Illegals Entering U.S. TRIPLES With Talks of Immigration Reform

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Arrests of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States have nearly tripled in recent months — in anticipation of Congressional efforts to enact comprehensive immigration legislation, border patrol agents told CBS News Wednesday.

“Once the first group gets across, they call their family, they call their friends and let them know, ‘Hey the time is right, come on over,’” Border Patrol agent and union representative Chris Cabrera told CBS News.

In March, 7,500 illegals were arrested in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas — which includes McAllen — Cabrera told CBS News. That’s up from 2,800 in January.

In February, nearly 4,800 illegals were arrested in the Rio Grande, the local news website The Monitor.com reports.

In fact, agents in McAllen used their station’s carport to process nearly 900 illegals caught over three days in March, according to the Monitor.com.

And border patrol agents have become so concerned about overcrowding and unsanitary conditions that they’ve complained to local and federal officials, the Monitor.com reports.

Many illegals are caught while traveling through the brush between Hidalgo and Sullivan City in Texas, a winding 30-mile stretch of the Rio Grande.

It’s popular with immigrants, who speed across the Rio Grande and assimilate into the small towns along the border, the Monitor.com reports.

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  • Shane

    our immigration system does need reform; but this bill is nothing more than a mass amnesty for illegal aliens. Kill the bill; go to http://www.numbersUSA.com/actionbuffet to send free faxes and Sign the Petition: Tell Senator Rubio: “Reject Amnesty!”

  • Lowell

    The team of 8 have real job security. Stick around another couple of years and you can turn another 30 million illegals into citizens.

  • junkmailbin

    NO SH_t!

  • Robert Moulds

    Mexico has despite the drug war a lower rate of unemployment but high rate of underemployment then expected. Since more of the illegal are from central America better enforcement by Mexico along it’s border with Guatemala. A central American common market with good trade relation with the United States and no operation fast and furious.

  • Dodie1990

    All looking for a free ride thanks to the U.S. taxpayer.

  • jenniewalsh

    Like almost all the legislation of today, the Amnesty 2013 Bill is a HUGE TROJAN HORSE, designed to destroy the American economy, sovereignty and the rights and security of the American people. It was written by the Illuminati and being pushed by their representatives in congress and the presidency.

    • rosie46

      And if not shredded will be the dying breath of our country as we are overrun by illegals and terrorists (or do they think they are not pouring over our borders also). Napolitano just wants an excuse to expand her national gestapo and establish a domestic army as Obama said he would do when he was running in 2008 — recall that?