The IRS Hires 500 Dollar Per Hour Attorney (on our dime) to Represent Them in Scandal

Jan Morgan

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More personnel news from the Internal Revenue Service: The agency is hiring former Clinton administration aide Jennifer O’Connor to help it navigate the scandal over its reviews of conservative organizations.

Ms. O’Connor is being hired as counselor to acting commissioner Danny Werfel, according to two people familiar with the matter. She previously worked as a senior aide to Harold Ickes, deputy chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and Democratic political strategist. More recently she has been a Washington lawyer at Wilmer Hale, leading the firm’s False Claims Act practice and representing companies such as Purdue Pharma LP.

Ms. O’Connor didn’t respond to a request for comment. As we wrote earlier today, Mr. Werfel is also bringing an official from outside the agency as the IRS’s chief risk officer.

Mr. Ickes said in an interview that the IRS couldn’t get a better legal mind than Ms. O’Connor. “She’s smart as a whip. The best,” he said.

Ms. O’Connor has experience dealing with Washington scandal. In the late 1990s, as lawmakers investigated various Clinton-era scandals, she was among the administration officials who testified in a House probe of whether the Clinton White House applied political pressure to help the Teamsters in a bitter strike. Then-Attorney General Janet Reno in 1999 rejected calls by Republicans to appoint an independent counsel to conduct an investigation into the matter.

I am ticked off that I am having to pay for an attorney to represent them to fight back against the injustices they have committed agains US…

I wonder if the IRS will pay for our attorneys and legal fees when we face battles against them?

Here’s a novel idea. Since it is a government agency and the freaking government SERVES WE THE PEOPLE, how about we NOT pay their legal fees, demand they answer our questions, do right by the people…
OR…… we handle them the way they handle us: freeze their accounts, seize their assets, arrest those who are guilty before proven innocent, and charge the uncooperative with conspiracy to commit crimes against the people.



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  • Dean Conaway

    Impeach Obama, put Holder and Clinton in Prison for Treason. Let the people charged with wrong doings in the IRS pay their own Attorney fees. That way the idiots in charge will know when they get caught they have to pay to get their own Lawyer. Clinton in Prison would solve the 2016 scare.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      Hitler still got in, after being imprisoned.

  • Liberty1776

    BS each individual should be paying for their own lawyer, not us, this country is wacked out!

    • FedupandReadytofight

      “They” have their hands on the purse strings. We don’t.
      If we want to control OUR money, we are going to have to take back the control of the purse strings.
      Right after Obama took office, the first time, he reached into OUR purse, and rewarded (bail-outs) all of his significant donors. And it never stopped. We have been robbed for 5 years now. When are we going to take our purse back?

  • mathis1689

    The 16th Amendment needs to be repealed and the IRS needs to be abolished. Both of those things need to happen IMMEDIATELY!! And for those who want to know how government would be funded a flat tax on goods and merchandise to be levied only at point of use would be a good place to start. Make it a flat 10% and put that in the Constitution instead. Just make sure that it’s worded in such a way that some hot-shot lawyer can’t twist it and misinterpret it.

  • John b

    close irs down and install a flat/consumption tax!

  • pysco

    They really shouldn’t need an attorney, if they tell the truth

    • cherokee1934

      BUT, they don’t know what the real truth is……..

    • FedupandReadytofight

      You’re assuming that they haven’t committed any CRIMES.

  • Jerry

    Not unusual at all in the good ole USA for the executive branch of government to counter attack and use the peoples money to defend themselves or to use the prosecution to attack their accusers. Try running against a corrupt Sheriff and Prosecutor in the State of Ohio and see what happens to you! I did and it wasn’t any picnic. They made up a law and tried to prosecute me and tied the case up for 5years with me losing employment opportunities and my family. So this is nothing new to many of us honest candidates running against a corrupt government. Be careful in a Republic form of Government as to who you put into office. You give them the POWER, and they will use. It has been said,: What good is power, if you don’t use it?”

  • Jed54

    Abolish the IRS… see how they like looking thru the window from the outside.. Obama and Holder are sure making their race look real nice….

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    Why don’t those involved pay for their own damn defense!?!?!

  • SFS444

    Lets start a petition to abolish them!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Yes but not a White House petition.

  • psffur

    All of this is beyond what a sane person can comprehend.

    This country,my country,your country has been devolving going on 6 decades! We have had one President resign when he should have been impeached and held accountable for his crimes. The first thing Gerald Ford did as President was to pardon Nixon.

