Government IS the Problem.


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  • robert1407

    I agree, get Government, Petty Bureaucrats and Uncontrolled corrupt rouges of Federal Agencies out of the way or eliminated totally. Presently we have an Agency like the FDA which approves poison drugs that kill not cure and allows the foods to be laced with Poison toxins that make your children sick in mind and body and murders in the thousands and you were told that guns in the hands of honest people were bad. Why? All for High profits to buy the Senators and Congressmen who by way are suppose to be there to help Govern not rule in favor of murder and Tyranny of the Citizens. Just think how we could save the Republic and Return Freedom if these Socialist Communist Agencies were eliminated. The FDA, EPA, TSA, FCC, Federal board of (propaganda) education, IRS and the list is in the thousands. Just make a search as to how many. These out of control Agencies were voted in with no control and made rulers without restrain by guess WHO. Your Corrupt Senators and Representatives who would sell their own into Slavery to get their palms grease with the 30 pieces of Blood Stained Silver.

  • robert1407

    One more Note; I have written, phone and personally spoke with these Corrupt people to no avail. I presented factual evidence and Zero reply except send Money or some Propaganda. My Representative Pearce did not even know that that the FDA was a Uncontrolled Federal Agency, but wrote back it was just an Association. So that lets one know where we as citizens stand, being robbed of our Republic and Constitutional rights.

  • Robert S Moulds

    I hope Rand Paul becomes president either 2016 or 2020 maybe he reduce over 50 years of too much government. Given Ted Cruz is Canadian and there fore can’t run as president of the United States. Ted can run for prime minister of Canada and I’d vote for him.