Obama’s Priorities- Self First

Jan Morgan

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  • Domino

    this photo tells it all…what a s.o.b.!

  • bayman61

    Oh how true that is. Heaven forbid Obama gets wet. Maybe if he had taken the time to serve this country in the military, the rain would not have bothered him like it is not bothering the Marine. If I was the Marine I would have refused to hold his damn umbrella.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Fine example Barack Obama shows the Turkish president being afraid of the rain. Think during the Korean war Turkey sent a large and brave UN force to fight along side Americans and now to see the American president act like a wussy shame.

  • Remember what water does to wicked witches (warlocks, too)

  • rp

    I always wondered how you could pile a piece of crap that high and now we know; you have to keep it dry.

  • Mart

    that red rag has no place in our govt.

  • Ken in Texas

    I would expect Jay Carney or some other white house lackey to hold an umbrella for Obama, but having a Marine do it is beyond the pale.

  • X x

    Why is he standing in front of a Muzzie flag? Turkish, but still….. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1355554/Turkey-flag-of

  • So much for the proud, the few, the water boys?