The “Transparent” Obama Administration


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  • marineh2ominer

    Yeah ! show me ALL your background documentation . You sick lying b–t–d and s.of a b-t h . Muslims are filthy animals , communists are filthy animals , homosexuals are filthy animals , what does that make you Obamass ?

    • agbjr

      You can write it, I always do … Obama is a Marxist sonofabitch.

  • Jaime Cancio

    All I understand is Obozo-ssA is the most intelligent asinine idiot the world has ever seen. He is a liar; says it all, and doesn’t say enough at the same time. He has no ethics or honor his loyalty is not to the United States of America; and in the end a self-centered overtly self-inflated personality of no worth. His actions have killed people and where is the accounting for 176 innocent small children his drones have killed? or the 3,200 murders in Mexico his “Fast and Furious” guns had caused? Far as I am concerned as a Marxist, Obozo-ssA is well on his way to being a mass murderer; and don’t ever forget…he was part of the group who wants to kill off 25,000,000 Americans…let him get away with this your time will come – and you better hope you and your family are not in the 25,000,000 he wants to see killed/executed…- sorry if you have an education you will be.

  • billygeturgun

    Um, YEP! And the sheep keep believing!