College Professors Want Obama’s Face on Mt. Rushmore

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A handful of George Washington University political and history professors largely support the idea of adding President Barack Obama’s face to Mount Rushmore – just not quite yet.

According to a survey conducted by The College Fix, three out of the 10 George Washington University history and political science professors questioned via email replied it’s simply too soon for Obama’s likeness to be immortalized on Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

But he very well could and should be added – eventually – the three educators said.

“Historical judgments take time to form and Obama is still in office,” said history professor Edward Berkowitz. “It could be that he will be one of the great presidents, worthy of having his likeness carved on a mountain, but certainly not yet.”

Professor Paul Wahlbeck, a professor and chairman of the political science department, said he is “reluctant to venerate political leaders while or shortly after they served,” but still remains optimistic.

“History undoubtedly will accord President Obama a special place by virtue of being the first African American President,” Wahlbeck said in an email to The College Fix.

The three professors seemed united that a president’s legacy should not appear prematurely.

Political Science Professor Robert Stoker, who specializes in social policy and authored an article in January claiming that Social Security does not add to the nation’s debt, voiced skepticism about venerating Obama’s legacy too soon.

“I recall how unseemly it was when Republicans started a premature campaign to cement President Reagan’s legacy by naming everything they could find after him,” Stoker said, referring to the campaign to name the national airport in DC after President Reagan.

“At least the Republicans waited until Reagan was no longer in office.”

Of the remaining George Washington University professors surveyed, one declined to weigh in, and six simply said “no” to the question of whether Obama belonged on Mt. Rushmore.

Dedicated in 1941, Mount Rushmore, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, has only four faces etched into eternity at this time: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. To be added to that list would be one of the highest honors bestowed on any American, alive or dead.

With that, perhaps it’s no surprise that some professors at George Washington University can eventually see Obama – a democrat and America’s first black president – added to Rushmore sometime in the future.

The university has a reputation as a school with an inclination for liberal bias, where two gay students took aim at a campus priest, a law professor taught students how to lobby for Obama policies, and an abortionist practices on campus grounds next to a residence hall.

According to the Federal Election Commission, professors funneled $132,702 into Barack Obama’s campaign in the 2012 election cycle.

Read more at The College Fix

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  • myke794

    OMG, what are these people thinking. This country is on the brink of financial ruin and civil war and they want our idiot president enshrined? Fools, they are!

    • Hoodoo H

      Wanna start a war?
      You can also do it by approving this project.
      What a F’n disgrace!

      • Rattlerjake

        There’s not enough rock on that mountain for those ears and lips!

        • Bill

          Just think of how much coal it would take….what a waste

    • Rattlerjake

      The only granite his head or name belongs on is a tombstone, and it won’t happen soon enough!

      • Betty Roberts

        Careful, they will be coming to audit your tax return, or you may
        have an “accident”. It’s disgusting how corrupt our Government has
        become. Our rights are slowly being assassinated; America is declining under this
        President and his supporters. Social Country being formed while most of
        Americans have nothing better to do than eat, sleep, go to the gym, and if
        lucky to work. They are so distracted by every day life they don’t even know
        what the hell is happening to America.
        And these people are allowed to vote and don’t even know about Benghazi or the Scandals happening. I think
        every person should be given a test about current affairs, who the President is
        etc and if they fail, then they should not be allowed to vote. God help us.

  • TheLiberalEater

    Oh, hell no!

  • Never before Reagan’s and not even then. Obama has been a historic president, but not in a good way.

    • Hoodoo H

      I saw something I could approve of…was a urinal cake. He was enshrined.

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        I already bought a case of them.

        • Hoodoo H

          Can you send me a new one?… I didn’t want to reach into the urinal.

  • Sagebrush6

    I don’t think there is a lump of coal big enough to support his swelling head.

    • jb80538

      We could probably round up a few truck loads of cow manure to do the job. But he does not deserve to be enshrined there.

      • Marlin208

        Go carve out a spot in Kenya, they love the piss ant.

        • jb80538

          Why not. He was born there!

      • Craig

        I work at a race track, maybe I can have them save up the cow droppings.

