The On-Going Anti-American Civil War


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“May Day – the day which inspires fear in the hearts of the capitalists.”
Weekly Worker, 1923

Although this may be a shocker to some, the fact is that America is already in a civil war and has been for a long time.

Although bullets and mortar rounds are not yet flying, the objectives of this war for one side, the collectivist “progressive” left, are now being rapidly achieved after over 100 years of steady, under-the-radar, Fabian Socialism in action. And, the spoils of this war are being readily consumed by leftist leaders and their corporate and citizen followers.

The end objective of this American Civil War, for the leftists and their global collectivist backers — a relatively small percentage of the overall American population who understand these goals (5-8%) — is nothing short of the evisceration of America as a sovereign nation and the enslavement of Americans to a globally governed regional superstate. And, the aforementioned is beyond theory, one simply need do their own research if in doubt (or, review my many articles and posts on the topic for the last few years).

What is being destroyed in this war are American founding principles, individual liberties, free-exchange between free people, and American sovereignty.

The spoils being won are none less than America’s heart and soul and the vast wealth of Her producing citizenry, which is being rapidly redistributed to non-producing leftist politicians, crony fascists, their collectivist minions and their unwitting followers.

We are at a tipping point where the collectivists no longer feel they need to hide their objectives, their means, or their allegiance. They are, in reality, traitors against all that defines America.

Yet, their brazen “progressive” programs, legislation, media, entertainment, psychology, and ideology is received as somehow patriotic, and those who uphold founding principles and values, mores and standards, are held up as somehow extreme. This is indicator of the effectiveness of the “progressive” 100 year plan and how use of the Hegelian Dialectic has rendered many Americans unable to think, reason, or understand the collectivist lie.

On May 1st, 2013, my hope is that a strong majority of Americans will awaken, recognize that the core American value proposition is, without honest intellectual dispute, historically and logically dominant vs. the socialist, collectivist ideology.(1)

History has proven so. Economics has proven so. My hope is that we will reject, once and for all, the evil that is collectivism.

“May Day – the day which inspires fear in the hearts of the capitalists and hope in the workers – the workers the world over – will find the Communist movement this year stronger in the U. S. than at any time in its history…. The road is clear for greater achievements, and in the United States as elsewhere in the world the future belongs to Communism.” May Day, 1923, edition of the Weekly Worker, C. E. Ruthenberg

“This is the first and only International Labor Day. It belongs to the working class and is dedicated to the Revolution.” Weekly Worker, Eugene V. Debs, May Day edition, April 27, 1907 (2)

Protect Liberty. Fight Tyranny. Understand Collectivism’s Lie.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 “Thoughts on Liberty”

(1) See Hans Hermann Hoppe, “A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism”

(2) http://www.marxists.org/subject/mayday/articles/tracht.html

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  • marineh2ominer

    If I could fight it from prison I would have already started .

  • Bill1966

    I had to close my small business as I was unable to secure a SBA loan. Was told by the loan officer at one of our local small banks that under the current system I would never get approved, I have the wrong skin color and I was born in the wrong country. Luckily I am prepared for the inevitable gun fight that will soon erupt in this country when they go door to door collecting guns.

  • FedupandReadytofight

    I’ve been saying this since the first Obama term. I’ve always said that he wants to tear American down, until they are willing to accept globalism. Then, he will build it back up to a respectable reagional power, under a socialist or communist gov’t.
    I’m ready to defend my Original America, as set forth by the founding fathers. Lets git ‘er started, before we have no America left to recover.

  • All Commies must die for my mommy.

  • jenniewalsh

    Yes, it is a civil war between the good vs the evil. The wolves in sheep’s clothing vs the patriotic sons and daughters of God.

  • Robert Moulds

    Don’t worry so their’s a weak link in the plot and that’s Joe Biden 2016 unless by a twisted irony he can’t win he is just so stupid.

  • Jim28thReg

    I know this is late in coming but America will not wake-up – not ever!!! I see in church services every week and Sunday school as well. Seems no-one wants to hear that our nation needs to be rescued or that our cordial senators/representatives are traitors and have been -continue to sell us out. I am slowly becoming accepted but ignored.

    There are perhaps two or three elderly Vets that will talk preparedness and about our human garbage in D.C. destroying America and murdering millions around the world with their manufactured wars.

    The solution will come eventually most people already know this . I’m hammered with forgive forgive WE MUST FORGIVE! Well I can forgive just like I forgive the boy that murdered my daughter raping my grandchildren before murdering them – he was just a kid. BUT I COULD PULL THE SWITCH – GIVE THE SHOT – OR TAKE AIM AND PULL THE TRIGGER THEN GO SIT DOWN AND EAT A MEAL WITH NO REGRETS. That’s not revenge talking. Like I said he was just a kid. That’s removing that type of person from society. The point being removal of those people from society. There is no incentive for people to behave toward others nor even support their own. This has been taught thanks to the same few who have manufactured every war just to enrich themselves and gradually reach the point of world domination which as we know will be achieved eventually. Though it’s not they who will rule. With all their education and all their wealth in the end those poor little dummies loose.

  • These Traitors in the Senate and in the House MUST BE DEFEATED, before They Defeat US !!! Like it or not, we are in a War, not of our own making, but we mustn’t shirk our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren. It is Up to Us to ensure that the Liberties of America are as well integral to our society, as when We recieved them from Our parents !