Planned Parenthood Wants Taxpayers to Pay for Illegal Alien’s Abortions

In a statement published on May 22nd, Planned Parenthood criticized the adoption of a House amendment that would deny taxpayer funding for the abortions of illegal immigrants.
Referring to the amendment as “another attack on women’s health,” the press release states:
Planned Parenthood today strongly condemned the adoption of an amendment to limit access to women’s health care by banning the use of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds for abortion except in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment. The amendment also goes one step beyond current ICE policy to allow non-medical personnel to interfere with immigrant women’s access to care, without any exceptions.
This amendment to House Homeland Security Appropriations Committee bill, sponsored by Rep. John Carter (R-TX) and Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL), is unnecessary and an obvious effort to continue the attack on women’s health issues.
“It is disappointing that some members of Congress continue to play politics and attack women’s health–even during an unrelated national security debate,” stated Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. “This amendment prevents immigrant women, who often already face terrible circumstances in federal immigration custody, from making extremely personal, medical decisions.”
Richards added, “Abortion has no business being debated as part of a Homeland Security funding bill.”
However, according to Tony Perkins of Family Research Council (FRC) writing at LifeSiteNews, the amendment was prompted by an attempt by the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to extend numerous benefits to illegal aliens:
The issue boiled over last spring when the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tried to slip new guidelines past Congress that would have extended a host of benefits to illegal aliens that rival the average citizens’! And these aren’t your garden variety detainees. Most of the immigrants in ICE’s care are convicted criminals who were transferred out of prison, where they were serving time for other charges. Even so, the Left has fought to give these detainees the best care that (taxpayers’) money can offer. Before FRC drew attention to the issue last March, ICE was even prepared to offer government-sponsored hormone therapy for transgenders!
Perkins goes on to observe that, in February, DHS began releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants in anticipation of automatic sequester budget cuts. Yet, the same DHS which said it did not have enough funding for detention beds “is ready to finance abortions.”
Rep. John Carter (R-TX), Chairman of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, introduced the amendment that would block the Department of Homeland Security from receiving taxpayer funding to pay for the abortions of illegal immigrants.
A Homeland Security spending bill, approved by the House last June, also included a provision to ban ICE from providing abortions to illegal immigrant detainees.
According to Fox News, the measure, proposed by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL), would prevent ICE from using agency funds to provide abortions to illegal immigrants except in the case of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother would be endangered.
The measure was added to a $46 billion Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill approved by the House on a party-line vote of 234-182. According to Perkins, the amendment “didn’t carry over from the 2013 funding bill.”

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    Go f__k yourselves PP !

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      x 1,000,000,000!

    • violater1

      Thank you you saved me from having to say the same thing!

  • jb80538

    I don’t think so! Deportation and let their own country worry about the offsrping.

  • disqus_8vfFHNW8BP

    Pfft, they should not get ANY unnecessary medical treatment on our dime. PERIOD.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    “…banning the use of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds for
    abortion except in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment.”

    The thing is, the abortion clinics will just diagnose any unwanted pregnancies as “life threatening illness” and do it anyway. Does anybody think the abortion clinics will self regulate themselves at the cost of their profit margin?

  • Joanne Long

    Do we even have any money left to do this as it is?

    • Sandra Lee Smith


  • Any abortion cheaper than a lifetime of welfare. Okay with me.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      That’s a terrible presumption! Is YOUR life worth SO LITTLE that you deem others’ equally as trash?

      • Dodie1990

        I would much rather pay for birth control than a lifetime of welftare. I have no problem with those who would outlaw birth control, I wish they would pay for the unlimited population growth that they wish to force on all of us How many illegals will you support?.

        • foxxybey

          Dodie1990 can fit everyone in the world in the state of Texas with 3 acres of land, so no over population. Wake up and live in the real world and not your Nazi world.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Learn the use of ” No!” , and being accountable for your actions. Abortion is murder, NOT “birth control”; for that abstinece is far
          effectivemore effe tive

        • SRM29

          I would much rather not pay for either. They are criminals and they are not entitled to anything but a quick deportation.

    • foxxybey

      Abortion is murder and anyone who would murder their children are satanic.

      • violater1


  • mathis1689

    To paraphrase Will Rogers-Planned Parenthood has never met an abortion that they didn’t like.

  • foxxybey

    Plan Parenthood murder should be outlawed as the criminals they are. 56 million dead babies and we wonder why this nation is up side down calling good evil and evil good. Special rights for the way people choose to have sex, a divorce rate of 75% and kids left to the socialist school system. This nation will be judged and not to far down the line.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      This nation IS, right now, under Divine judgment; has been since 9/12/01, and STILL hasn’t gotten the message! In fact, our ” leaders” keep plunging the nation deeper into the cesspool of sin!(

      • foxxybey

        Amen Sandra Lee: God Bless Friend:

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          You as well; His own are under His care.

