Dear Government: Can You Hear Us Now?


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One would think with how closely the government is apparently listening to and reading everything we’re saying, writing, and communicating — on our phones, computers, tablets and in every mode possible — that they could hear and understand very clearly what we are saying. So, in the off chance that they really are listening, we’ll spell it out very clearly…

No more passing laws you haven’t read…

No more taxes…

No more productivity destroying legislation…

No more encroachment upon our liberties and rights we elected you to protect…

No more spying on us and circumnavigating your Constitutional oaths…

No more supporting foreign governments that hate us…

No more spying on our press, our elected officials, our military leaders…

No more gun running to Mexico, Libya, Syria, or any other country or group that we know will turn around and murder American ambassadors, soldiers, peace officers and innocent civilians…

No more propping up and supporting governments and brotherhoods we know wish to subvert our way of life and superimpose their religious beliefs upon all…

No more fighting endless “wars on x, y and z” at a cost of trillions of dollars with nothing, in the end, to show for it except the tragic loss of our brave, the destruction of our economy, and the return to power those very same evil groups we supposedly went there to destroy…

No more legislative action that has nothing to do with recovering and sustaining American exceptionalism, but everything it seems, to destroy it — from amnesty to forced purchases to removal of our tools of self-defense…

No more crony deals that favor the few elite and destroy the many struggling producers…

No more encouragement of our great American people to sit when they can work, to cheat when they can become honorable citizens, to become less than they can be when they can become more than they could ever imagine, to become enslaved to government handouts and theft of producer’s property and income, when they are mostly capable of becoming proud, independent producers themselves..

No more plundering our wealth through fiat money — the printing of money ex nihilo that with every printing devalues all other dollar-based assets…

No more use of our public institutions such as the IRS, DOJ, DEA, FBI and NSA to intimidate and harass citizens simply because their political, religious, or other ideologies are different than yours…

No more pandering to those who hate our liberties and desire their own forms of tyranny to replace it…

No more feigning care for illegal aliens, protection of our borders, security of our properties, protection of our businesses and livelihoods, all the while enacting legislation to destroy our already in-place legal immigration process and leave America borderless and in ruins…

No more lying, cheating, and stealing…

No more attempts to take our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and any form this takes…

Clearly, as you can see, hear, and decipher from your now obvious many forms of eavesdropping, mining and transgressions upon our privacy — we do not need to spy on you, our elected and appointed public servants, to know exactly how you are transgressing against our foundational rights, liberties, laws and principles that define America. You do this bold faced, in broad daylight, without apology.

No more! Can you hear US now?

Defend Liberty. Destroy Tyranny. Protect our Bill of Rights.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 “Thoughts on Liberty”

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  • LittleRoot_48

    Oh, they’re listening all right. The trouble is, they don’t give a rat’s rear end what we think or want.

  • agbjr

    One more item to add to the list …

    No more Constitution-hating liberty-destroying elitist Marxist sonsofbitches in OUR White House!

  • mhsnider

    The ONLY way we can restore our Constitution is via Revolution

    • cory smith


  • CommonSense

    THEY are not reading the Bills, the emails, Twitter and for sure aren’t Listening to Taxpayers. Hey! They are Above US. Not even a revolt will bring America back to what our fathers/grandfathers and Founders fought for us to enjoy.

  • guest

    No more executive orders!
    No more corporate lobbyist!
    No more career politicians!
    No more voter fraud or intimidations!
    No more federal agencies creating laws or regulations without Congress!
    No more political parties!
    No more electoral college!

    “Can you here me now?”

    • guest

      No more illegal wars!
      No more NSA!
      No more TSA!
      No more DHS!
      No more militarized police!
      No more politicians getting away with breaking their oath of office!
      No more violations of American Citizens Constitutional Rights!

      This wording of; “No more passing laws you haven’t read” is BS!
      Just because they read it, doesn’t mean they should sign it or that the bill isn’t unconstitutional!

      It should say; No more signing any bill that has anything at all in, that’s even the slightest unconstitutional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      In fact; the Government should STOP writing any new bills since they Do Not obey the ones we currently have!
      The only reason this treasonous usurper residing in the American Citizens White House wants new bills is because, most of the new bills are unconstitutional . . .
      designed to bring down America for his puppet masters NWO agenda.

