, you’re a fascist, just as he seems to be. Fascists believe that the government is the best judge of behavior…Bloomberg. Fascists believe that government spending should not have limits…Bloomberg. Fascists believe in control of the populace through force…now seems to be developing in Bloomberg. Don’t support US fascism…oppose Bloomberg.

  • Mayor Bloomberg is a hypocrite and a liar. He knows damned well that none of the laws that has been put forward would have in any way shape or form effected what happenned at Sandyhook Elementary School but he still continues the lies.All of these supposed gun laws are not about guns but about disarming the law abiding public. Tell me Mr. Mayor: What is it that you and your liberal buddies have planned that you so fear an armed citizenry? You will not turn us into sheep Mr. Mayor no matter how much money you spend or how many conservative politicians you try and oust from office. My vote counts just as much as yours and God’s truth, I think that fact scares the hell out of you. That there are still millions of us who will if needed stand and fight for this nation against those who would subvert the Constitution that has held us in good stead all these years. Sir: That someone with your wealth would use it to try and “buy” his way around what are Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHTS sickens me.

    Something else I’d like to add: I received this in email from a friend today who gave 30 years of his life to this country in uniform so I think he has the right to have his words heard:
    According to the zealots we have in politics…….
    We’re not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few “crazies”.
    But the acts of a few American “crazies” is enough to judge all Americans who own guns!

  • Joe Lettieri

    America’s enemies arent the telaban,or the communists,its the Government!!!!Our government is filled from top to bottom with idiots like this cockroach,Bloomberg,how can we expect anything else?????

  • John Whitehorse

    Bloomburg is a communist FAR LEFT blooming Insane Idiot that better be RECALLED buy the New York citizens before he takes the State down into the gutter.

  • This guy has little man challenged syndrome! He hates the world that looks down at him.

  • mjnellett

    Mayor Bloomberg, as a Jew , especially are you really going to further Adolf Hitler’s totalitarian agenda after what he did in the Holocaust? He disarmed the Jews and everyone but his own military and Nazi Party thugs. The “state” controlled every aspect of the lives of the people that they subjugated. He then proceeded to eliminated those unarmed human beings. Is that really what you advocate ? Do you really want to follow in the foot steps of that madman’s agenda? Get yourself a harmless hobby Mayor, and leave the rest of us alone!

  • bluejacket

    You should have a link at the end of your piece to donate to the NRA. Whenever Bloomberg says to do something, I’m ready to do the opposite.

  • violater1

    What do you expect from the New York City Slumlord bloomingidiotberg! Leader of the Largest slum City of this Country with the largest welfare population upon this planet! These scumbags deserve one another!

  • johnnyTak

    When will the lamestream media call this guy out? Bloomberg, HOW DARE YOU say I go against the lives of my children, or anyone’s children for that matter! You are lower than the dirt that I wipe off my shoes!

    • PatriotAmerican fortheUSA

      Amen!!! He has forgotten his own roots being Jewish. Apparently his name was changed from some German name to a Jewish name, and has forgotten what “CONTROL” does to a society. Dumb Ba_ _ ard doesn’t even know what is going on. And he wants to use our children as a method to gain control over our society. Dirt he is….nothing else explains where his brain is coming from.

  • marineh2ominer

    And just how do you stand on murdering infants mayor ?

  • Bloomberg you are an idiot. Go check out your State’s Children and Youth Organizations and you will find that they are the ones who are killing New York’s children.

  • If these lawmakers goes aganist our constitution, then they are breaking their oath of office, Bloomberg may have a lot of money,but what makes him think he knows everything,


    If you go with Bloomberg you go with the terrorist to help disarm America.

  • Ranchman

    Bloomberg and his minions are against the kids, grownups, seniors, babies, and so on in America. THEY are the evil ones, restricting the freedoms and liberties of the citizenry. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH you tyrant! NO MORE!!! We will not be controlled, we will not be manipulated ANY LONGER!!! You and your tyrant Obama will soon feel the wrath of the American people. It is inevitable, the people will not be lied to and manipulated forever!

    Wow, I hate these lying sob’s!!!

  • blackhawk

    Mr Bloomberg , you have some serious mental issues,and I suggest you resign ,and get the treatment you need. The NRA HAS DONE MORE FOR OUR CHILDREN, than you ever could!

  • Veteranasm

    blummie is a communist POS, right along with obammy, tarred an feathered is to good for these ignorant bastards !!!

