Boston Bomber Offered Burial With America’s Most Honored at Arlington National Cemetery

Our most honored Americans are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
How, in God’s name, can a Veteran offer a terrorist who stands for everything our Veterans fought against, a place of eternal rest among America’s heros?
This is an outrageous and disgraceful gesture.

If Julie Frein. a U.S. Air Force Veeran has anything to say about it…

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, aka: The Islamic jihadist scumbag, aka: the dead Boston Bomber will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Yes, you heard that right. The murdering, older brother who killed three and maimed hundreds more innocent people at the Boston Marathon, including an eight-year-old blown to bits has been offered a National Cemetery burial plot by a USAF veteran named Julie Frein.
You have to see it to believe it. Although a spokesperson with Arlington National Cemetery, in response, says burial plots are not transferrable and can not be reserved in advance, the fact that this woman who was a Veteran, has this level of sympathy for an islamic terrorist and murderer is newsworthy in itself….
People like her, living in a politically correct stupor, are the reason America is in this condition. This woman has voting rights. That, my friends is what is most frightening of all.

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  • Samurai_Sam

    Now it’s stories like this that just make me so angry I could spit or something that sounds like that!
    The mother wants him sent back to Russia, and I think her wishes should be honored. There’s a barge load of pigs headed that way in a few days just throw him on it.

    • tenn2113

      Well I was gona say I would claim the body, and have him cremated and for a urn to put his ashes in I would use a pig sack and drop in my septic tank where he belongs. Simple problem solved.. hahaha

      • ☂ I like your solution, it’s perfect. What do we need to get the approval? Let’s go for it.

        • tenn2113

          well you like the idea, and i like it that should be good enough. That is how it works isn’t it, the minorities rule what the majority want, ya know ( gay marriage gays in the boy scouts) I’d even go for raw pig sack. hahaha

      • Phil

        Why waste the money on cremation? Just drop his carcass in the septic tank and be done with it.

        • GQ4U

          What, and give up the joy of flushing him down the toilet?

          No way.

      • Buster Puddles

        My solution is similar.

        • tenn2113

          k i bite what is it, stuff his a** in pig skin and bbq him & send his mother a sandbitch? sounds good

      • Chief86

        Love it

  • Robert

    OMG shut this woman up and get her some PROZAC.
    Tamerlan has no right nor does he deserve to be buried beside our heroes!

  • I have not the least understanding of what this woman’s purpose is — what she feels she might be proving, what she feels she might accomplish. The only feeling I have about her is pity, that she feels she needs to do this.

    She has given years of her life to support and protect what this country stands for, yet she is willing to give up an honor given by her country as recognition of her service to a man whose only goal was to destroy the very country she fought for and served!

    This is beyond anything I consider even a “zombie.” She appears to be merely a sad, sad woman looking to give some meaning to her life. Sad, very sad, but her choice of searching for meaning is beyond the pale — insulting to the veterans who would surround this terrorist, insulting to our country, just plain insulting!

    What is wrong with these people??

    • she only served TWO years in the Air Force!!! PLUS she CAN NOT give away her plot at Arlington! In fact, I do not even think she is entitled to burial there anyway!!

      • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)


        What’s this bullshit ? ? ? . . . We veterans were told 20+ years ago that Arlington was filled and the remaining spaces were reserved for those whose exploits warranted the special honor of being buried in Arlington. Now there is room for a muslim terrorist who cowardly bombed and killed innocent people including a 12 year old boy?

      • Very few people may be buried at Arlington. I doubt that she is one of them.

        • REM1875

          She will have to wait till a clinton is in office and start selling plots for campain contributions again.

      • I think she was a Reserve Officer… a flipping Lieutenant ! As everyone who ever Served knows,a Lieutenant Can’t find his/her Own Ass, with both Hands, a Flashlight and a Roadmap, without the aid of a NCO !

        She, obviously doesn’t Have one Available to give her proper Advice !

      • Why would she not be entitled to be buried at Arlington? Because she only served two years or because she served it in the Air Force?
        That is an offensive remark to all of the Air Force Service Men and Women that is now serving or are veterans. Every member is eligible for every benefit the military has to offer when they serve two years of honorable service and has a DD214 that states she was honorably discharged. So it must be that she served in the Air Force, huh?

        • “..Every member is eligible for every benefit the military has to offer when they serve two years ”
          ^^ NOT true.

        • jgeorgia2000

          Sorry, it has nothing to do with branches of service. Calm down. Arrington is limited because of space and I would suspect if there is any room for regular enlistees/officers they would go to career enlisted/officers first (ie Regular Service) not Reservists. And Jenepher (below) is correct>

        • Phil

          @Rodger De Ramus……Arlington has limited space, NOT all veterans are entitled to be buried there, what space is left goes for those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor (if their families wish to have them buried there), and other high ranking awards (DSC, Navy Cross, etc)…also members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and POTUS (and their spouces). Also, burial sites at ANY National Cemetary CANNOT be reserved in advance.

          She does have the right to be buried in any other National Cemetary though.
          Thank God the Veteran’s Administration told her NO!

      • Shadow_58

        She isn’t. This wacky board is only wanting her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Newhon63

      I say again. 15 minutes of fame.

    • She served two years…I thought if you joined the military when she did, it was a 4 year committment…She was out in two, honorably discharged…Who knows why she was actually discharged, but this could explain some of it…mental instability? Emotional liability? She is dead wrong on this, regardless of her mental state…

    • yankg

      She spent two years in the USAF, and got out. she is hardly considered a veteran, besides, NO ONE but dedicated hero’s and veterans can be buried there.

  • bleufishcat

    Sympathizers OF ANY SORT are destroying America from within.

  • Zepp

    I’m sure Obama will be there to honor him. This is disgusting, but nothing surprises me anymore.