        • Craig

          Typo there, horse droppings, and the are lots of them.

  • Jim Spradlin

    There never has been and never will be a Democrat on Mount Rushmore.

    Besides, there isn’t a turd big enough on the face of the Earth to carve a face that big, and no way to stick it up there if there was…

  • Charles Scappaticci

    I have his face on a roll of toilet paper, that’s the only place it belongs.


  • dmbunce

    His backside would be more deserving.

  • Just Dave

    How will they get that big a piece of coal to stay in place??

  • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

    This rumor was circulated in the past and it was determined that there was not a chunk of coal big enough to import to SD to satisfy the Arrogant Imposters ego. In any event the owebumm has basically outlawed the mining of coal.

  • Alice Hallock

    Put his face on toilet paper . Then we could use his face for the same thing he has used our Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Declaration of Independence for.

    • Amen… Put his face at the bottom of an Outhouse.Then we can dump on him like he is dumping on us…..

      • freebirds

        I want urinal deodorant screens made up that say his name on them. And go into every public restroom and drop one in each urinal.

    • catman

      put his head on a headstone the dirty F

  • jb80538

    Maybe hang him from it but do not carve his face there. That monument should never have anyone else added.

  • Julia Moya

    This would be further disgrace to our country. The only likenesses of him worthy is on a prison mug shot……

  • gepops58

    isn’t it bad enough that this clowns face is splattered all over the tv news papers internet whatever now they want to carve his ugly mug on mount Rushmore NONSENSE!!! the only place that his face belongs is on Americas most wanted by the FBI or maybe on the back of a milk truck asking if anybody has seen this person?,Mt Rushmore I think not remember it was bad enough that they put his face on the flags over the DNC in Fla

  • I have no problem with that….as long as they put up Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy first!

  • RedMeatState

    that’s funny. you know, I replicate Obama’s image at least once a day in the toilet. That’s all the monument he will ever get

    • jb80538

      We at work call that…Giving birth to a steaming Soetoro.

      • Jon

        We call it Dropping a Barack!

        • Dawg

          We say,Poopping a Berry

          • rob

            I say I got to go drop a “O”

    • right

      I took a obama today and it took two flushes to go down!

  • Dr. Evil

    At least 20 years after he’s dead.

    • jb80538


  • radcont5164


  • fcsuszka

    Personally I think defacing this monument with the likeness of Obamas rectum should be punishable by firing squad. Put an image if him in a swamp. LOL No that won’t work. The gators would leave and further upset the ecosystem of the swamp.

    Does this professor have both ores in the water? If this person is an example of what students are being taught in our institutions of higher learning then we truly are in deep water…

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      That’s NOT water we’re in, butwe ARE in it DEEP, all right!

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll


  • Jan,
    Tell me they are not serious!! That would be a blow below the belt to even consider this moron, on Mount Rushmore!!!

  • richard h

    I Heard That Coal Miners, Members Of The United Mine Workers, Were Preparing A Large Piece Of COAL To Be Shipped To Mt. Rushmore For That Very Purpose!

  • Tpatriot

    With individuals like this masquerading as college professors, this certainly confirms that a significant amount of current education is worthless! These people are an embaresement to the United States.

  • shannon853

    no lump of coal that big!

  • fideux

    Good idea; right after they put Jimmy Carter’s bust up there. Then you would have the second worst, followed by the WOAT (worst of all time) side by side next to four of the great American Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. That would be quite a contrast. The best of and the worst of, carved into the mountain for all to see…get serious!

  • pipcrusher

    over my very very very very very very cold and battle scared dead body

  • Tpatriot

    With individuals like this masquerading as college professors, this certainly confirms that a significant amount of current education is worthless! These people are an embarressment to the United States.

  • rycsailor

    Just goes to prove what happens when we send our children to be educated by these people……..This is akin to the Nobel Peace Prize for zero accomplishments and after 41/2 years still nothing accomplished.

  • actualAmerican

    Not just no, Hell NO! The people that are there now were honorable people not criminals. For that face to go up there with theirs would be an abomination.

  • Randy Kirn

    Can you say IDIOTS? Obama is trying to corrupt what the four on Mt. Rushmore fought for and stood for. Maybe there’s a mt. In the Middle East they could hang him from .

