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Well, folks … another iconic American institution bites the dust.
Another episode of the few controlling the many.

No matter which side of the argument one is on, here’s an irrefutable fact: The Boy Scouts of America has lifted its ban on openly gay scouts (see link to article below), and that means the Boy Scouts of America is finished.

This is the beginning of its end. Done. Kaput. Over and out. Not only do most parents send their kids to scouting early on BECAUSE OF their Judeo-Christian values, but most troops benefit from the generosity of traditional Christian groups for financial support as well as places to meet to hold Scout activities. Those support groups are now alienated, and the BSA will lose so much support, so fast, it will be rendered a has-been organization in the very near future.

And, of course, the BSA is saying that the ban on gay adult scout leaders still stands, but c’mon … who are we kidding here … that’s not going to hold for too long. Having pushed their way into destroying an American institution, homosexual-rights groups have already said the proposed policy change doesn’t go far enough, because a gay scout must quit the organization when he turns 18. And, let’s face it, you just know they’ll be militant LGBT watch dog groups standing by ready to sue at the slightest verbal offense taken by a gay scout. Boys won’t be able to be boys anymore.

I’m sick and tired of the gay rights movement trying to force their values on the American people and organizations, and of the continued progressive march ‘forward’ to tear down anything that smacks of traditional morals and demonize those who disagree with their lifestyle.

I’m sick and tired of how the LGBT community demands that they be accepted by millions of Americans who don’t agree with them, and who in large numbers are repulsed by them. They’re never, EVER going to change or regulate the acceptance of their lifestyle by those who vehemently oppose it and who have the right to raise THEIR children with THEIR morals and values and religious beliefs, and NOT have anyone else’s fostered upon THEIR kids.

Refusing to push homosexuality into our children’s lives isn’t discrimination. Telling someone with whom I don’t agree NOT to push an agenda on MY kids, is not discrimination. People need to get a dictionary and look up the definition of that word. The REAL people being discriminated against are Christians (and I am not Christian) who only want to remain true to their faith without celebrating something with which they do not agree. You do not need to CELEBRATE homosexuality in order to TOLERATE homosexuality. There is a clear and distinct line between the two … and a private organization being badgered and pummeled by activists in order to force them to change their PRIVATE organization to meet the needs of a statistical anomaly is true discrimination!

Refusing to ‘welcome’ or encourage homosexuality into the conversations we have with our children is NOT intolerance. It’s standing on principle. It IS, however, mighty intolerant of the LGBT and progressive communities not to accept the fact that the Boy Scouts did not allow or want homosexuals in the organization. Message to the LGBT community: We heterosexuals promise not to force our heterosexuality on you, and you had better NOT continue to force your homosexuality on us.

A man who has sex with a man is a homosexual. A man who has sex with a boy–which is called “cherry picking”–is a pedophile. Imagine how a cherry picking homosexual sees the boy scouts? A target rich environment? You betcha! The only thing a lot of gay men would be doing in the Boy Scouts would be scouting for boys. Can’t you just see the NAMBLA vultures overhead slowly circling the camp sites waiting to see how this plays out?

Hey, I have a great idea: Since there’s no law that bans homosexuals from starting their OWN nationwide scouting organization, let them unite, fund and form one. Lord knows there’s enough liberal elitist money in Hollywood and the arts to do so. Families would then have a choice as to which organization they want their child to be in, and THEN let’s see which one thrives. And, hey … they can call the organization the “Gay Rainbow Scouts,” coordinate with NAMBLA for man-boy-love camp fire jamboree’s and pass out progressive sodomy badges.

Boy Scout leaders remove ban on ‘gays’

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  • Centurian2010

    So what do we do about this. We can boycott the boyscouts and keep our kids from joining, but what about the innocent children that will be lured by the homos into a life of immorality?

    • down_with_the_messiah

      I don’t think it will be long before a new scout organization is formed as an alternative to BSA. Hopefully it will be one that will stand firm for the values that BSA represented for so many years.

      • Wolf Moon

        I agree. There needs to be that choice – even if just at the troop level.