  • jenniewalsh

    These young men have been tried and convicted in the media. No fair trial, no due process. The Illuminati was behind the whole bombing from beginning to end. The whole thing was planned and executed to eliminate the 4th Amendment which requires a search warrant in order to search people’s homes, which the police did, treating citizens like criminals in Waterton.

    • Gets your facts straight! The Police ASKED and that is exactly what they should have done. They trampled on no one’s rights at all.
      Last, it’s Watertown not Waterton..
      As to where this guy should be buried I’ll agree with two of the folks above.
      With Bin Laden or in an abandoned septic tank is perfectly suitable.IMHO

    • Newhon63

      Iluminati? Not sure where you deduced that from anything.
      And due process would not have even been an issue had the judge not been sent from the DOJ, most likely at the behest of Obama to read this kid Miranda rights he was not even entitled to as an enemy combatant. He engaged in an act of terror in Boston. Even someone who is as thick as a brick could figure that one out. He had an expired Student Visa and he was still allowed back into the country. The person responsible for that should be dismissed. What is the point in having Visas if you are allowed in even if yours is expired?

      • Independentrd

        Remember these are friends of the Obamas and visited the White House multiple times.

    • Destry

      This is getting off topic. This forum is supposed to be about the woman that wants to have her right to be buried in a National Cemetery transferred to the Boston bomber killed in a shootout with police, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. She may believe that includes Arlington, which it does not. As someone previously posted Arlington is reserved for the burial of those who were awarded high honors for service in the U.S. Armed Forces, CMH, DSC, etc. and other high ranking officials of national significance, presidents and the like.

  • Paul in NH

    The crabs are hungry in Chesapeake Bay!

    • Don’t do that to the crabs! Fly him out ove the Atlantic to the Gulf stream toss him out for shark bait.

    • phil

      Why poison the poor crabs?

  • kx1b

    Bury Tamerlan at sea next to bin Ladan’s pathetic carcass.

  • Tim

    I would hope that you and your readers would understand that is NOT possible. Veteran’s do NOT have the right to “give” a burial plot to anyone. She’s a douche, there’s no doubt about that, but this is nothing more than lunatic ravings.

    • jgeorgia2000


    • This is how dumb people are. A person runs a false story for the reaction and everyone believes it.

  • This is a non story and I do not know why people keep posting this article on their blogs.
    From http://www.cem.va.gov/burial_benefits/index.asp

    Preparing in Advance

    Gravesites in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries cannot be reserved in advance.

    • Newhon63

      I don’t know why they do it either, Stephen, This guy should be forgotten. They hate our freedom of speech and Freedom of the Press. Yet they are the benefactors of both everyday. Hand the terrorist’s carcass over to the mother and deport her and anyone connected to her and her family after fully investigating and charging where applicable for any terrorist activities against the U.S. and send the rest home to the desert.

      • phil

        Mother is in Russia, and has been told by the feds she will be immeadiately arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant for theft if she returns to the US. Give the carcass to her…..yeah right, only if she ponies up the cash to get her demon seed terrorist POS back to Russia.

    • They ARE reserved, for those of us that have served HONORABLY to our country.

  • James Maxwell

    Has this women had mental exam recently? If not I would strongly suggest she be
    give one immediately along with a full drug test.

  • get real

    Bury him in the septic tank.

    • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

      The problem here is if you wanted to dip him out to verify his identity that he was still in there and the slimeball did not somehow escaped. How do you know which turd to dip out??

      • Yeah, they all look the same and smell the same. Muslim turds just need to be sent back to the middle east and used as fertilizer. All the live ones too. Deported and buried alive sounds good to me. Worship of the second son of Satan is Allah. Actually Satan is not the Devils name. Satan means the accuser, thats why God made it one of his top 10 biggies. Thou shalt not lie and bear false witness against thy neighbor. Exactly what the dirty dems do.

        • Theonethatknows

          Satan actually means ‘adversary’, and it is another proper name for the Devil. Devil and Satan are the same.

  • Julie you are a TRAITOR !!

  • It might just be the best place to plant him, as he will never have eternal peace or rest among those military heroes.

  • saylorgirl

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!!!!!!

    • Saylorgirl is a classic example of ” opening your mouth and removing all doubt”.

  • Just dig him up and feed him to the vultures.

  • Plus she looks like the lead singer of RUSH. Yick!

  • Topcat_NY

    Dont get your pants in a knot ! It is not possible under current policy law , for anyone to transfer their plot to any one other than spouse . Certainly not someone not family at all . Just another bleeding heart progressive wacko .

    Department of the Army.
    Veterans’ Burial Benefits
    Eligibility Requirements for Burial in a National Cemetery
    Under current federal regulation, the following persons are eligible for burial in a VA national cemetery:

    1) any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who dies while on active duty;
    2) veterans who are discharged under conditions other than dishonorable (with certain exceptions);
    3) U.S. citizens who may have served in the armed forces of a U.S. ally
    during atime of war (service must have been terminated honorably by
    death or otherwise);
    4) certain members of Reserve Components and the Reserve Officer Training Corps(ROTC);
    5) commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;
    6) commissioned officers of the Regular or Reserve Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service;
    7) World War II merchant mariners;
    8) any Filipino veteran who was a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence who was residing in the United States at the time of his or her death;
    9) Spouse or surviving spouse of an eligible veteran and any minor and unmarried adult children of an eligible veteran ;

    Persons Ineligible for Burial in a National Cemetery

    1) former spouses of eligible individuals whose marriages to those
    individuals were terminated by annulment or divorce, if not otherwise eligible;
    2) family members other than those specified as eligible above;
    3) persons whose separation from the Armed Forces was under
    dishonorable conditions or whose character of service resulted in a bar
    to veterans’ benefits;
    4) a person who was ordered to report to an induction station but was not actually inducted into military service

  • cowboy

    “O” NO.Hell No, Not with our men whom gave there lifes to Save OUR COUNTRY? if this happen, thats cause this sorrie President doing this.I pray to our Lord God, Please Sir, help us here. Keep this person out of this resting place. This place is for our men and women whom gave there lifes so all of us can stay free and do and say what we want. Not someone whom kills others for not no reason what so ever. Cowboy:

  • joan spell

    leave it to obama to take care of the terrorist… I gurantee you he is behind this. the traitor

  • Phil

    This nut job CAN’T give away something mshe doesn’t have. You do not, repeat, do not reserve a burial plot at a National Cemetary. You get one, if available, when you die. This 2 year veteran can’t do this. What an idiot..

