Common Sense Does Not Prevail


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

For the past five years I have lived in an almost constant state of incredulity. I was dismayed when Obama was elected for the first time. Of course, then, I had no idea just how bad things could get. When he was reelected I sat in numb silence as the election results rolled in. I did more a few shots that night with equally shocked friends.

But it isn’t just Obama. My worldview has been rocked to the core. Once I knew where America stood. Once I was confident that America would stand mighty and proud in the face of any adversity. That was before the snowball effect of socialism among the ever more rabid liberal ranks. It isn’t just businesses who cannot plan for the future because of the uncertainty. There are times when I can understand why so many Americans hide their heads in the sand and do their best to be blissfully ignorant of the pending doom.

Alas, I am incapable of following their lead. I cannot go gentle into the night. I must rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Here is a list of recent events that have the stench of extraordinarily bad logic emanating from them. If you can find common sense here please comment. I would love to understand.

• Abortionist Kermit Gosnell is wholly ignored by both the media and the liberal left lunatics after committing horrendous murders on babies who survived his attempts to murder them in the womb, while a Sacramento couple has their five month old son taken from them by authorities for removing their son from the hospital without discharge papers to get a second opinion on surgery they were told he needed.

• The Pentagon is pressing forward to prosecute Christian military members for “proselytizing” about their faith, while Debbie Wasserman-Schultz accuses the GOP of being unpatriotic for pressing for answers about Benghazi.

• The Department of Homeland Security buys so much ammunition they cause a shortage, and rolls military style vehicles through cities all over America in practice for….something, while Eagle Scout and honor student David Withrow faces a felony charge for forgetting to take the gun he used for skeet shooting the previous day out of his truck before school.

• Plan B, the “morning after” pill, has been approved by the FDA to be sold OTC, not only to adult women but to teenagers as young as 15 without their parent’s permission or notification, while Sandra Fluke, still fighting her cause to force you to pay for her to spread her legs whenever and wherever she wants without personal consequences or responsibility, equates government mandated birth control coverage to coverage for cancer treatment.

• Mother Jones, Salon, and their feminist ilk constantly push out articles and opinions in support of women’s rights, like the right to abortion, free health care, and gay rights all the while screaming the conspiracy theory of a GOP war on women, while Muslims practicing Sharia Law, the religion of peace according to the same feminists, make a regular habit of stoning women for having the audacity to be raped, covering them from head to toe so that they cannot tempt a man, and generally treating women as if they are valueless, worth less than their dogs.

So I ask you, where is the logic? Where is common sense applied?

I read an interesting article recently about the people of Russia. Their journalists watch the progression of communism in America with dismay equal to my own. They have been there, done that. They know we have seen the consequences they and other communist nations suffered. They know that is why communism crumbled there and continues to crumble around the world. It is no wonder that they cannot fathom why we would make the same mistakes we saw them make for decades. They blatantly call Obama a communist. And why would they not recognize what so many here are either oblivious to or welcome? They were up close and personal. Now they strive to be more like America was. Yet a complete lack of reasoning skills and decades of indoctrination has the sheeple of our nation moving in the worst possible direction, under the guise of being safer and more fair.

There is no logic, no common sense, to this overwhelming need for the progressives to progressively take more and more from those of us who produce, to give to those who produce nothing but a drain on the producers, all the while calling it compassion and a desire to make us all equal. There is no logic in the notion that we can all contribute equal work and take equal shares. Didn’t the OWS protestors prove that? Didn’t the old USSR prove that? Didn’t Governor Bradford prove that in 1620 with the first settlers?

Must we actually emulate the old USSR before we finally get it? Where is the common sense in that?

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  • Helen Wrobel

    Thanks Becky. You are a voice for the many of that feel this way but can not articulate as well. Seeing where this administration has brought our country makes me feel like we absolutely can not trust our government at this time. Praying that God will raise up fearless leaders that are able to represent those of us that feel like we don’t have a voice. I see that in you and also in Jan Morgan. God bless and protect you both.