  • marineh2ominer

    That should tell everyone all they need to know about the intelligence level of those educating your kids and paid for with your money

  • Not only no, but HELL NO!!!!! What reason could they possibly think as relevant enough to warrant such an honor? Highest unemployment? Highest taxes? Most money wasted ever? Selling out the country by allowing the free flow of those that would do us the most harm and welcome them with open arms (and support them)? Or for perhaps destroying our faith in our country by letting citizens working for him abroad die without an attempt at rescue or repercussion? No mountains for this lame-assed loser, if they would care to make a bust of him, I’m sure there is a local sewage treatment plant with lots of the appropriate material available.

  • I can not think of a bigger insult to our founders, to have a communist muslim’s face added to the mountain

    • Marlin208

      Bet it was his idea. What a pig

  • Don August

    How about a compromise and hang him from a Sequoia tree in California?

  • my comment is true, yet it seems to take time to put it up

  • What a bunch of idiots to think that he deserves to have his face on Mt. Rushmore

  • Jed54

    Sounds like a perfectly good waste of rock to me.. but the government knows a lot about waste.. whitehouse is nothing but a virtual tiolet bowl… time to flush ……..

  • chuckthekeyman

    The out house door is where it should be ,because he is full of crap.

  • Marlin208

    No way, no how. If they start we should blow the whole thing to kingdom come.
    Give him that honor because he is the first black pResident, what crap. I can think of a lot of other things he has done because he is the first black pResident and they aren’t pretty.
    He does not belong anywhere near there. Honor the sob that brought this county to its knees and shoved queerness down our throats, NEVER

  • putting obamas face on the same mt. rushmore…will only dishonor those other presidents already there. too bad obama passed up the chance to be a great president…he could have really have helped with racial problems, but instead he made them worse, he has pushed his socialist agenda, defied the constitution, put the country in record debt, and with the coverups on beghazi, and the irs….has violated the peoples trust.

    • billygeturgun

      Sadly Al, nobama has dishonored the office president so bad we need to abolish the office!

  • bobfox321

    Wait until we can see if we can get a “booking photo first”. He really needs to be fully investigated further by someone like Sheriff Joe, then prosecuted for treason, fraud, usurpation, and whatever all the other high crimes there are or possibly be. He is a FRAUD America.

  • Randy Kirn

    Can you say IDIOTS? Obama is trying to corrupt what the four on Mt. Rushmore fought for and stood for. Maybe there’s a mt. In the Middle East they could hang him from .

  • ObamaHatesAmerica

    We should put him on the backside with a big Hammer and sickle on his forehead …

  • billygeturgun

    NOT IN MY F72958ING LIFETIME! I know that I can afford transportation to South Dakota and can buy a HUGE billboard in protest along with the large poster I will carry in front of the mountain. I have a feeling that if nobama’s face were attempted to be carved on Mt Rushmore, the whole mountain would crumble in disgrace. God help us! Call me home Jesus, there is no intelligent life here!

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Oh HELL no! Not now; not ever! He is in NO way someone to memorialize!

  • billygeturgun

    Maybe they could put his face on the mountain with Crazy Horse! With Crazy Horse stomping his muslim ass right back to Kenya!

  • J. Cage

    If they put his face on that monument then they can put my ass next to it. And this country can kiss my ass.

  • detroitheat

    I have a head that you can put in place of Obama’s but then we would have to call him (Obama) by his real name bick head….

  • digdeeper

    God forbid!

  • Jean

    I think someone would blow up that mountain if Obama’s face ever goes on it.

  • Charles Covington

    His neck should be in a hang mans noose for high crimes and treason, after he is tried and convicted

  • rs1123

    How about naming some prisons after Obama? Like the one he goes to?

  • poptoy1949

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!

  • gsreagan

    BHO is a bad joke at best, and a terrible reality at worst. Simply put, BHO is the worst POTUS … ever. The best community organizer and bum senator from the mafia and union thug city, from a foreign country, that smouzzed with domestic thugs and anti Americans. It can’t get any worse than that.

