District of Corruption


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As I started in on my new hobby this morning, (Dissecting the President’s Latest Scandals)…. I paused to reflect how odd it is that the President is allowing his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to dangle in the breeze for so long.

Is it that he just doesn’t believe the rock is not squeezing against the hard place, and that there’s still wiggle room? Does he think that the issues of the AP bugging, FOX NEWS’ James Rosen persecution, and/or possible criminal implications of lying and/or misleading Congress will be sloughed off like Fast & Furious by a disinterested and heretofore sycophantic press….And that the mainstream press (or as I like to call them, the President’s Ministry of Misinformation, Convolutions and Cover-Fire) will once again cut him a pass, and the entire episode will die on the vine of inattention and short memory? Or…. is it a simple case of incompetent mis-management of one’s own incompetence that keeps the President so disengaged, so out of the loop, so disconnected with anything his own administration is doing, (supposedly in his own best interest), that provides such a layered cushion of plausible deniability — that he is having an out-of-body, out-of-loop experience?

Could it be that he so despises any opposition to his narcissistic vision of socialist utopia to the point that he would rather immolate an entire nation rather than face the logical possibility that yes, indeed, everything he knows to be true is in fact a total, illusory lie… and that in the end, he is simply just another elitist, arrogant, conniving, ruthless, power-drunk despot.

After all… Obama could have just fired Holder and been done with it. Ahh… but then there would have to be a further inquiry. An investigation. And questions… Did the corruption go higher? Was Holder acting as a lone agent, a maverick..? Or was he, is he carrying out the express orders of his boss? Schulman visited the White House at least 157 times. What, they can’t talk on the phone, they can’t email -?? Ohhhhhh….. yeah…. Now I get it. Face to face…vis a vis… no records of the conversations, no electronic paper-trail. They talked about Easter-egg hunts and golf scores, no doubt.

And here’s where it gets tricky… and why so many people from the opposite political side are starting to turn on the President. They’re not stupid… and they don’t like being insulted any more than I do.

For Mr. Obama to leave the nagging questions dangling… Who knew what when? Who ordered the IRS to target conservatives? Who denied the requests for ample security in Benghazi for our Ambassador and why? Also, who ordered our troops to ‘stand-down’ during the terrorist attacks, leaving four courageous Americans to die?

Then, Eric Holder, America’s top-cop, under fire from all thinking individuals, in order to deflect criticism (or indictment) has called an “off-the-record” meeting of the press…to answer questions. Off-the-record…as in, I will charm you and cajole you, but I certainly can’t be held responsible or legally liable for the cover-up, obfuscations, deflections and outright lies that I’m about to tell you.

They pulled this one out, thinking that all but FOX NEWS would accept. Circle the memes and make a stand and retake the narrative. This is the Administration’s way of isolating FOX NEWS… so that they can return to the safe harbor of ‘Please-See-It-My-Way’ manipulation. Come on, now…we’re all bright and brilliant Democrats here… nothing to see, let’s move on dot org. The problem with the country is FOX NEWS. The persistence of FOX NEWS and their pestering questions to get at the truth is very troubling, and these racist-homophobic-hate-mongers must be put in their place…and prosecuted…and marginalized…and vilified…and discounted. Just like I taught you. Hope and Change – Chicago style.

I actually think the President is content to have Holder’s butt hanging in the wind. It means nobody’s coming for him.
My thoughts about the day’s current events…as I handicap Le Scandale du Jour….is to surmise that, for Mr. Obama to allow the ‘we’re-not-evil-we’re idiots’ narrative to be floated; that it’s incompetence, inattentiveness and simple forgetfulness at the bottom of this –must mean there is so much bad, nasty, deceitful, evil stuff underneath the surface… as to be unimaginable. If Truth is a heat-seeking missile approaching at relentless speed, then Gen. Petraeus, Steve Miller, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder… and maybe eventually Hillary Clinton… are the chaff released to divert the homing missile. It remains to be seen whether or not the short attention span of the pop-culture-gorged American public will stay for the end of the movie. And whether or not the President will run out of chaff before the Truth-seekers run out of missiles.

My guess is that by the end of a very long, hot, revelation-laden summer…even the White House interns are going to be finding a sudden, pressing need to spend more time with their families.
– G. Graham

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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    If the devil had two sons…

  • devilrider

    Is Holder even a citizen? Was he not born in the West Indies somewhere? Barbados? I am not sure where I heard this, but I have to doubt that he is a citizen.

  • mathis1689

    Obama could care less who has to take the rap for all the evil that he’s either done or approved of as long as it’s not him. And he could care less about this country. He hates it and everything that it stands for. Jesus said “By their fruits(actions,deeds,beliefs,way of life etc) you shall know them.” By that standard Obama and everyone who is associated with him or supports him has some extremely sour fruit!

  • Ernie

    DC = District of Chicago (Corruption)

  • John A

    Gary G. – A great article.

    From my perspective, I feel once the Congressional investigation begins to start turning the screws on people involved and threatened with some jail time we’ll finally start getting some serious answers to nagging questions. We can pretty well be rest assured some underlings with the IRS in the Cleveland office will begin to squeal like pigs once they realize they will take the heat for those in the higher echelons of this abusive agency unless they begin to provide details. I’m sure IRS offices all around the nation have folks who will be put under enormous pressure to talk and offered immunity to implicate those higher up in the chain of command. All of us have a pretty sure bet this will happen and eventually the Obama house of cards will soon begin to fall.