  • granny_for USA

    Bloomberg = El Diablo. It seems that Bloomberg is in BO’s pocket along w/ his dirty dozen. Afraid of guns for a good reason, his record as Mayor has not made all the people that put him there…..Happy. Hes afraid……

  • gdfairy6

    Bloomberg shows every time he opens his mouth he has more money than sense! IF someone is determined to commit a crime they will find a way to do it, guns or no guns.

  • We need to find a way to bankrupt Bloomberger so he can’t afford to buy another term in office.

  • Hey Mayor!!!! 9125 of those killed are killed by ILLEGAL ALIENS that make up 67% of all violent crime. Think that enforcing the law may save a few life’s you maggot?

  • Robert Moulds

    Micheal Bloomberg is being overly simplistic using the if your not part of my solution than your part of problem. Blaming a lobby group and vilifying it’s members is not going to help your cause and may cost you in the polls.

  • MIEd

    “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” is a very misleading name intended to hide his true agenda.

    I wish he was at least honest enough to name his organization accurately – since he wants all our guns to be illegal, it should just be “Mayors Against All Guns (Except Those of my Bodyguards and Other Members of the Power Elite)”.
    But honesty is not part of his strategy – quite the contrary.

  • Brian

    Mayors against illegal guns and he wants to go after handguns??? I thought they were legal and that all those Democrats have been saying taht noone wants to come take our guns?/

    • Merle Dickey

      Ahhh do you think they lied to us!!!

  • Bloomberg if you want to protect the children of the U. S.. Help Stop the Slater of them in the Abortion Clinics in your State & across this Country.. That would be the best thing you could spend your money on.. But you will not do that will you???

  • Daddy Hawg

    Mayor Doomberg, it is you that are against our children and our heritage. Hunting, shooting and above all, self preservation are the foundations of our history. Power hungry progressives as yourself want to disarm the populace to further your subversion of the American way of life and government to turn this great nation into a third world country. It is time for you to hang up your marxist ideologies and crawl into a hole somewhere to live your despotic life alone.

  • Paladin67

    I can’t believe how big a dick this guy is…he and his family is protected by guards carrying guns..but I guess you and I have to protect ourselves with a stick or a rock.. even though the bad guys will all be carrying an ILLEGAL gun.. what a moron..

  • Spyder Dalton

    But he doesn’t mind children being slaughtered at planned parenthood… Sociopathic malignant personality disorder is a mental disease and he should be removed from politics…


    Mayor Bloomberg is being disingenuous by making such a libelous statement that the NRA doesn’t care about children, in that every single person of note that has been trying to get more gun control laws have stated that none of the laws, including this new background check bill would have made a difference at Sandy Hook or Aurora. To state this again:They would have had no effect on the Sandy Hook or Aurora shootings! So why is HE lying? He and his Democrat cronies are trying to use these tragedies as a weapon to hurt the NRA and The Republican Party to pursue their gun confiscation agenda. They have also stated they respect the Second Amendment but yet they have all said that their goal is to eliminate all guns from this country. I need to also point out that a large number of Bloombergs Mayor’s Against Guns are conficted felons who are not eligible to buy a gun anyway. The shootings at Sandy Hook were a tragedy beyond comprehension and we need to protect people from future attacks. Attacking law abiding citizens like he is want to do is not the answer. Better security at these schools would have prevented it as well as enhanced mental care and institutionalization of pschotic individuals would go a long way.

  • Bloomberg is one of those people who should be in a mental institution and never allowed to be near a firearm…. Hey Blooming Idiot explain this one…No guns are allowed in Chicago so how does this happen????? http://newsone.com/563105/40-people-were-shot-over-the-weekend-in-chicago/


  • There’s a reason why common sense Americans call him Mayor Doomberg!

  • Randy G

    I think the NRA is fighting to PROTECT THE CHILDREN from the TRAITORS to America

  • Bloomberg has fallen of the same rocker to many times now! What is with Politicians using emotional sales pitches to hold people hostage? Emotional rants and emotional plea’s are not the way decisions are supposed to be rendered. It’s time for these Politicians to move on and take there useless banter with them.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Yeah, he’s right: 5 million NRA members don’t care anything about the lives of children….

    I’m getting kind of worried about Bloomberg. He’s getting more delusional every day.

  • Hammers kill more people every year than guns. As amatter of faxt if you own a hammer you are in possession of the deadlyist weapon in America, from ???FBI statistics. So why are these deadly weapons so easily purchased in every state in the union without any kind of background check?? Just saying.

