Mullen and Pickering: Getting to the bottom of NOTHING!


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The following was sent by Jen Psaki of the State Department to Fox News Channel’s James Rosen:
May 6, 2013

“From the beginning of the ARB process, we had unfettered access to everyone and everything including all the documentation we needed. Our marching orders were to get to the bottom of what happened, and that’s what we did.”- Statement by Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Tom Pickering

“Unfettered access to everyone?” Oh really? Using the ole Billy “BJ” Clinton’s parsing of the word ‘is’ boys? So you HAD the unfettered access, but you chose NOT to ACCESS the Secretary of State, now did you boys? You had access, but you chose NOT to ACCESS the #2 guy under Ambassador Stevens who was on duty in Libya, Mr. Hicks, now did you boys?

Did you ‘access’ a majority, if not all, of the 30 or so survivors?

Did you ‘access’ and interview the members of the Special Forces team who were on their way from Tripoli to Benghazi before they were told to stand down?

Did you ‘access’ and interview the person in charge of the Africa Command who gave the order to stand down?

Did you ‘access’ and interview Defense Secretary Panetta about why he said there were no Special Forces close by?

Did you ‘access’ and interview the people involved in developing the talking points, that lead to the false or misleading information information being given to the American people?

Did you ‘access’ and interview the president of Libya who, to his credit, called it a terrorist attack immediately to get more information from him?

I also head earlier this evening on Fox that both Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Tom Pickering both CHOSE NOT to appear in today’s hearings. What a damn disgrace, and especially in Mullen’s case. He and Pickering have allowed themselves to be used as political pawns. They have compromised any semblance of honor they had to LIE to the people of this country, and all to save a worthless, piece of shit that disgraces that Oval Office every day. And Mullen, especially, makes me sick to my stomach. He (and Dempsey before him when he appeared before Congress with Panetta) both chose NOT to “put their stars on the table” and tell the truth in service to their country and fellow Americans. I’d love to shove their stars up their asses.

Since when do Mullen and Pickering get to “choose” whether or not they will report to the Congress, to the men and women who are there to represent the American people? F— that … they need to be subpoenaed to testify, or be thrown in jail. A special select committee needs to be so ordered by the pathetic, pussy, pansy-assed Weeper of the House, Boo-Hoo Boehner, for once and for all, or there should be a Republican mutiny in Congress, Boehner replaced, and they can dump his RINO ass off at the closest bar or tanning salon—whichever they come to first.

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  • Snailmailtrucker

    Team Obama
    Incompetent, Treasonous, Despicable, Corrupt, Un-American, Anti-American…. etc. !

  • hughcapet

    Would love to pull Mullen’s pension package and see how he squeals!

  • Phil

    “Bawling Bastard” Boehner…

  • Lori Wallach Boxer seems to reflect and articulate quite effectively the outrage that those of us with intelligence above a ficus tree feel about the whole Benghazi situation. As far as those whose intelligence would insult a ficus tree’s, aka liberals, m’eh, consider the source.

  • junkmailbin

    mullens is a disgrace to the Armed forces. He has been nothing but an arse kissing hack for years

    • tedthebear

      That’s why his rank is REAR Adniral!

  • marineh2ominer

    AMEN ! I must have gone completely blind , because even with all this transparency I still can’t see what is hidden beneath all the rocks and feces .

  • HongryHawg

    Previously hidden cockroaches and rats will crawl from the sewer on this issue. It’s only just begun. I think it’s a good exercise for these traitors who thought they may get to finish their careers without having outed themselves as treasonous vermin.

  • amen sister! I totally agree with you.

  • John Cherish

    They were selected to “Get to the Bottom of it” by the very people who committed the crimes and only are there to whitewash it over. It is called using political hacks for a cover up to protect the arse of the usurper in the white house

  • billygeturgun

    WOW! And again I say WOW! Right on target with the article and I agree 100%. Funny though how WND censors our comments but let Lori Boxer have free reign on her comments. Not that I disagree with her in any way and I glad she called it like she did! WND, you need to lighten up and quit the liberal censoring of the TRUTH!

  • What difference, at this point, does it make?

    Why can’t you unyielding Republican meanies stop this madness and let the Democrat
    Socialist Party for Sharia Law rewrite history to favor them?

    • rosie46

      In case someone is reading this who does not know you are being sarcastic — the answer is we love our country, a country our grandfathers, uncles, fathers, brothers, husbands, nephews, nieces, sons and daughters have fought and died to save. Sadly,Obama or his wife, cannot say that. His loyalty is to his communist father and mentors. God help this country.

      • Anyone who cannot sense the sarcasm should not have access to a computer, nor air for that matter.

        • loriboxer

          Anyone who cannot sense the sarcasm is a lib.

