Why They Hate Us…… Haters of American Exceptionalism


About the author: Chris grew up in the United States and now lives in the United Kingdom. His thinking was conservative in the States but in Scotland it is decidedly radical. Upon moving to the UK, Chris experienced massive culture shock and was moved to write down his observations. He and his Scottish wife continue ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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Well it seems the world is mad as ever with the land of the free. We’ve got all the usual suspects lining up to take a crack at us on scales both macro and micro. From Kim Jong-Un and his rag tag gang of brainwashed peasants to Muslims weaponizing grandma’s crockery to every tragically hip teenager on earth thinking it’s just so very cool to be not cool with America, it seems we’ve really done it this time.

So Mr Un…or Mr Jong-Un…is Jong his middle name? We’ll call him Kim. Mr. Kim seems to be really proud of the progress he and his Dad have recently made getting North Korea all nuked up. He’s got a lot of stern looking men with medals marching up and down the block now and the whole country is feeling the buzz. Never mind that like pretty much everything, America got there first. Never mind that we did it when Glenn Miller was topping the charts. When a place like North Korea finally gets the bomb a lifetime late you can count on a state funded parade or twelve. It’s a shame they can’t keep their lights on at night. No wonder we were suspicious when they said all that plutonium was for power plants. Google ‘North Korea satellite night’ for a lesson and a laugh. Check out capitalist South Korea while you’re at it. Judging by nocturnal lumens alone, I’d say they’re a good deal happier in the south. They probably have showers on the regular and everything! Fancy pants southern capitalists…

What about the rest of the world? They all hate us too, but they don’t saddle up with that distinctive Asian fervor. They behave themselves like good Europeans. They cast slanderous words in our general direction and congratulate each other on how civilized they are. Europe is the land of enlightenment folks! It’s a wondrous place where a white collar crime will land you life in prison and murdering your family is worth fifteen years. But those barbaric Americans are only a young people, don’t you know? They’ll learn from Spain or Greece how to run a country properly. They seem to forget that America is older than most European countries (when understood as the same governing system still working in the same place for the same people, not as ‘this dirt has technically been lived on by more recorded generations but under half a dozen failed governments with shifting borders and multiple monikers’). Sorry Europe, you don’t get to call existence enlightenment. By that thinking we would all be the same age and your opinions would still matter not at all.

Why am I sounding off about all this? Because I live in Scotland and I’m the only guy I know who thinks like me. I find it makes me all the more vocal. The Scottish people are a very proud bunch, going so far as to shout profanity in their local movie theaters when Mel Gibson interpreted their history for them back in 1995. Damn those English! Damn them so hard! Well, fair enough. I have friends in Scotland who are as deeply sentimental about their Scottish heritage as I am about my American heritage. They stand around in the latest Air Jordan’s sipping a McDonald’s milkshake and tell me how glorious it is to be Scottish. Then they plop their Levi’d butts down for a Friends marathon on Comedy Central. I know this because they post it on FaceBook, from their iPhones. These people had Scottish ancestors but these days the most Scottish thing about them is their willful mispronunciation of most monosyllabic nouns. If you’re Scottish home is haym, clothes are claythes, do is dae, paid is pied, town is toon and floor is flare. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is ‘no’, door is most certainly NOT dare. No, I don’t know why and no, I’m not kidding.

America is where it’s at in every meaningful way and I think a lot of people are just angry because they are irrelevant. As much as your friendly local democrat may go on about a global neighborhood, it ain’t. America still stands head and shoulders above everyone else. We have the highest GDP, the most innovation and the strongest national identity. Whatever a Czech might be, there is no mistaking what an American is. I’ll admit that seems to be changing and in fifty years we may just be a bigger UK with a better history. But for now we’re still America. We’re on our high horse because we still have one and everyone else has traded in for a mule. We call the shots that matter and other countries are left with only a regional dialect or a hilarious outdated garment to identify them. It’s sad, but it’s what you get when you haven’t done anything that matters to anyone in hundreds of years.

