Chris Matthews: Lost His “O” Thrill

President Obama “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch,” Chris Matthews said tonight.

Yes, you read that right: The MSNBC host who in 2008 felt a “thrill going up my leg” after hearing Obama speak has grown disenchanted. Tonight’s episode of Hardball saw Matthews delivering a rare, unforgiving grilling of the president as severe as anything that might appear on Fox News.

“What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn’t like dealing with other politicians — that means his own cabinet, that means members of the congress, either party. He doesn’t particularly like the press…. He likes to write the speeches, likes to rewrite what Favreau and the others wrote for the first draft,” Matthews said.

“So what part does he like? He likes going on the road, campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere,” Matthews continued. “But what part does he like? He doesn’t like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn’t like selling to the press. He doesn’t like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.”

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  • David

    The libs and socialists are only trying their best to get people’s minds off of Benghazi since that is the most damaging to obama. They no longer mention it and nothing will come about because Matthews grills him over his actions and the IRS will never get back to obama or holder themselves to prosecute them. Benghazi is the one thing to nail obama with.

    • Dave USMC Retired MSgt

      And…. unfortunately most of the low info populace doesn’t even know who this “Bin Ghazi” guy is. Maybe they think that he’s related to “Bin Laden”? 😉

  • So that is what Chris Matthews Head looks like I am so used to it being so up Obama’s butt that I totally forgot!

  • Robert S Moulds

    Chris Matthews is doing Barack Obama a favor complaining about the president will improve his ratings since Chris is a pasty face blubber baby. When MSNBC fires Chris he should move to Canada and march in the Toronto gay pride parade as an adult baby wearing nothing but a diaper it suits him.

  • And just WHY would he like, or be capable of, being an executive??? He had absolutely NO executive experience prior to being elected CEO/President of the USA. I harped this during the campaigns and the reason I believe governors make the best candidates….they’ve been there, done that.

    • Rattlerjake

      Funny to see Maher, Stewart, Sheiffer, and now Matthews finally seeing Obuthead for what he really is; only took 5 years! Amazing how conservatives saw through him even before he started his first term. So much for liberals claiming to be intelligent.

  • Chris Matthews is a complete idiot. I avoid all MSLSD programming.

  • VocalYokel

    Disappointing when the tingle becomes a chill, isn’t it Chris?

  • John A

    Don’t get to excited that Matthews is down on Obama for the present time. This will only last a short period of time and the love fest between the two will commence again in the near future. They’ll kiss and make up; Matthews will be twitterpated once again.

  • DE Navarro

    Well jeeeeeez, isn’t that just dandy. Doesn’t change who Chris Matthews is – just proves what a loser he is for ever getting a tingle in the first place.

  • ecoastdude

    The thrill is gone
    The thrill is gone away
    The thrill is gone baby
    The thrill is gone away
    You know you done me wrong baby
    And you’ll be sorry someday

  • Steve j

    Yea. Don’t think for a minute tha Mathews is any less of a pinko. He’s just miffed because he’s failing to “fundementally change” this nation fast enough to show him.

  • Now little chrissie knows that feeling of pissing himself in the dark suit, after the piss cools. Initially, only he had or could feel the warmth of it all. Now its just another pair of pissed in pants of chrissie’s…

  • So,Chris Mathews has finally seen the light. At last, so own up you half ass, it’s about time “””””””!

  • Rattlerjake

    Matthews, It has nothing to do with him not liking to do these things, it has to do with him not being ABLE to do these things!

    • Ovomit is getting done what he had in mind. The total destruction of the United States. Dinesh D’Souza wrote several books that told the whole tale and what we could expect. The lefties refused to read the books and licked the gay politicians middle leg. His adviser is Valerie Jarrett an admitted communist and she has been his adviser for 25 years. She has never been approved by congress to be his advisor and gets 2 hours with it every morning. That is ahead of the CIA and all other intelligence briefs. When it does get pulled down, Valerie Jarrett, Ovomit, Moochelle, Biden and quite a few more are going to National security prisons. No lawyers, no visitors, no family, no news dorks. National security folks, when it happens there will be a lot of libbies running away from this country.