    • Alex M

      “Hammers kill more people every year than guns”

      Average number of homicides per year : 13,744
      Average number of homicides by guns : 9,263
      Average number of homicides by blunt instruments : 584

      For each homicide by hammer (including other clubs), there are 16 homicides by firearm.

      Firearm homicides outnumber homicides by all other means put together, including knives, poisons, narcotics, explosives, strangulation, hands, feet, and asphyxiation.

      Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports, 2011.

      • Merle Dickey

        I’m sure Mayor Bloomberg would love to have you move to his state where he can spend your money and control your life. He doesn’t like the constitution either , you will get along just fine.

        • Alex M

          The issue here is numbers. Add them up, they’re public.

          Somebody here ‘quoted’ FBI statistics, and hadn’t bothered to look at FBI statistics first.

          That’s all. You can check for yourself, and you don’t need Mayor Bloomberg’s permission.

  • Alex Masters

    Like this reprobate really cares about my kids! Marxist [email protected]!!

  • Sir Will

    I have very little respect and give very little attention to anybody or group that screams ‘save the children’ or ‘your against children’ while at the same time promotes killing them, regardless whether its here in some clinic or in another, suposed, terrorists country.

  • Cinci Jew

    Adolph Bloombooger is following in Hitler’s footsteps in disarming Americans. Look at what gun banning in New York City has done for making the city more dangerous for the law abiding while Bloombooger has bodyguards protecting him. He feels he’s better than we are and we don’t deserve the right to self defense.

  • And if you follow Bloomberg’s party, you will kill babies before they have a chance to grow up to be children!

  • guess all those times when gun owners saved lives doesn’t matter to this man.

    Funny how when guns saves lives the story gets buried, or usually not reported by any of the lame stream media

  • The NRA fights to protect our rights under the second amendment , which 75% of the country is in favor of, your radical Liberal ideas won’t work in a democracy !!!

  • In Israel there were real problems with terrorists and school children in jeopardy.

    But instead of cowering about a gun, and thinking the gun is evil, Israel knew the criminal was evil, and schools allowed for armed faculty to be present, and the report that i read had acts of violence and evil committed against school children drop completely.

    Seems that crazies, suicide murderers and criminals are smart enough to know to seek easier targets.

    • Well said..

    • Alex M

      This is inaccurate, buit unfortunately it is also a zombie myth, one that refuses to die despite repeated debunkings.

      Israel operates strict gun control laws. Guns are not allowed inside Israeli schools, and Israeli schools are ring-fenced. Only soldiers and the licensed have guns. Leave the military, and you can’t be armed unless you have been a senior officer for at least two years. Lose possession of a licensed weapon, for any reason, and you face a term of imprisonment.

      Israel operates strict gun control, not a firearms free-for-all. That’s why it works.

      • Merle Dickey

        So that is why the palestines aren’t afraid of them? They can shoot at will knowing the population can’t shoot back.

        • Alex M

          Read the arguments, they’re what’s important here.

          Someone implied that low gun control levels lead to increased safety, and cited Israel.

          They didn’t bother to check that Israel implements strict gun control, and has a higher safety record than the US.

          The moral is simple : check your sources first, to make sure they say what you say they say.

    • Conservativesniper

      Totally different situation. What the Israelis did was put guards at the schools, like Wayne LaPierre suggested after Sandy Hook. And he was ridiculed by the spineless ignorant cowards on the left. But the Israelis were combating terrorist attacks on their schools.

      The real question is Do you trust the government?

  • paul o

    This man is more dangerous than obama he doesn’t have any right to dictate to anyone his anti gun agenda,he doesn’t even deserve to be in public office period!He is a tyrant just like obama that wants nothing more than the power to turn us into a socialist country anyone would be stupid to vote for him again after seeing what kind of an anti American he is,LONG LIVE THE NRA.

  • paj

    It is the idiots like Bloomberg, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Brady who are mislead, or the true terrorists like our current potus, and those pulling his strings, that are following Hitler, Mussolini, Chowchescu (sp?) – with the intent to take away ALL our rights and liberties.

    There is a reason that Gen. Washington, Th. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Patrick Henry, President Reagan, Sen. Malcolm Wallop and other of our nation’s founding fathers and greatest leaders have stated repeatedly that it is only with firearm ownership by those willing to train and use to stop tyranny that we can remain free.
    If those idiots who CLAIM to be caring about the safety of children want to do something that WORKS, focus on drunk driving. Implement mandatory lifetime (without parole) for use of a weapon in a violent crime (and not for simply possessing a firearm like New York does to law abiding citizens). List VIOLENT criminals and DANGEROUS mentally ill in NICS, not our veterans who are dealing with PTSD because of their service to this nation – with the only exception that if they are VIOLENT and LIKELY to cause harm due to the PTSD.