  • Great ! Now us Veterans will hav an Official Designated place to Urinate, while we go to honor our Nations’ fallen…

    Piss on Him !


    • LauraForLiberty

      If this were to happen I hope there will be a crew that will dig his a** up in the middle of the night and do what needs to be done!

  • This traitor psycho witch should be burned at the stake. BTW, she cannot transfer her plot, she doesn’t own the land. She only wants her 15 minutes of fame and needs to be in a mental hospital with Hitlary Clinton, who was responsible for the deaths in Benghazi.

    • Newhon63

      OH, you mean Hillary ” Discussion Concussion” Clinton? Husband..er…..wife of Bill “I smoke but didn’t inhale” and ” I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman……Monica Lewinski” Clinton?

      • phil

        Don’t you mean Monica BLEWinsky?

  • flasawdust

    How can 53 million idiots re-elect the worst POTUS of our lifetime?

    • Newhon63

      I can’t speak for everyone, I don’t know who voted for who this last election. the number I get is 52 million, 999 thousand,999 idiots voted to re-elect Obama. I sure did not. Oh, wait. I have to include my wife, soon to be ex-wife( reason not related to this issue) I know because she doesn’t vote at all. to it is one more less who voted for Obomber

  • roger3401

    People do not worry. This “vet” has no authorization whatsoever to “donate” her burial plot at Arlington or any other National Cemetery to anyone else. That is just not possible. Arlington National Cemetery’s web site explicitly details who can and cannot be buried there, and it cannot be transferred to anyone else, period. Do not worry, United States Army Department of Cemeteries is all over and totally on top of this specific situation.

  • Richard C. Huss

    Give me a break!! This should NEVER be allowed! That hollow ground is NOT for people like that! You can’t even have a Confederate soilder buried there, and they are soilders of the Americas.

  • flasawdust

    He should be laid on top of the ground in a landfill so the rats and buzzards can eat what’s left of him.

    • Send him to a pig farm… there’ll be nothing left to him before the day’s over with.

  • mariowen

    I think this could spark a huge retaliation against this woman if the permission goes through. Send him back where he came from. If they don’t want him, then let his parents deal with him. Cremate him and throw his ashes into the sea…I don’t care where he goes so long as he isn’t given a place with our heroes who died to keep America free from the likes of this terrorist. She says nobody deserves to rot above ground? This terrorist doesn’t deserve to rot underground with our heroes. Obviously she is a sympathizer with the terrorists that attack this country. Hopefully she is under strict scrutinizing by the government, but I doubt it because they are on the same page as she is…everyone of the White House administration.

  • Debbie

    Sounds great to me. Seriously, as a Christian we are supposed to forgive. What better place for him to be than among Christians who died yes, even for him. The Muslims won’t have him. I find it strangely ironic, and almost humorous….just like the God I know. His ways are mysterious!

  • look it up:

    Arlington National Cemetery responded to outrage Tuesday after a U.S. Air Force veteran said she was willing to give up her burial plot for suspected Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    The cemetery posted to its Facebook
    page: “We have been receiving calls about the interview a veteran did
    regarding giving up her space at a veteran cemetery to the Boston
    Bombing suspect so he can be buried. We want to make it clear that
    this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington — a veteran
    can’t transfer their eligibility to another person. Please pass this
    along to those who are concerned!”

    Read more: http://p.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/may/8/arlington-national-cemetery-responds-tsarnaev-buri/#ixzz2SkHYZ600

    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  • roger3401

    This “vet” is a disgrace to herself, her uniform and her country. She is totally a quack job. Read my other post to get informed on what the cemetery officials are saying.

  • HongryHawg

    Stop with this story, already. This person has no plot waiting for her at Arlington. If she has one at all, it’s the same deal any veteran gets when he dies, a plot in a National Cemetery. That does not mean Arlington. He will not even be buried in a veteran’s plot because they are not transferable. This fruitcake is just that. All you people running these news blogs need to to more than cut and paste. How about a little research. Or are you too busy collecting advertising fees? If you’re going to help, then help. I you’re just going to add to the confusion, back off!

  • Capt’n Annie

    Calm down people. The woman who offered her cemetery plot is not eligible herself to be buried at Arlington based on her minimal service. Please read Arlington’s FaceBook page where there is a statement stating no one can transfer their eligibility for Arlington burial

    • If she’s not eligible then why does she have a plot??

      • Destry

        She doesn’t have a specific plot in any National Cemetery, let alone Arlington. When she dies she is eligible to be buried in a National Cemetery where and if a burial plot in one is available.

  • RhettButler1

    It is disgusting. Utterly disgusting. As a veteran, I am really upset.

  • Chief47

    This woman is a total loon. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I served in the same branch of service as she. She needs to be buried in Arlington herself – alive!!!!

  • It is unlikely that the less than intelligent former U.S.A.F. service member has the authority/right to do what she says. This is her 15 minutes of disinfamy. Eligibility for interment at Arlington National Cemetery is verified at the time of need (at the time of death) and cannot be verified by the cemetery or accommodated before that time. However, in accordance with the 1986 Title 32 Code of Federal Regulations Part 553, section 15, the following individuals are eligible for interment (ground burial) at Arlington National Cemetery: THE DETERMINATION OF ELIGIBILITY TO BURIED AT ARLINGTON IS DETERMINED UPON THE DEATH OF THE PERSON. (Info learned by doing a google search for burial at Arlington National Cemetary.)

