Obama Administration Cuts Hot Meal for Marines Serving in Afghanistan

Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan will lose a key daily meal starting Saturday, causing some to forgo a hot breakfast and others to work six-plus hours without refueling on cooked food, according to Marines at the base and Marine Corps officials.

The midnight ration service — known there as “midrats” — supplies breakfast to Marines on midnight-to-noon shifts and dinner to Marines who are ending noon-to-midnight work periods. It’s described as one of the few times the Marines at Leatherneck can be together in one place.

The base, which is located in Afghanistan’s southwestern Helmand Province, flanked by Iran and Pakistan, also will remove its 24-hour sandwich bar. It plans to replace the dishes long offered at midnight with pre-packaged MREs, said Marine Corps Lt. Col. Cliff Gilmore, who has been deployed in Afghanistan since February.

The moves, though unpopular with many Marines on the ground and their families back home, are emblematic of the massive drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and the dismantling of U.S. military facilities. More than 30,000 U.S. service members will leave Afghanistan in coming months as the U.S. prepares to hand responsibility for security to Afghan forces in 2014.

While no Marine at Camp Leatherneck agreed to speak on the record, many are privately angry about the hit on base morale.

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  • Bill1966

    I predict that we will also see a massive increase in violence like we saw in Iraq. Iraq was not ready and neither are the Afghans. This is just more evidence that bam bam is an incompetent buffoon who has right being the leader of the once great nation. However on the flip side of this, I personally think we should totally withdraw ALL overseas military personnel. Let them pay for their own protection for a change, we have more important issues here at home, like border control we should be worried about.

  • foxxybey

    Maybe the people should put this dictator-in-chief on a raft back to Kenya where he was born and no retirement or any of the peoples money and see how he likes it.

    • jb80538

      A leaky raft at that!

  • Chris

    Heaven forbid Obama and democrats inconvenience people on food stamps and welfare.

  • Jessi

    Another slap in the face to our brave military members – compliments of the occupier-in-chief who couldn’t hold their jock-straps, let alone walk a day in their boots.

  • Jean Stephany

    what a liw life bastard—he hates the Military plain and simple.

  • OldGuy

    You can still have midrats whether there is a draw down or not. What is base morale worth? This is inexcusable.

  • Greg

    In other news; “The President and First Family hold yet one more concert in the White House…..” When we gunna stop this social experiment?

  • Diana

    I still don’t understand how this sorry excuse for a person got reelected. I am so disgusted that over 1/2 the people in the U.S. voted for this pathetic peace of crap. All we can do now is pray we make it through his destruction.

    • Tricky Dick

      “Peace” is a salutation or descriptor to indicate a state of tranquility. Read a book.

  • Rachel

    Another reason why I don’t want my boyfriend to join the Marines… They went from saving the world, to being pushed around by a government who hates its own people….

    • Larry

      And got Seal Team 6 killed.

  • dana

    make people who can oppose weaker; make those who will not oppose, stronger.

  • NotRedYet

    the moron in chief strikes again.

  • checker99

    Cut out the Marines hot food — CHECK! Give my self a raise — CHECK!

  • jenniewalsh

    There is no intention, just like in Vietnam, to win the war. The purpose of the war is to drain the American economy, kill off and maim American soldiers, demoralize the American people and put drug money into the pockets of the Satanic Illuminati globalist crime syndicate.

  • Kent2012

    I sure am glad this went through, I was concerned that kenyan boy and the ho would have to wait an additional three or four weeks to take another $23 million dollar vacation…..

  • Work2SnowSki

    It’s just because he sees them as Umbrella Holders.

  • foxxybey

    Saving the money for more vacations and golf. A real winner as a jihadist, hope the Marines know their oath and tell this Nazi to cram it up his butt.

  • TexRancher

    Time to send Moochelle the food CZAR over to Afganistan to handle the menus for the troops. Maybe she’ll learn something along the way! She and Kenya Boy certainly don’t know anything about the troops and the environment he has them in. On second thought, Kenya Boy should go with Moochelle and handle all the food prep and serving in a war zone instead of blowing the taxpayer’s money on vacations for them and their entourage!