  • KenNamVet

    Maybe his picture set as the splash board in an outhouse

  • agbjr

    OUR National Monuments are to OUR Republic and OUR God-given liberty and freedom guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. Our monuments are not for the aggrandizement of an anti-Constitution Marxist sonofabitch by his elitist fifth columnist minions.

    • want to stop it carve the face of JESUS on it that alone will put a stop to it hands down.

  • It will be a disgrace to that GREAT Monument to put that POS on…….He needs to be in Prison for all the thing’s he doesn’t know about…..Gimme me a freakin break!!!!!!

  • The son of the father of lies…

  • Can they carve THIS into a dog turd in the parking lot?

  • Monument to BS-Barry!

  • When the time comes, a hole could be carved under the port-o-potty.

  • Greg

    I support this idea as long as they can correctly position Obama’s face to be where Washington’s rear end would be.

  • Steve j

    Nobel prize with a side order of Mount Rushmore monument, would you like to super size that?
    That will be absolutely free and merit less , please drive around to the second window!

  • JBKonya104

    Obama would ruin Mt. Rushmore! He can’t be added with Presidents that were respected by Americans. They earned their right to be there. President Obama is a Fraud: he admits now that he’s Muslim (he lied about it before), his Faith is Islam (he lied about it before..said he was Christian), his real name is Barry Soetero (he changed it in Canada) and we can’t have a ridiculous name like that there…heck we can’t have a man with that name or Hussein there either. This is the US! He will be Impeached before his 2nd term is up…he will be disgraced and no outgoing Impeached President willl be on Mt. Rushmore. The people won’t have it! The Professors must be Radical Liberals that want him there…..to agitate the Right. Reagan should be at Mt. Rushmore…if anyone.

  • freebirds

    I think we would see the other 4 presidents on the mountain side step and excuse themselves. First excuse themselves for loading there pants, and second for leaving.

  • Veteranasm

    I don’t think they can find a lump of coal that large !!! These progressives are total idiots, and the a**holes are teaching our children !!

  • william

    What an insult to the great presidents who are already there! Obama’s face ought to be on a post office wall or the FBI’s Most Wanted list

  • mathis1689

    My son is almost old enough to begin college. He WON’T be attending GWU if idiots like this are teaching there!

  • MikeS

    I can think of a much better place for his likeness. The “wanted” display board in the police station.


    They got to be pulling our chain! There isn’t anyone left here on welfare that could pull it off!

  • Matt Dobos

    Yeah well, I don’t see a state like South Dakota allowing that to happen. Let alone the rest of the country. In fact, I bet the majority of us posting on here could think of a few ways to stop that…

  • madmikr

    I am a descendent of abe they better not put a criminal there. The truth Will come out. After bin Laden was killed he served up seal team 6 for slaughter he thinks he can deal with these terrorists. He is a fool and a traitor!

  • artalem

    That bastard’s face should be on a “wanted poster”!!!!

    • Dawg

      Obama’s face should be painted on the bottom of every toilet so he can be with what he is

  • ERA53

    If this was April 1st, I wold pass it off as that. But since its coming from only 3 college prof’s I don’t think it will go much further. There have been many great presidents that deserve the honor. This POS deserves nothing short of exile.

  • no! No! No!

  • GF

    If they put BHO up on Rushmore the whole mountain would collapse under the weight of scandal!

  • Herbeat

    They Wood be Puting a Face on a Monmet that dident Belong . Hes Ben the worst Present we ever Had!

  • kvf

    Several thoughts simultaneously occurred to me when I saw this headline. First was which face would they use? The second was what an absolute insult to the other heads this would be, especially to Thomas Jefferson. The third was they should use his ass instead of his face. I seriously could go for that.

    • agbjr

      Use his ass? No, I don’t want to see the First Wookie up there, either.

  • beto

    I wouldn’t put this so called president’s face on a monkeys a** ! That would be disrespectfull to the monkey!

  • Randy G

    Those people(?) who want obama face on Rushmore should be barred from teaching. .

