That “Moment” When the Actions of Libs Hit Below Their Own Belts


“I thought I was getting free healthcare by forcing other people to pay for it…. I just realized “I” am the “other people.” – (the classic socialist)

The time will come when liberal socialist fools have to face the fact that socialism does not work…. never has….. never will.- ©2013 Jan Morgan


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  • raygun

    Too bad that ole Nancy and BHO (Obamalosi) Health Care wasn’t made available to COMPLETLY READ AND UNDERSTAND … BEFORE IT WAS PASSED … WITH FULL DEFINITIONS OF “OTHER PEOPLE” and so on and so on … Those(zombies) that put BHO and his minions in power are to blame for their demise. But I guess the glory of the “free stuff’, and Obama money, and “promises” of “free” heath care for everyone (communism) was too much for the brain washed masses that eventually voted more than twice and in other places (union bussing across state lines) aaannnnddd even while dead and escaped from Disney Land. If the real America survives BHO and his commie/islamic minions, it will be a miracle.

    • nuttin but th truth

      “The lie can be maintained
      only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political,
      economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally
      important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the
      truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes
      the greatest enemy of the State.”

      -“Mr. nice guy” Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels -the NAZI propaganda
      Minister, who later helped send millions of innocents to the gas chambers

  • First Obamacare is not the law of land no matter what you have been told the by the Corrupt Politicians and so called Lame New Media. This law was passed with Bribery and the Chief Briber was Reid. Reid who bought the votes of Two Senators and bribery is against the law, so the Law is totally Illegal. Yet, no one mentions that fact. Why, because your Senator and Representative are corrupt and morally bankrupted, for they will do anything to make sure their palms are grease, even to selling their own into Slavery.

    • K

      Indeed Robert. First and foremost; since Obamacare is unconstitutional it is Null and Void and Illegal. Americans must wake up and understand that the Supreme law of the land is the Constitution, Period. Not the (so called) President’s laws, Not the Government’s laws. In fact, any and all “so called” laws the government enacts that are unconstitutional are also Null and Void and Illegal and should Never be treated as law.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The liberal lament – “But, I thought he only wanted THEIR money”.

  • Sorry Robert, but they don’t live by the same rules/laws they impose on us. They just voted to keep their insider trading “rights,” so they can pass a law that will make some company rich and run right out and buy the stock before even the company knows.

  • billygeturgun

    And the sheep keep believing!

  • Robert Moulds

    Obama care would do better if they were more honest as to who pays and impose a small sales tax on junk food, liquor and tobacco products to cover the cost of their effects.