Dems Caught Mocking Gun Owners

Second Amendment rights advocates are fuming today over words from three Democratic state senators caught on tape after Thursday’s hearing on the upper chamber’s gun control package.

The three female senators, who sound from the recording to be Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Sen. Sandy Cunningham and Sen. Linda Greenstein, are heard discussing the just-closed hearing.

“We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate,” said an unknown voice.

Weinberg said she had no idea who said confiscate or in what context, or if it was even a lawmaker. The next voice, which is clearly Weinberg, said, “They want to keep the guns out of the hands of the bad guys, but they don’t have any regulations to do it.”

Next up was Cunningham: “They don’t care about the bad guys. All they want to do is have their little guns and do whatever they want with them.”

Then Greenstein: “That’s the line they’ve developed.”

Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, said the comments are indicative of an extremist mentality.

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  • Robert Moulds

    Those senators have forgotten gun crime is down 39%. They have not considered that overly reactive gun control treats boost gun sales to vigilantes making the problem of gun worse. They have not considered that coming across as willing to impose daconan measures will alienate their liberal base and their election.

    • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

      They haven’t forgotten… they simply just don’t care.

      Hope they know that the confiscate part is a chapter for history they may not want to start

    • They push the idea that it is “Vigilantes” who are buying guns instead of regular Americans, which is the case. More gun ownership does not make “gun problems” worse, it reduces gun crime. Please learn spelling and punctuation, it’s almost as hard to read your post as it is to listen to the Dems’ lies.

      • dsinchrg

        Now Now children its not the spelling its the thought. When one resorts to commenting on another’s spelling it is usually a distraction technique because we are out of facts. I believe we are all on the same side ? Yes !
        This a simple example of why dems win elections, they at least understand sticking together for there cause. Unite we stand divided we fall

  • wwsearch

    I was wondering do you think you can cram more advertising on your pages….I mean do you have something to say or are you just here to sell coffee mugs and trinkets.

    • Robert McDonald

      There are no free lunches. Someone must pay the bills. Start your own page and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

  • Buckeye8

    First comes registration and then comes confiscation just like Hitler did.

    • There is not a dime’s worth of difference between democraps and nazis

    • E Pluribus Unim

      Just remember that Hitler only confiscated guns from those he considered to be non-humans, unworthy of life. He allowed his supporters to have all the guns they wanted. That’s the way it is with our so-called legislators, state, but especially federal…..they only want to allow their cronies to have firearms. We peons aren’t capable of safely using them, nor are we able to make decisions for ourselves. That’s why they want to be the “Nanny” state.

    • First comes registration, then comes “attempted” confiscation, then comes a blood bath with those pushing for confiscation providing most of the blood.

      • Whackajig

        Every chicken’s voice comes out “talk, talk, talk”.

  • DonSanAnto

    it’s a total disregard of the 2nd amendment by these morons who actually blindly believe that if they illegally confiscate my legal gun that the ‘bad persons’ (not just ‘guys’) can’t get one. it’s typical female behavior in wanting to take away male toys ’cause we’re having far too much fun (and we are and we’ll continue to do so, legally and protected by the 2nd amendment).

    • The Rick

      @Don-The ladies are having a lot of fun with guns also. Think about it this way, when we single guys go to the range, there are going to be more sensible ladies there also. Good reason for more practice.

    • Alaskasense

      Don–There are many more women who enjoy hunting, gun sports, and just range time every day–we appreciate a fine weapon, spend the time to practice and learn good handling, and are grimly determined to protect our right to defend ourselves. When you lump us in with the ignorant witches described in the article, you create divisions in our ranks that are both unnecessary and destructive to our cause. Please think before making statements like that.

      • Whackajig

        Young women are overwhelmingly on the side of ovomit.

    • Aristophanes

      And here I thought only liberals were stupid enough to make such mysogynistic remarks! That would be like saying all men are homophobes or all men are afraid of women (hence your remark about “typical female behavior”). Do not pull that crap about “typical”. I gave you a thumbs down because of that. Up until obozo was elected, I did not like guns. I still defended your right to have one, I just did not want one. Now, I am learning how to shoot and bought a gun. Therefore, the intelligent, conservative “females” are not trying to take away any “toys”. Something is wrong with you, anyhow, if you refer to guns as “toys”.