        One way for a new organization to avoid the pitfalls of the BSA debacle, where outside left-wing forces were able to act on the centralized authority (one of their favorite take-over tactics), would be to put all moral and religious policy into the hands of the individual affiliating organization – be that a church, synagogue, or even a secular organization. The core organization then only has to have a bare-bones policy on safety of the children, with considerable responsibility for how that is implemented, going to the affiliated org. Not only would this allow for a wide range of options for parents (making it preferable to the BSA for parents of all political persuasions) – and not only is it resistant to cries of discrimination (since pro-gay affiliated churches could deal with membership as they like) – but by distributing the moral authority, it is almost impossible for the left to undermine. Gay kids can join – they simply have to find an affiliated church that allows it. Parents who want different moral requirements, can find a “troop” to their liking. In the end, the org will reflect local morality, by listening to the people themselves.

        Crowd-source the moral requirements to a point where the left can’t mount a localized attack. It’s basically using Obama’s own trick of distributed responsibility against his agenda.

        • NukeWaste

          This will never work. What happens at events where troops from all over meet? You don’t think there will be trouble? We had problems with neighborhood gangs when we pushed the Scouts in the inner city. A lot of kids from broken homes were ordered into the Boy Scouts. Culture shock was something that had to be overcome. Things were very socially polarizing.

  • mathis1689

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Cowboy525

    Change the name to Alpha male Scouts of America!

  • machodog

    The muslims will take over the BSA and make it an islamic organization. As far as the “gay” aspect of it is concerned…muslims hate women in general which I think is strangely in step with homosexuality. They say they hate the gays but essentially they have a lot of gay-like activities.

    • junkmailbin

      oh, like having a butt boy until he can grow a beard

      • gingercake5

        Yes, they use women only for childbearing. Boys for everyday enjoyment.

  • Why did this occur? Because the sodomites have nothing to fear from today’s Constitutional Republic. And why don’t they have something to fear from it? Because the framers failed to expressly establish government upon Yahweh’s immutable morality as represented in His commandments, statutes, and judgments (including Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13), not to mention the cowardice of those running today’s Boy Scouts.

    If the framers hadn’t failed in this regard, there would be no sodomite agenda in America today because no sodomite would dare expose himself by petitioning the government or the Boy Scouts for their “rights.”

    Find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey at bibleversusconstitution.org/ConstitutionSurvey.html and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of the 565-page “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

    • gingercake5

      What do you think the framers should have done? Specifically?

  • What a damn shame! I`ll never accept their deviant, abhorrent lifestyle that God has said is an abomination. It`s all part of the progressive, Alinskyite plan to take God`s Word out of modern society, and I`m sick and tired of the country that I swore to protect bowing to the demands of queers and muslims!

  • agbjr

    Sadly, no one will be able to establish a new scout organization to uphold the moral traditions and values just cast aside by BSA as ‘scout’ and ‘scouting’ is held in copyright by them. Legally no one other than BSA can use the name or phrase.

  • junkmailbin

    zip, zero, time or money to the scouts

  • gilward

    Why did they have CEO’s from big companies at their head? Damned shame this has happened. The USA has gone to hell, never to return as a once great country. We the people have no voice, makes me nauseated. At my age 88, hopefully I will not be around to see its final death.

  • Susan

    Homosexuals did found the Boy Scouts of Germany in the late 1800’s==to have orgies with the boys in the woods, which led to the Hitler (homo) Youth. All homosexual cultures (Samurai, Spartans, Ancient Greeks/Romans/Asian cultures) had pederasty since it is a learned behavior. It is not genetic—it is why homosexuals target boys–to recruit. NAMBLA—if not by eight–then it is too late.

    Sexualizing children (destroying innocence by teaching children that obsession with the anal cavity is natural and “Good”) corrupts children. Sex Ed was a Cultural Marxist invention (Lukacs) to sexualize children and destroy Virtue during Latency period (which is unnatural) which always destroys normal sexual identity formation. The homosexuals want to recreate pagan/occult cultures where boys are used as a commodity like in Afghanistan where boys are used in harems and women are hated.

    • Well stated, Susan!

    • agbjr

      I agree with your sentiments and definitely your second paragraph but I must take to task your remarks about German Scouting, incorrect to say the least. Please research the subject. As an aside, when I was a boy the grandfather of a boy in our troop was in the first sanctioned German Boy Scout troop organized c1910; he had received his leadership training from Lord Robert Baden-Powell himself.