    Go back to the Kennedy assassination,the improbable if not impossible verdict that but one person murdered him and then the Warren Commission coverup which was the forerunner to what we endure today. The assassination of J.F.K then Bobby were buried with them.

    Strange how Oswald was murdered in a tunnel surrounded by trained security forces yet Ruby could shoot and kill him up close and personal undetected and unfettered.Ruby was himself murdered in prison as was anyone,everyone known to have any knowledge of any of this.

    Johnson was the guy who sent 60,000 Americans to die in Vietnam/Cambodia while multiples of that many were wounded and/or unable to lead a “normal” life.

    Johnson sent our soldiers on his own as Obama sent bombers into Libya.Both of them committed flagrant crimes as Congress did Not approve either act as the Constitutional Republic and the oath they swear demands. Johnson went on to create the massive ponzi schemes,affirmative Action,the spending of trillions we could not afford. All of the gargantuan nonrefundable schemes are bankrupt now as is America.

    We were taxed exponentially,our employers too,the “lock box” was picked and emptied as earmarks and pork and a corrupted system of corrupt politicians stole our future,took our future with impunity.

    Bill Clinton was “impeached by the House but Not the Senate which speaks to the rancid behavior and selective justice that neither faced.
    No administration has been “clean” in my lifetime and “here comes Obama arguably the most corrupt,racist,enabler of class warfare and Constitutional crime ever.

    Now,Obama sent force into Libya defying the War Powers Act,a Federal Law that demands prior approval an impeachable event! Two hundred+ executive orders later used to circumvent checks and balances,Congress,the will of the people and the Constitution itself Obama takes on another Federal Law,another oath of office when dictating that Illegal Immigration was legal and the remedy of deportation and criminal liability were waived because He said so!

    Now we have all the lies,all the Czars,the advisers,the evisceration of the Constitution and Fast and Furious,Benghazi,the I.R.S. scandal,the taking of Freedom of speech and how much more yet to be unearthed? The second Amendment,the taking of inalienable rights,the present and the future of ourselves and our children and the American Dream turned Nightmare!

  • Don

    Perhaps, since she was appointed; she should receive the same pay as attorney’s that are employed buy the government like a public defender.

  • Nadine

    My stomach turns as I see how Totally corrupt all this has become since the LIAR took office. I know there has always been corruption to some degree, but this is out & out tyranny and a take over of this country! Germany all over again…God help us & somehow it has to stop!

  • eyeball

    Think about it: The chief of the IRS is appointed by the white house, am I right? The liberal, socialist white house passes legislation to have more working Americans pay more taxes to give to those who will vote for the liberal socialist candidates. The IRS picks our pocket, time after time. If I or You complain, we get these goons in suits coming to our front door with badges and questions about our “deductions” and “exemptions” and “claims” for WHY WE SHOULD KEEP OUR OWN FLICKING MONEY!!!! Then they are discovered PERSECUTING AND HARASSING people who GATHER LAWFULLY UNDER THE CONSTITUTION TO TRY TO GET THIS MESSED-UP COUNTRY BACK ON THE RAILS. They cry “mommie, mommie”, snap their mouths closed, point fingers, say, “I wasn’t there that day,” and HIRE A CUT-THROAT LAWYER WITH YOUR AND MY MONEY TO DIG THEM OUT OF THE MANURE THEY PRODUCED??? AND THIS IS AN OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT??? It is TIME WE DO SOMETHING TO GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND INTO THE “BIG HOUSE.” Hussein ibn Obammah probably fraudulently ran for the presidency. He had this , oh, I don’t know, “quality” of bridging the differences between races, and Hillie looked a little weak, even against McCain, so VOILA, “Ve hast our Kandidate, Dah!” He will be “remembered” as a great man in the history , excuse me, revisionist history books of the liberal press and education system. until 2055 when all the crap about his illegality, gangsterism and hatred for whites come out. Hey, the Churchill Bust was a gift to the American PEOPLE, not to Hussein!!! Can’t we get these criminals OUT???!!!

  • gsreagan

    How about “Infernal Renegade Scandal” for I.R.S.???

  • foxxybey

    Everyone of them needs to go to jail period.

  • jenniewalsh

    It is time for a major TEA PARTY to throw the criminal organization, known as the IRS, overboard and let them drown. BOYCOTT the IRS!

  • carrita

    i agree with mr. conaway – the irs should pay their own attorney fees – not we the people. we can’t help it if they are stupid and greedy. put all in priosion permanently with no key available which includes all irs employees, the president, eric holder, clinton and all but a few us senators and representatives. keep rand paul out of jail – he will get something done for sure.