The world wears jeans, not kimonos. The world likes rock and roll, not sitars. Despite popular misconception, man did not walk on the moon. America did. It was a space RACE and we won as usual. We’re the same people who flew, broke the sound barrier, split the atom, invented the internet and every relevant use for it. We created cinematography and still rule that and all other creative fields. Anyone who has ever seen French cinema will attest to this. People come to us for entertainment and inspiration. They also come to us when their medicine fails. They come to us when they’re being conquered by that big bad nation their civilized peace talks didn’t convince and they come back again when they need an over-achiever to hate. They think we’re just too cool and they’re right. We are America. We don’t care what you have to say because you are not America. You’re just some place that makes funny wooden shoes or spicy food or pretentiously minimalistic lounge furniture, and that’s ok. But don’t hate us because we’re beautiful. Or do, whatever

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  • Great read Chris, thanks!

  • Tannim

    I think Chris is stuck on nationalistic stupid. “American Exceptionalism” is a egocentric myth. We are not hated for our economic success or our freedom, but because we mess with other nations, plain and simple.

    • raygun

      You need to read up on your American History, all of the conflicts we have participated in, we were either invited or asked for our help to dispose of an idiot despot or a murderer. Remember Hitler, Mao, Ho, Che, Castro, and the latest.

    • So said the Paul supporter. Hang up the tin foil hat

  • marineh2ominer

    Tannim is an idiot , we are an exceptional nation because we had a lot of great years before the progressive communists got control of our schools and MSM , NOW , OF COURSE , THEY ARE DESTROYING WHAT WE HAVE BUILT AT A RECORD PACE , AND THE NATION WILL SOON BE JUST AS SORRY AS THE APOLOGISTS WANT IT TO BE .

  • raygun

    Sorta reminds me of my native state of Texas. We pronounce “oil” as “all” and “over there” as “over younder”. There is even a book on “How to Speak Texan”. Most out of state, or “foreigners”, will end up on the floor laughing way too hard while they read it. A lot of visitors will ask us “where are your guns (six shooters)”. When I ever venture out of state, the local natives ask “are you from Texas?”. Most of the time I say “Yep” (Yes). Most native Texans greet others with “Howdy” (hello). We are a proud bunch and won’t hesitate to boast … just like other AMERICANS. Up until now, the land of plenty and “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. When a visitor from the EU or Asia starts in on the US of A, I ask “which part did you come from … the part whose ass we saved or the part whose ass we kicked?”. A proud US Navy Texan vet, 1966-1969, Hospitalman, Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate; the “Big E”, USS Repose, USS Lexington.

    • awfulytiredofit

      I friggin love it. “…which part did you come from…the part whose ass we saved or the part whose ass we kicked?”. I’ll take that one with me today. Speaking of which, whose ass do we have to kick now? Hint. “They” don’t live outside out US of A borders, rather “they” live in government mansions and have armed protection, while they systematically work at destroying our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! “They” are arout to get their faces walked on in a very civil way. And I hope “they” understand what happened to them. The Bastards.

  • John A

    Great article Chris! However, I must take exception that you seem to feel alone in these sentiments. Like you, many Americans feel the very same. If it were not for America, the world would be a totally different place; a place where there would most likely be more barbarism, lack of ingenuity and no one to defend the defenseless.

    Without American exceptionalism where would we be? Most likely we’d be 100 or more years behind the time struggling with sending messages via the telegraph, no internet, no space program and the products that came about as a result of that program.

    Now we have president, and I use that title loosely, that apologizes for that wonderful trait American’s have earned though their hard work, using the gray matter between the ears and making lemonade when handed a basket full of lemons. We would be better served if he was NOT this nation’s president.

    Our president is hell bent on destroying what this nation was founded upon and makes no bones about his desires for “fundamental change”. He’s doing his very best to drag us into the gutter with the rest of the third world countries having a European flair of mediocrity and social structure.

    We deserve better than this because we all worked for it. Now he wants to hand the work product of our sweat to those with open hands expecting a free handout, to give citizenship to those who have broken our laws and never contributed one dime to the system.

    What makes me sad about this entire situation is that at least 50% of the population has bought into his rhetoric and empty promises. No amount of exceptionalism can overcome the stupidity of the masses that put him into office. And that my friend, is the scary part about today’s American society.

    We must work hard to overcome the damage created by fighting fire with fire. We can no longer sit idle and expect things to swing back the other way once people begin to see the light. By then it will be too late.

    As much as I hate to say it, we must use the same tactics as the progressive liberals have used to get our points across. That’s the only thing the uninformed voter seems to understand. Without that tactic, I sense an impending doom for our nation heading down a road to perdition.