  • Well what a disgrace…She did 1/10th what I did…how dare she propose to desecrate our Hero’s rest. 2 years…she did nonthing…probably got married and got out and lived as a dependent. Grrrrrrr….I am mentally running through every curse word I know

  • buckofama2010

    She needs to have her citizenship revoked and locked up forever in a loony bin

  • Ms. Frein is a textbook definition of “QUISLING.”
    She should be ashamed, and immediately resign her commission or pension. Then revoke her citizenship, and cart her worthless carcass over to Iran or Afghanistan, and let her learn her “value” there!!!

    She’s a flagrant disgrace to all Vets, and hopefully will be totally ignored from now on.

  • barto

    If this indeed happens, it would be akin to unearthing Hitler and placing him in Arlington! Isn’t this cemetary designated for our military members who served our Country and certain other dignataries?

  • Newhon63

    I thank this woman for her service. I always appreciate our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our nation. We should all remember them.

    That said. This veteran has no right to give her plot to this terrorist, even if he was not a terrorist. That spot is for a person who has fought for this nation. it is not something that they can give away. It was set aside to provide a resting place for the warrior.

    This Julie Frein. a U.S. Air Force Veteran, is doing this for her 15 minutes of fame, no other motive is apparent to me. There is no way she can truthfully say that this terrorist should have that spot, knowing that he killed and maimed Americans with his actions in Boston.
    Besides, These people hate us. We are infidels. Why would they want him buried alongside us? I am not exactly in agreement with dumping his body with a load of pigs. It would insult the integrity of the pigs. But I would have no problem with dumping him into the ocean with Osama. At least that way it is done. It might give sharks a stomach ache but we do have to take our chances when we must.
    Personally I think this issue has garnered too much coverage already. If the mother of this scumbag wants his body to be sent to Russia, she can pay for the entire undertaking herself. Obama can even pay for it if he wants. But out of his own pocket. Not one penny should be contributed to this venture from the American people.

  • yankeewatchdog

    Throw his dead dumb ass in a trash bag and bury him at the landfill!

  • ronbos63

    she already takes prozac!!

  • Traitorhater

    She has no plot in a Veteran’s cemetery. They cannot be reserved ahead of time. When you die they will bury you in a cemetery if they have one available. I don’t think that a non vet can be buried in one anyhow unless you are the husband or wife of the veteran already buried there. A terrorist buried there? Hell no!

    • Breeze

      Hitches are 4 or 6 years. She was out in 2. Mental health issues appear present. Or maybe she’s just an IDIOT.

  • It’s not surprising. Look at all the idiots in this country who elected Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid. She looks like she doesn’t have both oars in the water. Without seeing her discharge papers I would never believe her to be a veteran not even the Air Force.

  • joe

    closer what about the one hurt and killed that have to live with the fact that their kids family members are no longer with them and screw this women

  • bless2live

    Must be kin to Hanoi Jane Traitor!

  • Dcarpen117

    This is an absolute slap in the face to all of the american soldiers who have given their life to this country and deserve to be buried in a place of honor. This should not be allowed to happen now or ever. Just the thought o his happening sickens me and also pisses me off.

  • Bill

    I think you know that this woman just wants attention as the terrorist does not qualify for burial at ANY veterans cemetary. In addition, a vet cannot give their spot to another individual except by relinquishing it and even then, it will go to another vet whose identity they have no control over. I don’t think Obama would even sign a waiver for that, assuming he has that power.

    • Bill

      Her making this offer does kind of explain why she only did two years in a branch of the service that doesnt offer a two year enlistment though, doesn’t it.

    • Destry

      Again, for those who don’t know… military veterans do not have a specific plot reserved in their name at any National Cemetery. They may be buried in a National Cemetery somewhere if a plot is available. In other words you can’t make reservations and you can’t transfer veteran burial rights, especially to someone not otherwise eligible.

  • Arlington National Cemetery – We want to make it clear that this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington — a veteran can’t transfer their eligibility to
    another person. Please pass this along to those who are concerned!”


  • F-14 Navy Vet

    Could be buried at a prison cemetery with criminals…how much could that cost?

  • angf117

    i will personally UNBURY the bastard and throw him in the river!!!!

  • jd1958

    Wrap the body in pigs skin after bathing it in pigs blood. This is how to “honor muslim terrorists!!”.

  • What a POS she is!

  • This has to be a 15 minute moment of fame this woman is seeking. It comes to show you how sick our society has become. I do not believe that she has been given a plot at Arlington Cemetery with only two years of service. There is more to this story. I am now interested on how this woman has been given the right to be bury at Arlington. Putting that aside, I think she is a liberal wacko putting bluntly and a disgrace to call herself an American!.

    • Destry

      This issue does call into question a number of things being asserted or inferred by Julie Frein. Why does she think or believe that she has a plot in Arlington National Cemetery and how did she get an honorable discharge from the USAF after serving only two years when four year enlistments were the minimum standard?

  • Wumingren

    Eligibility to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery is not transferrable. She cannot give away her plot to someone else.

  • Jan, love your Passion but you should research better: http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/boston/arlington.asp veteran cannot give away her plot, bomber is not eligible.

  • Just burn the mother fucker,then flush him..send his mother nothing!!!

  • Boccagalupe

    Bury a terrorist amongst heroes???… Unthinkable!!!

  • Wolverine

    What the Hell is wrong with this AFB. Just for that statement they should revoke her honorable discharge & her right to be buried in Arlington . I served 8 yrs honorable. And I sure as Hell wouldn’t want to be in the same cemetery with that B—-.

  • Gene

    Let’s do the same thing they did w/OBL. Bury him at sea & let those who would visit his grave site be excellent swimmers.