  • Dowhatsright

    No, hell no!!! These
    professors show just what is wrong with out school system to even consider such
    a thing. If they make a monument for the
    most stupid and worst president, then he and Jimmy Carter should be on it. If there is a monument for the most crooked
    then Obama and Clinton and Nixon should be on it.

    Even if you claim that Obama is the first black president
    and should be memorialized, I say that Obama administration have set the African
    Americans back years. His crooked
    administration and all the scandals have added fuel to the claim that a black
    man can not run a country.

  • They can not be serious. You don’t put the worst president on Mt. Rushmore but at the bottom of the barrel where he belongs.

  • Robert S Moulds

    George Washington University should wait until Barack Obama is out of office and then have a cross America referendum to see what the public who pay taxes really thinks.

  • pysco

    Actually the reporter made a mistake, what they said was they wanted his picture painted in the urinals at the Park Restrooms

  • johnnywood

    While we are at it how about Hitler, Stalin and Lenin`s mugs on Mt Rushmore?

  • WeTheSheepleoftheUSA

    If they do, the should put him beside Lincoln. Lots of similarities there.

  • ynot202

    This is the main reason our country is in trouble, liberal college professors.

  • Joe Vigue Sr.

    Sure, why not! Use this picture please!

  • How did that old saying go, those that can’t do teach! But what kills me is that they never said WHY he needs to be up there? We have had many great presidents sense the monument was finished none of which were added… Obama deserves the honor of being place on Mt. Rushmore no more than I do. Simply, they just need to leave it alone.

  • John Phillips

    I am PROUD of our President. President Obama should and will be honored in time. But it is too soon to consider this kind of honor.

    • agbjr

      Was it a bad accident? Head trauma usually does bring on confused thoughts and incoherent statements.

  • dlzimbelman

    Obama should never be honored as putting his face on Mount Rushmore. If there is another face to be added it should be Ronald Reagan’s face. Putting Obama’s face on Mount Rushmore is a kick in the face of those most capable past Presidents now there and a dishonor to the country by enshrining a communist who is most un-American in his beliefs and ideology.

  • Destry

    Technically Obama is the first half black-half white president. So my reaction is… so what? A president needs to judged on merit and accomplishments, and so far nothing notable as been accomplished by the current administration. It could go down as one of the most failed.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Some of these so called, “Professor’s”, seem to have been drinking way toooo much of Obama’s Kool Aid. Obama, has not proven himself to be President. He was not, and never has been, vetted as eligible to be President. There has never been a Birth Certificate shown to the Public and Hawaii says , now, that there IS NO Birth Records on file for Barrack Husein Obama in the entire State of Hawaii. There are no School or College Records that can be found from any of the School/College’s he is said to have attended. Even those that were supposed to be Obama’s classmates have said they do not remember a person with the name of Obama ever being in their Classes. Nobody seems to know EXACTLY who Barrack Hussein Obama is, except maybe a few of his Black Colleague’s in the Senate. Those “Colleague’s” have even admitted that they were the ones that wrote Bills for the Senate and let Obama sign them so he could say he actually accomplished something. Why would they even consider the idea of Obama being important enough to be given a place on Mt. Rushmore ?? One possibility being, I think, they could be looking for a high paying job in Obama’s Kingdom. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • bill grogan

    wHY IS THIS HEADLINE Professors Want Obama on Mt. Rushmore instead of Professors don’t want Obama on Mt. Rushmore ? For those of you who can count , twice as many professors did not want him on Rushmore as those who did . This looks like someone’s unsophisticated way of attacking Obama . Next time be more creative and report some real news .

  • James Brown

    The muslims will dynamite the faces long before time for that consideration. Remember the budda in Afghanistan?

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    The only president since those on Rushmore that even comes close to deserving a place on Rushmore is Ronald Reagan. No one should be placed on Rushmore just because they were the first black president, or first gay president, or first female president. Being “first” means nothing, being “exceptional” means everything.

  • Peter Wolf

    Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all… so Americans will forever be reminded what damage an apathetic and uninformed electorate can do to a great nation.

  • These three proff’s should be tarred, feathered and then fired. The only place Obummer should be enshrined is in the gallery of the infamous with the caption “He attempted to destroy America but his ego tripped him up.”

