Holder Wants a Kiss and Make Up Session With the Media

Jan Morgan

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Eric Holder wants to hold a special mend the fences meeting with all of the mainstream news media. Holder wants the meetings to begin tomorrow and run through the week next week as he plans to divide the news agencies up for the meetings. He is also still wanting to control the tone of the meetings which means the media can not ask him any questions about what has happened and why it happened.

The Associated Press and New York Times say they are not interested in attending an off the record breifing. Fox news was still in the deciding mode. CNN is refusing to attend if its off the record. My question to any news agency contemplating this would be, “Why would you agree to go into a meeting controlled by a thug who has clearly violated the law repeatedly while in office and you have no options regarding tone of the meeting, questions asked or reporting about it afterward?” I have never agreed to do an interview with anyone who insisted on controlling the content in advance.

I think all of the media should refuse to participate with the excuse that he is currently under investigation. Holder needs to be less concerned about the new media and its perception of him and more concerned about answering to the American people for what he has done.

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  • Say what? Holder wants the meetings to begin tomorrow and run through the week next week as he plans to divide the news agencies up for the meetings. Divide and conquer…good little do-bees and the bad boys who need a little re-education on how things work. This is where we will see…backbones or spineless sycophants.

    • rwp24382

      Yeah, this is the man that said the nation needed to be reeducated about guns. That guns were bad and needed to be taken away from all citizens. Since there was to be no press coverage of the incident, what would Holder have to tell them? You either agree with me or I waterboard you? You either agree with me or I have the IRS kick in your door and confiscate your children? Maybe he says agree with me for a year and I’ll give you 5 million a piece? Who knows the extent of what he wants to do, if he is not held accountable? It is either insanity or stupidity to agree with such terms from an administration that has the credibility of this one.

      This just reminds me of Al Gore when he gave lectures at some Ivy League university. You could sit in, but there were to be no recording devices nor were there to be any press to come in and ask any questions as to what was discussed. This was the time when people were just starting to find information that found global warming was a hoax.

  • Robert S Moulds

    If Eric Holder wants to make up to the media deport Piers Morgan he annoys the hell out of the American people. Send Ted Nugent to Britain riding a bison, wearing a loin cloth, carrying a compound bow and playing his guitar. Then the British will understand just how annoying that pompous Piers is. Eric could in light of the scandals like operation fast and furious resign.

  • Carriersailor

    Why Isn’t this gun running fascist In federal prison ?

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    Not much of a kiss and make-up session… the AP, CNN, Fox, and a few others will not agree to the “off the record” meeting.

    It is about time they stand up to his ass.

  • allessior

    He will get his make up sessions and the media will fall for it every time. Sorry folks, there is no way to get to these people even when they are caught committing perjury red-handed. What a disgace that he is even holding these shmooze sessions.

  • allessior

    Poor little Eric, caught lying before Congress, poor, poor soul. He isa little do-dad, and cries like a baby when the media spanks him. Ouch.

  • allessior

    Next time I commit perjury, I will just go to the media and I am sure the courts will forgive me.

  • Newhon63

    I don’t think they need an excuse not to attend the meetings. Tell him they will not attend a meeting unless The Media controls the content, are able to exercise their right to ask any questions they want, and is on the record, in front of cameras so the People can haer for themselves what excuses he is going to put out there. And I would appreciate it greatly if Holder would have a chin surgically added so he can “Take what he has done on the chin”, can’t do that if he doesn’t have one. This jellyfish and all the other jellyfish in Washington, include Obama , himself and Clinton can explain to the People what they were doing, why they were doing it and then a concrete date in which they will resign their posts and surrender to the authorities for charges. And face them in court and suffer the consequences. Anything the American people do that is illegal subjects themselves to the full force of Constitutional law. Our politicians should be subjected to no less.

  • jb80538

    Holder can kiss my A$$

  • NymRod

    He’s already in hot water for limiting press freedoms so he wants off the record meetings to further limit press freedoms. ???