  • Kana60

    “…want to stop the killing 12,000 of our citizens every year or the 19,000
    that commit suicide with handguns every year,” Bloomberg said. “Really, more people kill themselves than are actually shot in violent acts?

    “… lawmakers who are “going with the NRA” are “going against the lives of our children.” Well lawmakers that will deny US Citizens their Constitution Rights, not just the 2nd Amendment, Should step down for office as they are not able to honor their oath of office.

    Anyone with 1/2 a brain would realize the problem is the CRIMINAL act not the choice of weapon. Ask the question, WHY do we have such high incidents of violent crime?

  • Conservativesniper

    Bloomberg, like the rest of the left, are unwilling to look at the REAL problem causing all these mass shootings, psychotropic medications. And then fact that it practically impossible to get someone committed to a mental institution.

  • Real American

    bloomberg is an idiot, he actually thinks he is doing something good,he does more effing damage thatanyone else, other than odumbo and his minnions!!

  • mzungu writes

    He needs Jesus.
    The reason is it is obvious to me that he is trying to work out his salvation by public works…misguided public works. So his logic is in need of a makeover. He isn’t even a good Catholic.

  • Mynameisnobody

    Why isn’t Bloomingnutberg talking about terrorism instead of his personal agenda and obsession with disarming Americans?

  • So I guess there is no other way to kill yourself?

  • How did this man get into office?

  • Conservativesniper

    ““And we have an obligation to tell each other and to try to convince
    people that if they’re going with the NRA they’re going against the
    lives of our children and of you and me,” Such bullshiite. Yeah, millions of law abiding citizens are against the lives of their own children.Who believes such blatant idiocy?

    • Magnum05

      Don’t forget, these same people are all for abortion. They really care for children. What HOGWASH !!

  • Matt Burns

    That idiot Bloomberg is a classic example of what fools we have allowed to have any office, other than maybe a dog catcher. It is an embarrassment to see what fools we have in office today. The biggest embarrassment of course is that educated ass in the oval office. The sooner we wake up the fools who elects that kind of nut case the sooner we can get our America back in competant hands.

  • Matt Burns

    Another thought just came to mind. I wonder how many would be very eager to replace such idiots as Bloomberg, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, all the appointed “tzars”, napalitano, and some other in the cabal, if those destroyers of our freedom just disappeared?

  • Magnum05

    Someone please let me know how to get in touch with the idiot, Bloomberg. I would like to call him or E-Mail him, so I could ask him a few things, & tell him a few things.

  • actually can’t make a comment cause all the words i would use would be against policy. this man is just a friggin moron idiot. dumber n a box a rocks.

  • Kioga

    Actually, Our children’s lives are more readily endangered by fanatics like Bloomberg and the Progressive nuts than they will ever be with the NRA and Patriots !!

  • Real American

    if bloomberg was concerned about children ,he would be ANTI_ABORTION!!!

  • And if you go with Bloomburg, then your an idiot

  • jenniewalsh

    Gun grabbing Bloomberg must have taken training classes from the Nazis. He and his ilk are bigger threats to America than any foreign nation.

  • obama patriot

    Shove it up your jewish a- – you jerk. You stink. Pray god you are next.

  • violater1

    No Bloomingidiotberg you and your abortion supporting asss are the idiots that are against the lives of children! You are a hypocritical anal canal!

  • Rudy

    Bloomberg, you are full of “it!” Just don’t let go when I am nearby! You ideas stink and I can only imagine how your poop smells!

    • Alex M

      “I can only imagine how your poop smells”

      Speaking personally, this would not be my preferred pastime. (It would seem a waste of good curiosity.)

  • Michael G.

    That can go in the opposite direction as well: If you are not in the in the NRA you are against the lives of all children.
    Where do these idiots come from? Just because they have more money than sense, then this gives them the right to tell tell every one else how to live. That’s what he thinks!

    • Alex M

      “That can go in the opposite direction as well: If you are not in the in the NRA you are against the lives of all children.”

      How does that work?

  • Opie

    NO Mr. Doomberg! If you are for planned parenthood and against the NRA “YOU” are against the lives of our children. Stop distorting the truth!”

    • Alex M

      Why do you argue that planned parenthood is “against the lives of our children”?