Muslims Destroy Cemetery of British War Victims

Obama made sure Osama Bin Laden, murderer of almost 3000 innocent Americans, received a proper Islamic burial….
Meanwhile, these muslims desecrate the Christian burial site of innocent war victims.

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  • Timeforittoend

    Just goes to show the intelligence level of all those involved. Anyone who does not condemn these acts put themselves on the same level.

  • bart e walker

    Wow , this is about as stupid as you can get. What a vulgar thing to do, i do not care if this is discourteous behavior or not but F… all of them and the society that condones this type of behavior. I don’t care what religion you are this is just beyond shameless.

  • Robert S Moulds

    It is a sad day for Muslim nation when they can’t even respect the dead by resorting to vandalism

  • Yeah… the cult of peace. What a complete dead-brained farce. Any fool buying into this deserves what he gets.

  • Grtgrandpa

    Barbarians.. Just like the Visgoths who destroyed the Roman Empire. Islam wants to return to the ‘dark ages.’ They seek to destroy all knowledge, except for the Quran.
    Obama’s allegded dumping of Bin-Laden in the ocean is not a proper muslim burial. They require that the body is buried perpendicular to Mecca, with the body lying on its side so the dead person faces Mecca. Obama probally had him secretly buried in the Rose Garden so Obama can venerate him daily.
    Desecration of graves is of the spiritual nature. The devil is at work and Islam is his instrument. Pork is a tactic the Brits used in Iraq during WW-I, the British combatants would place pig parts on the dead bodies of the arab enemy, and soon the suicide bombers stopped attacking…. They did not want their trip to heaven defiled..Pork is the answer like the Silver Bullet is to the Werewolf….Or the Crucifix to Dracula…

  • We can thank obama for putting into place this muslim brotherhood regime by unconstitutionally attacking Libya. he should be shipped over their to lead the scum of the earth he allowed.

  • Kent2012

    billy bob clinton hole helped the rag heads in east no where and their response was to destroy 50 + churches. Nice going rats………..

  • andr

    What see is the al qaeda forces at work in Libya. They are called “rebells” by the western media, and payed by the US Government.

    My congrats!

  • Wish I could have been there, many of these idiots of the religion of peace would be buried near by, to much like animals to be buried with real men.

  • And some wonder why a America Soldier peed on one of the terrorist he killed. Act like animals and die like animals, no real human would do this, so try that here and I’ll make sure you meet allah the devil, face to face up close and in person in his home in hell. Semper Fi to our fighting men and women and aim straight.

  • U.S. Marine

    Deport every muslim in the United States, tear down every place they worship and use the devils bible (Quran) for S–t paper. Force feed every muslim AH in Gitmo to eat pork and locate every muslim grave in the U.S., dig it up, wrap the remains in pig skin and dump it at any muslim embassy

    • billygeturgun

      Sounds like the best ideas I’ve heard all day!

      • Pawpaw

        You R so right when will we stand up for our rights?

  • I learned everything I need to know about Islam on Sept 11, 2001.

    This is just confirmation of their lack of civilization. What we already knew…

    • mtman2

      We knew it a 1,000 years ago in Europe from Austria to France + through Spain!

  • mrsgunnut10

    And these so called Religous Muslims want to be treated with “Equal Rights” ! Bull S__t. bury them in pig pens .

  • billygeturgun

    And they are part of such a “peaceful and tolerant” religion! And the sheep keep believing!!!!!

  • Michigan_REB

    why wasn’t someone there potting these animals down then spray them all down with pig blood and then light them on f8ire and do it to all of them until they crawl off to their back sand pile an rot there

  • GTS67

    Makes me sick !! The Muslims wonder why they get such a bad rap hum I wonder?

  • junkmailbin

    it takes a real man to desecrate a grave. Islam is a cancer that needs to be cut out of this world.

    • larry tanton

      Sorry but a Real Man would show more Respect for the Dead..These are Real Animals

  • trackfodder

    Just bury a pig in front of every mosque with the hooves sticking up to make a point.

  • hornman2

    This the price we are now paying because the Founding Fathers were not aware of Islam’s desire to ever leave the Middle East homeland. I believe that had they known that a so called religion would teach that anyone not converting to their religion should be killed; they would have made sure that the freedom of religion clause in the Bill of Rights would have specified Bible believing religions. All of the cult or false religions of the known World were fanatically territorial; and they were mistakenly misguided to believe that they would never have any desire to emigrate to a Christian founded Nation.

  • Obama’s Muslim Brothers showing their true side. Muslims Suck and should be rounded up and shipped out of our country and never allowed back in again. We should ship Obama with them and ship old Hillary and Muslim Lover too!