Time to Shift the Focus from Gun Control to Muslim Terrorist Control

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.29.38 PM

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  • Shane

    Good point, but I prefer to view the enemy as militant Muslims or Islamic Jihadists instead of radical Muslims. Killing in the name of Allah is not radical for Muslims; it is a fundamental part of their religion.

    • Benjamin

      It may be a fundamental part of their Koran (a matter of interpretation, as many will tell you) but it certainly is NOT a fundamental part of their practiced religion. Peaceful muslims follow a religion of peace. Jihadist ones follow one of war. (Similarly, Christians follow a religion of love, Westboro baptists follow a religion of hate)

      • Then these “peaceful muslims” should be condemning jihadist muslim murderers. Do they? I sure don’t hear it.

        Christians don’t have a history of terrorism, killing other denominations, or widespread hatred. Westboro only has 10-15 members, nowhere near similar to radical islam.

  • Robert Moulds

    The cartoon shows the absurdity of expecting more regulation alone to solve the threat of terrorism.

    • Butch

      Better the cookware and muslim terrorists than our 2nd amendment rights,you troll !!! Why don’t too you wake up you lib.

  • Even the so called ‘peaceful Muslim’s’ are waging war upon us through economic Jihad and the practice of lying to further the Islamic way. Their so called religion is a political movement designed and intent on world domination. Qe aided them in the “Arab spring” and toppling of Gaddafi in Libya whre it is now controlled by radical Islamic cleric’s and Mullah’s who preach nothing but death for the western world. We have a supposed president who has openly stated he would side with the Muslim’s in a war between the west and the Islamic world. Boot all of them out of our Country they do not want to obey our law’s our Constitution or our Way of life. there is no such thing as peaceful coexistence with this bloodthirsty horde that prefers to live in the sixth century

  • John A

    Isn’t it strange that after a bombing,
    Everyone blames the bomber,
    But after a shooting,
    The problem is the gun!

  • billygeturgun

    I need to get this one on a tshirt!

  • billygeturgun

    And now today, one idiot in American want’s this guy buried in Arlington National Cemetery! WOW!