  • Bill1966

    Being one who follows the path of the Druid, this sickens me to no end. No where in nature will you find animals trying to openly mate with the same sex. When this happens, that animal is killed by the rest, for it is diseased. Show me just ONE ancient civilization still in existence today that openly embraced homosexuality, you will not find one for they all collapsed into chaos. I feel that this country is headed for the same fate.

  • Larry T.

    It’s NOT Gay. That’s an outrages highjacking of a good word. It’s very politically correct to call them what they are and STOP giving in to the BS MSM and Main Stream Television Shows and Movies that are attempting to Brainwash the world into believing these homosexuals are normal people. There NOT, they are . . . . Queers and Fagots. There are many more “Politically Correct” words to describe these sickos butt, let’s keep it a bit clean.

  • skptk

    Your idea that gays should start their own scouting organization comes a little late – they’ve already taken over ours with this “vote”. Now it’s we who must start our own organization (a meeting of leaders from scouting is scheduled soon to do just that). This time let’s not get so addicted to corporate funding that we are susceptible to blackmail and boycotts.

    • agbjr

      BSA National Council is flat-out lying to membership; buried deep in the BSA web site are the national membership survey results and the percentages are totally opposite to what BSA is reporting publicly. The vast majority are against ANY change in membership policy … including the BSA Advisory Board itself!

      After twenty-five years as scoutmaster I have tendered my resignation to my troop committee, effective as of 12:00 AM January 1, 2014; the moment this abhorrent policy change is scheduled to kick in. I will also be resigning from BSA membership as well. I would be very interested in knowing about this leaders’ meeting you mentioned and plans for a new organization. Sadly, ‘scouts’ and ‘scouting’ has been copyrighted by BSA so a new scouting organization is legally prohibited from identifying themselves as scouts.

      • skptk

        agbjr – OnMyHonor.Net has information (a wealth of it) about the alternatives, and the meeting scheduled in Louisville, Kentucky in June.

        Go here: http://www.onmyhonor.net/upcomiing-events/

        • agbjr

          Thank you. I have now signed-on with OnMyHonor.Net and encourage ALL registered scouters to do the same.

  • Shadow_58

    Have already pulled my Grandson out of Scouts, also pulled all my funding for this organization.

    • GiantsPrincess

      That is how to hit the where it counts – the wallet

  • Paul Zhaurov

    I thought Boy Scouts was an organization that taught young boys survival skills, and encouraged them to stay out of trouble. I am having a hard time imagining what being “openly gay” entails in this context. Do people expect the Boy Scouts to make out in front of others or something? I personally have no qualms with homosexuals. I just don’t understand the need to bring sexuality into everything, even when it has nothing to do with sex.

    • gingercake5

      That’s what heteros have been complaining about for years – the h*omo agenda. The other side said they didn’t have an agenda. Ha!

  • reggiec

    I am going to make a prediction. I am confident that this prediction will come true with a vengence. Homosexuals are fanatic activists! They make up less than 3% of our population but through their activism have gained influence way out of proportion to their numbers.
    Homosexuals will do everything possible to gain a majority in every scout troop they can. This might be difficult in sparsely populated rural areas but in cities you will see Homosexual activists pushing every kid with homosexual thoughts to join the scouts and take over the troops. What this will do is encourage those “straight” boys in that troop to leave scouting. And that my friends is the true homosexual leftist agenda. To destroy another organization that commits to family, moral and ethical principles. The Boy Scouts of America just voted for their own destruction.

    • loriboxer

      Reggiec, the LGBT community will NEVER gain a majority in the BSA because the BSA is done. What ever of it is left, they’ll be a shell—if they survive in ANY capacity. Therefore, one can’t strive for a majority of a group of 0—the only people left might very well be ONLY the tiny percentage of gay scouts after the majority of straight boys have been pulled out by their parents. And I can tell you for sure, and you probably are aware of this, that more than 70% of Boy Scout troops across the country are sponsored by religious organizations. Many of those sponsorships come from the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest Protestant denomination with more than 47,000 churches. Frank Page, president of the SBC’s executive committee, said the other day that it’s time for its congregations to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America … and that is a HELL of a lot of ties!