  • agbjr

    Obama on Rushmore? No, he should be portrayed in a much more appropriate setting, like rolls of toilet paper. His portrait could be alternated with that of his wife, the First Wookie. Hey, America, enjoy the go!

  • I don’t think there is a place for his face but there is plenty of room on the backside for his ass, which is the most appropriate remembrance anyway.

  • The only place his face belongs, is up Holders put.

  • Well they can just forget it! That would be crazy to put the president that is trying to destroy our country on there with men that made America great!

  • John Phillips

    I voted twice for Reagan and twice for GHWB. Then I voted for Clinton, Gore and Kerry. And then I proudly cast my vote for President Obama in both his presidential elections. What a good man we have in the White House. And a pretty good President too. I am 50+ years old and President Obama is easily the best President in my lifetime.

  • Sagebrush6

    Have they found a piece of coal large enough and will continue to swell ?

  • Hair Bear

    Puck these idiots i’d like to put his face on a milk carton Hahahhehehe

  • Bo Zuendel

    I’m gonna be sick…

  • Garrick7

    UN f…ingly believable!

  • Garrick7

    Well, he got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. Now, some want his head on a mountain. (Too bad it would only be a likeness.) I guess we should be expecting Obama to be canonized any day now!

  • foxxybey

    Lets see we have good mens faces there, why put a ass there with these great men, tell the commie prof to suck wind, from his masters butt.

  • allessior

    Oh yeah, now we are going to ruin a national treasure by adding the face of someone who has done NOTHING to improve our lives, and someone who ignores 50% of the electorate? No thank you.

  • Jim

    No way in heaven or hell would I want any remembrance of that turncoat TRAITOR left for posterity. The only place for his likeness would be where the firing squad carried out the sentence for treason or the gallows where he was hanged. In the history of America there has been no one who is least deserving of any honor. He is making America the laughingstock for those who appreciate “Freedom and the American Way”. History will prove all of this to be fact.

  • allessior

    I would add the face of Bozo the Clown before I added BO’s face. I mean, let’s look at BO’s resume. Well, he was a community organizer, and adjunct professor (really a guest lecturer) at the Univ. of Chicago, he was a US Senator for about a year with mostly no votes, andthen he was President. He won’t even let us look at his transcripts, which means his grades were NOT GOOD and he was most likely “carried” through his college and law school years. If one were to be honest, one woud admit that Bozo does indeed have more real-world experience then the Pres, so I am casting my vote for Bozo the Clown as next Mt. Rushmore head.

  • Work2SnowSki

    I’d be willing to see him on Rushmore, at the base of it anyway, in an open air jail cell, where those great men of our past could look down upon him like I do.

  • allessior

    Cool idea. Let’s chisel his face into Rushmore “beneath” the existing faces. Then, we can slightly modify the existing faces to make a spitting motion toward the new face, what say you?

  • allessior

    All of this clamor over a President because he happens to be black. Have we had a Jewish Pres yet? What about Italian? What about FULL African? I mean, the dude has done nothing in his life other than ride around in Air Force One, take more vacations than any other Pres, and throw more parties than any other Pres. I mean, what has this guy done to further mankind in the RIGHT direction? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

  • BigUgly666

    Don’t you have to be dead to be on Rushmore?
    If that’s the case …. go for it.

    It can be removed later (if it ever gets done).

  • mtncrusr

    Why has this been a top news story for two days? They survey was of 10 liberal Harvard professors and 3 said yes. That means 7 said NO, so why isn’t the story that “70% of college professors DO NOT want to lionise Odumbo?”

  • junkmailbin

    will it be the gar arab laughing and spitting on the country ??

  • 2War Abn Vet

    A toilet or a prison cell would be a more appropriate setting.

  • kds

    With all of the coal mines closing , Where are they going to find a large enough piece to attach to the mount? I know, They can collect enough BULLSH-T and glue it together and use it. Would suit him PERFECTLY.

  • right

    I thought they were going to put Obama’s face on Food stamps!

  • bad

    Paint obama’s face on the bottom of every toilet!

  • ravenwings

    Are they nuts!!
    Oh sorry I see they are liberal!!