Justice on the White House


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Finally, will Obama and Hillary pay for what they have done to Americans?

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  • Robert Moulds

    Is Hillary Clinton insane hiring irregular militia men over well trained marines and paying them after the staff at Benghazi was killed. Leadership is a privilege the well being of those who you command is more important than your career obviously your unfit to lead.

  • Its even worse than that. Many of the guards only had batons and flashlights. Then their own guards went to get the terrorists.to kill the Americans. Why?? Because Hillary is so stupid that she did not obviously know that there are seven separate tribes and half of them hate us being hard core islamic’s . Those are the ones she hired.

  • When one looks at the causes of conflict or war it is the politicians who engage in the words of of war and WE the People are sent to these conflicts and wars on the whim of politicians. Since these politicians want to involve this country in conflicts and wars why don’t they enlist their sons and daughters as well as those CEO’ssons and daughterts of corporations that make war materials and send them to do the fighting while the People who pay for it all stay at home and get rich off your demise like you get rich off of OUR, the PEOPLES sacrifice for peace.

  • TexRancher

    The answer to the heading question is Probably not because there are too many crooked
    TRAITORS in Congress to do the job!