Islamic Terrorist Nadal Hassan May Represent Himself

The abhorrant case of United States Army Medical Corps officer and Islamist terrorist, Maj. Nidal Hasan has now taken a more bizarre turn.

On November 5, 2009, Hasan massacred 13 and wounded more than 32 U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood while screaming “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is greatest.”

The events subsequent to the slaughter are offensive and incomprehensible to most Americans.

In a reprehensible action, Attorney General Eric Holder declined to press terrorism charges against Hasan, instead defining the worst terrorist attack in America since 9/11 as a case of “workplace violence.” The fall-out from this politically charged decision? The victims of Hasan’s shooting spree will not be entitled to the benefits of soldiers wounded or killed in the line of duty!

Read more at The Black Sphere.

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  • Wumingren

    The man who represents himself has a fool for an attorney. Hasan merely wants to use the court as a means of broadcasting his vile religious beliefs in the hope of triggering jihad among those like him that live among us. He should be denied his soap box.

    • Shawn O’Loughlin

      Unfortunately, “those like him living among us” occupy the White House at the present time. As long as a Jihadist muslim has control of the executive branch, there will be no clamp down on jihadists living in America. Conversely, Jihadists will be coddled, courted and praised for upholding their “religious beliefs”. Until we have a House, Senate and President who are all sick and tired of the muslim’s bullshit and willing to force them out of the USA, this type of liberal nonsense will continue.

  • Wumingren

    As for Hasan’s beard, while in the service I witnessed men who refused to keep their hair and facial hair at military specifications. Upon repeated failures, they were forcibly given haircuts and shaves. The same should be done with Hasan, even if it means he must first be sedated in order to accomplish it without allowing him to harm himself in the process.

  • Conservativesniper

    Well, he won’t be able to claim his attorney was the reason he lost his case. Seriously, this POS murdered IN COLD BLOOD. There are no extenuating circumstances. He was caught red handed. Get this show trial over and mete out the sentence.


    Why can’t someone just give him his copper implant?

  • agbjr

    Holder and his minions should have nothing – NOTHING – to do with this; it is a military matter and not one to be decided in civilian courts. Hassan should be facing a military tribunal and courts marshal. After conviction this sonofabitch should be marched outside and summarily shot.

  • foxxybey

    Take the SOB out and shoot him, the satan loving bastard should be dead already if it wasn’t for his brother obozo in the White House.

  • junkmailbin

    the gay arab potus give orders to the military.

  • HongryHawg

    Whether or not this is a good thing depends on whether we have finally found an honest judge, or not.

  • Marge

    Why 4 yrs? Why not HIS COMMANDER IN THIS? Well known is he yelled AKBAR! Why so long find guilty?who let him in? He is disguesting!