    • awfulytiredofit

      John A. Very nicely written. The Truth will MAKE you free. I can only hope that the patriots who have managed to survive this political climate and are entrenched in government positions can effectively EXPOSE the LIE and the LIARS and force their hands. The CONSTITUTION is in the way of the despots. And there are a lot of us who LOVE the CONSTITUTION, our Declaration and our Bill of Rights – given to us by “Nature’s God” – NOT deceiving politicials. And every true American will fight to DEFEND and PRESERVE our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. I took an OATH. I intend on keeping my Oath, and so do a whole lot of others. MOLON LABE.

  • Many Americans have become exceptionally selfish and greedy. Conservatives claim that they love America and yet they hate most of the people who live here.

    • what an ignorant thing to say! We hate no one…except commies and those who wish us all dead! And now hear this…the world is selfish and greedy…they sure the hell havent put their hands DOWN for OUR money have they?

    • It’s almost over

      John, why don’t you take that peace sign of yours (which is a symbol of rebellion toward Christianity and God) and stick it up your gay loving ass!

      • Herbert

        It is already up her ass, on a vibrator donated by the Fonda Corp

      • Well I’m not gay but my God is tolerant of all sinners even gay people. And my Jesus was a man of peace. I stand proudly by his side. Do you really think that God believes that Americans are more “exceptional” than any other nationality? I don’t think so. This website is a place of hatred. I really don’t know why I come here.

        • It’s almost over

          You must have been educated in a liberal school system because I didn’t say you were gay I said gay loving! Next time read posts a little slower!

          If you truly are a God fearing Christian then you would not have posted, “God is tolerant of all sinners even gay people.” You would have posted, God loves the sinner but hates the sin and HATES that people continue to sin because of his tolerance. There is a difference!

          And if you believe God had nothing to do with the making of America, you of course are a true Liberal…! We are “exceptional” because we once put God first. The year of our Lord is in the Constitution (have you read it?)

          P.S. you come here because you God is trying to tell you the truth through posts from us.

          Continue to come here and read.

        • carolchristine

          Why do you then? GOODBYE JOHN

        • bill Jackson

          You come here because you know that conservatism is working hard to keep YOU from losing your right to praise God..How can you talk about God like you do in the same sentence and then pass judgement upon those who are trying to prevent murder (Abortion) Theft (illegal immigrants committing fraud) terrorism (traitorous acts against our people) That includes drug cartels selling drugs to our children…etc: the list goes on….. BTW when was the last time you were allowed to pray in school John…was that a peaceful act that the Democrats or non-conformists achieved? Please dont tell me in the same sentence that your a Democrat, Believe in God, and pass judgement upon those who disagree with you all the while wondering why you visit a site that gives you an arguement to be had…….Rediculous!!

    • Herbert

      Many Americans have become exceptionally selfish and greedy. Regressives claim that they love America and yet they hate most of the people who live here and demand that America become palatable to the likes of places that force their women to wear burkhas and mutilate their genitalia (clitoridectomies and vulva stitchings for Allah) by condemning our freedoms and liberties. We even have a US Supreme Court Justice who vowed on Good Morning America to pretexutally entertain a series of cases with the ultimate objective that of gutting the First Amendment and requiring approval of third world nations for approved speech (Justice Breyer) and President Obama tearfully condemning the First Amendment because a preacher actually threatened to burn a copy of a Koran (all while routinely ordering the burning of Bibles in Afghanistan as trash under US military regulations–then prosecuting troops who dared to include Korans in the trash destruction)

    • Bub

      I knew a John Phillips in Vietnam,from Kaliforny,high most of the time,hippy type,worthless piece of crap, I wonder if it’s the same guy?

    • carolchristine

      Are you lost? Go back to your hateful left wing, goofball friends on the left wing sites and stay there. I beg to differ on who are the hateful people.

    • bill Jackson

      When you decide to get your facts straight then make an intelligent remark.Not a general stagnant “err of your ways” pun…Conservatives do Not hate the people who live here and that’s why we want to preserve our country and not GIVE it to those who would not fight for their OWN country but would migrate illegally to this country to exploit our generosity… degrade our system by overflowing it with the criminal element and demand that we OWE them something…I fought for my country John…did you? Did illegals fight for this country or are they fighting for their piece of the block to sell drugs to our children? Yes I know Americans are buying drugs and selling them but I am right now addressing Illegals and the Drug cartels so don’t veer off course in your thinking. Those who Hate Americans do so because they ARE jealous they dont have the life Americans have or would like to TAKE it from us…what they DONT understand is freedom must be fought for and EARNED. If your not proud of who you are and what you have done for freedom, you cannot enjoy the freedom you have without shame unless you ARE selfish! Americans have Earned their rights to be wary those who would exploit them! What did YOU do for your country today John (other than complain about conservatives…part of your countries own political setup that is working better than ANY other country!!!
      We might even be able to save her from Obama!!