  • agbjr

    Any news outlet that DOES attend this ‘meeting’ should come out and report the discussions no matter what Holder demands. He has no authority – no legal or moral right – to tell the press what they can and can not report. It is about the Constitution!

    “The people shall not be deprived or abridged of their right to speak, or to publish their sentiments; and the freedom of the press, as one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable.”

    James Madison

  • gepops58

    now let the propaganda flow like wine and the lies like butterflies this ain’t nothing more than damage control and its time for all of this corrupt money wasting liars to remove themselves from our misery once and for all, they should go to some remote country and rule there

  • fideux

    I’ve got something he can kiss!

  • Jeff

    Might be best to go ahead and let him speak with the understanding that IF he is going to speak it WILL be on the record. Go ahead and give him some more rope to hang himself with and who knows what might surface.

  • barto

    If Holder “builds” a good lie they (MSM) will come for they are sheep and he is the head wolf!

  • roger3401

    I’ve got something he can kiss, hold on a second while I stand up and drop my trousers.

  • foxxybey

    The idiot and his boss both need to go, a raft to Kenya sounds real good.


    Mr. Holder is the Top Law Officer of the United States. He knows better or should know better. You need be thrown in jail for Perjury. No Kissing and Making up!

  • Fred_K

    This jerk needs to be in prison for a long long time. Of course the bum will pardon him, so it is somewhat irrelevant. Presidents should only be able to pardon people who are not incarcerated during their term.

  • MikeS

    The media is generally behaving like idiots being polite about this or giving it consideration. It they participate in these secret meetings, they are violating due process. He is suspected of violating the law. He needs to be questioned in public without any restrictions. He needs to be prevented from organizing secret meetings to his benefit and using those meetings to shut the media up thereby using the media to help him hide what he has done.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I agree with Ms Morgan here; not a single reporter/media group should agree to any such “meeting” {read propaganda briefing}, let alone any directly affected by his intrusive and lawless behavior!

  • jimmyapendix

    what a sonic f— a–

  • Hotrod

    I hope the news media that he was illegally tapping their phones sues Eric Holder, and holder should be in JAIL!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      The press got what they paid for. How dare Holder do that to them? If the press had done their job for the last four years Obama would be back in Chicago. Make sure you stay home because you won’t vote for a Mormon. Instead, vote for the 6th graders.

  • This Holder guy has to go to prison

  • Nadine

    He should have been gone a long time ago along with his boss….VERY arrogant ABOVE the Law crooks & marxists!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Have Jimmy Carter send his grandchild to secretly tape the meetings. “47%” of Americans agree. Two can play the game.

  • Paul Rarey

    I’ll keep it simple…. Holder, KISS THIS!!

    If he’s look’n to receive some love… .I’m sure we can find some bitch-slaps somewhere for him.

  • allessior

    This administration is the most lawless of all time. Obama ignores TWO federal appeals court judges who upheld the decision that he was in violation of the Appointments clause, yet BO keeps his appointments on the NLRB. What about the fact that Congress knocked down CAP & Trade yet the EPA is carrying it out anyway. What about Holder, who is already in Contempt of Congress for his behavior during the Fast&Furious hearings? If our leaders routinely break the law, can we now break the law as well? I think so. Time for a full-fledged revolution.

  • ED Hamlin

    Yeah, you and your bud Obama tried the off the record thing before with ‘Fast & Furious’. Look where it left one agent and border towns. I don’t think any of the press will let this go. The acts are clearly tyrannical and oppressive and when Americans heard about they will were not going to let you get away with any crime or lie. You will be held accountable, and you will be tried for all crimes committed. You see this is not a Kingdom we live in a Democratic Republic not just a democracy. Any investigative journalist will not come without camera and audio recorder rolling. Make it easier on your self and come clean or you might end up in Camp Delta.

  • 195576Leon Luond

    He thinks we should give our guns up, so he can give them to the idiots across the border to kill Americans trying to defend our country from the drug lords. I think not he needs a one way ticket to prison.

  • jenniewalsh

    Holder is evil on steroids and a deadly enemy to America.