  • wm

    Send him back to Russia where he came from or drop him the sea so the sharks can eat him. He certainly does not belong in our Honored Cementary.

  • She should turn her uniform in and burn her 201 files.

  • Vincent A. Barbato

    America should be embarrassed to even consider this, doing it should be a CRIME

  • Herbert

    And President Obama will lead a national prayer vigil for the poor Islamic terrorist who was soo very offended by evil Anglo-Euro culture that he struck out against whitey.

  • Frank

    To : All the other commenter s….Please do not hold these actions of this woman against all other veterans from THE U.S.A.F. We are not like her. Some of us are wondering how she ever enlisted. To that end I say simply this. The Jihadist bomber needs a funeral and a final resting place…give the family the options and a timeline to choose.. Be done with it after that. No more media fanfare, no more moments in the spotlight…either turn him, burn him or ship him…but either way be done with him and his family

  • She can’t offer it to a non-family member. Hell, only a spouse can be buried with a veteran. This is a NON-ISSUE.

  • Ron

    I just scanned down to several comments,what could I possibly add,except that I can understand why this dumb ass left the Air Force two years a early

  • That’s not a lady. That’s not a woman. That’s a girl. An immature girl who doesn’t get it.

  • Bury this Muslim terrorist in the back yard of the White house. Obama can sing the chants !!!!!


  • Guy S

    letter to the Office of Veteran’s Affairs…. As a concerned American
    and strong supporter of our nation’s honorable veterans, I am disgusted
    beyond belief that a former US Air Force Vet is attempting to give her
    burial space at Arlington to the Muslim Terrorist involved in killed
    dozens of innocent people including children in the Boston Marathon

    understand it may be seen as a kind gesture by her in an attempt to
    help the terrorist’s family heal, but it is supremely inappropriate,
    unacceptable and in my mind, treasonous. That is giving aid and comfort
    to the enemy… TREASON!

    you received such a request? Are you going to honor our nation’s
    veterans and deny such a request? The NCA website states: “A Sacred
    Trust: The Story of the National Cemetery Administration” NCA honors
    Veterans and their families with final resting places in national
    shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and
    sacrifice to our Nation.

    is no way in hell a murderous Muslim Terrorist does not qualify in any
    way to be buried along side honorable veterans. To allow such an act
    would be to dishonor our veterans both living and dead, take away from
    their sacrifice and service and be tantamount to a kick in their teeth!

    hope and expect the Office of Veteran’s Affairs and the NCA will
    strongly deny burial to this piece of human trash! The only appropriate
    burial for terrorists is cremation and their ashes dropped at sea so
    there can be no shrine for future terrorists to honor him as a martyr! I
    hope to hear an appropriate response on this issue soon.

    You can send your thoughts on this issue by completing this form.

  • Guy S

    On one hand, I can see this as a tremendous
    Christian response in trying help the bomber’s family heal on her part.
    But you when you are willing to do that at the expense of all the
    honorable soldiers who have given their
    lives for freedom and the rule of law….as well as a kick in the teeth
    of all the families of those deceased soldiers, it discounts the
    sacrifice and service of great Americans. It is a slap in their face,
    it is inappropriate, unacceptable and in my mind, treasonous. That is
    giving aid and comfort to the enemy… TREASON!

    I am so utterly
    disgusted by this! Frankly I think her burial allowance at any national
    cemetery should be revoked for attempting to do this despicable act.
    As for the terrorist, his body needs to be cremated and scattered over
    the ocean so their is no memorial spot for future terrorists to worship
    him as a martyr for Islam!!!

    Please contact the Office of
    Veteran’s Affairs and tell them not to bury this murderous terrorist scumbag at
    Arlington under any circumstance!!! 1-800-535-1117

    website states: “A Sacred Trust: The Story of the National Cemetery
    Administration” NCA honors Veterans and their families with final
    resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that
    commemorate their service and sacrifice to our Nation.

    Sorry to disappoint but Muslim Terrorists do not qualify in any way to be buried along side honorable veterans.

  • WT Flying F is this woman talking about!!!!! To offer her burial plot to this douche bag is unconscionable!! This cemetery is for our war dead!!! No need to bury said idiot, torch the body and dump the ashes in a pig pen. It figures this come from someone in the Air Force, but even this is a new low as no vet or current SM I know would offer up this idea for fear of being ridiculed the rest of their life for being “that person” who really is just that stupid.

  • ERA53

    Another loser wanting their 15 minutes

  • JohnM

    You have got to be kidding. For this women to even think that this scum bag should have a rite to be buried on American soil is a outrage, and a disgrace.

  • Robert Moulds

    I’m disappointed in Julie Frein having severed her country it is her right to decide such a thing. Never the less most of the veterans families would prefer that Tasrnaev was sent to Russia to be buried even though some would question the morality of honoring the boys mother wish’s.

  • This is ridiculous!!!!! Throw his worthless carcass in the landfill or feed him to the hogs!!!!
    Sending him back to Russia is a very good idea!!!!

  • KenG

    Plots in National Cemeteries are reserved for military veterans. The plots can not be bought, sold, reserved, or transferred to a 3rd party.

  • No. I protest and this very idea is an insult to our nation and its veterans. No.

  • Peyton Wood

    This woman is not entitled to be burired in ANC. Heck, even I, as an ODS vet can only be buried there with my great grandfather. I don’t meet criteria, certainly she does not. Don’t get your panties in a knot, it won’t happen

  • Doc

    The air force was always the most “liberal” of the armed forces. The caretakers of Arlington National Cemetery should deny access for this terrorist and the slug who offered her plot. Two years in the air force should not warrant a space there. This national cemetery should be reserved for wounded, KIA or retired personnel. Shame on her for her dishonor.

    • billygeturgun

      Exactly! What in the hell makes her think she even has a spot there? This is the most honored cemetery in America for the most honored in America and she somehow thinks the has a spot reserved there!

