Fort Hood Islamic Terrorist Shooter has Drawn 278K in Salary Since Massacre

The Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 others during a shooting at Fort Hood has reportedly been paid more than $278,000 since the 2009 incident.

U.S. Department of Defense officials confirmed to NBCDFW.com that Maj. Nidal Hasan’s salary cannot be suspended unless he is proven guilty in the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting in Texas, citing the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Jury selection in his trial is scheduled to begin May 30.

If Hasan, 42, had been a civilian Defense Department employee, Army officials could have suspended his pay after just seven days, NBCDFW.com reports.

A military judge refused to delay Hasan’s trial earlier this month after his attorneys sought to postpone the court-martial to Sept. 1. Hasan’s attorneys claimed military jurors may be influenced by national media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings that compared the two Muslim suspects — Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev – to Hasan.

Prosecutors countered that the delay was unnecessary because Hasan was mentioned only briefly in some news reports about the April 15 attacks in Boston.
Hasan faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

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  • DE Navarro

    How much has he donated to Islamic causes that killed more Americans? Hmmm.

  • Shorty Stuff

    He should be shot military style, and all that money given to the family of his victims. I’ll help out and supply the bullets (soaked in pig fat of course).

    • BeriBeri99

      I’m still subject to the UCMJ I’ll volunteer to be on the firing squad.
      I will even provide my own PIG FAT.
      That is after I’ve fried and eaten the bacon and let the fat go rancid.
      Gotta’ enjoy this somehow . . .

      Barry :-3)

      PO1 USN RET

  • Lorraine E

    It is absolutely disgraceful how the current administration is dealing with Hasan who is an evil murderer. I am ashamed of our government.

    • BeriBeri99

      Hide and watch his majesty, the legend in sheit’s own mind,
      will try to pardon this POS after the court martial convicts sheit*.
      *Sheit a combination of she, he, and it, and pronounces
      as if there are 2 or 3 “e’s”.
      Barry :-3)
      PO1 USN RET

  • rosie46

    Hopefully, the funds are being held and not paid to him, so they can be used to compensate the victims and their families. This is a gross miscarriage of justice if he is being paid these funds, but I guess this administration believes in making funds available to our enemies. This is why he should have been tried in a military, not a civil court. It would have been over by now.

    • jag

      actually, he is being tried in a Military court, and that is exactly why he has to still be paid. That is why the article mentioned the “military judge” and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Military courts are NOT any faster than civilian courts.

      • rosie46

        I see that now, but why was it originally deemed a workplace violence crime to be tried in a civil court? Seems the changed their mind — good, let justice prevail Thank you for the correction.

  • nikelsbaum

    Any civilian has income cut off when going to prison ; why not the Military ?

    • BigSarge

      Because he hasn’t been convicted yet and also see my above reply

  • SFS444

    Nice going Army, you’re still winners of the dumbass award out of the 5 services.

    • BigSarge

      It’s not an “Army” decision. It’s DOD (Department of Defense) policy and federal law. The only way they could have stopped it is if the dumb ass’s in the White House would have declared it terrorism. Then the Army could have given him a bad conduct discharge. BUT ….. Then he would have been turned over to federal courts (since it happened on a military reservation) and/or sent to Gitmo instead of being tried under UCMJ (Military Law). Federal courts do give and execute Death Penalty cases whereas even though UCMJ does have a death penalty, there hasn’t been a death penalty convection since 1961 for all of our services combined.

  • DouglasDauntless

    B.O. and Holder will make sure this guy gets off and no murder charges will be brought against him. He will not go to jail and he will not hang. Our Government will probably give him a medal for murdering our troops and make him a General. It is in his religion, a murder cult that has to kill infidels, especially when he knew they were unarmed and couldn’t fight back. We can thank Slick Bill Clinton for that one making sure that no army, navy , marine corps base has not any guns that the soldiers can carry, a GUN FREE MURDER ZONE. Protect the bad guys, Communist Democratic dogma, forget about the safety of we the people, the fruits, nuts, bolts and criminal come first, it is their right to kill us and we cannot defend ourselves against them.

  • Jim McCormack

    Saving a few bucks by calling it “work place violence”-illustrates literal hate for our military, plus saves purple heart awards and disability payments. A real screwing by all involved. Where are the military leaders who used to fight for their men.

  • sixholdens

    Comments blaming the administration show that you don’t understand the system. The administration has little control on how things are done, that is all set down in things like the UCMJ and other documents that the military is required to follow WITHOUT FAIL.

    You should be demanding a speedy trial so that it will end.

  • ruzlocke

    what is the difference in paying this pos and supporting al qeade in Syria, he can go to the bank to cash the checks

  • junkmailbin

    a perfect example why he should be tried as a terrorist not a disgruntled employee. Shouting allah akbar is an admission on his part that this was a terrorist hate crime. Being he is an enemy spy and saboteur, he should have be tied to a post in the parade grounds, all the troops called out, tv cameras rolled, and a firing squad ordered to shoot.

    Fri_g the sensitivity to moslems cr_p

  • Robert S Moulds

    He shot his fellow solders and there fore should either be imprisoned or shot if one believes in capital punishment but not payed. The money should go to the victim families and he should have gone to camp x ray.

  • WHY are practicing Muslims in our military to begin with? Although not many people are yet ready to hear it, the answer is quite simple: Because the framers replaced the
    monotheistic First Commandment (as found in many of America’s 1600 constitution) with the polytheistic Amendment 1. Shortly after Amendment 1 was ratified, America was transformed from what was predominately a monotheistic Christian nation to the most polytheistic nation to exist, with the possible exception of the Roman Empire. In other words, the genesis of the Ft. Hood massacre was Amendment 1!

    For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 11.

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” The survey will be found in the right-hand sidebar.

  • Why has this POS not been tried yet? What’s the hold-up? Is he even in the US anymore or did they ship him to the middle east in order to protect him? Is there anyone out there that can answer these questions?

  • Sammy97

    Why doesn’t someone shave off his beard so the trial can continue and this can be done? Could any of us get out of a trial for religious reasons? I highly doubt it. But since the Muslims take care of each other…

    See what just happened in London? That’s coming here, the more of them we allow legal status for any reason. And soon Sharia will be the law, our Constitution will be shredded and Barry Hussein’s Fundamental Transformation will be complete. Then we’ll all have to watch over our shoulder and carry protection to save we the infidels. We’ll have to send them to their 72 virgins.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It is a sad commentary on today’s so-called justice system that this monster was
    not tried, convicted, and executed three years ago.

  • Shadow_58

    They should have shot this S.O.B. the same day they captured him.