  • Very well written and true..Thank you,.

  • Elect satan’s child and you get the shaft, the hand out people will soon find out they sold their souls.

  • antiliberalcryptonite


  • HongryHawg

    First off, you are making an incorrect assumption that Common Sense has anything to do with it. What’s going on is a concerted effort to convert this nation to Communism. Where ever did you hear that Communism has anything to do with common sense?
    The problem the author and too many citizens share is that they consistently seek common sense in these dedicated moves to destroy America as we know it. We who seek common sense are good people that have a hard time identifying with those that pursue a form of government that defies common sense. We are tossed into an utter state of confusion as to how so many can be so uncaring and evil. And that’s what THEY are counting on.

    • I suppose if you had read any of my other articles you might know that I agree with you. The lack of common sense, for me, is in regards to the everyday sheeple who are either oblivious to what you speak of or who welcome it.

      • TexasOlTimer

        I think you’re right – I’ve often wondered if it is a lack of common sense in the sheeple or their ignorance of what is actually happening and their simple belief in what they are told. If the teachers teach this, the media reports it and the President says it, it must be true. History has been re-written. The people on the right are the bad guys – they know because that’s what they read and see. Trying to get through to them is impossible and generally only leads to a them screaming all those bad words my granny says I can’t use.

      • HongryHawg

        A reader shouldn’t have to read all previous work in order to gain context. Each article should stand on its own as if the reader is reading the author for the first time, which is the case here. Still and all, we are in agreement.

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    Your first mistake is believing Obama or any President was ever was elected in the first place. They have all been pre-selected.

  • Sir Ornstein Backwardo

    This article is terrible. Absolutely terrible. In fact it’s the worst article I’ve ever read in my life. I actually feel sick right now, a little bit dizzy, I,….. this – n I cant,,, ogod what 0 ouiycfgfh bjuiho09uokihkhhhjh jiu90 7655

  • Once rid of Obama and some of his friends I believe we will see a difference happen in 2014 and in 2016 we will have a backlash against all things Obama.

    • Paladin67

      Your lips to Gods ears…

      • One can hope. And that is the general way the American Political scene goes. I am afraid of interference however.

  • There is no logic or common sense. This take over of all that is good in this country has been coming for decades. Starting with social programs and being promoted by the liberal media and the growing number of entitlement folks. I truly admire all the patriot post on this blog, but the realization is, we are past the point of no return.

    God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you
    to it, He will bring you through it.

  • Doc

    It may not be logical but it does make sense. It began in the sixties and it will end with the collapse of the great experiment. This agenda, the same one Obama follows began with the socialization of the teachers. Once unionized the propaganda machine went into high gear. We now see the results. Our children are now the young adults shaping Amerika. Soon they will be the ones responsible for the collapse. We raised a pack of cowardly, entitled, fat, and lazy communist. We need to admit it is our failure. We gave our children too much. We didn’t make them work hard, or learn to accept responsibility. Can we stop it? No. We are too old and our children too lazy and incompetent. Try praying, it’s our only hope; until Obama bans that too.

    • I agree with most of what you said except that I believe this started in 1913 when the Communist Party USA put down roots in America. And I agree, we will collapse before we can even attempt to rebuild. The younger generations don’t even realize what they are missing or what we have given up. They never had it. And the indoctrination has ensured that. Sad but true.

      • FedupandReadytofight

        I can’t agree with you hole heartedly. I have a 15 year old. I have raised her to do chores, respect authority, do her homework, ect. I have taken her out and let her enjoy the things I grew up with. I let her collect eggs at 3; Drive on the farm at 11; shoot from the time she could, with daddy’s assistance, hold a gun at 5; and now, she has a boyfriend but her limits are set (no dating till 16) and home at 9pm. The most important thing I have taught her is to think for herself. She see’s this mess. She understands. So not all of our children are lost. My concern now is… what will she have left to share with her children ?
        But I don’t believe, for a minute, that I am the only one who has raised my kid like this. I’d bet that there are hundreds of thousands of kids who do know the difference: who do know how to think on their own and not follow blindly, like the left expects them to do. We need to continue to nourish these kids, they are our only future.