  • It would be interesting to see them in a “safe” gun free zone. Then again if they look like Lee, Boxer or Pelosi every one will leave them alone.

  • LittleMoose

    These elitists want everyone to conform to their desires and don’t give a damn able your feelings and desires.

  • I can do anything I want as long as it is currently legal with a gun as it is a right or don’t you want me to have that right ? I have a few I would like to infringe on you…..

  • Centurian2010

    Dems are traitors, period.

    • medic2003

      So are most republicans

      Very few legislators at the Federal level and few in some states that arent. I live in MO we had 38 traitors in the house and 4 traitors in the senate. The rest of em were pure patriots on passin our 2nd Amendment preservation act. Mo HB 436 if you want to read it and havent. Good stuff.

  • Independentrd

    They are petty, snide, and emotionally immature . They have the maturity of grade schoolers and after saying that, I apologize to all grade schooler. Noe we effectively have grade schoolers making our laws.

    • The more “Politically Correct(HAHA)” way to say it is “We have grade school mentalities making our laws.”

  • billygeturgun

    And this is a surprise to whom? And the sheep keep believing!

  • gemini34

    Their arrogance is insufferable . They are in love with themselves and have no competition. Just like Feinstein.

  • MainahBillyW

    Never….Ever….elect, trust or believe a democrat, liberal, or progressive!

  • They can queef all they want to….. Who cares? What they do not realize is that no matter WHAT edicts they pass, they AIN’T getting the guns. Period. That’s the bottom line. I’m DONE reasoning, explaining to,debating with and humoring hysterical leftists. Enough bullshit! Bottom line; come for em, or shut your face.

  • agbjr

    Gee, Loretta Weinberg’s local mouthpieces really have their panties in a wad! I phoned her office in Teaneck, NJ (201-928-0100), and politely asked them to please explain what I called the “open mike incident” – what a reaction! The woman (who refused to identify herself even after I stated my name and residence) on the other end launched into an excited tirade about how that was not Senator Weinberg who said ‘confiscate’ but other persons and if I had listened to the comments (she obviously thinks I am stupid and didn’t listen) I would have heard Weinberg stating “what I know you would probably agree with.” OK, I’ll bite … I asked what was it Weinberg said that she thinks I didn’t hear but will agree with? The reply I got was absolutely asinine: “I don’t know what it was but you would agree with her!” At this point I asked the woman how stupid does she – and Loretta Weinberg herself – think we are? The woman became very angry and practically shouted into the telephone, “No one is coming to take your guns!” But I cut her off by politely saying “thank you for your time but frankly I don’t believe a word you’ve said” … and hung up. The most telling part of the exchange was not the claim Weinberg said something ‘agreeable’ but the swift willingness of her staffers to throw others under the proverbial bus.

    After I spoke with Senator Weinberg’s office I then contacted the offices of Senator Cunningham and Senator Greenstein and reiterated to both how Weinberg’s office was denying involvement and deflecting all blame upon the others. In both offices the staffers were obviously surprised and agitated by the comments from Weinberg’s office. I also contacted NJ State Senate Republican Leader Thomas Kean’s office suggesting he publicly confront all three Senators on the Senate floor and demand they explain themselves; I was told that actually may happen.

    This is typical of liberal Democrats, they say what they want then try to deflect blame when called out for their statements. Weinberg and her fellow travelers are totally irresponsible and totally unfit to govern.

  • John Whitehorse

    These political hacks need to know that their constant actions against the Second Amendment and the Constitution has consequences. That ALL those in the Senate and Congress will HAVE TO ANSWER TO WE THE PEOPLE in the future.WE THE PEOPLE put them in office and WE THE PEOPLE WILL REMOVE THEM and ANYONE ELSE that wants to continue their Dereliction of Duty (Not Honoring THEIR OATH when they were sworn into office ) To Guard and Protect the CONSTITUTION From ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic.They have shown that THEY ARE the DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the CONSTITUTION and WILL be Delt with.