  • I have been literally around the world and have met people of all cultures and ways of life. When living in Princeton I also was able to meet people from many other lands. The biggest problem if you will is that not that they hate us (although some do) by far they are very very jealous of us

    • Herbert

      A remarkable tendency is to denigrate and revile those things a person may be jealous of, to attempt to equalize the field.

    • carolchristine

      They won’t be jealous much longer if this administration has anything to say about it.

      • Yes. We will all be equal. Equally poor.

        • Thron

          Good one! I prefer we will all be level.

  • Herbert

    President Obama denounced American exceptionalism again, ad naseum, in his visit with his narco nation friends the Mexicans, denouncing any worth in America, professing that Mexico and The United States are equals in every respect. (His first term choice was Indonesia, ‘all the world should emulate its laws and its constitution’ because Indonesia imprisons for political dissent and blasphemy against Allah of Islam. ( Wilson, S. (Nov. 10, 2010) “Obama praises Indonesia’s ‘spirit of tolerance’ as a model” retrieved Feb. 10,
    2012 from http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/09/AR2010110906579.html?wprss=rss_print )
    After 4 years of Obama, apparently he sees our future as a narco state too.

  • Believing we are exceptional is one thing. Believing we are the exception is another. If we rest on our laurels we become complacent, which is what we have done for the last 30 years. It used to be that the average citizen used to fight for what we have, but when they became satisfied with stagnant wages and the ability to buy things cheaply then we stopped protecting the worker. We stopped moving forward, we stopped innovating the classroom. We stopped protecting the weakest among us. We stopped caring, and being Christ like. We can talk about straw man arguments and scape goats like progressives and etc, but those are just individuals who think differently that you, and it makes no sense that a country great because of its diversity would condemn those who think differently.

  • Gene Taber

    Damn Straight, screw the rest of the world, they need us more than we need them! And if they don’t like it, remember who still has the most and most powerful nukes! And we are the only ones who have ever had the balls to use them!

    • Canuck Sailor

      “And we are the only ones who have ever had the balls to use them!” Let’s hope that never changes….

    • bill Jackson

      Hopefully no one will ever have the balls (less intelligents) to use them again!

  • I’m from Ukraine. My parents grew up in the former USSR. It’s hilarious for us (as native Russian speakers with access to Russian TV, news, and pop-culture) to watch as Russian culture simultaneously copies and rips off American trends and pop-culture, yet utterly despises America. They go so far as to replace more and more words in Russian with English ones, when the Russian equivalent is more than adequate. Yet, they hate America and want to see us taken down a couple notches.

    Seriously, how can people reconcile this sort of duality of copying/hatred. Maybe the world is just full of Masochists.

  • Robert Moulds

    Barack Obama is waking up to the truth no matter what America does she’ll be seen by those countries less wealthy and powerful with fear and suspicion. While at least half the world hates our guts. The cause of the citizen solders is not for our armies instead it is a geopolitical game played for keeps. Which is why we should be loyal to our government by lobbying and voting to protect our rights on one hand. Paying taxes and demanding accountability for our solders overseas on the other.

  • Doc

    My condolences, Glaz-Gee is not somewhere I would chose to live, how the hell do you understand them.. talk about foreign languages… LOL
    I spent 3 years in Scote-lin with the Royal Marines Commando’s and have to admit I had an easier time understanding Norwegians during our winter warfare jaunts across the North Sea.. Now I am happily living in Texas with my Texan wife and Texan kids, best thing that ever happened to me… No PC bs and idiotic laws suppressing free speech.. can own an ‘Assault’ weapon, side arm and all the weapons I chose to buy legally to protect me and mine.. Come home friend and educate your Celt wife to real freedom, especially before next years referendum, you might end up with a wonderful socialist Government….LMAO… See U Pal…

  • Sam Morgan

    You sound-off like a Texian

  • Love this. Love it, love it , love it! With all of horrible issues right now I still believe that my beautiful country is the best thing since sliced bread!