        • Of course there are hundreds of thousands of kids who were raised right, as you raised your daughter, and I have friends who have done the same. The problem, my friend, is that there are 320 million people in this nation and a big chunk of those are children. If roughly half of the nation is comprised of liberals who raise their kids in liberal fashion then we have the added battle of trying to help them to see and understand what we used to be versus what we are becoming. No, not all kids are a lost cause, but the CPUSA and liberal thinkers of this nation, especially those who have gone out of their way to push God out of America, are raising their own to think as they think and they will join the battle on the other side.

  • Robert Moulds

    If America makes it though four more years of Barack the only choice the democrats have is Joe Biden who could not survive the 2008 Primaries let alone a general election.

  • VermontDuchess

    Americans bury their heads in the sand because they are overwhelmed by the country in which they now abide. They were raised in a nation of accepted moral values and standards. In their youth, when tempted to commit “indiscretions”, they were aware of bounds of socially acceptable behavior. That did not necessarily prevent inappropriate behavior, but when held responsible for going beyond the bounds they never considered blaming others for their decisions.

    Today, the power brokers who control their lives have changed the moral values of society so egregiously that they find themselves living in an alternate universe. It is a place where the only thing to be avoided is discovery of one’s actions. The elected officials of the day and age have even created one set of laws and rules for the proles and another for themselves. Just because one falls from office by sexting does not mean one’s political career is over. Wait about a year and then run for another well compensated political office. Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned but that’s only because golf hadn’t been invented.

    The youth, especially, have been given so much for so long that it is inconceivable to them that their whims should be denied.OWS showed us once and for all that the constitutional concepts of life, liberty, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, has been changed to be understood as the GUARANTEE OF HAPPINESS. Too many adults seeking to throw off the yoke of responsibility which is a requisite of liberty, find themselves with neither and, having foresworn the responsibility of proper parenting of their offspring, now find themselves at the mercy of both government and offspring. Can the death panels be far behind? Government and offspring will shortly off the older generation, the FEMA coffins are in the fields and waiting. Perhaps, just perhaps, they are more deserving of such treatment than Gosnoll’s infants that may also be with them in their coffins. They can spend the rest of eternity reflecting on their past lives.

    • Well said and quite accurate, in my opinion. But it is time for us to, not only wake up, but to recognize it, get mad about it, and do something to reverse the trend. Too long we have stood on the sidelines and watched progressives destroy what was good and right about America. Now it is time to jump into the fray. Our past mistakes should not dictate our future. We can join the fight to turn the tide.

  • FedupandReadytofight

    Our country is up-side-down. Today, a 7 year old gets suspended for holding a pencil like a gun. Are you kidding me?

  • jenniewalsh

    The Illuminati’s Agenda 21 was never intended to be sensible or sane. It is a “Totalitarian Tiptoe” agenda designed to enslave mankind. However, the Illluminati’s time is soon over. MUST SEE! youtube.com/watch?v=WzytGJh9cBY —– David Icke Almost 7 hours. VERY education!

  • The Marxists/Socialists/Communists (Progressives) coupled with the Islamofascists, are Taking over our Nation ! Why are all of the ‘Sheeple” happily going along to thier Own Destruction, without so much as a whimper?
    The Same reason sheep at the slaughter house go along…
    Because Everyone Else is doing it !
    The same reason that all of the Lemmings rush off of the Cliff… Following their Leaders !

    While I’m not bragging, my IQ, when last tested, was 143, with the average citizen testing out at between 100-110 ! It’s small wonder that I have trouble getting most folks to listen to me…
    They’re, quite simply, incapable of Understanding whereof I speak .

    I can understand their inability to comprehend, but what I have trouble with is that Congress is Just as ill prepared, to deal with their own inadequacies, as the average American High School graduate, only 30% of whom are even Literate !!!