      ” TRUTH BE TOLD ” !!!…

  • bless2live

    a shame that us citizens don’t mock them for the theft of our lost and embezzled moneys, the theft of Americas hertiage, the theft of our hard earned moneys, and the theft of our Constitutional rights! Maybe we aught to mock them for failing to pass laws that would protect America from terrorist! Maybe we aught to mock them for failure to tell the truth about the murders at Benghazi and obama care! Maybe we Americans should mock them for spending money that we do not have! Go ahead mockers of Congress and see just how the American Constitution will prevail!

  • Joe Lettieri

    So whats the big deal?The liberal senators are only interested in protecting the all mighty democratic party(unions)if you didnt allready know this,your living in a liberal dream world like the rest of the dumbacrats.One of these days this country will wake up,I just hope its not too late.

  • People with Jewish surnames really ought to know better.

  • scottjohn152

    Well it looks to me that the people who voted for these morons are at fault. They put them in office to have power over us. Who ever voted them in office should be tared and feathered and run out of this country. Damn them

    • Whackajig

      Oh, but if you run them all out of the country, then our slums and ghettos will be empty. What would we do with those billions of unused food stamps?

  • paintinc56

    The ObaMAO injustice department got caught ILLEGALLY seizing AP records to punish them for reporting that Al Queda is still targeting the U.S. despite the Marxist messiah telling us otherwise, ObaMAO’s leftist buds at the IRS harassed & targeted conservative groups to intimidate & eliminate them, fluffed off as a conspiracy theory from the crazy right wingers, ObaMAO’s CIA & State Dept. were very likely running weapons to terrorist groups in Syria/Benghazi scandal & of course the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal aimed at making American gun dealers look like they are responsible for arming the cartels that murdered Brian Terry, just a FEW of the NUMEROUS ObaMAO scandals. Can you imagine where Bammy’s approval rating would be if the media investigated & reported on his administration? This wannabe Hi tler is completely out of control, drunk on his own power & confident his media lap dogs will keep the masses appeased & in the dark.

  • Jack

    Those “little” gun are the main reason violent crime has not increased more than it has.



  • Kjack

    Ridiculous. Dont re-elect these women. If you don’t like our great Constitution go somewhere else!

  • horseridingplains

    Seems these three dumbo minions have forgotten that they actually took an Oath of Office–and we still do have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights–and people are now really finding out that bummer does not believe in either—and, oh, by the way, crime is actually down- they might want to read up on this issue before they sound so stupid

  • Interested in the 2nd Amendment? http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com

  • jenniewalsh

    Here is a list of the REPUBLICAN TRAITORS who are for gun control:

    Yesterday, on the vote to proceed to debate on President
    Obama’s anti-gun agenda, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid succeeded in overcoming Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster.

    And 13 NRA “A Rated” Republicans and 9 “A Rated” Democrats voted to help him do it (Plus 2 more NRA
    “B Rated” politicians).

    I’m going to give you a LIST of these wolves in
    sheep’s clothing shortly, but our job now is crystal clear — let these
    turncoats know that any gun control that passes now is their fault.

    But first it’s absolutely critical you know where this fight is now headed . . .

    Unfortunately, the timing of the coming fights is extremely difficult to predict at this point.

    So you and I must be on guard every second.

    EVERY United
    States Senator needs to feel even more heat from Second Amendment supporters.

    You see, even among the 31 Senators who stood with Rand Paul for the filibuster, there are some who are scared of Harry Reid and the media that they may cave
    in on some kind of insider deal.

    That’s why with your help, I’m committed to ramping up all of
    our most critical programs — including mail, email, internet, radio and
    our hard-hitting TV-ad buys that have multiple Senators whining in the

    As part of these efforts, I’ve crafted a special No Gun Control/No Deals Emergency Fax
    Petition I’m going to ask you to sign IMMEDIATELY. Whatever you’ve done before, we need to double-down the pressure RIGHT NOW.

    And if possible, please forward them to your pro-gun friends and family members, as well.

