Immigration Reform Cost 6.3 Trillion Dollars

The comprehensive immigration overhaul being taken up in the Senate this week could cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion if 11 million illegal immigrants are granted legal status, according to a long-awaited estimate by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The cost would arise from illegal immigrants tapping into the government’s vast network of benefits and services, many of which are currently unavailable to them. This includes everything from standard benefits like Social Security and Medicare to dozens of welfare programs ranging from housing assistance to food stamps.

The report was obtained in advance by Fox News.

“No matter how you slice it, amnesty will add a tremendous amount of pressure on America’s already strained public purse,” Robert Rector, the Heritage scholar who prepared the report, said in a statement.

The numbers could raise additional concerns for Republicans as a Senate committee prepares to consider the legislation later this week.

The comprehensive study also factored in the cost of public education and other services like highways and police. The government is already providing some of those services to illegal immigrants, so the $6.3 trillion figure would not represent all new costs.

But most of that cost would be new spending, according to Heritage, as illegal immigrants gain access to additional government benefits. The study acknowledges that, for a 10-year period, illegal immigrants seeking a reprieve would be barred from these benefits. After that window, though, Heritage forecasts the costs skyrocketing.

On an annual basis, the report estimates the cost will be $106 billion after the interim phase is over. In the course of their lifetime, the report estimates that illegal immigrant households would receive an average of $592,000 in government benefits.

The $6.3 trillion figure is based on what illegal immigrants would cost the government over the course of their lifetime. It factors in the expected taxes they’d pay to the government.

Supporters of immigration legislation have been skeptical of efforts to assign a cost to the immigration bill. Proponents argue that the value of bringing millions of illegal immigrants out of the shadows and presumably into the taxpaying workforce is immeasurable.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a key co-author of the legislation, has also stressed that illegal immigrants applying for legal status would not have access to federal benefits while they are applying.

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  • Shane

    This is NOT immigration reform! It is a mass amnesty for illegal aliens and it will cost American taxpayers Trillions of dollars. Fight this at http://www.numbersusa.com/actionbuffet

  • Airdoc507

    Hey, it cost a lot to print up all those Democratic voter registration cards!!

  • Has already cost us more then that, so now obozo wants to make his future hand out people his slaves at our cost, send them back to Mexico and obozo to Kenya on a raft.

  • My question is, just who in hell is lying to us? I thought we were broke, like 17 trillion in debt. If that is true then where is the 6.3 trillion going to come from? By the way, that will put us at over 23 trillion in debt. Our nation cannot handle 23 trillion debt so we will be crushed under the weight and die.

  • A thousand times NO…maybe 17 trillion NOs…
    America is broke, borrowing 46% and printing $$$ we do not have…
    50 mil on Stamps, jobless way way up…
    and all the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism can do is try to bring in more dependent dim socialist voters!!!

  • theamericanpatriot

    OK… to put this in perspective, the cost per illegal to give them amnesty based on the $6.3 TRILLION is… are you ready??? $572,727.30…. per person. What the heck??? Sounds fishy, besides a bunch of BS. Sounds like Obama and his cronies plan on pocketing a truckload of money by hiding it in the Illegals project. For that amount of money, I’d be happy to count myself an Illegal. Ay, que bueno. Me gusta el dinero! Quiero comer los taco todos los dias!!! See, I could be Hispanic too. Would someone please put this administration behind bars where they belong?! I can’t take this crap anymore. They need to “Drop the Chalupa and back away!”

  • wjc

    its cheaper to arrest them and force them out of the country. so what are the dumbocrats waiting for.

    • A Dumbocrat would never want to deport a definite dumbocratic voter whether they are legal, illegal, dead, or a dog

  • TexRancher

    Anyone who is workng to pass this is a TRAITOR! This country simply cannot afford the support that the ILLEGAL INVADERS will require and they KNOW IT!
    Law enforcement cannot handle them, the taxpayer cannot support them and a country with 23 million AMERICANS out of work cannot produce enough to support them. We are headed for a war in our streets as a result of what these politcial TRAITORS are doing.

    Buy guns and ammo because this administration and the Gang of Eight have no intenton of protecting AMERICANS!

  • You said it Shane. This is how the Democrat’s assure they have 20 million or more ‘legal’ votes added to the rolls for the 2014 midterm election’s which could and probably will shape the last 2 years of obozo as our wannabee Dictator in Chief. He manages to swing the senate and house to democratic majorities with the strength to stop any attempts by Republican’s with a conscience who try to fight his “transformation of America” into a dependency state ripe for the pickin by the U.N. and it’s One World Government agenda. Those of us that can read and do research know he is not a legitimate president and if anything a confirmed socialist and Muslim. We must stop this foolish Amnesty and opened floodgates for million’s more illegal’s to flood the country.

  • al brignac

    The new social nationality- I am a ‘Struggling-American’. I work my butt off, own a clock repair business, pay taxes, a veteran, single parent, lost everything in hurricane Katrina, and I cant even get a grant for anything. It sucks, the government sucks, and financial institutions are a freaking joke!

  • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

    Amnesty Costs 70 Times More Than Enforcement

    The cost of amnesty: $999 billion.
    The cost of attrition by enforcement: as little as $14 billion.
    Amnesty would cost up to 70 times as much as enforcing existing law.

    $999 billion cost of Amnesty (Mass Legalization)

    Source: The Heritage Foundation
    Summary: The Heritage Foundation issued two studies in 2007 pointing out that the big problem with mass legalization is that (a) most illegal aliens are low-skilled and therefore do not earn enough money to pay enough taxes to cover the government benefits they receive; and (b), amnesty would eventually make them eligible for the full array of welfare and medical benefits offered by local, state and federal governments. They found the cost of allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States, and eventually to become citizens, would be $3.7 trillion through the year 2056. That works out to a present cost of $1 trillion, at a 5 percent discount rate. In other words, immediately upon passage of an amnesty bill, the United States government would need to put $1 trillion into an investment earning 5 percent per year if it were honest about paying for the costs of amnesty.
    $14 billion cost of attrition through enforcement option #1.

    Source: Congressional Budget office Estimate for H.R. 4437.
    Summary: This option is the bill H.R. 4437 sponsored by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner that passed the House of Representatives in 2005. This bill would have been so effective in combating illegal immigration that some 1 million illegal aliens marched in cities around the United States on May 1, 2006 to protest it. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill would cost $1.9 billion over the 5 years 2006-2010, which we extrapolate out to the year 2056 using a linear model to account for cost increases. Then we use a discount rate of 5 percent to bring the future costs back to a single present cost figure. The resulting cost was actually $13.5 billion, which we round up to $14 billion to facilitate comparison to the other cost figures.
    $177 billion cost of attrition through enforcement option #2.

    Source: Congressional Budget Office Estimate for H.R. 4088.
    Summary: This option is the SAVE Act (Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act) that was introduced in the House of Representatives in 2007. This is a strong attrition through years 2enforcement bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill would cost $40.7 billion over the 10 009-2018, which we extrapolate out to the year 2056 using a linear model to account for cost increases. Then we use a discount rate of 5 percent to bring the future costs back to a single present cost figure.
    Detailed Explanation:
    Amnesty Would Have a Present Cost of $1 Trillion
    In 2007, the Heritage Foundation issued two studies, one on the cost of low-skilled immigration and one on the cost of amnesty. The study on the cost of low-skilled immigration noted that low-skilled immigrants do work hard: “It is important to note, these families are rarely idle; they consistently work and pay taxes. However, the taxes they pay are seldom, if ever, sufficient to cover the cost of the government benefits they receive. In consequence, these households must be continually subsidized by other taxpayers.” The Heritage study concluded that low-skilled immigrant households will cost native born U.S. taxpayers $89.1 billion per year over each of the next 30 years.
    The Heritage report estimated that illegal residents comprise 41 percent of low-skilled immigrant households.1 Simple multiplication indicates that illegal-immigrant households cost the U.S. taxpayer $36.5 billion each year. Over 30 years, that works out to $1.1 trillion in costs. Using a financial calculator, we assumed a discount rate of 5 percent, and computed the net present value of a cost stream of $36.5 over the next 30 years to be $589 billion.

    Cost to Taxpayer for Government Benefits to Illegal Aliens:
    Years Cost Each Year Total Cost Present Cost @ 5% discount rate2007-2037 $36.5 billion $1.1 trillion $589 billion2038-2056 $144.5 billion $2.6 trillion $410 billion $999 billion
    A second report was issued by the Heritage Foundation a few weeks after the report discussed above. This report discussed the costs allowing current illegal aliens to become United States citizens. They will become eligible for the full array of welfare and medical benefits offered by state and federal governments. This study concluded that the $36.5 billion per year figure is valid for the next 30 years. The average age of an illegal alien is early 30s. Beginning 30 years from now, the current illegal alien population will retire. The problem is that low-skilled illegal aliens do not earn enough money to support their families, send remittances back to their homelands, and save adequate money for retirement. The U.S. taxpayer will be stuck supporting most illegal aliens in retirement. And each retired illegal alien is projected to cost the U.S. taxpayer $17,000 per year.
    The Heritage report continues, that of the 10 million retired illegal aliens, some 8.5 million will live to the retirement age of 67 years old. At that time, the statistically normal lifespan is an additional 18 years. $17,000 per year for 18 years is $306,000. That is the cost of supporting one amnestied illegal alien through retirement. Multiplied by 8.5 million people, and that comes to the astounding figure of $2.6 trillion.2 Using a financial calculator, we assumed a discount rate of 5 percent and computed the net present value of a cost stream of $144.5 billion per year for 18 years from the years 2039-2057. The net present cost was given as $410 billion.