  • I think you need to throw that lying Dempsey in the bunch…court martial him and Mullen and send them both to Leavenworth in fact anyone that has lied to us about this and about the deaths of the Benghazi 4 needs to be arrested and brought up on charges…but when they have that lying Holder on contempt and nothing happens you know nothing is going to happen until we as Americans step up and force the worst administration ever. I thought Carter was a bad president and an absolutely horrible Commander in Chief. King Hussein makes Carter look like Reagan!!!

  • John Smithson

    Thanks Lori- I see another Issa-Holder love affair coming-fast & furious guns stll killing on both sides of border- Brien Terry’s death still a cover up-Another past cover up H Clinton & secret service in Columbia, remember the underage hookers, oh yes another coverup muslum brotherhood visiting the We The Peoples White House, that obama is trespassing in- planes & tanks sent to Egypt for the muslum brotherhood, the coverups go on,& on. The Treason & Tyranny from DC all 3 branchs goes on & on. Thanks Jan

  • HolyMoley

    The left wing liberals say its all political? Of course its political because the arrogant, incompetent leaders in our government think its no big deal to get US citizens killed! What a bunch of asswipe dope smoking pot heads leading this country! Anybody that votes for Hillary for president has got to have their head examined. We need term limits in congress and a president that wants to help the people of America, not one that wants to party and take vacations for 8 years.

  • Liars & Cheaters & Traitors, Oh My !

  • mhsnider

    Nothing but a waste of time. ALL guilty of treason and until we all agree on this fact and do something about it we are doomed. Our once great country will soon be no more unless we get off our sorry asses and take it back and restore the Constitution. ONLY one way to make it so and that is Revolution, anything else is a waste of air and time.

  • jack

    Mullins is the biggest Obama ass kisser that has ever came down the pike. He is unfit to be a senior officer int the American Military and it is a good thing he retired when he did.

  • Boccagalupe

    One would expect that these two, whom have both sworn to the constitution of the USA, and have benefited so greatly from her largese to have the country’s needs first and formost. Especially Pickering whom I understand had his fat pulled out of the fire by FEST. But not so, they infamously chose to suckle at the hind end of the administration.Sad, very sad. They need to be suppoenaed to answer to the congress.

  • Mullens was a incompetent officer but, like he turned out it was hard to hang any charges on him. The other one was a party hack. Neither has a brain cell between them.

  • Don August

    Lori, I get the feeling that you’re a little annoyed. Am I correct? I agree with what you wrote, but do you realize it makes no difference who or what they “accessed” or what information they may or may not have uncovered. What DOES make a difference is what they include in their final report! If they found out all the answers to these questions and just sat on them, what good is it? It is imperative that they appear before Congress, either willingly or under subpoena, and give a FULL account of who they talked to and what they learned. More importantly, they must testify as to WHO they did NOT talk to and WHY!

    • morgandog

      is there no honor left for people who are in command positions in the military and government? what is it about DC that so corrupts people into selling out there fellow man?

      what do these people hope to gain? in the long run they wind up being disgraced and dishonored. what a bunch of sad weasels!

  • popeye


  • RLM357

    ARSE KISSERS ALL. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • FedupandReadytofight

    They might not have gotten to the bottom of it, but this article sure did! Way to go. I’d like to be there when those stars get shoved up their a****. lol

  • Jim28thReg

    What a couple of pukes. I’ve seen better beings wriggeling out of a soupy cow pie. It’s past time we flush the worlds largest toilet and get rid of the turds.

  • The politicizing of this event is so obvious. Most transparent Administration ever. I’m pretty sure these were his words? LOL

  • Concerned Patriot

    Thank You Lori. So very encouraging to read your intellegent, informed and properly reasoned interpretation of the facts that clearly show the only inference that can reasonably be drawn from them. Nice to see that those who comment are like minded. If only there were more intellegent, informed patriots with the nerve and backbone to say what needs to be said, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. Look at the number of brain dead idiots in america who can’t see our government’s false flag operations for what they are, and are actively participating in our government’s efforts to disarm us! They haven’t a clue why so many noble americans gave their lives to give us a CONSTITUTION to protect us from our government. That’s right. To protect us from our government, not from each other. Ignorance and stupidity abound here in the US, and that is really tragic. How many of us will ultimately give our own lives in futile efforts to save those who are too stupid to save themselves?

  • tedthebear

    There should be absolutely NO discussion about who gave the “stand down” order to the military. The State Dept. is NOT in any military chain of command I ever heard of. That order had to come from the CiC, Barack Insane Obummer!
    Msgt, USAF, Ret.

  • Robert Moulds

    Both Mike Mullin and Tom Pickering who should know better seem to have forgotten is leadership is a privilege. The well being of those you command is more important than your career and success is more important than both.