      • SaraLM

        Her husband is buried there and she as his wife can be buried on top of him, that is the plot she was offering. And yes if this happens, I will be very angry!!!

        • billygeturgun

          Yes, I should have watched the video before I blasted but I was just so flabbergasted at the very idea of this happening. If this attempt should be made, there needs to be patriots from the far corners of this nation standing at the grave of her late husband and protest this action with vigor. There needs to be absolute assurance that there will be widespread media coverage of such a protest to make sure the entire nation is made aware of this nutcase’s ludicrous offer.

  • Stephen Goodman


  • If this scum is buried there, I will be the first to go there and dig him out, then throw his filthy body onto the highway. DISGUSTING!

  • Rockin RD76

    Though I can understand this woman’s heart felt stance, she is way wrong! Let the family of the scumbag ship him back to mutha Russia and bury him at a pig farm which is mich more deserving.

  • ☂ What is happening to our country? What is happening with some people? Have they been lobotomized?

    • billygeturgun

      Nope, but that sounds like a good suggestion for this nutcase.

  • That animal made a conscious decision to murder and dismember people who never hurt him; who would very likely have done almost anything for him.

    What he deserves is the fate of Jezebel.

    His real fate is in God’s hands now.

  • Kelan

    I’m speechless …..is the whole country full of nuts?
    Someone give this idiot a hug and send this kid back to Russia.

  • Brenda phipps

    He is not a veteran he can not be buried there my husband is a veteran 3 times over so I am a guest that he don’t have the right to be barred in the us at all for what he did

  • For America

    Bury him in the first urinal at Arlington

  • Arlington is meant for VETERANS!!!!!!! Never EVER will a TERRORIST BE BURIED there. IF she so wishes she is no AMERICAN PATRIOT, that cares about our MILITARY HERITAGE!

  • Rlrork

    Just feed him to the hogs. They will make quick work of him.

  • rob

    Can not be done. It is not her place to do this. Arlington National Cenetery & Old Guard had confirmed this can not & will not happen.

  • Barbara

    Talk about total disrespect. This woman must have a mental disorder.

  • billygeturgun

    It is official! Americans have completely lost their minds. This woman is incredibly stupid if she thinks that this will ever happen. I don’t have the money to go do DC and I sure don’t have the money to get arrested, make bond, and pay court fines and costs but if this farce is attempted, I believe I will have to find a way to get there and protest and keep this from happening. Or at least be there to stop it until I get arrested. The unmitigated gaul of this libtard to think this is anywhere close to appropriate is unbelievable. As an American, more importantly as a veteran in the same Air Force this moron served in, I am appalled that anyone would even consider this to be proper. It is a disgrace and a slap in the face to every patriot and hero buried there. I just cannot imagine the thought process that led to this idea. Although I have said much, in reality I am at a loss for words to describe how heinous this would be. Signing off before I just completely lose it. God bless America and please, FIX THE STUPIDITY, PLEASE!!!!!

    • billygeturgun

      Okay, I watched the video and now I know why she has a reservation there with her late husband but this is still outrageous . So not only is she wanting to dishonor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice but she even wants to dishonor her own husband and let this guy be buried next to her late husband. This b e o t ch has really got to put down the meth pipe and quickly back away. From my professional experience dealing with meth addicts, she looks exactly like a crank ho! Unbelievable!! Now, I am really signing off. Good night John Boy!

  • The bimbo served only two years?
    How did she manage that when almost all enlistments are four four years or more? There has to be a story here on whey the Military let her go early?

  • I like the bury him at sea with his martyr idea

  • It ain’t going to happen. Don’t make a flip what this gal says, she doesn’t decide who gets buried in any National Cemetery.

  • H8Liberals

    What a dumb ass liberal idiot….

  • First of all, that USAF witch makes me ashamed that I served 6 years in that branch. Secondly, the obagodung dictator needs to send him to Davey Jones’ Locker like he ordered the imposter he has taken credit for killing.

  • Larry

    It’s not hers to give away!

  • granny_for USA

    Sick bitch.

  • joe

    Bury him at sea , that way there is no place to visit as a marter

  • I say dig a hole in a hog lot n throw his ass in ! He had no respect so none of us should either !!

  • I think this is the most inane, insane, thing I’ve seen anyone do…especially a vet. My husband was a veteran…he’d roll over in his grave. I think Julie is a certified nut and I’d go with anyone who’d dig that man up, IF he’s allowed to be buried there, and then feed him to the hogs.

  • Army Sniper

    Feed his remains to pigs, or give me the plot number, I’ll get that garbage out of our cemetery!!

  • K K

    I cannot fathom this. This will soil the grounds by placing a terrorist in Arlington National Cemetery . I thought it was bad enough that we have a muslim in the white house selling our souls to the muslim brotherhood, and aiding them with jets, tanks, tear gas, automatic weapons, and then to allow the desecration of our cemetery with the jihadist who attacked innocent Americans. I realise it was a woman vet who suggested this, however the potus can and should deny the request.

  • How did she only spend 2 years in the service? She wasn’t drafted during Viet Nam (nor could She have) Normal enlistment is 4. This woman needs some serious help. Maybe donate some body parts to be used by the victims of the bombing as transplants.

  • Send the kid back to his mom don’t bury him here he don’t deserve it. War is wrong!! Peace is better!! Lets bring peace to earth before we destroy it and ourselves

  • bogie7129

    BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! Normally, interment in a national cemetery is determined by requirements established by the Veterans Administration. HOWEVER, eligibility for burial in Arlington National Cemetery is determined by the Department of the Army. There is no one vet out there anywhere who has the authority to give this scumbag “her” place in Arlington. Unless one has seen her DD-214, we don’t even know if she’s eligible for burial in any veterans cemetery. Don’t listen to her.

  • He has NO BUSINESS in Arlington National Cemetery!! Cremate him and ship it home to his nasty ole mother.