    Benghazi will be another interesting story to see play out. And once we get to the root of the issues, provided the lame stream media can remain focused, we will eventually get answers why this event happened in the first place.

    We all know there is much more to the Benghazi story than what the media has led us to believe. Not only are there implications things were kept quiet because of the election, there are most likely some illegal arms transactions taking place to assist the rebels in Syria. And some of those rebels are enemies of the U.S.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!!!!!! Let’s keep the pressure on to get the answers.

  • pretty patriot

    Holder and all of the other Obama soldiers will take the fall to save their king. Shuller (the ‘fired’ head of the IRS is another example of a recent stooge. It’s hard to believe this is anything other than a massive conspiracy. They just didn’t count on getting caught.

  • flabrija

    the best side effect???? I have heard the Fair Tax mentioned several times in the last week. Maybe this will be the catalyst to shut down the IRS.

  • Joe Lettieri

    All the greedy idiots who voted for this Obomination will get theirs.Its going to be funny when they have to clear all the $hit out of their ears and brains and face REALITY ! ! !I hope Im still around to laugh.

  • Raymond – Vietnam Vet

    Q: What’s the worst thing about arranged marriages in Islam?
    A: No matter who you get, you still end up with a Muslim.

    Q: What do you do if you see five Muslims up to their waists in concrete?
    A: Pour more concrete.

    Q: How can you tell if a Muslim woman has committed suicide?
    A: There are 50 stab wounds in her back.

    Q: What does a Muslim do when the dishwasher stops working?
    A: He smacks her across the face.

    Q: What is the difference between a roll of toilet paper and the Quran?
    A: One is great for wiping your butt and the other comes in 1- and 2-ply.

    Q: How do you stop an Egyptian tank?
    A: Shoot the dirtbag pushing it.

    Q. How do you separate Muslim Men from Muslim Boys?
    A. With a crowbar.

    Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a Muslim; I’m sorry – I’m repeating myself.

    Did you hear that they are doing bungee jumping in England now?? Muslims jump for free – no strings attached!

  • jenniewalsh

    Pray for all the evils of these secret members of organized crime, the Kingdom of Satan, to be driven back into themselves to their own destruction.

  • MarkEntry

    The most disturbing thing for staunch Democrat supporters is the fact they just learned Obama doesn’t listen to what they want, either. So, they scr*wed themselves just as much as everyone else by putting any faith in him.

  • gsreagan

    BHOs out-of-loop mentality is intentional … just ignore it and it might go away. His security forces and minions have been taking the bullet for over four years, now, and they should be in short supply. The conservatives need to be more on target and more intense … don’t give up the fight, battles and war. Today many so called conservative politicians have been proving to be center or center right just to get along with the liberals. That’s why the Tea Party was founded … we are ticked off at the politicians that have defected. It’s time to get down-and-dirty (like the libs tactics) and crank it up a notch or two. I know that it isn’t going to be easy as most of conservatives are hard working 9- to-5, five days a week tax payers and most libs are well off or paid to protest radicals or on the divvy (free stuff, can’t/won’t work druggies, life long/professional “students”, etc.). So we must at least be as dedicated as the radical left to save the USA from becoming the USSA. Remember the former USSR???

  • coastx

    These are Fabian Socialists. Keep dreaming about your salvation. It’s just not happening with candlelight prayer vigils, blissful idiot America.

  • Brian McKinny

    Nice op-ed piece, Mr. Graham! Oh, BTW… Loved you as Ambassador Soval on Enterprise! ;^)

    Live Long, and Prosper!

  • Jaime Cancio

    Every time now I see Obozo-ssA and Holder I think of all those television presentations on “Cops”. I am especially reminded of all those video surveillance tapes of blacks caught doing their crimes, wanton destruction, robberies, burglaries and crimes of terror and violence including torture and murders. Always when the police show up on the crime scene, catch them sometime literally red-handed stained with human blood, and despite all the video surveillance tapes in evidence, there they are always the blacks claiming they are innocent, how they are the victims and of course tossing in the race issue. I am especially entertained when after provoking the police with violent actions and attacks when the s**t comes down on their heads – they then claim police brutality.

    Oh I failed to mention those episodes were usually from the city of Chicago where 513 people where murdered in 2012 and 451 of the murderers were black as were their victims who outnumbered the murderers. BTW there were over 3,000 shootings in Chicago last year and only the miracles of modern medicine saved many of those lives otherwise the death toll would be much much higher.

    Oh did I fail to mention both Obozo-ssA and Holder are from Chicago? They follow the exact same pattern. Doesn’t it just make you wonder just how innocent Obozo-ssA and Holder are? Does me…personally I want to see them (both Obozo-ssA and Holder) brought up before the World Court and charged with Crimes Against Humanity for all the deaths they have personally caused and were otherwise party to – accomplices and complicit as felony criminal accessories and also aiding and abetting. Works for me….you want to kill a rattlesnake you have to cut off its head, you cut off its tail – it just grows back another ‘Holder’.