    Right now, the United States Senate could take up for
    discussion three amendments to S.649 as early as this evening,

    *** The Feinstein Gun Ban, targeting rifles, shotguns and even handguns;

    *** Magazine Bans, outlawing the importation, manufacture and sale of magazines
    holding more than just a handful of rounds;

    *** The so-called “Toomey-Manchin” Universal “Background Check”
    (NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION) Bill, which was actually written by Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The S.649 language itself– even apart from all of these amendments — includes ATF Witch Hunt provisions designed to terrorize gun owners.

    With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid now calling the
    shots after invoking cloture on Senator Paul’s heroic filibuster of the
    motion to proceed, he holds all of the cards as far as timing.

    If a vote becomes imminent, rest assured I will alert you IMMEDIATELY.

    But there’s one thing I can assure you.

    If you and I are going to hold off this madness, we’re going to have to fight back like never before.

    It won’t be easy. I believe we can.

    But the truth is, all of
    these assaults could have been turned back this morning.

    In fact, if any bad legislation ultimately is passed into law, the blame can be laid at the feet at the
    ************following Republican turncoats*********** who voted to end Senator Paul’s
    filibuster, including:

    Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) – NRA A rated

    Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) – NRA A rated

    Richard Burr (N.C.) – NRA A rated

    Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) – NRA A rated

    Tom Coburn (Okla.) – NRA A rated

    Susan Collins (Maine) – NRA C+ rated

    Bob Corker (Tenn.) – NRA A rated

    Jeff Flake (Ariz.)– NRA A rated

    Lindsey Graham (S.C.) – NRA A rated

    Dean Heller (Nev.) – NRA A rated

    John Hoeven (N.D.) – NRA A rated

    Johnny Isakson (Ga.) – NRA A rated

    Mark Kirk (Ill.) – NRA F rated

    John McCain (Ariz.) – NRA B+ rated

    Pat Toomey (Pa.) – NRA A rated

    Roger Wicker (Miss.) – NRA
    A+ rated

    13 of these Senators have NRA “A-ratings.”
    This is how the game is played in Washington, D.C.

    And if you and
    I are going to retain any semblance of freedom in this country, the LIES politicians and any group that covers for them tell are going to have to
    be exposed for what they are.

    That’s exactly what the National Association for Gun
    Rights has done during this fight — and exactly what we will continue to do.

    The good
    news is, this fight is far from over.

    If filibustered, each amendment will have to receive 60
    votes to pass.

    Then the legislation will have to overcome the 60-vote threshold to proceed to
    final passage through the Senate.

    Perhaps the greatest danger is an insider-cooked “grand deal” that will include
    some token pro-gun “sweetener” — a minor protection or fake step forward on gun rights to make it easier for supposedly
    “pro-gun” Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans to sell to their constituents — wrapped around BIG gun control changes.

    An example would be a mental health protection for veterans.

    Another (bad) idea is a national concealed-carry reciprocity law,
    handing our federal government control over state concealed-carry laws.

    President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder want more say over who can’t buy guns.
    And they want more names of those who do, so they can set the stage for what every gun owner fears . . .
    Ultimate CONFISCATION.
    They’re doing
    everything they can to lay the groundwork for that tragic day right now.

    I need you to stand
    with me and help fight back.

    So please sign your No Gun
    Control/No Deals Emergency Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY.

    And if possible, please chip in $10 or $20.

    I’m doubling down on all our programs.

    In the coming hours, I’m preparing to unleash an all-out nationwide email, mail,
    internet and TV-ad blitz.

    The more generous you are, the more I can turn up the heat on the

    So please give as generously as you can today.

    Every dollar you can give will make a tremendous

    I will keep you updated on any new developments as soon as they take place.

    For Freedom,
    Dudley Brown
    Executive Vice President

    P.S. The timing of the coming fights is
    extremely difficult to predict at this point, so you and I must be on guard every second.

    With your help, I’m committed to ramping up all of our most critical programs
    — including mail, email, internet, radio and TV ad buys.

    As part of these efforts, I’ve crafted a special No Gun Control/No Deals Emergency Fax Petition
    I’m going to ask you to sign IMMEDIATELY.

    And if possible, please
    chip in $10 or $20 TODAY.

    The National Association for Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to
    mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. The National Association for
    Gun Rights’ mailing address is P.O. Box 7002, Fredericksburg, VA22404. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-405-4570. Its web address is