Nixon versus Obama


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  • Robert Moulds

    Barrack Obama should only resign if he finds a better successor than Joe Biden who by the way should also resign. If Joe won’t resign to pursue a career as the lucky charm leprechaun than Barrack must stay Joe is unfit to be president.

    • agbjr

      Neither are fit for the presidency! To keep an un-American Constitution-hating Marxist criminal in elected office because it is believed his successor is not fit for the job is frankly indefensible. The Constitution MUST be followed to the letter and it clearly states the legal line of succession. As much as I oppose Biden’s politics if Obama is removed and Biden is exonerated then according to the Constitution he will finish his term in the Oval Office. However if Biden is somehow proven to be knowingly involved in these scandals he, too, will be removed and the presidential term finished by the next highest-ranking elected official as prescribed in the Presidential Succession Act of 1947: the Speaker of the House.

    • RedMeatState

      you raise an interesting point. Just what is Joe Biden fit for???

  • marineh2ominer

    Yes , he did have the decency to resign , even though there was no loss of life from Watergate , but progressives have NO decency nor integrity , so don’t expect the decent thing from Obamass ,

  • RedMeatState

    Nixon wasn’t betraying the country for a communist agenda.