          • foxxybey

            Never leaves us nor forsakes us. Have seen His power many times. God Bless Friend:

        • Walt Wills

          So right Sandra – God is gradually pulling the cover of protection back from this country, until
          this country will reap what it has sowed.

  • Its bad enough that Americana have to pay to murder unborn Americans let alone foreigners getting their babies killed for free too

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Abortion is NOT health care; neither does Planned Parenthood provide ANY form of health care, ergo their complaint is groundless! We have been paying for these invaders’ health care far too long as it is!

  • Jim28thReg

    Lets just grant citizenship to all aliens who receive sterilization.

  • shannon853

    so who wants to pay for illegals at all? run their invading asses out of the country. time to make a wall of bullets to defend our country.

  • Deport them and let their country deal with them. American citizens are already losing their jobs, etc. to people over seas.

  • fideux

    I’ll be glad to help pay for some retro-active abortions of people illegally in this country…starting with the president himself!

  • RonS

    this may sound cruel and heartless,but just think about,it it’s not a bad idea,if you abort just one,you would probably save taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars in the long run,just a thought,but do the math on how much we could save.I do not like abortions,but if they want to push for it let them have it in this case

    • foxxybey

      RonS, money over human life? No wonder this nation is going to heck in a hand bag.

  • Chief47

    No need for anyone to pay for the abortions on illegal aliens. They can all come to my house and I will do it free of charge. Wont’ guarantee the results, but free is free – which seems to be what all of the illegal aliens want: free everything!

    • foxxybey

      You can’t be that morally lost Chief47?

      • Chief47

        Did you read my entire note, I said I wouldn’t guarantee the “results”. Not lost, just want to help get rid of an many illegal aliens as possible in any way possible.

        • foxxybey

          Yes I did, sounds like your for murder at your choice, maybe the way you worded it, I’m not for harming anyone in anyway and murder is still illegal.

          • Chief47

            Illegal immigration is also “illegal” but I don’t see anyone in law enforcement at any level doing anything about it. They are not supposed to be selective in which laws they enforce. So when they refuse to enforce the law, it might be time for the citizens to enforce the law.

          • SRM29

            So, mass murder is your answer??

  • John b

    that is what it night be? Could the Democrats own all the abortion mills??

  • Valentine Day

    So satan wants more blood from innocent children to fuel his destructive plan for America,…and the liberals love it so.

  • HongryHawg

    Considering muslims’ promise to become the majority in America, abortion for them would be palatable for me.

    • KenNamVet

      Yes give free abortions to all muslims ,just like they do to Christians in Kenya. They just tell the woman the baby was still born. I would provide vasectomies to male muslims that enter a clinic for any treatment. Knock them out and proceed. And for full term birth of muslims , take the woman and give her a hysterectomy and for any male child born just neuter.

    • violater1

      Abortion of innocense is inhuman! However anialation of the parents And those to be will eliminate a large problem before it gets out of control!

  • mtman2

    This mentality is only a drop in the bucket for what the whole mind set of the lib/progs would morph into if let free to do as they ultimately would allow! SODOM + GOMORRAH would be as Watergate is to ALL the mess now in DC[District of Corruption]. Armageddon would have to be fulfilled so that Christs immanent return would prevent ALL human life from being destroyed by all the absolutely Godless nations. In the 70’s Ruth Graham said that “America owes S + G an apology.” Back then you couldn’t imagine things could get this bad so quickly. Hard believe the thankless, ignorant, cold, callous cowardice of people today.

  • gayl

    Im pro life. but the way things are going. It may be a good idea to give all the illegals, blacks, welfare sponges and muslims all the abortions they want

  • Me

    We should not be funding abortions period let alone paying for illegals who want them. If they want an abortion they better have their own money for it. If it is medically necessary that doesn’t make a taxpayer somehow responsible. Take them to the doctor and send them the bill. If they don’t pay it put them to work in prison. Half their work supports them while serving time and the other half of their day pays their bill. The simple fact that abortion is against people’s religious beliefs means they shouldn’t have to contribute to it.

  • jenniewalsh

    The abortionists should abort themselves ASAP.

  • mhsnider

    I would much rather pay for the abortions than have to deal with anti gun voters down the road, or welfare cases, gang banger issues, etc; Much cheaper now. This is one thing I do not mind paying for.

  • Why not,we pay for everything else that they get. Just keep adding it on. For every abortion they get,that is one less future democrat,we get….