  • protectourkidsnow

    Just when I thought political correctness couldn’t get any more absurd. I honestly cannot imagine any rationalization this lady has for doing this. This is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. I hope cooler heads will prevail and this issue will go away without further intervention being necessary.

  • Big bad John

    She must be like the idiot women that feel compelled to marry Serial killers. I find her and those like her sickening. It has to be that she was dropped on her head at some point in life..

  • Big bad John

    You good people are aware that the media is once again manipulating us? You DO understand that they get paid on the advertisements by how many dummies, like me actually Look at these stories? I find today’s media absolutely SICKENING!! We MUST Boycott the Main Stream media if we want to stop being lied to and/or manipulated

  • violater1

    This dumbed down. Bitch should be shot if allowed to do this!!!!

  • LJ

    Matthew 5:43-48 The Lord Commands us to Love our enemies…This woman has the Heart of Jesus!!!!
    Love Your Enemies 43“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47And if you greet only your brothers, [19] what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48You therefore must be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

  • no!! no!!! no!!! Julie!! we DO not…need to get over it…you do…your sentimentality is misplaced. You want to bury this animal with honored soldiers?? Should we also fly our flags halfmast for him?
    YOU need to get over it!!!

  • LJ

    He who is without sin cast the first stone!!!! This is what Jesus told the crowd who wanted a women stoned

    • Conservativesniper

      And your point is?

  • This POS female is totally wacked! Put her in a “NUT HOUSE” quickly! & Lord don’t let her buy or own gun!

  • Arlington denied her request, not eligible since the creep wasn’t in the military.

  • This disrespectful maggot has dishonored the brave soles who occupy that sacred ground as well as all of the armed forces and the country by offering a grave plot meant for the brave warriors of our nation by offering it to the enemy. If they allow this to go thru I will personally go dig up that grave and burn that corpse my damn self and spread the ashes on this traitors lawn because she feels so sorry for him. A monster like him dose not does not deserve a decent barrel let alone alongside the men and women who fought and died for this country. She feels this bad pay for him to get sent home I do not want him in my country its the same as having Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin or Osama Bin Laden next to our nations finest warriors. I hope and pray she gets arrested for harboring a terrorist and treason to the united states.

  • I am wondering what the VA would say about that. I thought it was just veterans and dependents.

  • GQ4U

    Pickle him in a batch of pigs feet and place the jar outside his mosque.

  • Dom Jaro

    i couldn’t watch this whole thing, it made me physically ill, ok she served our country…..for 2 years….BUT that doesn’t mean that she’s right about this, i thank her for her service, but…..that’s as far as i’ll go with this, she’s needs mental help……

  • Even a veteran can have his/her head up his/her a–. Throw that carcass into the compost pile along with the rest of the garbage.

  • Only humans who treat others as they would wish to be treated, (God’s Golden Rule adopted by UN as an International norm for ALL nations to coexist) should have any rights of any sort. Islam does not teach this. This lady has not done her homework on this evil ideology. She should have her honorable discharge changed to dishonorable discharge in light of her comments. Totally un-becoming of an officer.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    His burial is objectionable to every America. Might I suggest burial at sea.

  • If the Veterans Administration allows this, then our government is against American Patriots who died for our country and all living relatives of any soldier at Arlington National Cemetery should exhume their remains and move them to a family plot where the government can’t dishonor their remains any longer. This alone could be the spark of the NEW REVOLUTION that is overdue.

  • Buster Puddles

    OMG!! I swear, there are freakin’ loonies everywhere!!!
    “I’m just so tired of all the hate.. Booo Hooo!!!!”

  • get this monster off US. soil.
    Send him back to his mother.

  • haroldson

    what is this woman out of her mind? If any thing ask his people to pay to have him shipped home on their penny, what he deserved he got , we owe him nothing.

  • PhiDeck

    Yet another ill-informed person exercising her freedom of speech. Happens daily. Nothing to see here, and no reason to become apoplectic and/or hypertense.

  • dodge

    I also thought the commitment was 4 yrs. It was when I went in in ’69. I would like to know the circumstances behind the two year deal.

  • KMac574

    This lunatic is out of her effing mind. The country would need to get over it? Are you “blanking” kidding me?!? GFY!

  • Cremate him and send him with his parent…

  • Bryan H

    Sympathizing with the enemy is an act of treason I believe? I think she should have her veteran status revoked, and her pension cut off, and her plot given to someone who deserves it.

  • As far as I’m concerned, she’s a traitor. And/or insane. And I don’t consider insanity a defense for treason. She should lose her privilege of being buried in a national cemetery for this.

  • Conservativesniper

    This bitch is crazy.

  • Conservativesniper

    Nobody deserves to rot above ground? Did the CHILDREN murdered by this coward and his muslim turd brother deserve to be randomly murdered? Screw EVERY haji ABOVE GROUND. I think it’s time to crank the Crusades back up.

  • anyone have an extra bullet? I think this so called veteran (which is sad) is begging for one, between the eyes. How the hell can she be so damn stupid, her family show be so proud, I wonder how many in her family are actually wanting to 86 her. man she does even be able to go to Arlington to see it. what the hell is happening to people in this United States of America?

  • Hibicus07

    I totally disagree with this lady! This is one guy that does deserve to rot above ground and not in my country!!! To be buried in the Arlington Cemetery is an honor that is rightfully given to the men and women who have protected our country! I think a burial similar to the one given Bin Laden would be appropriate. He does not deserve a burial in the United States!

  • sue frazier

    This chick is a moron

  • NO WAY!!! She is thinking about his family and their healing.. I get that. Some people are more forgiving than others.. However to bury this guy with all of our brave soldiers who died to keep this kind of stuff from happening in the first place is an insult to ‘THEIR’ families. What about the grief and sorrow that will cause them?? Lady, you are not thinking straight. If you want to do something for the family, pay for his body to be flown to his country of origin and go grieve with them!!!