    Attrition Through Enforcement Would Have a Present Cost of as Little at $13.5 Billion
    H.R. 4437, The “Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005,” had Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner as its original sponsor. This bill had several features to combat illegal immigration including:

    mandatory E-Verify 6 years from date of enactment
    end the “catch-and-release” policy for all persons apprehended at border
    require DHS to reimburse counties within 25 miles of the border for the costs relating to illegal aliens
    removal orders would become final more quickly and readily
    facilitate removal of aliens who reenter the country illegally after having been deported
    mandatory minimum prison sentences for offenses related to illegal entry into the United States
    additional port-of-entry inspectors and canine detection teamsThis was the bill to which Sensenbrenner offered an amendment to reduce the penalty for illegal presence (aimed at visa overstayers) from a felony to a misdemeanor (Amendment 656, Roll Call Vote 655).3 However, all but 8 Democrats voted against the amendment (in other words, they voted for upgrading illegal presence to a felony) because they wanted to use the provision as a rallying point from which to stir up opposition to the bill.
    The passage of this bill attracted a firestorm of opposition from the open borders lobby, including illegal alien demonstrations in a number of cities on May 1, 2006.
    The illegal alien lobby was opposed to this bill because it would have been effective. This is why we can safely conclude that effective attrition through enforcement would cost as little as $13.5 billion.4

    Strong Attrition Through Enforcement Would Have a Present Cost of $177 Billion
    The SAVE Act (Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement) Act was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on November 6, 2007. It never made it to a vote because the House leadership would not allow it. Among the key provisions of the bill were:

    mandatory E-Verify 4 years from the date of enactment;
    increased employer sanctions for those knowingly employing illegal aliens;
    a “National Birth and Death Registration System” to reduce stolen identities;
    140 additional Criminal Alien Program (CAP) officers to identify and remove criminal aliens detained in federal, state and local facilities;
    training at least 250 state and local law enforcement officers on how to perform federal immigration enforcement procedures;
    8,000 additional beds for illegal aliens detained by immigration officials;
    13 additional federal district judges in border states to increase the flow of deportations, including 4 for the District of Arizona and 5 for the Southern District of California;The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the bill would cost $40.7 billion over the 10 years between 2009-2018.5
    1Robert E. Rector and Christine Kim, The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer, Special Report #14, May 22, 2007, The Heritage Foundation.
    2Robert E. Rector, Amnesty Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers At Least $2.6 Trillion, Web Memo #1490, June 6, 2007, The Heritage Foundation.
    3See The Congressional Record – House – December 16, 2005, H11951-11953.
    4The CBO report can be found by searching http://www.cbo.gov for H.R. 4437.
    5The CBO report can be found by searching http://www.cbo.gov for H.R. 4088

  • How about this instead. 150 billion for a wall. 50 billion to deport them. Instead we would pay trillions and the problem would still not be taken care of

    • Chicot

      Only increased.

  • The marxist dictator has a plan to destroy this country. This administration is out of control. The president has created a division among the people and Congress and is determined to undermine the financial stability of the country. His agenda is to sacrifice the entire county. I fear it will happen, but we must will never stop our efforts to impeach this dictator. I’ve never before hoped to be wrong about what is happening as much as now

    • Chicot

      He has already ruined the economy of this country and has destroyed it by creating such division in all aspects and pitted race against race, poor against rich or middle class (what’s left of it), and religion against each other as well as gays against straights and so on. Just stop and think who is going to pay off the debt we already have and how are they going to do it.

  • papio creek

    No way! Illegal immgrations go to broke!

  • Send them all home and apply, in writing, for the privilege to come back. Those who read, write and have actual job skills may be considered. Any over 25 should be ineligible for Social Security.

  • Zepp

    This country is finished as we know it. America will never recover from this presidency. Sad seeing the country I love fall apart.

    • I agree, Zepp, it’s very sad. But I have a nasty feeling Obama will be in leadership long after his term ends.

      • Zepp

        I have a feeling you’re right!

  • JJM123

    $573,000 each??? And deportation is too expensive…..

  • John Smithson

    Thanks Jan: 1st a ? to you Jan, out of every place in the world, how did you come up with Jamestown N Y. even if this is an ad. Again Ive lived on the border twice, San Ysidro, Ca & Nogalas AZ, then went back twice w/ Militia. The Border Patrol, ICE, local police are out numbered & out gunned. This is a post on cost- add this to it in many ways. Muslum Terrorists are coming over the border at an alarming rate, drug gangs such as MS-13 & Mexican mofia etc are coming over recruiting many illegals, now Mexican drug cartels are coming over, now more drugs than ever are coming over, now drug gangs, drug cartels & muslum terrorists have joined forces. Hamas, Hezbolla, Islamic Jihad, Al Queda, & Muslum Brotherhood are here. The Terrorists group CAIR is collecting funds to finance the other Terrorists groups. I can go on but this truth is way to much. Heaven help us. God Bless Jan youre great

  • Half a million per… WHAT A DEAL[!]

  • Yo no hablo Espaniol.
    Where’s my money?



  • jenniewalsh

    Would everyone be totally shocked to learn that all that money is simply going into the pockets of the organized crime politicians, bureaucrats and Illuminati? The RACKETEERS will use any and all kinds of deceit and treachery to steal taxpayer money.

  • Sagebrush6

    The United States don’t need the illegals, the illegals need the United States.