  • This just pains me to no end. I’m a former Scout and I know what those years meant to me. So knowing that true Scouting has died and the very wholesome and respectful influence that Scouting provides for young boys growing into men will not be experienced, is truly heartbreaking. So in honor of yet another fallen institution of moral uprightness at the hands of the sick, twisted, immoral minority, I would like to repeat the Scout Oath. (Note the irony)
    “On my honor, I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”
    Goodbye, Boy Scouts of America. Rest in Peace.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    It is said when you can’t represent the American people and what they stand for with even a youth group like Boy Scouts. A time honored tradition that many of our past presidents participated in and were taught that God was someone whom you could turn to at any time. God, troop and fellow Americans is who the Boy Scouts represented. Now the Boy Scouts are being FORCED into a gay agenda which is an abomination to creation and its creator. How can I go to a Boy Scout meeting or participate in Boy Scouts anymore? How do I explain to my son that the organization he has been a part of for the last 5 years and the organization that has traditionally represented God, troop and fellow American is nothing more than a terrorist organization representing a Liberal left agenda? I pray that the politicians elected in 2014 will not be bought off by the Liberal left axis of evil and can represent the people who have not given up on God, country and fellow Americans.

  • Randy Stephenson

    They’re going to have to change the Pledge. It’s not believed by the homosexuals

  • interestedobserver2

    Well said. I’m sorry to see the demise of Boy Scouts — my sons benefited enormously from it, learning skills, responsibility and teamwork along the way. I sincerely hope their sons will never be affiliated with it any way, since it now appears to be all about homosexuality. Maybe one day, this country will again support an organization who did as much for boys as the Boy Scouts did; but until then, I guess it’ll be up to parents to do it on their own, and the United States will be a poorer place for it. RIP Boy Scouts of America — you will be missed.

  • waterman

    Well, if anything they are going to have to take out of their oath the part about being “morally straight”, if not, it would become an oxi-moron.
    I was in the scouts and loved it. I hate to see this.

  • Ron J

    Why do we need to accept this vote as if we are powerless? We should fight back and remove these leaders. One lost vote and we all run and give up? We need to take a stand and determine how to restore this organization and have leaders that represent the membership.

    • gingercake5

      I agree. You’ll lose corporate and government funding, but it will be worth it.

      • NukeWaste

        You do realize that most Scouting activities take place on public land? People have donated lands for the scouts to use. The Forestry Service run them. Without letting gay kids into the scouts all that land and all public buildings would be closed to them.

    • Proud American

      Ron, you are exactly right. The reason this nation is in the mess it is in is because we sit around and complain about what is happening to our country, our homes, organizations and the moral fiber of this great land, but no one really wants to step up and do the right and hard thing. It has been said that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Well that is what we have been doing way too long. Instead of bemoaning the situation we all need to repent of our apathy in the past and stand up and be counted. We have all heard that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, well let’s start squeaking folks.

      • katsmow

        They tried to make the Scouts an urban program in the 70s – redesigned the uniforms, remade the programs. It took six years, but we took back the program. We should be willing to fight it now.. My husband has spent over 50 years in Scouting. It’s time to replace the National leadership.

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    The Boy Scouts should just Totally Desolve their whole organization.

  • Linda Hurd

    Great article! Thank you for telling it like it is!

  • wyatt48

    I have never agreed with an article any more than this one. I am so tired of gays, especially, and the rest of the 1% groups that want to use intimidation and the twisting of the law to regulate our lives. All so they can “feel accepted”. Homesexuals wil never be accepted,only rammed down our throuts by progressives and liberals who need their votes.

  • Sam

    People don’t realize how bad that sexual abuse has become. It is an epidemic in my view. I am in the medical field and people tell me personal things. Several of my cousins were sexually abused and last year, my grown son told me he was sexually abused by his older step brother! Then, when I watch a show like “To Catch a Predator” I see how many men are looking for underage kids to have sex with. Knowing all this, why would anyone allow their child to go off camping with the Boy Scouts? The Catholic church was loaded with perverts looking for boys. The creeps will pretend to be anything in order to get next to kids and molest them. Parents cannot be too careful when it comes to their kids being exposed to a predator.