  • Chief86

    Just serving in the military does not guarantee you a burial plot at Arlington. I served 26 years in the Navy and I did nothing conspicuous enough to earn a plot there. And, if you go to the Arlington National Cemetery website you will see U.S. Army at the bottom, not VA.

  • Dash

    Drop his body in a place with large population of coyotes and hyenas.
    And do not disclose the location.
    That is as much as he deserved

  • Kooz

    Thanks Julie Frein. a U.S. Air Force Veteran, for dishonoring my Dad’s place of rest. You do not deserve that burial plot.

  • Jain Doe

    In some countries, you must serve your country to earn voting privileges. I’ve earned mine, did you earn yours?

  • John Crafton

    She was in the Air Force for two years. Hardly speaks for the rest of us.

  • Does the place have a garbage dump area?

  • horseridingplains

    She seems to be an example of our military Higher ups–no jihad- just Christian terrorists—on helicopter crash- had Islamic cleric say the prayer–videos with true translators show he is cursing our heroes as not true to islam and vile infidels—why were not Judeo-Christian ministers also there ?????
    People wake up–our military uppers are getting scarier and scarier—now if Christians practice/discuss their faith they can be court-martialed—-what about Muslims?????bet not applicable

  • Obama has done a real brain job on this person! Is she able to use the bathroom without help? And she probably is able to vote and why we have a Muslim in office as potus.

  • A porta-potty would attract too much attn. over a grave I’m thinking.

  • Julie only wants her 15 min. of fame…ignore this crazy woman.

  • This lady is out of her ever lovin mind! That pos does not deserve to be buried there, end of story! !!

  • He has no right to be buried in the United States!

  • Its not true spoof stories for reaction are dumb. Seriously watch real news no cemetery is willing to take the body. Morge has been ready to release it for two weeks now. This story is a joke.

  • To bad.

  • Omar

    She looks like she might be SHEEHANS younger sister!

  • Go ahead and put him there, he will get the MOST DISRESPECT there on a daily basis for sure! We could keep a 24hr webcam on his grave to ID future threats.

  • She kinda resembles Robin William’s Miss Doubtfire, doesn’t she? I’m an USAF veteran and, if THIS story is TRUE, I am appalled. Fortunately, the Arlington Nat’l Cemetery folks have rules concerning this kinda crap and I hope they stick to it.

  • Evermyrtle

    That should tell us something.The big boys in DC are communist, Islamist, supporting the destruction of our country

  • junkmailbin

    he should have gone to the pig farm that is next to a mosque. They hold pig races on prayer day. in the main pen would have been fine. No need to dig a hole. The pigs could handle cleaning things uo

  • This woman is obviously mentally unstable. It’s all ridiculous.

  • billygeturgun

    Well folks, it appears the terrorist has been secretly buried at an undisclosed location according to today’s news reports. My question is where was he buried and why can’t that location be reported? If I am not mistaken, this information should be able to be obtained by a proficient journalist under the Freedom of Information Act so we’ll see if one does that. Also, if anyone lives near the Arlington National Cemetery, they should go to the cemetery and find the resting place of this beotch’s husband and see if there is fresh digging there as if someone might have been buried there. And if so, this needs to be shouted from the highest rooftops so that an appropriate response can be made and the protests initiated. And the sheep keep believing!!!!!!!!!!

  • this woman is INSANE!!

  • This is OUTRAGEOUS! I wrote to my Congressmen yesterday and DEMANDED that they stop this BS! NO REPLY! Why was this woman discharged early? Did she have a mental problem and the Military made a PC Stupid decision? I hope that this woman doesn’t have children bcz I do not think we need her to dilute our gene pool any more than it is. The Deceased Bomber was buried today in an “undisclosed” location. As an American and a Vet., Arlington is sacred ground! I am besides myself over this.

  • …something about becoming the monster so the monster does not hurt you?

  • rosie46

    Our national cemeteries are reserved for US military and veterans and he is neither. This is an insult to all military and US citizens, which he is not either. She can cry all she wants to, but she should be crying for those he murdered and our military who have died, not this terrorist. His remains can be shipped home to his mother who wants them. Maybe this woman can pay for it if she is so generous. She is a disgrace to the military and to our country.

  • Wolverine

    This is a JOKE right?

  • You know, somebody should have told that woman that a lot of people are tired of hate…So why are you doing something as STUPID as trying to create more? And what is this, “the country will just have to get over it” crap? Really? So it’s only YOUR hate you are tired of, and screw everybody else in the country! Why don’t YOU get over yourself and start helping others in pain because of this? How selfish can you be especially at a time like this? Sure glad this scum is already been buried at an “undisclosed location” or you could have seen all kinds of ill will, to put it very mildly, if your “offer” was accepted. Now retreat back to obscurity please, your horrible 15 is up!

  • HongryHawg

    Stop with this story, already. This person has no plot waiting for her at Arlington. If she has one at all, it’s the same deal any veteran getswhen he dies, a plot in a National Cemetery. That does not mean Arlington. The alleged bomber will not even be buried in a veteran’s plot because they are not transferable. This fruitcake is just that. All you people running these news blogs need to do more than cut and paste and swap links. How about a little research? Or are you too busy collecting advertising fees? If you’re going to help, then help. If you’re just going to add to the confusion, back off!

  • sanchezmikea

    What they have not revealed yet is the brother was buried face down.

  • Elise Lefort

    frein is a traitor

  • This woman is pathitic..She has not been in combat she has not been injured in combat there for she does not have a place in Arlington..U have to be killed in combat or seriously injured with a Purple Heart,Bronze Star or even a Silver Star to be eligable to be laid to rest in Arlington.She only served 2 years in USAF she’s only eligiable to be buried in a veterans State Cemetary..God stupid people like this makes me so dam angry..she’s pathetic.She should be fined or jailed for a while for giving false information to the press.