    • rwp24382

      I have to argue the point of no more electoral college. This was designed to protect smaller states from not having a voice in the country. It was to prevent the majority of the population from getting complete control of legislation and elections. If we didn’t have the college rule, our elections would be determined always by the people in a few larger cities, mostly controlled by Dems. Having the college gives each state a limited amount of power. Right now, California and New York make most of the difference in elections, but they can’t sway an election on those two states alone. If there were no college rule, Chicago, DC, California, and NYC would tell the rest of the country what to do. Although it seems that way already, it would be worse if there were no restrictions on those cities.

  • lah

    Obama controls the majority of Congress and Senators, especially now that NSA gave him all the information on their dirty little secrets. He has to be blackmailing some to sway them into becoming turncoats / RiNOS, voting against the wishes of their own constituents. It’s past time to vote them out!!! Start with Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Marco Rubio AND ALL the Gang of Eight, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, etc…They have all overstayed their welcome.

    • THOMAS

      Well M.WATERS is a relative, but the family in thinking of disowning her.

  • astrojohn

    I sent an email to my good buddy Sherrod Brown (D-OH) asking him why, with all the NSA data snooping, the DoNotCall registry has never worked…

    His response: file a complaint with the DoNotCall registry.

    Not only do they not LISTEN, they can’t READ, either…

  • reggiec

    The very fact that Homeland Security is arming themselves with gazillion rounds of hollow point bullets, tanks and fully automatic weapons might indicate they ARE reading our mail and THEY ARE afraid.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      They should be very afraid. If those people started going after American patriots for standing and defending their rights, this country would go crazy! There would be hell to pay in DC and not one of these liberal political hacks would have a job left. This may be just what Obama thinks he wants, but he has no idea what our standard of exceptionalism even means. His ignorance is blinding him to who the American people really are… and we are NOT the same as people who live anywhere else in this world. That would be a serious misjudgment on his part, though surely probable. The man isn’t very bright!

  • cory smith

    We need to make a bigger bang. This needs to be pinned to the WH front door. That would be the one with the doggie door. great article.

  • I wonder how many people (sheeple) they had to hire off of the street corner and are paying them 70+ grand a year to pull this deal off. Maybe 10,000 … or maybe 20,000. What is the NSA annual budget …. or is that classified??? Is it 1776 … again??? It may be time to MOVE TO MEXICO to escape all of this CRAP. Or Canada. If only GW had any idea that he was creating a huge monster that would be impossible to stop.

    • TheSunDidIt

      My ancestors got their land grant in Kentucky for fighting in the Revolution. So started the FIRST great AMERICANIZATION of the national land mass.

  • Jim28thReg

    I have just had my guns stolen by a young man we’ve known for years and though he is in custody and most items recovered I have been told i will not be allowed to have them back until after the trial (expected) but the ATF will inventory – photograph – and take possession of the recovered firearms and THEY MAY OR MAY NOT RETURN THEM TO ME . SO I GET MY GUNS STOLEN FROM ME TWICE. BUT WITH THE CRIMINALS RUNNING THIS GOVERNMENT AS SOON AS THE ATF WAS MENTIONED I KNEW WE HAD LOST AGAIN.

    • THOMAS

      You need to get a blood sucking attorney to retreave your weapons an make sure to add attorney fease into the law suit!

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      The federal is as crooked as the day is long Jim. Non of those ATF people care one wit about your rights as a human being. If I were you I’d get a hold of the nastiest trial lawyer you can find. Mortgage the house, sell your guns, but go after these crooks.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in the past couple of weeks David. It summarizes just what my friends and family have been talking about for the past several months. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out just how lazy people must’ve been to elect this latest and least experienced disappointment of a president to an office he clearly does not belong. Obama has been in over his head from the beginning and this administration can’t seem to do anything right. The way people are talking right now, I can’t see any majorities voting democrat this next election cycle, and if this Clinton disaster materializes for a run in 2016 I intend to work 24/7 to organize, campaign and defeat any democrat race that I can, especially for the White House. These liberals have destroyed enough of our country and it’s people. The only thing these hacks care about are their cozy little thrones of power, and certainly not the Constitution to which they swore an oath to protect and defend.

  • blair152


  • DanBritt

    They hear us, they just don’t care what we are saying! So much for representative government. Tyranny has returned. The King is on his throne and his court awaits his bidding.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Congress, Senators, and House of Representatives need to be kicked out of office and we need to start new. Because of the money these individuals have I believe the voting systems is fixed in their favor!